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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 10th February, 1924.

"Father God, in Thy Hands we leave it all, the sorrow and the suffering, the dark days and the chill on heart and mind - leave it in Thy Hands, knowing that when Thou hast taken hold of any one of Thy children Thou wilt never let them go; knowing that even the darkest night is light with Thee; that even the widest plain is peopled by those from the bright spheres, and that the wayfarer is never alone, companioned over the barren places, as through the dense forest passes - led and directed out into the open again.

"Christ, we thank Thee that this should be so, and will be so for ever, for as the Father of us all, nothing passes unheeded, nothing is too small for Thy care and attention, and nothing escapes the eye of love which foresees the need even before that need is apparent to the one concerned...

"O God, in gratitude and in love we assemble again tonight, knowing that the future is bright indeed, and that the past - the long, long past - is going to be wiped out as though it had never existed; that out of the burning Thou hast gathered the golden strands and these, precious beyond man's conception, will be preserved for ever more, and bring to their owners such joy, such peace, such power that we cannot take it in.

"God, grant that it may be well with all Thy children, and that the enemy may be defeated - if not by combat, then by patience - in the knowledge that because God is in command no victory will be allowed to go to the side of darkness.

"O God, send down Thy power of healing, grant that the hearts that ache may be soothed, and the minds that seem beyond comfort may yet feel the comfort of the Holy Spirit. Give unto us tonight new vision, new courage, new hope, and a firm determination, so that tomorrow may cease to alarm, and that the future may be assured even in the way that Thou hast planned.

"O God, it is with confidence that we approach Thee tonight, confidence in Thy understanding love, and in certainty that that Love - however strained - will never, never be found wanting.

"In the roar of busy life the still small Voice of the Spirit is to be heard, and that Voice, in time to come, shall grow stronger and stronger and more insistent and imperative, and they who once were blind to the things of the Spirit shall see the wonders which Thou hast promised, and they who failed to hear the Voice of Love shall listen and be re-created in holiness and in the likeness of their Maker. To this end we press forward ever and ever again, and the stumbling blocks and the barriers only hinder for the moment, because Thy blessing is upon us and that blessing is stronger than the strongest barrier, and the way is open unto Eternal Truth and Light for ever more...

"...My children, even as a father gathering his little ones unto him, I come into your midst tonight. I come into your midst not only as a father in name, but as a father in love and understanding and compassion. To you, my little ones, apparently so lonely and neglected, the ideal father stands out in your minds as something so precious, but so altogether beyond your horizon as to bring nothing but chill and anguish to the heart.

"It is not sufficient, I find, to remind you of your Heavenly Father Who has loved you for time long beyond your imagination. I say it is not sufficient because the Great Father of us all seems so far away, so occupied with other things, and to your physical minds there is no outward and visible indication of that great Father-love to which I have referred so often.

"Thus it is that I take on the role tonight - take it on in name, but indeed I have been as your protecting father for a very long time. And because you are my children, I can separate myself in no way from the things that vex and hurt you. Indeed, they strike you only through me and through my very heart. I wish you could remember this more. I think I could claim to be everything that your mind could conjure up in regard to fatherhood; I think that my love is as extensive as the most forlorn could wish; in fact, it so often overflows its borders that you, my little ones, often mistake the overflow for the real strong River Itself.

"Cannot you take comfort in this thought? Cannot you trust me more? Cannot you feel me more closely in your lives? Why, I am in them always. Sadness or discord or bitterness is powerless to separate me from those I love, and if you would only call upon me more often, you would take from me much of the grief which I experience in connection with your lives.

"To you, the prospect seems well-nigh hopeless. It is as though the little boat of your life were out on a dark and dangerous sea. You have prayed for the guiding star, but your eyes are so blinded by tears that you cannot see any of the many stars that shine. You have pulled at the oars in so frantic a way that you have lost your sense of direction, and you sometimes ask yourselves whether you are indeed pulling towards the Promised Land or whether only to the rock of destruction.

"That is your view, and if I say that it is a reasonable one, then I am admitting that all my promises and all the love of God count for nothing; and if I say this picture exists in your imagination only, then your reply is inevitably: 'They do not understand!'

"My children, I do understand, but I say that the river is only dark and confusing to you. I can see the objects quite plainly on either side, and I can see the stars above, and I know that in a little while we shall emerge from the awful night into the dawn of glory. And when we have crossed the bar, unhappiness and misunderstanding will be a thing of the past. Even now they could be avoided to a large extent, but the shadows are not missing any opportunities and their power over you is altogether too great.

"Now in making that statement, I do not wish you to misunderstand. It is largely a question of memory. When things go wrong, immediately - in your mind - rises a hundred examples in the past of a similar nature...I hesitated there because, seeing things with spiritual sight, I could not admit that the blows of the evil were not turned again and again by the mercy and love of God. But you see my point.

"How often is it that the thing itself is of trivial importance compared with the host of awful memories that the incident brings back? The mind works on an axle, and at a moment's notice the panorama of the past comes rolling back, and to your nerve-racked minds there seems no end and no beginning of it all.

"This question of memory causes me a great deal of trouble. You have it proved over and over again that I can make you forget the incidents of today, it is getting increasingly easy as my power and influence over you develops...Remember, as I have told you before, this gift of ours comes direct from God. It is He who gives us the strength and the ability to draw the open sides of the wound together, and to hold them in place until it is healed... But it does not apply in the same degree to those things which happened, in some cases, many years ago.

"You know how it is with a tree. The blows received by the young and tender bark are covered over in time to come, but the mark remains for ever. And when the old and seasoned wood is cut for use, those who thought they had the perfect article, are grieved to see here and there a dark line which represents maltreatment in years gone by.

"It is the same with human life - with some people much more so than others. There are some who bear the marks of early suffering right through physical life, and it is only when the body is laid aside and they see the meaning of it all, that those dark scars are made one with the beauty which otherwise would be marred.

"My children, I am much concerned about these old wounds. They were bad ones, I am not denying that. But because they were so bad isn't it all the more necessary to forbid the memory of them approaching now? If they appeared so evil then, should you not divorce yourself for ever from that which is ugly and loathsome?

"The old wounds break out afresh; it is no use denying that, and in some cases memory is all too keen, and the balm all too insufficient for the need at hand.

"My little children, won't you let me, as your father, try and help you more? Won't you combine with me, instead of opposing me, in covering up those deep stabs for ever more? They are past, and because you suffered they have brought you gifts in plenty which would represent unlimited treasure to you. Therefore the recollection of them should not be sad - they should represent gain, not loss; they should stand for joy, not anguish.

"How can I make you understand? I try but I fail again and again, and yet in your sleeping hours all is clear and acceptable to your heart and mind. You know that is true because of the peace that is with you as you wake.

"And then I intend to touch upon this: You, dear children, feel your position most keenly because of that lack of protecting care in your daily life. On all sides you see the thing in its completeness and in its happiness, and the thought arises again and again as to the injustice of the distribution of gladness.

"I am putting things in plain words because your inmost thoughts are known to me, and I do not wish to cover anything up. I see the hardship as it is represented by the shadows to you, and then I turn to the other side of the shield: How about the parent who is so full of love and tenderness for his little ones, and they return it not? You see, as we develop in the Christ stage, so does our capacity for feeling grow and expand, and as a natural consequence our sensitiveness to the lack of that which we long to make our own.

"It must appeal to your common sense that in the case of a little child and the parent, the parent suffers more through the child than the child has the capacity to feel at the coldness of the parent. Being young he is built on smaller lines, and this applies to everything. In a thousand, thousand ways, even an affectionate child has the power to stab and wound the one she literally adores, the little life entrusted in his charge. You have seen that and it has caused you pain to witness it, and so tonight, dear children, it is not necessary for me to underline this thought more deeply.

"I have stated the position as it stands in actual fact, and I say now, for all time, that you are my children and that I, your father, am never separated from you, as needs must be with a father upon the earth plane. I hope it will help you a little, and I hope too that you will remember that Zodiac, because he is older and more experienced than you are, is not less likely to be hurt, but that you have it in your power to inflict pain quite beyond your imagination.

"And now we will get away from this very sad subject and talk of a brighter one altogether - of that time when you will all look back and exclaim to me in wonderment that the evil had the power to cause so much sadness in your lives. The wonder will be there because then you will see that all the time you were in the Arms of God, and that what seemed darkness and desolation really represented protection and the brightness which is of Him.

"Yes, dear children, all your misgivings are not going to distract me from that bright and happy future in front. When you have worked for a thing late and early through the long years of waiting, then it has taken such a firm hold of the mind that nothing is strong enough to come in between. Let your wings grow a little more; don't weigh yourself down to the earth as you do; let your mind soar. Happiness is your right, it is the gift of God to all, and when things go awry, then that is against God's wish - and in many instances if one or the other had only kept close to Him it might have been avoided.

"In other cases, it is through the will - the spiritual will - of the person concerned. They let the lesser go for the sake of the greater, the eyes of the soul have seen unutterable things; they have looked beyond the darkness of earth into the glory of the Infinite, and seeing what it all means, have thrown aside the toys almost within their grasp. These, as I have told you before, are sacred to God, and it is their own choice that they let the things of the physical pass them by, for the sake of those of the Spirit.

"My children, I do not wish to leave you thus, and tonight your hearts go out to me and you wish me to stay, and because of this, which is love indeed - and you all love me much better than you know - I am constrained to stay a little longer, because in so doing I can get a firmer hold on those unruly physical minds which give their owners such an extraordinary bad time.

"My children, in the springtime of any great venture most of the work is done, and it is done generally under the most uninviting conditions. Those who till the soil start when the ground is hard and when the wind blows cold. It is a cheerless task preparing that which cannot show any reward for months to come, and some of you have watched the preparation of a field with amazement.

"The town-bred have an idea that with horse and plough you open the long furrow and then put the seed inside and leave the rest to the wisdom of nature. Looking at it like this it seems quite an easy, simple task - and naturally the field of wheat in all its loveliness is a great reward for the time so spent.

"The countryman tells a very different story. He knows that only by going over the same ground again and again, with care and with vigilance, can he hope for a harvest at all. And so he starts early. In the winter days the preparation commences, and he is always on the out-look for enemies of all kinds, for he knows that - sooner or later - the weakness or the strength of those enemies will be shown in that which he has planted.

"If you could visualise this as an illustration of the work we have in hand, it would be a certain help to you. The days that have passed have been the hard cold winter-time of preparation. The new day that has dawned is one big step further on, but not the harvest. No, it is the springtime - the springtime when the sun comes out once more and scattering the greyness and coldness asunder, announces to all that it is in command. And oh, how joyous are the children of earth to respond to that warmth and brightness! So will it be with you, and under that sun you are going to see in the soil that which represents your own lives, the green shoots of achievement and effort and concentration forcing their way through, and the barren earth is barren no more.

"To those who have planted, I think the contemplation of the green blades brings almost more pleasure than the golden harvest itself, because it creates hope where hope was not.

"Go back to your childhood. Remember the little packets of seed and the trembling hand that shook them carefully into the little ridge marked out. That was happiness, and then followed the period of anxiety and scrutiny and disappointment. The seeds made no sign and you began to wonder whether something had gone wrong, and then the day of all days came tripping in, and under the bright sun you discovered the thin irregular line of green. The seeds had made their showing.

"Oh, it is so natural and worked out right through physical, and spiritual life as well, to a certain degree. We plant in hope, and the waiting is not easy, but the joy comes with the first signs which bear evidence to the roots beneath.

"Now, dear children, take this little simile and think it over again and again. You are going to have that great joy of seeing that which was planted in cold and dreary days coming up and turning desolation into companionship, and hope into certainty itself. And now I must go...

(After others had spoken Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...My children, you witnessed just now a really terrible struggle, and if the opponent of evil had not been a soldier in both senses - not only upon earth but a soldier of Christ as well - he could not have overcome what there was to fight against.

"I am glad my children try to help those so hard-pressed by contending forces. You do it instinctively, and I love to see it, because I know that when you are released from your own great difficulties, instinctively too you will then send thoughts of help and succour in all directions, and that will build truly and securely the foundation for the permanent comfort of others in the days to come.

"Now, my children, I want you to start the new week with happy thoughts - to put sad yesterday out of sight, and to go forward with a heart for anything - which means always that before cheerfulness the shadows have to retire, before courage their own daring weakens, and before faith they melt away.

"God be with you all and lift your hearts out of the dark abyss on to the bright shore, the golden shore, which although I named it for Margaret, in very truth exists for you all; the golden shore where weariness and disappointment are no more, and where the sands are so firm that nothing can move you from the position where you stand.

"The blessing of God - try and take it unto you: The blessing of the Holy Spirit and the confidence which it brings, the peace and the joy and the will to continue, not unto the bitter end but unto that glorious end, which God has appointed for those who seek to serve Him.

"Goodnight, my children. The sun is just over the hill - only just. Soon you shall see its brightness in spite of everything."

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