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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 19th July, 1925.

"O Christ our Saviour and our Redeemer, draw near tonight and gather us under Thy protecting care. Give to each one the gift of peace, the gift of confidence in Thy Love. Grant that all may feel indeed the Holy Spirit on either side, and that because they have met together in faith, there - centred in the midst - Thou wilt be. Father, we ask Thee to give us this understanding - to make us realise that between Thee and Thy children there is no barrier so high, so broad which Thou canst not dismiss.

"And then we ask Thee once more to purify our hearts and minds, to give freedom to the indwelling Spirit, so that it can control the lives of Thy children, bringing the physical into harmony with the Spiritual, when they can offer their individual gift of love to Thee.

"In the quietness we draw near to the things which are unseen, to all that multitude of opportunity and capacity which is bestowed upon each one. We draw near and we ask that Thou wilt give light to the mind of the body, so that we may go on, not only sensing Reality but making it our own... Amen...

..."Well, my children, I want to say first of all that it is wise when commencing these little gatherings to dismiss all thoughts of failure as connected with the body, and to place your entire assurance upon God. It may have seemed to you that events have not justified the trust which you endeavoured to place on the power of the Spirit, so I would once more draw your attention to things as they are, and not to things as they are worked out on the physical plane.

"My exhorting you to have perfect faith in God that the physical might be overcome, brought not only protection to my child, but indeed another brick was added to your own spiritual resources, and although you knew it not, the evening in question did its work - its great and important work for the spirit enshrined within each one.

"Ah, yes, I know to you the physical plays so great a part; that which is evidenced before your sight takes first place, and it is not easy to say when a breakdown occurs: 'This is success!' Yet I bid you take my words to heart, for indeed you shall see in the days to come how the gathering together of spiritual resources in this way, not only left its mark upon you but upon the world as well - and in this case I speak of the physical aspect of the world - it shall leave its mark, for the time is coming when those whom the Holy Spirit has touched shall go back on your tracks, and they shall read and learn the lesson which lies there.

"Can you not see that if this work had been carried on under favourable conditions, its value would have been infinitely less? Because of the strain entailed, because of the wish to lay self aside, so that which has come through, by God's grace, that truth shall live for evermore; and it shall leave its mark on the physical world in the measure that the world can understand.

"And now, my children, there is another point on which I wish to speak, and that is in regard to the use of these records. There are those who have been diffident as to the free use of the truths which I have sought to teach; they are held back by many reasons, some of which have their connection with the earth and some which are entirely of the Spirit.

"As I have told you before, when you are free you will find that 'mine' and 'thine' do not exist; you will find with so much joy that each and everyone gladly - oh, so gladly - shares their treasure, be it great or small, with those who are willing to take. And why is this? Because they see in all its magnificent detail that everything belongs to God, and that He - the Great Possessor - lives but to scatter on all His children His gifts with a generosity which never fails, with a lavishness you cannot understand until the mind of the body is laid aside.

"Yet, I would not have you think that I ignore those rules which have been brought into being by man as a protection. You see, that when what you call 'the law' says 'Thou shalt not', not only does it protect the owner but still more so does it protect those who as yet are easily swayed by the forces of darkness, easily influenced to betray that greater self, to gather that which they have not sown, to harvest that which another has worked and toiled to produce...

"Keep your minds at a level poise. The laws of the earth framed by man, for the most part, do valuable work in protecting the immature, the soul which as yet has not learnt its lessons.

"So I am not ignoring that it wouldn't be wise to do away with that which comes under a very comprehensive heading, which restricts man from using that which has been produced by the mind of another.

"Yet, dear children, in our case it has no application at all, and so tonight I make it quite clear that the truths I seek to convey, that the unfoldment of faith which has been entrusted to me by the Master - that these words are open to all, and indeed I entreat those who have God in their hearts to make the fullest possible use they can of that which is given to the world, only and solely by the power of the Holy Spirit.

"There is one thing more I would add in this connection: That neither I nor my child need recognition, yet for the sake of the spirit within the one who speaks, I would remind him that a word of thanks is due to God Himself; for His grace, for His understanding of the needs of humanity, for His great, great Heart, where those who are as little children in spiritual understanding are concerned.

"Render thanks to God and speak so far as you can these words of truth, this fuller revelation of the gift which is man's own, this exposition of the great Love which the Father has for those who as yet understand Him not. That is my message to those who have asked, and also to those who have wondered mentally how far they were at liberty to use these records.

"And now I come to the subject of what my little ones are pleased to call: 'The Instruction'; and oh, my children, could you but look into my heart and mind you would see that your loving thoughts over my simple words have indeed been a gift which cannot be priced, and which will be held by me for ever and ever...

"Children, tonight I want to speak to you about that which has caused much discussion amongst the busy minds of men; yes, and thought of a comprehensive nature, in the physical sense, has been given to it as well. As usual it is not my intention to destroy but rather, if I can, to turn the attention of those who will listen to the great spiritual meaning which lies beneath the physical fact. I am referring to the subject of 'Heredity'.

"It is curious to us that the majority are content to rest, as it were, on their laurels, and not to pursue this question - or the many which arise from it - to its ultimate conclusion. Still, you will see at once when you are free that although man traversed in thought half the journey, according to physical standards, on this subject and on that - you will find when you are free that after all it was but a bare inch of the ground which was covered - so vast is wisdom, so limited is knowledge; so spacious, so far-reaching the Realms of the Spirit, so narrow, so shut in the field of the physical mind.

"Children, in regard to the inheritance of characteristics and to the inheritance of physical disabilities, I would ask you to look at the question in this way:

"True it is that in families, certain qualities apparently are handed on from father to son or from mother to daughter - although it has been found that more often the characteristics of the father are evidenced in the daughter and those of the mother in the son, in varying degrees.

"And then we come to that very sad aspect in regard to disease, in regard to those many weaknesses to which the flesh is prone; and I want you to give me your full attention while I try to put in language which will be understood the spiritual aspect, the great unpenetrated truth which lies underneath it all. And here, dear children, I bring in also that oft discussed, oft abused theory of Predestination, which, as it were, throws a slight shade over the more important topic under discussion.

"You see, dear children, that in order to show you things as they are, I must lift your minds completely out of the physical representation, and plant them, so far as I am able, in the great World of the Spirit, where Truth is born and where Truth persists in spite of the wrecking thoughts of those on earth.

"Children, I have told you that the lives you lead in this little world - that the experiences you undergo, were decided upon by the indwelling spirit which is of God and which God has gifted to you. Yet have I not said as well that 'like attracts like' - that those with mutual sympathies are drawn together and, again, those with distorted tastes have allied themselves to those who have chosen the same precarious path?

"Now look you, dear children, on the one hand you have the physical aspect and on the other you have that which is of God. The spirit imbued with strength according to its emancipation - and only according to that emancipation - the spirit takes on that which will help it most, that which will contribute further to the freeing of itself from what is antagonistic to God.

"Remembering what I have told you regarding the long journey of the spirit - the taking on of experiences and alas, too often, the turning to darkness out of Light - remembering this, it is not difficult for you to imagine that although the spirit is pure, untouched by so-called sin, yet during its journey much that is of a cumbersome nature has been gathered to it; in some cases to the extent that that which is of God is suffocated - strangled by the adverse influences of those who are out to wreck.

"So, dear children, bearing in mind the freedom or the captivity of the spirit, it is not difficult for you to understand that experiences are taken on according to the ambition of that which is in the process of evolution.

"You see, dear children, this accounts for much. Those who love God consciously come into this earthly life - this short period of trying and of testing - and out of the greatness of their love they choose indeed the hard, rough road, bringing but few supports to help them on their way. And thus it is that sometimes the body into which they enter is seriously hampered by weakness, by lack of power to function as God intended.

"Now wait awhile. There are many causes which contribute to the weakness of the body. Some there are who, today, are paying a heavy price for the disregard of nature's laws by those who were before them. Others, dear children - and forget it not - others are suffering from the same motive which inspired themselves. Those who were before them, through whose bodies directly or indirectly they came - these in many cases were heroic souls, and they chose those experiences which indeed left their mark upon the physical tabernacle which was worn.

"I want you to consider this in its spiritual aspect. I deny not that the weakness in the one body is reproduced - sometimes in most terrible form - in those which follow after. Yet, dear children, I ask you: Does not this truth throw the bright Light of God's Love over those who suffer, over those who indeed have paid a great price for the inestimable privilege of going through their earth's experience - the privilege which brings them what nothing else can do, for those experiences force on the spiritual progress in a way no words can express.

"And then we turn to the sadder side - to the so-called inheritance of undesirable characteristics, and here it is that you get the working out of 'attraction'. Those who are bent on denying the Godhead within, they, during the sleep state, mingle and have companionship with those who are like-minded who have passed out of physical life or who are waiting the opportunity of coming into the flesh.

"You see, dear children, that 'influence' is a far, far bigger thing than man has ever taken into account. Just as those who have led a wayward life on earth pass out with their lessons unlearnt, so there are those who down the countless aeons of time likewise have not learnt their lessons, and it makes no difference whether the physical experience has been carried through or not. Like attracts like - and that is the tragedy which all have to face.

"But, dear children, you will say to me: 'How is it that sometimes from the most degraded a pure flower springs?'

"Well, this is so easily explained when you have seen something of the Love of God, something of that love which many of His children are able to show towards others.

"In cases such as these, the spirit, imbued with strength, deliberately chooses an environment which is agony indeed; chooses it because by example - by showing purity where only impurity is found, by throwing out love where hatred holds chief place - the spirit is able to demonstrate God in their midst...

"Children, I want to take you a little further still; I want you to consider the theory of Heredity not merely from the physical side but to penetrate through that into the Spiritual, and I want you each one to answer this question for yourself:

"In regard to the inheritance of characteristics, is it not logical that the Great Source, the Great Parent of all, must be taken into consideration? That man evades; and because he evades God, his theories remain theories - and as facts they cannot stand. Go back to the Source of this life and that. In each one there is Spirit - that which is even as God, part of Himself; and so tonight I proclaim that because the weakest and the frailest has the inheritance of God within, God shall prevail.

"Yes, dear children, the significance of this is far reaching. Even in your day, experiments valuable to the individual have been made. It has been found that a child taken from those who are bound most closely to the things of the earth - to so-called vice, to all those disabilities of the flesh - that it is possible to take a child and in the right environment, for the most part, to overcome or keep back that which it would seem was its natural inheritance.

"Nay, I forget not that again and again the experiment has failed, and the child has reverted to type, but for each one who has strayed there are hundreds who have struggled on - with many backward thoughts may be - but yet have kept themselves free from those lower strata of evil which otherwise would have sucked them in.

"This tonight is my message of hope, my message of faith for all: I say that the weakest and the most degraded can be reclaimed, can be set on a sure foundation of spirituality, because of those inherited characteristics from their Divine Parent, which nothing can destroy, which are there in the individual, crushed down by the forces of evil perhaps, but which sooner or later shall and will assert themselves once more.

"Children, never listen to those who class this one and that as 'hopeless'. From the physical standpoint they may be, but in the Spirit that word is unknown. There are conditions which have been hinted at during these sacred evenings which are indeed of darkness, which in comparison to 'evil' as you know it, are as an inky night to the twilight before the dawn; yet never has it been said - never would it be allowed - that the weakest, that those sunk into the innermost depths, would not in time, by the grace of God, be gathered into the Light which never fades, gathered into that sonship and daughtership with their Mother and Father God, because the inheritance is there, because they come from Him, and nothing which emanated from that which is All-power, All-Thought, All-Love - nothing which emanated from the Source of Holiness, can do aught but return to its Source at last...

"Children, you will see how those ideas which come under the heading of Heredity and also of Predestination - how in some cases they reflect half-truths, and again how misleading they are when looked at under the light which shines from God's Love.

"Yes, as I have said, the spirit within has chosen the path that it will tread; it has chosen the path from that early beginning which your minds cannot grasp, and it will choose its own path right through the unfolding Eternity which is the gift of all. Yet, looked at with spiritual sight, how plain it all seems, how magnificent is the generosity of the Father.

"Oh, my children, in taking these thoughts of the earth, these many theories and deductions which man has laboured to produce, remember this: That it is not God's will that you should stop half way, yet again and again those bound by physical thinking do that, and there the weakness lies.

"I ask them but to carry on their deductions until the end of the chain is reached; I ask them not to limit the inheritance of the individual to those who have trodden the earthly way; I ask them to get back, link by link, to the One who created - to the One who thought out everything. To not only give God His due, but to recognise that which is hidden underneath - that which indeed shall prevail because God has promised it, because God would never consent to the final dissolution of that which was and is Himself...

"Children, rejoice - rejoice for many things; rejoice that there were those who suffered aforetime, and because the blows of life fell thick and fast, you, in turn, are bearing part of the burden - not of their burden, but because the tie between you was so strong, because the love for God was in your heart, you were attracted to those who were strong in spirit, and you have borne your burden too.

"And then, dear children, I would draw the attention of the many readers outside this little circle, to the incredible folly of those class distinctions which play so large a part in this little earth life. When you come here, not only will the folly be apparent, but the humiliation will be great as well.

"Those who have chosen the easy path - they indeed will see with shame, that the despised, that those reckoned of no account, were the strong souls, were the pure souls, were the souls who had seen God face to face, and because of that were struggling and striving to express in a fragmentary way something of the beauty of the Divine Mind.

"Remember this, and let it curb your judgement; remember that the deep decision of the spirit is responsible for the environment in which each one is placed, and it must be apparent in certain conditions temptation is rife indeed.

"Therefore judge not when the forces of evil sometimes overcome those whose lives are sordid and free from joy, those who are hemmed in by the many horrors of physical life, those who walk side by side with poverty and with care. Judge not these, dear children, because in time to come you will see that all the while they were Christ's friends, and that He calls them thus.

"And again I say, judge not those who are surrounded with the beauties of the world, with a multitude of comfort, yet wilfully seek that which is of darkness and repudiate the God within. I say judge not these, but pray for them instead, for great, great will be their affliction when this brief sojourn is ended and they see the wrecking work that was done.

"Oh, compassion for all, understanding for all as far as may be, helping by prayer and thought and action. This is the gospel of Christ, this is the truth He taught, this is what He waits for those who love Him to adopt.

"Prayer, faith and trust, and above all the deep conviction that the spiritual inheritance of man shall prevail; that the earth's standards shall be brushed aside because they are of the earth and not of God; and in the future, purification for the individual, perfect unity with Love, all working with their Maker in restoring those others who likewise missed the path which led into light and joy and peace.

"And now I leave you. If there are any loose threads which you require to be fastened securely, then as time goes on I will come back to the subject and all will be as God intends. It is not wise to unveil too much at once of the treasure which is waiting for you all, because the physical mind must be trained, must be brought along, so that, in its degree, it can keep pace with the mind of the spirit; neither hindering it nor forestalling it in a false way, but just fitting into its little niche, contributing its part to the great, grand quest which lies before it - the quest which ever daily is becoming clearer, the clouds passing beyond the horizon, leaving the view beautiful in prospect and the path free from those obstructions which would hold you back... And now I go..."

(Others then spoke...)


"...It's Kate, Annie, and I've come tonight to give that other half of my message which I couldn't get in last time (Feb. 22nd). Some of you will remember that I said I must leave it for another occasion.

"Annie, part of my work over here - which, in a way, runs on quite naturally after the beautiful 'instruction' we have had - part of my work is in the nature of a convalescent home. You see, I was so hampered when on earth; I was the one who was nursed, and although I did a little for others yet I was such an invalid myself that it always seemed to me that people were looking after me, and I used to lie and dream - I had so much time for thought, as you know - I used to dream and think what a wonderful thing it would be to be able to build a convalescent home. Yes, I wanted to build it myself because it seemed to me that only one who had suffered a lot themselves could understand those hundred and one little things which make all the difference...

"Oh, I know I was fussy - I had my funny little ways, but most invalids have. That is not an excuse but I see it like this: When you are under great bodily stress, it's impossible for a healthy person to realise the importance of certain things and how these, as it were, make big blotches on the horizon of the sufferer...

"You remember, Annie, I loved management, and I used to dream about this convalescent home, and in my mind I planned out every inch. When I came here, I did a lot of revision; most people when they pass over are occupied with revision - it's rather a painful process but it's very necessary and contributes its part because of the suffering it entails.

"Well, dear, I want you to know about this because you all help me during the sleep state... One thing I should like to mention is that on earth such a home, if built by the sea, would stand above the sea - people climb down to the sea as a rule. With those who are going through experiences which try their spiritual resources almost to breaking point, I found that wouldn't be wise, and, as you know, over here we can work out any ideas we like if we can find within ourselves sufficient spiritual power to build.

"So I built my little shelter - and I like that word best - I built my little shelter down in the valley, down in that valley, Annie, which is on a level with the earth, because I wanted to catch people just as they passed over. And it's the same during the sleep state - the thing which is nearest at hand often has the power to hold them, anyhow for the time being.

"Now I want you to think it out with me. Those who on passing over find themselves in my little rest-shelter, immediately begin to explore, and presently, just as we should on earth, they want to see the view. Then I take them out and my garden, Annie, is built in terraces; yes, and each terrace goes up slightly. There are rests by the way, and for the conventional people I have got paths, because it goes against the grain with some people to walk on a made path... You see, we have to be very careful in judging and providing for the tastes of all.

"Well, each terrace just gives an impression - an outline of the terrace beyond; and I want you to try and enter into my idea in building it in this way. You see, Annie, climbing, even in a physical sense, is an indication of a spiritual longing and sometimes of the ability as well.

"So I take the strangers and show them the view; immediately they are anxious to climb, and then I tell them this: I tell them that as they grow stronger they can go on climbing and climbing, and they always say: 'But what is at the top?' - and then I produce my trump cards I say: 'the sea'...

"It's a lovely idea, isn't it? Do you know Annie, I don't think that any other thing would have the same power of attraction. Of course, they need a lot of help, and because there is beauty - all the flowers that I love put in their varying beauty from the lesser to the greater - because there is beauty and refreshment all the way, I am able to do wonders in a very short time; and what is more important, they forget those memories - those terrible memories in some cases - which are connected with the body...

"I thought you would like to know. Of course, I have gone in for all kinds of horticulture; the gardens that I couldn't visit when on earth, they are all produced here, only in such a much lovelier way that it was worth waiting for. And, Annie, because you were always so fond of gardening you've done quite a lot in helping and arranging; and the girls - of course I include Margaret as well - the girls and Agnes have helped me in a way that couldn't be understood until they come here. They have helped me with the weary souls, with those who had such sick bodies, with those who were disappointed and disillusioned during their physical life; and they are all healers - yes, all healers because God's Love is everywhere where we tread.

"Oh, do tell Agnes this: That because she has tried so hard to help those in her daily life - that because she has done 'the next thing' so willingly and so steadily, the results have been used in Kate's little home of rest, and I couldn't have got on without her.

"I wish you could see what is mine - how I wish you could see the beauty as it lies spread out as far as the eye can reach. And oh, Annie, the sea - the beautiful sea is rightly at the top, for once those pilgrims have persevered beyond the valley, beyond the midlands up to the heights, then, then they stand free, with God's wonderful ocean of Love spread out before them..."

(After all had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, you have had a long evening, and you have seen as well that when a little rest is possible, my child is able to withstand the physical body, and our happy evening is carried on to its conclusion. I want to underline that, because, as I have told you from the beginning, it is against God's wish that we should work directly in opposition to nature's laws, and, therefore, it is ruled out of these little gatherings for all time. We can replenish, we can make good again and again, but beyond a certain point we do not go.

"From this, dear children, you will gather that I am quite willing that you should arrange this meeting together on any day you think fit. So far as we are concerned, we could come and demonstrate God's Love evening by evening, but that would not be wise. First, because the physical mind can only take in a certain amount of thought in a given space of time; secondly, and equally important, the truths which I am directed to give out to you, and from thence to those in the world who will listen, these truths would drop to the ground because no time would be forthcoming for the records to be taken and written out...

"You see how wise are God's ways? Nothing is withheld from you, but in using the physical as His tool, certain laws are brought into action which, if worked against, interfere with the good results. So, dear children, settle it among yourselves and be quite sure that whenever you choose to meet, those in the Spirit will be waiting and watching, and God's grace as usual will be forthcoming.

"And now I close; yet one word to my little secretary who has worked well tonight: Be of good heart, little one, for God has ordained that the brightness shall come, that the shadows shall disperse, and that you shall come into your own kingdom prepared by His loving Hands.

"And now, dear children, take unto yourselves God's blessing. Remember that you are, as it were, His epistles in which His words are written, and as such conduct yourselves to others. Remember, that in demonstrating God - even in the little that you think you are able to do - in demonstrating Him so you are adding to the strength and the holiness of the world.

"Rest then in peace of mind, certain and sure that the Father - because He is your Father - understands you, and more than that, that He will lift you out of that lesser self into the self you long to be. Yes, these are my words: That God, being your Father, can do what so often it is impossible for you to do yourself - raise you up into truth and holiness and peace, when with those who love you, both on the earth plane and in the Realms of the Spirit, you will indeed reflect that love which God has gifted to them and to you to pass on to others...

"And now, my little ones, Goodnight. Forget not your guide - forget not his love, and his happiness in the charges which God has bequeathed to him for all time... Goodnight."

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