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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Romford Christian Spiritualist Church, on October 5th, 1930

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"Children of the Light and children of the half-light, lay aside the things of the earth and the thoughts of the world while we commune together upon those things that are real and bind us more closely to the One Who loves us best.

"Consider what a 'hearer' is, and what is a 'doer', and what is the 'Word' that we are called upon to observe. When the Master of all life walked the earth plane He saw around Him so many hearers of the Word - the Word of the Lord God Jehovah, the law that had been handed down from generation to generation. He saw those in authority who observed the outward form but who neglected the simple direction that the law demanded - the direction to sacrifice not only in kind but to give from themselves the sacrifice of a pure heart and an obedient mind.

"The Christ, the Master of all life, saw around Him enemies in many forms. He saw that those who were called to represent the Lord God of all denied, by their actions, the existence of a Deity of any kind. The only god they obeyed or recognised was the god of self.

"Can you grasp how the Beloved, the One so sensitive, quailed under the laws of this condition of mind? Can you understand with what joy Jesus passed into the humble homes, supped with those who loved Him, and carried with Him as He went His daily way the remembrance of faithfulness to duty and the desire to put God first?

"There were the few, but only a few, who were not only hearers of the Word but who sought to put into practice that which the Word of ancient time laid down. The Word has been altered since the Master of all life came into the earth conditions. The law of old was: Thou shalt not kill; thou shalt not steal; thou shalt not covet that which thy neighbour has.

"But Jesus the Christ not only fulfilled the old law, He brought to it fresh beauty, fresh power, revelation in a measure that those cabined in the flesh could bear and understand. He said: Bless those who curse you, succour those who would strike you to the ground, give to the one who would injure you, rescue the fallen, and safeguard those who are out to wreck that which you love the most.

"How dear are the words that He used! They have come down over the ages. They are treasured by some and they are lived by a few who can rise out of the chains of the earth and demonstrate their link with God. In the churches and in many places the words are recited, the words are given forth, but so often the one who speaks forgets that the words given forth and not put into practice bring to the individual something that will represent a terrible obstacle in time to come, an obstacle that - like a steep mountain - rises up between him and his soul's desire.

"So I have come, charged with Holy Spirit, to wrestle with you and to reason with you, to call to the faithful to have courage, not to be dismayed by that which the enemies seek to bring into being. I come to those who have listened to the false teachers who have followed their own desires. I come to such as these and say: Beware, take care! There are around you enemies and dangers in many forms.

"Life upon the earth plane was meant to represent joy and peace. Life upon the earth plane to many represents struggle, anxiety, trial and disappointment - not God's Will, but the will of those who have forgotten the law that the Christ exampled in perfection.

"It is not God's Will that you find that your so-called friends betray; not God's Will that when you come upon a hard patch of road of life, that others turn from you; nor is it God's Will that your children cannot find the guidance and care and sweetness that are their right; not God's Will but the will of the enemy, and the enemy has gained strength by the abuse of Man's free will.

"Those unseen enemies have been able to penetrate the earth conditions because those who are living upon the earth have forgotten that God should be put first. Self has dominated their being; they have listened to - and followed - those who have led them from safety and the light that does not fade.

"Each day, each moment, you are exemplifying the truth of that statement that the one who thinks, the one who reads, the one who speaks - and yet fails to act - that that one is not a child of God by choice. Can you not see that when those with whom you work trespass against you, the Word of God is denied? Can you not grasp that when you have sought to build truly and others have desired to wreck, that such as these spoke the Word but forgot to put into practice the law that God has laid down?

"Some of you are reaching the autumn of life. Some of you have said 'goodbye' to summer and all it means - so you think. Old age creeps on. The day that once seemed so fair is drawing to an end. Sadness gathers close and many exclaim: 'Oh to be young again! Oh to have once more the vitality of ancient days! Oh to be free to work out those ambitions of the heart! Oh to have the strength and the will and the understanding to build anew!' The autumn of life brings sadness to many because they do not understand the law of God, because they do not grasp the overwhelming love of the One who loves them best.

"What is it to you if it be spring or summer or even winter if God is recognised in your life? If you are a hearer and not a doer, then old age represents winter-time indeed. If you are the one who points the way to others and yet rest in the valley yourself, then old age leads on to something denser than any condition upon the earth plane. But for you who have the will and the strength and the desire to be as a child of God in very truth, then the winter-time of physical life leads on to the glorious spring, leads on to health, leads on to powers of the mind, the spirit and the soul - that shall amaze you by their strength.

"Can you see how the wise ones pursue the path of duty, how the wise ones - even when face to face with anxiety in many forms - still hold on to faith? Can you see that when the storms of physical life beat upon you, and you seem so helpless under their violence, then God draws closer still?

"Then the Pilot, the One who stems the violence of the angry seas, the One who is strong enough to control nature in all its forms in every condition that exists, draws to your side, whispering to you comfort, consolation, pointing ever and ever again to the sacred Cross that symbolises life as life was meant to be.

"There are some whose heart and mind respond eagerly to these words. Others seem to grope and find nothing tangible to grasp. Do not forget that today is gathered up in all those hosts of yesterdays and that tomorrow will come. Do not forget that countless millions, free from the earth body, are continuing their existence close to the earth plane or removed from it by that which you name 'spirit conditions'. You too in time to come must lay aside the earth garment, and will function as beings bearing the likeness to that which God intended - or as beings with lesser life, with blunted minds, with the tools that once you had laid aside because you were unworthy to hold and to have them.

"The power of Holy Spirit is going to be demonstrated upon the earth plane in a way you cannot grasp; by the power of God there shall come into earthly conditions that which shall force upon the consciousness of even the greatest doubters that life goes on for ever, and the Master shall be seen seeking to save them from their unworthy selves.

"Therefore, what of the revelation vouchsafed to the Doers, to those who strive to put into practice that which they have heard and read for the glory of God, and for the raising up of humanity in the earth plane and in other conditions as well?

"My eyes are opened and I see so much that gladdens my heart and I see that which brings sorrow, deep sorrow to my whole being. For I know that even in your temples there are those who have not yet demanded from their real selves the very best. They are content with the second and the third. The day of reckoning with their conscience they put off until tomorrow - and still that morrow never comes. Yet again there are the faithful ones, the loving ones, the ones who seek to do that which the Christ has laid down.

"Such are not content with the theory of this great truth; they are not content with explaining to others what they should do, but they seek to train their own minds, they sweep out that which goes against the Will of God so that they may be as emptied vessels ready for the waters of life to be poured through them to others. Doers of the Word - Listeners in the first instance, and then putting into practice that which they have heard.

"Alas, the busy world goes on its way unmoved. Those bound by inherited opinion, by that set in being by the will of man and not by the Will of God, pursue their studies, but their eyes are closed to the reality that is all around. But one day, one time, their eyes must be opened and then before them will appear a manifestation of 'life' in something of its real form, and then before them will appear a manifestation of 'death' in something of its real form - the death of pure desire, the death of effort, the death of ideals - and anguish will hold them for they will see that that which they have set into being must be faced, grappled with, and worked out before they can function as God intends.

"How great is your opportunity! How sweet is the mission laid out before you all! What of the tears? What of the heartaches? What of the unkind words of others? What of the stripes? What of the material cares? These things are but stepping stones that lead into the sweet liberty, the liberty of God's freedom. These things are there not to be turned from but to be overcome. The sorrows of today are the joys of tomorrow.

"The Doer goes on. The 'hearer' listens and waits, hesitates and considers. But the Doer goes on. Even as the Doer stumbles, even as the darkness seems to descend upon that lonely one, so around him or her, the angels of God gather close and the light is entered, and once again joy dwells within. God has been manifested through those who faint not nor fear.

"So you are charged to consider today, tomorrow, and the great and glorious life to come. What is that life to represent? Is it to be bondage? Is it to be freedom? Will you arise out of the tabernacle of flesh bearing resemblance to that beauty that you had when God first set you into being? Are you to function as a child of God - or are you to bear the likeness to human form?

"These things must be faced. Some would say: 'What is this nonsense?' Others: 'Who is your authority?' Ignorance holds fast the mind of the body. Our authority is the Christ, our authority is God Who said: 'Blessed are they who seek for they shall find'.

"As I pass amongst you, I feel around us influences sweet and lasting. I place once more the golden Cross of the Christ within this temple and I bless you all, but I say in tones of warning, charged with love: Take care for there is coming that which must be faced by all. There is coming to the earth plane trouble and trial; yet those who are strong in the strength that is of God will rise above the trouble, and by their rising there shall come from the North, the South, the East and the West others like-minded; and by the power so built up there shall be a demonstration of the power of God that shall open the eyes of the inly blind, and give hearing to those who now hear only the cries of the world. God shall be heard. God shall be seen. The Master of all life has been seen in that sweet form that is loved by so many. But there shall be thousands who shall see a manifestation of the Godhead that shall open to them the gates of revelation. Once inside the gates of revelation, peace shall dwell within.

"Now I come to the child (a child was asleep in his mother's arms). Do not forget the words of the Master: Unless you become as a little child, in no wise shall you enter the Kingdom. A little child shall lead them. The Cross is placed upon this child. Blessed are the little children, for the children who are being born at this same stage come charged with those gifts that you name spiritual, and they shall open the eyes of many. Blessed is the child and he shall work for God.

"I must pass from you yet I feel that many of you are my children by choice, I feel that the love you have for me is real and lasting, and it should not be necessary for me to declare to you the love I have for you and for humanity at large. It streams from me. You have been gifted to me by the Most High. I would place upon this little one (another infant) the Cross of the Christ.

"How can your children rise and be Doers of the Word if you yourselves fail your great responsibility? Let it be God in the home, God in the citadel of your heart, and the thoughts of God implanted in your little ones; for great things are coming to pass and there will be many in that time who will have to depend upon the little children of this same time to lead them out of the darkness into light, out of despair into security for evermore.

"So I bless each one. Be a worker for your God. Be a creator in the God-sense. Let those around, because of you, rise out of their indolence and work for God in turn. By the power of Our Saviour, Jesus the Christ, I mark you all upon the brow with the Cross that is of Him.

"Hold these conditions fast, for those who are holy in every sense of the word are here, and God has gifted to us something that no earth words can explain. Hold fast to the holiness, and it shall go with you during the days that are to come."

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