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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 21st April, 1928.

"To Thee, O Christ, we come with humble hearts, and we ask Thee to bless us as we are gathered here, to lift up our hearts, to comfort our minds and to show us what lies in front - something of that which Thou hast prepared for Thy children who seek to follow Thy will.

"O God, we realise how little we know during the earth stage, how oft the shadows block us, how close sorrow creeps. We forget that we are of Thyself, that nothing physical or material has the power to separate us from Thy unlimited Love. Father, we forget all this yet Thou understandest these thoughts, these misgivings, and Thou hast provided that out of the pangs so the revelation shall come. We thank Thee with grateful hearts for all that bestowed upon us. Amen...

"...My little children, I am full of happiness to see you gathered into this little home, for I know your lives, I know the path you have travelled, and I know that, at times, the tempters have seemed almost too strong to be resisted. I know what the pain, the blankness and the darkness of the physical experience can represent, for I too, at times, seemed as a prisoner bound hand and foot. But lo, after the waiting-time, so the Light was made my own; and after the waiting time - the testing time which comes to the individual soul - so Light is born out of the anguish of the past.

"Little ones, I draw you into my love and the many hidden from your physical eyes, for tonight, because we are missionaries under our Father and Mother God, so it has been made possible that these - your brothers and sisters, yet over the long past antagonised from their God - that these shall, as it were, receive the gift of the Holy Spirit as we are met together under the blessing of God.

"So, in thinking of yourselves, allow your thoughts to go out beyond the physical plane into conditions which, as yet, are hidden from your consciousness, and to realise that you are contributing out of yourselves so that the Father's work may be done as the Father-Heart desires.

"Children, beyond this little room, darkness seems to hold full sway; the storms of nature, the upheaval of the laws which govern this little world, they are in evidence; and because of the lack of the sun, the life-giver, so at this moment many in the physical body are conscious of a deep despondency, of something which makes life bear an aspect uninviting in the extreme.

"That is the physical, yet, in this room, the physical is banished, and you, as spirits, can forget; the real self within can reach out and contact with the sunshine of Eternal Love, and the warmth and the healing of that bestowed through the grace of God, that you shall take with you as you depart, and, if opportunity occurs, pass on of your gifts to others; for indeed you have partaken of that spiritual food which is holy in every sense there could be and which has life for ever and for ever.

"Tonight then, my children, under the direction of the Master, the Beloved of our hearts, I speak to you on: 'Happiness'.

"Happiness, oh, what a joyous sound comes even with the word, what it conjures up in the physical mind, what balm is brought into the conditions by that word Happiness; and this is the will of God.

"Perchance, my little ones, to some of you it seems a strange subject chosen for this evening. You may say to yourself: 'Happiness - that has passed me by. Do you not know what my life has held that you can speak of happiness to me?' Children, it is because I know what the road has represented, because I am conscious of the breaking heart in the past and the sense of chill in the present, that I speak to you upon the theme of happiness, for indeed you are amongst the pilgrims who are very close to the happiness that lasts.

"Is it not plain, has not history illustrated this point over and over again? There have been the majority, great masses of peoples who have concentrated their entire attention on drawing out of the vibrations that which represents happiness to them. From childhood they have sought possessions; they have heaped these around them, and, at times, have deluded themselves that they were happy - happy as the world understands that word.

"Yet, what is their experience? How long does any given thing satisfy the restless mind? No, as they gather the flowers of the earth, they find them dying in their hands, and so they throw them aside and seek still more diligently for some with the life that will last. But the things of the earth have their roots in the earth; the soil is shallow, no nourishment can be given to them, they lack a deep foundation; they missed the storms, the rain and the wind to strengthen, and thus the seeker of happiness still seeks and finds it not.

"Oh, my children, how many around you at this stage are obsessed in this same way. They have the treasures of the earth but within is a restless longing for the unattainable, and what was considered good today is considered almost useless tomorrow; they must have and have again. Yes, as they go along the pathway of life, through the fact that they are outraging a spiritual law, they are betraying the Divine within, so they hold not any one thing that brings the joy that lasts.

"Little ones, when I lived upon the earth plane, happiness to those of my day represented jewels and slaves, many horses and chariots, and each one vied with the other as to the splendour they could produce. Power was expressed by possessions, and the one who had the chief place, the most important position was there, because, by fair means or foul, they had piled up around them the treasures of the world.

"Oh, think you of the coming of the Master, of the One who expressed all-power, the One who, by a thought, could have taken from the rulers and the keepers all that they prized. Think of the Christ and what He brought with Him.

"Ah, my children, cannot you see how Love used Himself as an illustration, as guidance to all, and how man - bound by his folly, in the chains of his foolishness - how man treated that One as of no importance? He came into a humble home, He lived a hard and strenuous life; by the toil that He did so the muscles of the body were brought into the fullest use, by the exposure and the plainest of living so the blood was kept pure and sweet and the mind alert and ready for use at the appointed time.

"These were the treasures and these alone, built up by Himself, that the Christ brought and held for example to others. Yet that One - whose short life was surrounded by that which, to the majority, would represent pain itself - that One was and is the great Joy-bringer to humanity at large; for only out of suffering can happiness, true happiness, be born.

"My little ones, these simple truths given to man in the far past have been covered o'er by the rubbish of the world, by that so highly prized through the bondage of the wisdom within; and so true happiness is almost unknown upon the earth plane.

"But I would bring up your thoughts towards something of happiness in the God-sense, in the true sense. There are those, because they seek to do God's will, who indeed create harmony in their surroundings and draw to them the love of others. These experience a reflection of the true happiness which is the spirit's right and sweet inheritance - but only a reflection; for in the crude conditions of the earth you could not bear happiness as it is, the anguish of the disharmony would be too great, indeed, the physical mind - with its contacting point to the conditions represented by the earth plane - the physical mind could not retain its balance if you could have happiness as you understand it during the sleep state, or that bigger, greater happiness when self has been laid aside.

"Oh children, cannot you see how the mercy of God has controlled your lives? What have you done, what have you been building over the past? Cannot you grasp that the real self - with sight, with understanding - saw a vision of happiness as it was meant to be, and because of its glory was willing to forego the lesser, trivial 'happiness' of the earth, willing to take the hard road, willing to suffer, aye, willing to ally itself to the One who suffered and suffers so much.

"Here explanation lies. Little ones, nothing has gone wrong, the evil forces may have sought to strike you again and again, but God is stronger than them all, and you, my children, by the giving up, by the tears, the aching heart, have drawn to you, as your right for ever, the happiness which no one can wrest from you, for it is the happiness which comes from God.

"To many I speak, to all those who are sore beset by the weakness of the body, by the travail of the soul, by that which they regard as the troubles of daily life; to all these I speak, and I pass on from Love the sweetest message of all, I say to them: Not only be of good cheer but rejoice and rejoice again, for in your conditions, bound to you for ever, is the happiness that will last...

"And then, my little ones, the next point which I would touch upon for your comfort and their comfort, is to underline that because they have gained the privilege, the right of the joy which is the Spirit, so as a natural result, as a Divine consequence, they are the joy-bringers to others. What a prospect, yet how plain it is as I speak to you thus. Go back over the past, to those in your own lives. Ah, you remember the sorrow-bringers, and you have found that in bringing sorrow to others they brought sorrow a hundred times greater to themselves. God's law which works out that perfect justice which man, as yet, has failed to recognise and to beware of as concerning himself.

"There are many sorrow-bringers but are they happy themselves? They, in turn, perchance, seek distraction in this and that, they take what satisfies the body and what satisfies the mind, but how long does the satisfaction remain? Ah, my children, you can see that such as these are not the practical ones. They may claim that which they call business ability or the gifts of the mind, but in earth language they are the worst investors of all. They have put that which is of themselves into something that for ever floats beyond their grasp, and when the physical garment is cast from them their humiliation is complete; for that intelligent discernment and judgment upon which they so prided themselves, that leaves only wreckage behind if God was ruled out.

"Aye, there are many sorrow-bringers, not only on this little plane but in countless conditions which are beyond your comprehension, sorrow-bringers to others, but pray for such as these for they indeed have fastened sorrow to themselves even as an armour which has to be hacked from them; for as a man or a woman sows so they must reap, and the reaping lasts, in some cases, over time unthinkable to you.

"So, little ones, cannot you see how great a gift is yours, how fortunate you are to have been so free, to have willingly clasped the Cross, for, even as the anguish tore your being, the radiance of revelation was seen beyond. This is the truth. For generations God's message has been distorted by those who have endeavoured to climb the mountain of attainment on the efforts of others. There are those representatives of the Christ who think they have found an easier way into the Kingdom of God than the way the Master trod and called to others to follow.

"Oh, pity such as these, for when the blindness and the numbness of the physical is no more, still the mountain will lie before them, and a weariness far greater than any pilgrim experiences upon earth must be their portion, for their part was to have taken the hill, and by force of will and force of example to have dragged the weaker, frailer ones up the hill as well.

"Little ones, have I made plain the meaning of your life? Have I shown you what the past has brought close to your side? So oft, during the physical stage, we misunderstand, we grieve over ourselves and perhaps still more over the troubles of others; we call upon God to lighten their burdens, and sometimes it seems as though God is not willing to listen to our petition; the traveller goes on, the pangs of the body are not relieved, and we cry: 'Oh, is God a God of Love?' And the answer comes ringing over the ages: 'Yes, the greater love is Mine'. And that means that God works with the spirit within the sufferer, so that the joy may come that can never pass away.

"Children, if some come to you and teach another doctrine, heed them not, but turn to them in your greater faith and say: 'Whatever my life may hold, I have the joy within which is of God, and my burdens are my possessions'.

"And, again, there are those who say: 'I feel that God meant us to be happy'. Children, I have told you oft before that happiness is God's will for each and everyone, but not that travesty of joy which to the worldly seems so fair; for out of the pleasures, the so-called distractions - oft gathered to the individual at the expense of another - so that one, being a sorrow-bearer, brings sorrow to himself.

"But the pilgrims of the Master, the travellers on the long, long road, they have something of understanding; and as they think of the Beloved - of the One who loves them best - so misgivings, doubts and apprehensions are left behind, and with their eyes on Christ, joy, like a garment, is wrapped around them and they are kings of their little world.

"So, my children, I leave this thought in your mind: That God has the greater love for you, and because of that love He is fighting, suffering with you and for you, so that you may have the gifts which no one can take away. And, at this moment, could your eyes see, joy in all its loveliness would be found close beside you, a joy so far surpassing anything the world could build up that it would seem to you you were in the Realms of Spirit, far from the discord and pangs of this little earth. Joy is built up around you glorious to behold, fettered to your sides for ever; for out of the past, so the present and the future have been secured.

"You are the wise ones, the clever ones, for you have given of yourself so that you may draw back to yourself that which has life, not only for the earth existence, but for ever and for ever.

"So, my children, I pass from you for a space but I would impress once more that your message to others should be one of happiness as well as of faith; that you should say to the looker-on: 'Outwardly I may seem to lose but inwardly I have that which nothing can kill'. And out of your pangs, out of that done against you by others, so, little ones, the pilgrims of old - aye, those who built up, by anguish, the faith that remains today - these are drawn to you, and they will guide you into the Light which never fades, into the Love that has no end, into the Joy which is of God Himself. Thus I go..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...My children, only one word in closing. You must remember that in meeting together in this way, you are not only bringing a measure of joy to yourselves but, through your concentration and your dedication to God, so you are making it possible for those who know - who see the damage done over the long past - you are enabling them to stretch out a hand and draw another out of the prison house of desire, to draw that one, this one, countless others, into a measure of light and hope and understanding.

"This to us is the purpose of the holy gift, of communion between the ones in the body and those who have cast the garment of flesh from them - to help others and to teach those who come into our vibrations how to pass on the good news to those who are bound.

"So then, little ones, let joy fill your hearts and minds. You are instruments every one, and through what you have endured, the lessons you have learnt, so, in that measure, are you a more perfect instrument for the Master's use. Healing is in this thought, aye, enlightenment as to the past and a mighty hope for the fair, the glorious future. You are bound to Love, and through that link happiness in the God-sense shall be your own, and yesterday will be forgotten in the peace and the joy given, as your right, into your own possession for ever and for ever.

"So I bless you with faith and trust in God. I bless you with the courage which can defy the destroyers in whatever form they seek to appear; I bless you with comprehension as to the Love which holds you fast. Take of your gifts and thank the Giver, for much has been worked in this night hidden from your consciousness now, yet, one day, it will be presented to you in all its glory - a mighty manifestation of the love of God. Farewell."

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