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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
in the twentieth century

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"MY little children, this night you have been gathered in for a purpose, and that purpose is concerned with that which is to come to pass in the little tomorrow. I want you each and every one to regard yourselves and those you name the guides - the messengers of the Christ - to regard yourselves as one with them. This is not erring from that humility which you desire to make your own. It is placing yourselves as the instrument, as the tool of those who have taken the road in front, of those who are dependent upon the children on the earth plane to carry out the will of the Most High.

"There may be some who say that my words are stern, that I call them up to heights impossible to be reached; but I bid them heed my voice. I say that what is not accomplished upon this plane of opportunity must be worked out under conditions far harder in time to come. These foolish ones are occupied with this little life which is to us as a second of time; and they, out of the blindness that is within, have forgotten to ensure that the long stage in front - eternity - has to be reckoned with, has to be faced, has to be overcome so far as weakness and frailty are concerned.

"Children, think you like this: If one you loved stood at a dangerous point, would you not call out in imperative tones and bid him take care? The time for endearments, the time for outward show is not at the time of danger. At the time of danger so the warrior within arises in its full strength, and the individual is prepared to battle for and with the one so loved. Oh, listen to my words for I speak not but under the command of the Most High, and if I pass on to you that which is less than the truth, so then the power is taken from me, and in time this instrument would be mine no more.

"Tonight, then, under the direction of the One Who loves us best, I speak on the Health of the Soul-Body. Little ones, over the past there have been the brave souls, the strong spirits, and these, with the gift of wisdom, in order to further their progress, have entered into the physical tabernacle and have spent their days, their years, grappling with the powers, the forces who are arraigned against the Christ. There are those, filled with the love of God, who have counted the cost of sorrow upon the earth plane, and with gladness have chosen the hard road for the sake of the brightness and the peace to come.

"Look back over the long corridor of time. Think of the ones who draw out from you your admiration and your veneration. Was it those who took the easy road and held for themselves the joys of the earth; who knew not sacrifice and self-denial? Some of these have left their mark upon the history of this little plane, but for the most part they were as a drag upon the wheel of progress, and in this same time they are paying the penalty, and their anguish is great. Go back over the record of any country. How plain it is. The man or the woman who had other gods than the one true God, the man or the woman who sought to comfort the physical body, they starved the soul-body, and such as these according to their missed opportunities are, as you would say, covered with disease.

"Oh little ones, how oft I try to show you that the laws of God work on with a precision and with a perfection which so transcends the mind of man that he disregards them altogether. The child-souls - those who are bound and fettered - they reason with themselves and their arguments seem to have great weight. They forget the example of the heroes of old, they forget that those they love, those they admire, those they hold up as example to the young, they forget that such as these deceived themselves not. They fell into temptation, they failed their greater selves again and again, but even as they failed so the consciousness within showed them traitor; and with repentance, with aching hearts and weary bodies, they turned to the Cross and clasped the Cross.

"Little ones, the path to God is made up of failures and successes. If it were possible for you to be here, chained by the body, fettered by the physical mind and to feel always that sacrifice was sweet, that the stones on the road were pleasant, that the enemies of the Christ could be welcomed, then, my children, the earth could hold you no more. Its experience would have been faced, its lessons learnt, you would find yourselves in the realms of Spirit and from you would pour the power to hearten many a weary one cabined within the garment of flesh, troubled by a limited mind, at the mercy of forces unseen, unknown, a prey to many disquiets. Aye, you would pour your power upon such as these and their weakness would pass. So, my little ones, I come to you and I say: Have no fear, let not misgiving touch and wound. You are out on a long journey and the mere fact that you are on the earth plane implies that the lessons of the earth plane have still to be mastered, and the discipline of necessity takes its toll.

"But I draw your thoughts away from this plane to the stage which shall surely come. I speak to you as one who, as an older brother, passed through the troubles and the darkness and the misgivings of the earth life in an ancient time, or so it seems to you. I come to you and I say that not one pang that you have ever endured is unknown by me. If I could not understand how near at times failure seems, then, little ones, I could not be used by our Master, Christ. My lessons would have been unlearned, my experience so faulty that I should be worthless to draw the children of the earth out of the valley of sadness on to the plateau of peace.

"So I speak in tones of comprehension, and I bid you think of the stage to come when the physical garment has worked in for you that which surpasses your highest hopes. The pains of the body, the sadness, the treachery, the darts of the destroyers, the persecution in subtle form, oh, anguish was yours, and a great misgiving seized your mind: 'Where is God!' you cried. Your Father and Mother God was watching, taking from the seeds that you had sown, from the tears that you had shed, the power which should safeguard the future, the beauty which would transform your heavenly home.

"Little ones, think you to yourselves: If a man sows not, how then shall he reap? If a man tills not, how then shall the ground produce that which is sustenance? So I bid you think again. This little life with its blindness and its bondage is a gift so gigantic in its possibilities, a gift so charged with power, that man for the most part is unaware of the opportunity it represents. You at this same time are ministering to the soul-body, that next garment which will represent, as it seems to you, your self, when the flesh is no more. You are working today on that which must be your home in time to come. How then can the soul-body be cured of its ailments; how then can the home be built up without those things which seem to go wrong at this stage? Oh, cannot you see? Is it not writ large over that which is the sacred record of the past? Man suffered in his earth-day so that eternity might be assured as a thing of brightness and freedom.

"Children, instruments each one, what is your part, what is my part, what is the part of those who come and use this holy gift? Is it not to provide protection? Is it not to show the traps, to bid you take care, to warn you that enemies are around? Is it not to hold you fast when you stumble and seem to fall? Is it not to stand between you when those of the world, saturated with the teaching of the world, come with plausible argument and bid you pause in the decision which the spirit within desires you to take? Oh, there are many upon this little earth plane concerned with the health of the physical body, with its transient life; but how few, how few have the knowledge won by dedication, to teach concerning that which must come to pass?

"On every side there are those who talk of health - and the physical garment was meant by God to represent perfect health, perfect poise - but what has happened? Oh, so plain it is. Those in a past day turned from the laws of God and followed the laws of man, and damage reaching over generations was done by them. They passed out of the body of flesh and, to their horror, found that the sins of one stage have to be worked out in the stage to come. The diseases of the physical are as nothing in comparison with the hideous deformities of the soul-body. Men and women who were beautiful from the earth point of view, such as these found themselves in garments which branded them to others as the worshippers of self.

"Oh listen and learn. As I speak so around me have gathered in that which you name thousands, those who cast aside their grand inheritance for the toys of the earth. They ministered to the body of flesh and the soul-body was starved, and out of that starvation so they stand today as spirits in prison. They themselves have locked the door, and until by suffering and effort the strength is born within to turn the key of self, so - alas! - they are shut off from the light and the peace and the joy of God. Oh, think not that this is God's will; it is the will of man. Think not that the tender Saviour does not give and give again; but the individual has built around him walls almost impenetrable, and, as it were, brick by brick they must be cast down by the one who built before freedom can be his own.

"These are the children of the earth who argued thus with themselves and others: 'The easy road for me!' - the road of luxury, the road of self-indulgence. They took and they took, and out of that which they took so their prison-house was erected and their plight is pitiable to behold. Oh, cannot you understand how great a gift has been made your own? You have been taught and, what is more, you desire to listen. You build not a fortress for tomorrow but you build something of God, charged with His radiance, into which, when the earth garment has done its part, you will pass with a sweet liberty bought and purchased by that which you have undergone for the sake of the Christ within.

"Children, you who are instruments of the Most High, cannot you see that your decision bears no resemblance to sacrifice in any form? God takes of the effort, takes of the loneliness, takes of the sadness, and because these things have cost so much, around you - even at this moment - there is the gain of the Spirit, the companionship of the ones you name the guides, the messengers of the Christ; and you, because of the hard road, have been able to clasp their hands. Why then should apprehension steal so close? What of today? Today passes and tomorrow is ushered in as something bearing likeness to the will of the Father and Mother God. You have tried and it seems to you you have failed; you have denied the longing for rest; the weary mind and the flagging steps you have ignored, for God's work was waiting to be done. The body complained, ah yes, but what of the soul-body, what of the real self within the soul-body - the Spirit with the courage of Christ?

"Cannot you see that the worldly wise are the spiritually foolish? Those who snatch and hold and call to you to do the same, they, even as they hold, are losing that which matters, that which counts. God is not mocked. True, the Father desires that the garment of flesh should be as He intended; but out of that endured through the weakness and frailty of others, in place of that garment whose life is so short, the soul-body, with a strength unthought of by man, with powers, with creative faculties, slowly but surely through the pangs of the physical body, is being prepared for you. And when this little earth-life is o'er, in looking back over what has been no shadow will you see. That which you thought was darkness or twilight is as the glory of God, for the Divine within was fed. The physical perchance went without, but the real self within had drawn to it that sustenance, that imperative sustenance, which it craved, and which it was God's will should be its own.

"So, my little ones, in passing through the beauties of this little world, even as you admire, think of this: There are many living in homes of squalor, many who see not the trees and the flowers of Nature; but those with sight, with real vision, would tell you that around them were the flowers of the Spirit. And more than that: That those with the power - the holy ones, the bright ones - they keep pace with the step of the toiler, with those shut away from the brightness of this little earth. Ah, down in the mines where man works and his body suffers - where the darkness seems to press upon the mind and the courage and the hope slowly but surely ebb away - there walk the holy ones, the servants of God; and had man been taught, had the veil been rent asunder, such as these would have seen the brightness of the Spirit. Oh, what a compensation, what an illumination, what an interpretation of the love of God!

"So, little ones, I call your thoughts away from the tabernacle of the flesh, away from the earth with its trials and misgivings, with its poverty and the cruelty of brother to brother, and I bid you look into Reality, to face the glorious fact that suffering in one stage must mean freedom in the next; that going without today fastens to the individual that which is beyond the power of another to rest from him. These are the laws of God, and while the nurses and physicians do God's work upon the body of flesh and draw to themselves the blessing of the Most High, let them pause not there; let them fasten to themselves the blessing throughout eternity. Let them pass on warning as to tomorrow, instruction, guidance as to the soul-body which, minute by minute, is being shaped, created, by the actions of the one concerned.

"So I bring you back to your own lives and your own lot and I show you the joy of the hard road, the blessing of the Cross. Little ones, be of good cheer, you have that which is precious beyond my powers to portray. Out of the heartaches so the foundation has been erected, and upon that foundation you can stand and reach the hand of God; for through your love of Him so the spirit within, with sight, with understanding, chose that which you name troubles, chose your so-called losses. Who then should commiserate with those who want to be brave? Ah, the Saviour speaks in your heart and mind - the Saviour, the One who suffered so much. Can you not hear His voice: 'Little ones, follow Me.' But forget not that Christ, because He is God, bears our burdens for us. He took the hardest road of all; and where the Cross, as it stands to man, represents suffering, through that day of Calvary, through that which the Master bore willingly for the beloved of His heart, so you and I, when we come to the Cross, find no sorrow. Oh mark my words. The sorrow comes in turning from the Cross, the reluctance of the physical mind, the shrinking of the physical garment. Once the Cross is grasped, the joy which is of God pours through our being, for this is the gift of Christ.

"Through the link of the Cross so the One so kind comes closer and closer still, and when that which we name anguish assails us, because of the Master's presence and the cloak of peace and love in which He enfolds us, so anguish can be found no more. In our at-one-ment with Him we taste for the first time of the joys of the Spirit; and out of that knowledge which His joy brings, so we pass among others who are hesitating over the Cross, and we bid them be of good cheer.

"Children, you have been called and you have been chosen. What has been your choice? Oh, with some, the highest and the best. If with others not yet the highest and the best, then henceforth, through the power of the Holy Spirit, it shall be the highest and the best. Therefore the hard road, the rough road, the road of persecution, the road of treachery, perchance the road of betrayal, the road that Christ took Himself. And as you climb, and even as you stumble the heavens are opening, and by your pangs that which is revelation shall be your own.

"So, little ones, fix your thoughts on the next garment which you must wear. The pangs of this one are the strength of that; the ease and comforting of this one are the weak parts, the imperfect parts of that one. So we dedicate ourselves to God, and we pray that we may have the strength to build truly so that henceforth joy may be within, and that those who gather round - the guides and the helpers - may have the greatest joy of all, for oh, my children, no joy over ourselves represents more than a fragment of that deeper, purer joy over the release of others.

"Are we not lesser saviours under the One great Saviour? Are we not lesser healers under the Healer of us all? Then with happy hearts we continue the path; we count not our wounds but we number our gifts; we turn ever and ever again to the Christ, and each time our petition is the same: 'Use us, O God, for Thy most sacred work.' And even as we ask so, voluntarily, we have taken up a fresh burden; yet the Master answers: 'Take My yoke upon you,' and under the protection of the yoke, weariness over the burdens is forgotten in the gladness of the Saviour's smile. So, my children, I bless you, bless you with firmness, bless you with illumination, and I say that the Holy Spirit, which is resting upon you as I speak, shall give you the courage to go on until sorrow, as sorrow, falls from you never to return. In the Name of Christ I bless you. Farewell!"

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