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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Bedford Hall Park, Croydon, on Saturday, 15th October, 1949

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"With joy in my heart I greet you all for I know that many gathered in have been drawn here by love of the Master Christ. A loving welcome is sent forth from many disembodied souls, the bright ones, who always gather close when the Master's work is being done. So I ask you to lay aside the things of the earth for just a little while and to think of those things that are of the Spirit.

"Many of you look back upon your own lives and you can see the time of preparation. What were you being prepared for? Was it for a career, was it to make a home happy, was it to gain those things that are material, was it to educate the mind? You look back upon the discipline imposed, the curbing of the unwilling inclination to study or to work hard when Nature called to you to enjoy her beauty. Although these times of preparation are taken as a matter of course in the education of the young, still they have a spiritual significance that goes very deep and that shows results when this short stage of life has finished its course.

"There are many who would say that having planned their life along certain lines opportunity passed them by and duty and circumstances intervened. They feel today that all which had meant so much had to be laid aside. Think of the farmer. Think of the toil put into the land. Sometimes the storms of earth destroy the results of all the labour. Do you consider that was time wasted?

"The storms of earth have their part in the great scheme of things. The balance of this planet, which you regard as your own, represents a very delicate and technical thing that can be grappled with only by the Creator. Have you ever thought of the laws that govern the worlds and the planets and how it is that life can be continued upon the earth? Why is it that there are no great crashes in the spheres between the different planets and different worlds?

"For the most part, man on earth takes these things entirely as a matter of course. Sometimes, through the law of attraction and those many unseen laws at work within the universe, great storms are essential for the restoration of the balance and the poise of the worlds.

"So when you look upon a field that has been wrecked, you might call to mind that it might have been the world itself that was wrecked had it not been for the wise and wide provisions made by the Lord God.

"The good gardener or the good farmer has endured many disappointments and has had to train his character to rise above them. Seeking to rectify what has gone wrong he prepares his ground anew. For him that means endless toil which perhaps to you seems unfair.

"Remember that the good gardener or good farmer is a spirit. He is encased in flesh for a very short span of time. He has had many bodies in other worlds and countless changes of bodies await him as he progresses towards perfection.

"It is of great value that he has withstood the discipline, risen above his disappointments and that his will remains firm to sow the good seed again. If he did not curb his impatience then he would be a bad farmer and the land would not respond to his efforts.

"Think about this because this is a parable of your own life, especially relevant to those who think they have missed the road to success, once so important to them. If things had gone right from the physical point of view then maybe they would not have gone right from the soul's point of view.

"What is the soul? The soul is the building up of the next body and the character associated with it, the body that you will occupy in the next state of being. Time comes when through discipline of the circumstances of daily life the soul gains a little.

"Through the sorrows and the losses, through the pains of the body, through the withstanding of treachery of so-called friends, the soul is gaining what it longs to possess. It longs to possess a spirit in co-operation with itself and the only way that the soul can be in co-operation with the spirit within is by the acquirement of experience.

"When you think of the sowers and of those who produce the harvest, you see that they all have their part in the great scheme of things. Without those trials and tests of character, though the harvest might be plentiful upon the earth, it would represent barren ground for the one concerned in the next state of being.

"The only way a human mind can be comforted is through explanation. It is useless for a 'spirit' to come back and use the body of a medium and give out a fanciful teaching that cannot be tested by the experiences of daily life, and that will not stand up to the reasoning of the human mind, common sense and logical argument.

"Your mind was given you to use in regard to religion as well as to other great questions of daily life. Remember the words in the Holy Book: 'Test the spirits to see whether they are of God'. Take this point very seriously because there are those in this great truth or way of life who are not doing that which they should to support it. Sadly, they are taken in by every message given to them, and they do not stop to test the source or to exercise their common sense as to the reasonableness of that message.

"The Bible has done a mighty work as an example of mediumship. But what of the preparation? What of the storms that beat upon those who were named prophets and seers? Many of them passed out of the body seeing nothing but barren fields. Yet they were justified in their prophecies as the generations passed by. What is so important is that directly physical death took place, they saw a glorious harvest brought into being by their suffering, their courage and their faith unto their journey's end.

"Here again is a parable teeming with truth for those who have started a church and find that the difficulties seem over great; for those whose good advice and wise mediumship is spurned because it does not deal with material things; for those who have chosen the steep hillside rather than wallowing in the valley paths where others like-minded would give them the treasures of the earth.

"So you can see there is a very broad spectrum to Harvest. There is another important point that perhaps has not been considered, and that is the changing moulds of the seed that is planted in mother earth.

"You have marvelled at the tiny seed that brings forth strength and beauty. You have wondered as you placed the seed in the ground whether it would be possible for that which appears so insignificant to bring forth fruit in due season and to have those changes occur that would provide the food for the physical body. It is a miracle of grace - every thoughtful man would confess - and the changing moulds of the little seed are very interesting to consider.

"First, the tiny shoot breaking through the ground and then tended by Mother Nature, the slow growth or quick growth bringing reward for the one who has sown the good seed in faith, desiring to do his or her part.

"This brings us to another salient point. You hear much today about 'payment by results'. There are many views expressed about this point but according to Divine Law every child of God is paid by results. It is a wonderful thought. It breaks down barriers between countries and creeds and religious sects. It breaks down all those barriers erected by education and physical and material conditions.

"Each one has the seed of a pure heart and obedient will, and payment by God comes from results. Yet, because freewill is never interfered with there are those who drop their seed upon stony ground; there are those who bury them so deeply that they cannot make a showing while physical life lasts; there are those who throw away their seed for another which seems to them more attractive and more beneficial to their physical minds.

"What a tremendous responsibility rests upon you all and what a marvellous prospect. You are a child of God and an inheritor of Eternal Life. You have within - in the gift of Divinity - all the good gifts stored. Only a few, in these coarse and dense conditions, have the opportunity to give forth their life and beauty and power as ordained by the Father. Remember the parable of the talents.

"Only you can ordain what you do with these wonderful gifts housed in the Divinity. What are you doing? It may seem that you are doing nothing worthwhile.

"I remind you that you are all mediums. But it depends upon your own choice how you manifest your spiritual gifts. There are wonderful mediums throughout this earth that have no clear vision nor do they hear spirit voices. But they are doing the Master's work and building up for themselves a wonderful harvest. No barren ground for them! They are not asking for results while here upon the earth - they are taking God at His word and doing what they can and leaving it to the Father to judge of their efforts and to give increase according to His Will.

"For such as these there is a marvellous future; payment by results. That is what they will see and they will find themselves surrounded by gifts of great utility in the World of the Spirit. Without spiritual equipment, life after physical death represents a great disappointment.

"What is your spiritual equipment and how can you acquire it? All these things come irrespective of education, of the conditions of daily life, mental ability and personality. Many men and women would seem to have little personality from a material point of view. But by their life of service, by cleaving to the road of duty, they are developing individuality. Personality is of the earth, earthy, but individuality is of the Spirit, holy and charged with power. Therefore, as you think of the changing appearance of seeds and the many moulds expressed by the seeds, carry your thought further with regard to your own life and to your own gifts. You are the artist and it lies within your power to mould your life here in the spiritual sense in preparation for that wonderful life Hereafter.

"You are given the clay of circumstances and asked by the Creator of all life to do your best with it. It does not matter if the clay seems shapeless. It is your part to bring to the clay of daily life something worthwhile, something of benefit to others, something that shows you are a craftsman, or a craftsman in the making.

"Do not allow those talents that are unemployed in your daily tasks to rust. See that part of your leisure is devoted to the exercise of those talents for which you are not paid in material coin. Always remember that because you are an inheritor of Immortal Life there will be payments by the results in that Immortal Life. If you have not released those finer qualities within you, you cannot claim spiritual equipment when you are free from the flesh. Without spiritual equipment, you are amongst the unemployed.

"There is much talk upon the earth about those who are unemployed. Be assured that the sorrows of this world are as nothing to the sorrows of a soul in the next state of being who stands unwanted amongst the unemployed. While he had the opportunity he did not exercise his spiritual gifts nor did he take the chains off his creativity instincts in the God sense.

"Whatever your life, whatever your circumstances, you can stand second to none. All God's laws make for equality. If there are disadvantages in your life, then know this adds immediately to spiritual gain. If you rise from sorrow, if you conquer pain, you are evolving; you are stronger from your experience. You will understand through your personal experience what adversity is like, what pain is like and what a broken heart is like.

"That will represent your spiritual equipment and the Master of all good workmen can send you to do His work, to raise the fallen, to comfort the mourners and to give light to those who are inly blind. This is how opportunity widens before you and how it transcends material conditions. You stand equal to the cleverest in every clime if you are making the fullest use of that which you possess and that which has been released for use upon the earth.

"A harvest has to have a home. It must have those who will take the trouble to bring it home where something of safety can be afforded. The homing instinct is part of your spiritual make-up. The treasures of the earth are given to man for a reason. As you know they are often abused. They are given to the individual to teach him how to be a wise caretaker. He is as the farmer harvesting his wheat. Although the farmer must have material wherewithal to carry on his work, the wheat feeds the bodies of many unknown to him.

"As you consider your own life and circumstances, there will spring to mind a desire that in due course all that which you hoped and prayed for may find a home. Be assured that there is not one sacred thought you have had, not one instinct of sympathy, not one prayer of compassion, that will not be beautifying your future home. These things in themselves have a homing instinct. They are drawn by the great law of attraction to that portion of the Spirit World that is all your own - built up by your life, your efforts and those things that you have denied yourself while in the body.

"Let comfort stream upon you like a cleansing flood, and understanding to penetrate the physical mind. That which you have been given is practical common sense. You will have your harvest and the harvest produced by you has the homing instinct. When you pass out of the flesh, you will see that God pays by results.

"Drawn in are the humble hearted, those of old who had such hard lives and those of today who feel that their burden is over great, and the message of the Christ is one of entire reassurance. They may have to struggle to make the best of a bad job, to endure the beatings of the flesh, but the loving Christ holds out payment by results for them. He waits to give His beloved upon the earth those good gifts that they can safeguard because they had the courage to work through adverse experiences; they had the faith to believe that God would be justified in the end.

"Make this message your own. For those who perchance forget, when the body is no more they will remember, and what may seem as barren ground now shall in happier time demonstrate to all that God is not mocked. The tiny seeds of Truth sown upon the hard ground at last, in a different vibration, are able to express life and the promise that young life always expresses to those who have spiritual perception and the will to learn.

"Bless the workers. Bless those who intend to carry on the burden. For them comes not only commendation but also the surety that in the degree that they do their best, the harvest is assured. Hearts are gladdened, the prisoners of self are set free and the missionary work is extended as the Father has ordained.

"Bless you all - workers in the vineyard. Make haste for the time is slipping by and until there is more dedication from the children of the earth, so the manifestations of Divine Power - promised by God - are held back, for the conditions forbid.

"You who love the Shepherd will look for the straying sheep and your tiny fold shall be enlarged. All this is symbol and sign of the important work held for you to do when this stage of limitation has been forgotten.

"Peace be with you and may you take your way, re-dedicating yourselves to God the Father and God the Son, and as you pray for strength, indeed the strength will come."

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