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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 1st June, 1924.

"O Heavenly Father, we thank Thee again and again for all Thy tender care, Thy understanding, Thy capacity for putting Thyself in the place of Thy little children - we thank Thee that this love is always here and will be for evermore.

"O God, grant that we may separate ourselves from the world; from the suggestions of the shadows and all those things which step in between us and perfect communion with Thee. Grant that our wish to do, and to be, may be taken as having been accomplished.

"Just as little children we come before Thee, knowing that Thy gifts of holiness, of peace and of joy, are here to be taken - taken by us and made our own.

"In thankfulness, in reverence, in adoration - we come before Thee, our Father, Lord and King...

"...My little children, each one of you, in your own way, has given me great happiness today, happiness because the link between us is now so strong, and that your love for me is growing and developing into that which will give me more power over the direction of your lives, bringing into my province under the mercy and love of God the capacity for giving you brightness, peace, and happiness - which is of the Spirit, as well as of the physical.

"Tonight, I will speak to you a little about the question of happiness. To some the suggestion causes a certain amount of consternation because it brings out in their minds thoughts that are too near to the earth and too far away from those spheres of holiness in which the soul ever longs to dwell - to dwell in harmony and in unity with its Maker.

"Yes, my little ones, I understand all that, and it should not be necessary for me to tell you that God understands it too - in a way impossible for me to describe. You must remember that He not only created you, but also was responsible for bringing into being the great plan of life on the earth plane. He built it for the happiness of His little children, and if that happiness is missing, it is - as you know - the direct work of the evil which ever and ever again seeks to destroy that which is of the Most High.

"Oh, my children, widen your borders in every way in thought, in imagination, and above all try and widen those borders in regard to God. Happiness is not only for the life Beyond. It was meant to be the portion of all during the physical stages, and if some have suffered - suffered because the evil in the past was too strong for the weakness of humanity - yet that is not God's will, and He seeks ever to bring into your midst those joys which, if they do not represent Him, yet represent something of the joy which He has prepared for those that love Him...

"My children, these are but a few words in passing. I shall do what is necessary with the individual mind, and your growing love for me is of all gifts the most precious, because I long - and have longed - to see my little ones safely cabined in the circle of 'right happiness, right joy, and right peace' - and these are one.

"And now I come to this: You have read in your Bible over and over again that to the chosen, certain discipline is necessary. You have been told that to the casual the great truths - the truths which are of the Holy Spirit - that these cannot be revealed to those who are estranged from God; and that is my subject tonight.

"To the chosen: To those whose fidelity has been tried and tested again and again; to those who have come to grips in a most terrible way with the dark forces of evil, but while they winced and shrank and prayed for deliverance, the will held good and the road was followed on...

"I speak to those tonight who are prepared to relinquish self in this great quest - to throw aside those desires which alienate them from that which is of the highest - I say to them that their willingness has been accepted of God, and hereafter those things which they tried to give up willingly and graciously - those things shall be given unto them in measure far, far exceeding anything that temptation sought to suggest.

"This is my message tonight: Christ is my Instructor, and He has said that even as His little ones sought to offer up self on what has been called the 'altar of sacrifice', that these are the chosen - those who have been prepared to show others the way, to tear in twain the veil which now hangs between the world of flesh and the world of the Spirit - that veil which was brought into being by man's lack of faith... this shall be rent in twain because some have suffered and were strong.

"Oh, my children, I speak with bare, cold words, because there is nothing in your language to portray the true position, I am hampered by this but the spirit within shall teach you better, shall inspire you, shall control you - and as you grow ready for it - shall reveal Truth in the measure that you can bear. Nothing shall be denied to the children of the Light if they are faithful, watchful, and patient - nothing shall be denied. But you know full well that those things which come without an effort are worthless travesties of the real, sent to torture and deceive by the shadows who invented them for man's downfall.

"Yes, the road to God is steep, but it is even as a range of beautiful mountains. Those in the valley look up and get a reflection of their splendour, but nothing more. Those who start to climb very often are disappointed; the first stages are hard and uninteresting, and now and again they look back on those beneath and ask themselves whether, after all, it would not have been better to have stayed with them - to have been content with the reflection of the beauty above, viewing it from the, apparently, sheltered position in the valley beneath...

"Yes, all go through that, and it is not easy to fight successfully. The road to God is steep. But then, dear children, I take you on a step or two. Presently the spirit is able to get the upper hand of the physical body, and when that happens ambition springs into being, and once that feeling is there - although the strain is still felt - there is no question of turning either to the left or to the right, and that which lies behind is no more.

"These are the stages that you have been through, and my children have grown very weary - heart-sick of the contending forces on their path - heart-sick, but God calls you on... God says: 'Come up hither that I may reveal to thee that which is of the Truth'.

"Come up hither. That is the call to the world at large - the call to arise, to be up and doing, and when the preparation is there, to listen to the Voice of the Spirit - the Voice of the Spirit which first of all speaks in the mind and heart within, and then, as they grow attuned to the finer vibrations of sound and of feeling, God is able to speak direct through them so that they can pass on this comfort to others...

"This is not the end, my children, it is but the beginning - make no mistake about that. Many are caught unaware by the last tide of temptation. They say: 'I have accomplished that which I sought to make my own, and now I can rest!' And they rest spiritually, and that relaxation of vigilance produces devastation itself. Those who are out to climb the hill to God have no time to rest - to dally with those subtle temptations which come to all when they have accomplished much. Then, more than ever, it is necessary to be on your guard.

"But I say this: That if you seek - however ineffectually it seems to you - but if you seek to keep in touch with Christ, your Saviour and Redeemer, nothing shall be strong enough to touch you - to intervene. And then, in the measure that you have remained firm, so will the freedom come - that wonderful emancipation of the soul from self, that emancipation which lifts you up above care, above sorrow, and above the power of the shadows, and keeps you fettered and linked with Christ.

"Go forth into your life with these words ringing ever and ever again: 'Come Up Hither And Know The Truth' - the truth which is of the Spirit and which only your spiritual self, cleansed and purified, can contact with.

"Purity of purpose and of aim, wishful to do the best you can, and leaving that which failed to come up to the best, leaving that in the hands of your Saviour - the Man of Sorrows acquainted with grief, beset by the greatest forces of temptation, knowing, understanding, suffering under them - leaving that side to Christ and asking that He will finish what you have begun. And I say, in God's Name, that hereafter you shall find not only communion with Him, but shall look back and see that that unity during the earth stage was as perfect as could be - perfect on His side, and as near the ideal on yours as is possible while in the body.

"That joy shall be yours, and what it builds up for the life to come - the only life that matters. That, dear children, I must leave because you have no words to express the overwhelming Love of God.

"And now I will leave you. There are many anxious to come - we shall do what we can, but some will be asked to allow their messages to wait for another occasion. My children can do this now with perfect willingness, knowing that God's ways are best...

(After all had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, we mustn't go on any longer because these are very full days, and although the spirit is willing, yet time flies and the day is all too short to get the work done.

"I will close the evening with this thought: Hope - not as something which has to be built up from nothing, but the Hope of expectation. I want you to realise that we are not allowed to use words such as these in careless consequence. Every one is weighed and is brought into harmony with that which is in the Divine Mind, and I say tonight that the Hope you have to go forward with is that of expectations to be realised.

"The dawn has come, and with that dawn there is to be demonstrated to the faithful the fulfilment of promises, to the sceptical that God is above all, and to the careless that the day of reckoning is at hand... You must not confuse these things in your mind. The day of reckoning comes to all - they have to reckon with the God within - and I say that there is no judge so pitiless of self, just as there is no critic so scathing as one's own sensitiveness...

"Although to you many seem impossible to reach, so closed in are they by self - by that indifference or complacency which is a law unto itself - yet I say: 'Wait', for there is that which shall be strong enough to break through that crust and, in a measure, give release to the spirit within... Therefore, misgivings and all those many phases of doubt should be dismissed for ever - banished. You should turn from them as from evil itself; for what is not accomplished while in the body - once the body is laid aside - then the few thoughts that you were able to pass on, these shall be the seed from which the full corn shall appear, and these are the thoughts that shall bring that freedom from self which nothing else could do.

"Be not dismayed if here and there you seem to have failed... the people who are not ready, who have a few more lessons to learn - be not discouraged, but turn back again to what I have said: To the Hope which is that of expectation fulfilled - not the hope which is but the edge of despair; with that we have nothing in common.

"You and I know that with Christ in command things cannot go wrong - that although the world and the forces of evil may be directed against your efforts, yet the power is there; and in time to come, the Spirit will find its right channel of use, and pouring itself through that channel shall reach even those who are on the outskirts of spiritual knowledge, slowly blending them in with the rest. For that is the way God works.

"Only do your part, be on your guard against those subtle temptations, and remember there is protection and guidance over even the trivial things of daily life - guidance, direction, protection - they are there intact and will be for ever more...

"Peace be with you all. Christ said: 'My peace I bring you, I leave you, and I bequeath to you for ever and for ever' (John 14:27). The Promise - it is here. May the God in you rise to meet it... Amen."

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