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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship
of Miss Winifred Moyes at the Zodiac Circle, on Sunday, November 10th 1935.

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"...Dear children, it is the will of God that we commune together, not only to send out thoughts of love but to realise that the blessing is resting upon each one. Everyone has sought to follow the will of God. Some may think that they have only limited accomplishment of their desire yet the words come down from the Throne of Grace telling you that in time you will see for your comfort how good is God and how many are His blessings.

"You all know that it is an honour of the highest kind to be called by God, to be chosen by Him and to have responded to the call according to the strength within.

"As you look at the world, you see that there are many definitions of honour. Some think of the Master as One who leads. Others listen to the call of the world - they know nothing of the honour that could be brought to them, and so, as the days go by, the shield that should be bright, becomes dimmed and darkened by themselves.

"Think about this. We are all wardens of God's Honour. The great Love of the Father has ordained that He shall be limited in this same way - and that the Divine Plan for the raising up and the development of Life in its many stages, must work through His own creation, point by point or step by step.

"Therefore, although God is God, He has endowed to His creation mighty powers, tremendous responsibilities, glorious privileges and knowledge of the eternal life.

"Thus God, the Humble One, so mighty yet so simple in His love, gave to us - actually gave to us - the guardianship of His Honour. In past years great battles have taken place upon the earth, and the Honour of God has been at stake. The legions have come forward filled with the desire to wreck. But humble men and women, unconsciously for the most part, have presented so firm a front that the attackers have been dismayed. So today we see all around us the desire for good, the instinct for mercy, and the striving to render service to others.

"But what about Spiritual Truth? You know that in the Bible it talks about the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil - symbolic of so much. There were many who snatched at knowledge for the self. Yet always there were the few who loved the Tree of Truth; who wanted to give to the roots so that the branches might spread and give shelter to the lost sheep.

"What of these wardens of God's Honour? They are but names to you; however, some have sought this doorway - and by God's Grace - have found it open. These then are no longer strangers, but friends and comrades, and you love them for the fellowship that they show.

"Nevertheless, think of the countless thousands, millions of souls, unknown to you, who have travelled the path, unknown to you, in a life that you cannot imagine - think of the link between you. Trace the career of many who have left their mark upon the world. Those who gave, turned out some of the rocks on the track that you must follow; but there were many who rolled up the obstacles and laid their traps for those who would follow after. Yet they were wardens of God's Honour.

"Going North, South, East and West, lovely things can be seen in the hearts and minds of mankind. However, that which should be beautiful, born in beauty, becomes darkened by the self. Preachers and teachers give of their best; however, once again there are those who defile their holy office. Through the monotony of the daily rounds, the old familiar words have lost their meaning; yet they are guardians of God's Honour.

"In schools and colleges the knowledge of the earth is being taught, and the influence upon the young can be seen. Those from the Higher Side of Life try to impress upon them the responsibility of their guardianship, the importance of their sacred office; but many are tired of their task, many are discontented, they feel like birds whose wings have been clipped; they batter themselves against the cage of the environment, not knowing that they have within reach treasures of the Spirit beyond all earthly words.

"For the most part, the young are pliable and can be moulded into certain patterns. Also, do not forget that the sins of the fathers are passed on to the children up to the third and fourth generations. It is essential to remember - in double measure - the mercy of God when God is put first, when there is training, when there is guidance into the paths of sacrifice; when there is right tuition and true knowledge given of the laws that govern life and being, the young can indeed be saved from making the mistakes of their forefathers and paying the same heavy price.

"Love is sweet. Children are able to express so much of that love that is within them, and which is good in the sight of their Loving Father God. Yet it is the parents who are the custodians of the Honour of God. Their influence over the young lives cannot be wiped out throughout all time - it can be retrieved by Divine Grace, the old wounds and the old weaknesses can be covered over; but do you think that a child of God, when he is passed into reality, can forget? Memory is far keener when the physical body is free. Conscience is a menace from which even the hardiest shrink in terror when they have reached their own stage of revelation.

"Although the message may hold serious tones, it is tinged with joy; it contains a warning that will safeguard you in times to come. What is the use of a true friend speaking when it is too late? That is one friend who failed in guarding the Honour of God. Look well through the house of your mind; search your heart for the selfish impulses and hidden treasures. Because when you are free, not even the Master Himself will be able to comfort you, for you will realise that you could have known, that you could have done better - but you forgot.

"A great and mighty mission has been entrusted to you. Why were you called? Because, over the past, long before you came into the body of the flesh, you were in training. Your guides and helpers not only struggled with you as a living soul with words beyond your comprehension now, but they also struggled with themselves, knowing that in time to come this great responsibility would be placed upon them. They would be allowed to come into another world, so different from their own, to lead those disciples who were ready nearer to the Cross, higher up the steep, steep hill.

"The mind of man, at this stage, cannot grasp even a fragment of that great subject of the vibrations of Spirit Life - the gigantic labour which holiness represents in its network of effort and wide range of influence. You cannot conceive what takes place in a room where the two worlds commune. How then can you fathom the depth of effort exuded when those from the Higher Life pass into the palaces of pleasure and those places where the Name of God has never been mentioned at all?

"You need to understand that there will come a time when you too will be among the weavers of power, and only then will you understand a little of what it means to transform and protect. Never forget the law over freedom, over the exercise of man’s own will. You cannot say to those who swarm where the selfish gather: 'Get thee hence; God's work tonight shall be done!' That is beyond even Divine Power; for God has bound Himself by His own law of mercy to His own creation.

"Many times the bright and glorious gather into the halls of pleasure for days and days - in man's terms - seeking to cleanse where they can, and weaving the net that shall protect those who work for the Honour of God. Sadly, so often, by heedless thought or ignorance, those beautiful rays of power are shattered in great or little part.

"There is no criticism on anyone wherever they may be in God's wide world. However, seeking to protect you, it needs to be understood that they will suffer when they realise the truth.

"Spiritual consciousness comes only by slow growth. You cannot refine the aura except by God's own method - a slow process made possible by seeking to do the Master's work. So havoc is wrought - those who would indeed do better if they understood, sometimes mar the beauty of the plan and stem the power - so the missionary work is not accomplished in that wide measure ordained by God, but because the links and the rays are broken and the enemies slip back into the darkness and are lost for a while.

"You seek to make Divine Truth your own; you are anxious to learn; you would like to be as Jesus would have you be; you wish to respond to the Father as He desires you to respond. It is only that you know so little; yet by love you can learn, and by spiritual inspiration you can gather information.

"You are a custodian of God's Honour. How wonderful a thought! You desire to co-operate with Him in saving souls, and you request Him to teach you. Pass the information to all who will listen to you so that when they are free, there will be peace in their hearts instead of pain.

"Communion with the World of the Spirit can represent so much, or it can dwindle down to so little. It all depends upon the seeker and what they seek - on the knocker and the door on which they knock.

"There are many gardens pleasant to the eye; there are many valleys that seem to offer comfort to the body. The plane of physical desire is presented in so innocent a form to many travelling home to God. But the only way to be certain that you have chosen the right track - the one that leads out on to the plateau of achievement and not down into the wood of self-deception - the only way is by denying that lesser self which seeks to entrap, because its bonds still hold, and because there are those unseen trying to throw over the ambitious soul the rope that holds to mother-earth.

"It is possible to have a little spiritual understanding - yet so much, judging from those with earthly knowledge alone. The message is this: Walk warily over holy things. When you seek to penetrate through the mists that divide the earth world from the World of the Spirit - those mists built up by the materialism of man over the past - see that your eyes are upon the Cross, for there are many crevices into which you may fall; there are many unseen by you waiting to waylay with the flattering word. Many hearken to the voice, and in turning aside, they lose the light of the Cross, and again something has broken down in the plan of God.

"No words of the earthly mind can portray the sacredness of this Holy Communion. No words of the earthly mind can pass on to you consciousness of the mighty mission entrusted to you. Seek to learn, seek to give - with the greatest reverence that you can understand - your allegiance to God; for you are indeed a guardian of His Honour upon the earth; and the warden who sleeps when on guard, the custodian who allows their attention to be turned to other things - that person, when free from the body, sees themselves as the traitor they represent, for a thief has crept past them, and over the jewel of truth lies the dirt of the earth and all it means.

"You are now growing up; you will not turn back. There are those who are waiting for the right tuition to respond and to safeguard. It would be far better if there were no communion with the Spheres of the Spirit than for one to approach the door with an unholy mind, with a selfish heart, or for some to lend their bodies for the desecration of Divine gifts. They cannot learn until they too have been stretched upon the Cross; they cannot understand until by suffering - physical, mental and spiritual - they have won for themselves something of illumination.

"But it is not God's will that so great a price should be exacted from anyone. The Beloved took upon Himself to be as the One to typify suffering to a faithless world. He hung there so that those who watched, and those who read, should learn of Him - and by the remembrance of His infinite love turn instinctively to high and holy things.

"The healers, the doctors, the doorkeepers of the institutions, the great minds that organize, and the busy hands that work - all these are guardians of the Honour of God; a terrible thought when you think of some, a joyful thought when you see how much has been done by the desire to serve.

"By the mere fact that - in a small way - you have sought to build what was worthwhile, it has purchased for you a little guidance, a little wisdom, and a little understanding for the time to come. Therefore, you are urged to take up the simple task; push aside the weariness and the claims of the body, because only in this way can you become aware of the consciousness of the soul and all the holiness it can represent in time to come.

"When the Master comes, His Name is not taken lightly. When the Presence Form is vouchsafed to your eyes, you do not speak of this in tones of anything but awe and unbounded love. Think of those who, while in the body, are given a lesser manifestation of the Spirit. They see one that they know represents something of the Christ, yet their hearts are not changed, their minds are not steadied, the depth of their being is not stirred. Pity such as these - for they are far from the gates of revelation, and they must suffer much before the gates swing open and they can enter in.

"Pray for sensitiveness so that you may see and know according to your capacity - that you are doing nothing to mar or tarnish the brightness of the Holy Plan. Your allegiance comes first to God and then to man. What you know places upon you a deep responsibility; you are a warden of His Honour. You dare not turn from this thought - you cannot, for a fragment of understanding is yours.

"Therefore, as this mission extends - and it will extend far and wide - you will see that something more important extends as well, and that is your reverence, your sense of sacredness, the holiness of your trust.

"You are not building things of the earth. Sometimes those things built by man while the body holds, take a long time to transform when he passes into another sphere and sees what he might have done if only he had obeyed the simple teaching laid down in the Holy Book. You are building for another sphere. The mission for which you are now being trained - the harnessing of the will, the steadying of your determination to put God before friends, even before mother or father or child of wife or husband - all this is preparation for your great work in that Other State of being into which you will pass.

"Each time you fail to rise to your great responsibilities, each time you put off for tomorrow what should be done today, you are making it harder for God to give you a position of trust when the body is laid aside. There is no anguish so great, no pain so deep, as to have to stand aside because the training has not been accepted and worked out and another takes your place. It is anguish inexpressible because you could have been chosen instead.

"Those in the Higher Life will always be there to comfort you over the weariness, over the strain, over the disappointments, over the failure of others to do even their little part - but be of good cheer - it is all being weaved in to represent something else in a wider, sweeter life.

"You must be trained over these disappointments, you must be taught how to harden your will when the body cries out for rest; for when you lay that body aside you will work by day and by night as well. You may think that it is only the body that tires, but if you do not learn how to conquer this body, how can you command the rest? You cannot work against the laws of God. What you build now is what you will live in in time to come. Yet that which you hope to do but fail to accomplish, so shall be drawn the power of the Holy Spirit, and God will make good that which you set into being and which appears so faulty to yourself.

"Therefore nothing is lost, all is gain; and by the determination to go on, by the will to do your best whatever the test, whether mundane or spiritual - and no man while the body holds can say which is mundane and which is spiritual - as you seek to do your best, so you are bringing out those latent resources within of endurance, and you are fitting yourself for the life to come when the next garment shall not tire, when the mind that you use shall not weary, when the feelings against which you fight so hard shall not represent turmoil - but peace.

"Is it not worthwhile? And, all the time you are the wardens of God's Honour, custodians of the Jewel of great price, the conditions surrounding It are so holy that only by the Grace of God can man approach after many centuries of striving, after much hoping and working - only by the Grace of God and His protective power can we touch the outer fringe of the Holiness of our Father God.

"Sweet is the hour of Holy Communion between the two worlds when you are ready to hear a great truth. Those on the Higher Side of Life are filled with joy because so much has been achieved. Although, as you seek to climb, you are more conscious of the enemies that impede, remember that this in itself is progress. You are emerging out of the cone of selfishness into something of the reality of your discipleship and all that it represents.

"We thank God the Great Giver of all good things. We thank Him for faith that is proved, for the foundation of a mighty work which is on-going, and still more we thank Him for an obedient will.

"We pray that it will be made possible for Thy children to realise more deeply their sacred office, that they are custodians of Thine Honour, and that their responsibilities must increase.

"From the Mind of Love come the responses: My children are as the flowers of the field; the processes of growth go on; when the full blossom comes, they shall pass into a higher sphere and shall be found ready for use among My own.

"O precious words of Christ, O holy symbol of peace..."

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