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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes on 19th May, 1928.

"MY children, if I say to you that this night is a solemn occasion I do not wish you to confuse that word with sadness or with that which promises sorrow in time to come. Yet I must say that this night is indeed a solemn occasion, for around you there are those who took the hard road and have come back to tell you of the joy of the journey and the peace and the brightness which is now their own. These you call the bright ones, the messengers of the Christ, and they have gathered in their thousands to reassure and to recharge you for that which lies in front.

"Children, if I came in this way and I said that the path was free from obstacles, then indeed I should be falsifying my Master and the way He took Himself. I say to you that if you would follow in his steps then you must be prepared to give up, to sacrifice the little in order to gain the greater, you must stand calm amidst the criticism of the world and the sneers of the blind and foolish, in order to gain a little farther on the blessing of the One who loves you best.

"Yea, I prophesy and the Master controls my words; I say that this little earth is reaching that stage when all the courage that is within us must be called forth, for there will be countless thousands as frightened sheep, and the false shepherds no longer will attempt to lead but their terror will be the greatest of all. I say that in the little time to come man will be tested as never before. Those who have stretched out and clasped the Hand of Christ, these, though sorrow may be around, will be calm and confident; they will stand with their eyes on Love and look beyond their little day into the glory of tomorrow.

"So then to each one a personal message must come. Those who are strong in spirit will deliberately take the hard way; those who are less strong will take the hard way one day and the easier the next, and anguish awaits them over their lost opportunities.

"Yes, little children, I bid you each one to search your hearts and minds, for loyalty is called for in a way you cannot grasp - unity within and without. Oh, forget not that in the measure you fail in complete loyalty to your brother, your sister, in that degree you are disloyal to the God within. These things bring consequences which are beyond your comprehension now, but come they must. And when that which I have prophesised is upon this little world, in that day, as it were, men and women will be stripped of pretence and others will see them as they are; not God's judgement but that brought upon the individual by himself.

"Now, my children, having given forth that which I was directed to pass on and having drawn in your thoughts in great or little measure, I would speak to you as to the: 'Greater World of Spirit'. I want you, each one, to consider that which you are. You are men, you are women, and you know the history concerning your little earth life. There are some who think they know the history of the stage before the physical and the stage before that; but I have told you it is almost impossible to portray truth as it is in the limited language of this little world. I seek for illustration and symbol, I build up in your mind something in the nature of a picture; but I warn you that these are but fragments of the great and glorious truth of man's life, man's past, man's great, grand future under God.

"Yet I would reassure you, for in the degree that you seek to fasten your mind to things spiritual so a transformation is taking place. You are less 'man,' less 'woman'; more angel, nearer to that which your Father and Mother God created in the far, far past.

"So, then, remember ever that knowledge to us is as the dust of the earth to be swept away by the passing breeze, if that knowledge is concerned alone with the things of the earth. In the measure that you try to understand Christ, in the measure that over the lives of others you cast the beautiful mantle of love, so the real self within is that much freer; and when the body is cast from you, to your delight and inexpressible thankfulness you will see that that which you wear (a spiritual 'body') is less dense, less holding; that it has greater powers, and a fuller light to cast upon others.

"But now I wish to turn your attention to that in which you function at this stage. There are those who look out upon the beauties of Nature, and in the budding trees and the unfolding flowers, see God - not only the mighty Creator but the exquisite Mind of Love. There are many as they watch the coming of new life into tree and shrub who are conscious of their littleness, their unworthiness to have so much beauty given into their possession by their Father.

"Well, my children, what are you witnessing? Those of your day and other days whose minds are concentrated upon the so-called facts of this little world, they say: 'You are watching Nature's laws'; and they will take you through a labyrinth of reasoning yet, for the most part, the Great Constructor is left out. They say: 'By study and concentration we have solved many of the laws which govern the coming of Spring'; but when they are free humiliation will hold them for they were content with so little. The 'life,' that which governs all things and peoples - the manifestation of the Holy Spirit at work - that is ignored by them, for their minds are in bondage. They seek to explain by physical means and physical facts the great spiritual truths held in a tiny daisy, in a blade of grass...

"My children, I would take you with me in thought for a few minutes and touch once more upon the history of that which you name Nature in this little world. I have told you that when the flowers and the trees were thought out by God they represented a perfection of which the most 'perfect' flower to you is but a travesty. I say that the loveliest scene, the most beautiful thing that earth can produce is to us as a travesty of the real, of that created by the Perfect Mind.

"Now think you and let your thoughts soar far beyond this little earth. 'Nature' in the Spirit planes, in degree, expresses something of the God-Mind, but no more. We know as we see the flowers around us, as we hear the glorious music which they throw out upon the vibrations, we know even as we marvel that the flower beneath our gaze is there to prepare us by easy stages for that which God created and set into being to companion man through numerous stages of involution and evolution. For forget not that the flowers and the trees are the lesser children of the Most High; and if I use the word 'lesser,' it is but to convey that they were created to educate, to teach man, and to draw him into freedom when he will allow. Tools of God! Each flower as well as each insect is under the care of its Creator, and one day man will face this gigantic responsibility, for into man's hand was given the flowers, the animals, the insects and the birds of the air; but how that trust has been betrayed.

"Yet, my children, I would not speak upon sad lines but on the lines of hope itself, for can you not see that a measure of freedom has been won, otherwise there would be none to listen as to man's responsibility towards Nature in its greater, wider sense. For oh! forget it not, the 'Nature' of this little world is an expression of the bondage and freedom of man. The bondage is in that form of Nature which strikes and wounds and damages; the freedom, when in looking out upon the hills and the great wide sea, something within cries out: 'O God, wash me clean!' The Greater World for those few seconds has been opened to the soaring soul.

"Ah, I fain would take your thoughts away from the daily round, and yet it is the daily round that opens to us all the scheme of God's almighty plan. For think you as to this: The days follow on in that which represents to some a monotony of work. You function in a garment which binds and fetters; you are conscious that if you were free you would not only dream of great things but do great things. What has happened? Prisoner you may be but God rules the prison. He holds the key, and if the will is there the prison-house of flesh can be ignored and you can function in the great World of Spirit which is all around.

"Out of the limitation of the earthly mind so man makes grades and divisions, but that is not the law of God. The Christ has said that where His children roam there He follows. Perfection can penetrate the densest conditions built up by the wayward desire of those who are bound. Division - that is man's law; the law of God is that around the individual in any stage, on any planet, in any world, the highest can fight and overcome the so-called lowest, that the Holy Spirit can be, and is, shown even in those conditions which you name vile. For where His creation is, there is God.

"O limit not your scope nor seek to limit the scope of any other. There are those you name the bright ones; what think you? How was their brightness bought, how is their brightness retained? Only by going amongst those who have no light at all. Where is the division? God's laws triumph over the wreckage of man.

"So when I speak of the Greater World think not I am referring to any other separated from this, for as I am speaking that which is of the Christ is here amongst us; and the Master blesses us and sends us out as pilgrims to do His work, to show in this little world that not only is faith a glorious thing, but that faith is justified by results.

"So I speak to each one and I say that when your thoughts go out in compassion to a wounded animal, to an ailing child, you are demonstrating the Greater World which is the inheritance of the children of God. And if those children turn from their Maker and want Him not, still they are His children and He is their Father and Mother God. When you go out amongst those prisoners in every sense, who are chained to desire in many forms, and they for one second raise their eyes in gratitude or recognition to you, at that second they are functioning in the World of Spirit which their God has built up around them and will never take away.

"These are the truths that have to be forced upon the doubting mind of humanity today. So to those spiritually blind, to those who have fettered themselves, speak not to them of their 'sins' but of the freedom that lies close at hand. Say to them: Brother, sister, within is God. Cannot you see what you are missing, how you are shutting off from yourself the beauty, peace and the joy of the great World of Spirit which is yours by right, given by God at creation to remain for ever and for ever...

"And, my children, when others speak to you as to heaven and earth and hell, keep clear in your mind that those states are separated by man alone. In that which indeed expresses a 'hell' beyond your mind to conjure up, there is God, Perfection, and His laws work on with a precision which no one can upset. The individual seeks the lowest and cleaves to the lowest, and retribution comes in the form that he fastens the lowest to himself. But God is not mocked, and out of the pangs, out of the hideous conditions, out of the darkness and horror, so by suffering man brings himself back to that which is one degree higher than the lowest; and after inconceivable effort and struggle by those you name the bright ones, using many tools, the one who sought the lowest at last desires to seek the highest, and God's Will once more is done.

"I pass on these fragments of truth for you to ponder upon. I say not to you: Believe this or that. It is not my part to do more than tell you that which is the truth possible to impart in physical language. But I entreat you out of the love within to revise the theories of man, the so-called physical facts; to remember ever that the only science which is science in the real sense is that which comes from God, and which the Christ laid out in simple form for man's guidance. The Master said: 'Blessed are they that suffer!' In that, dear children, you have the key to the promise of Life... Blessed are they who are willing to suffer, for only by suffering can the strength come to redeem that which in our blindness and ignorance we have cast away; and only can we redeem our own inheritance by giving to others, by trying to raise them, to give them a wider vision, a higher hope, a truer love.

"Cannot you see how the Perfect Mind of God conceived that which will restore to each and every one - in spite of folly, in spite of wilfulness - that which will restore to man the inheritance bestowed upon him by his Father.

"The Greater World is all around! A thousand times the greater self is manifested, and oft unrecognised by others: but the all-Seeing God takes, as it were, the ears of corn that you have dropped; the little thoughts of kindness, the little struggles against depression; the little prayers for those who are sick; and when you are free, lo! in a granary of your own the harvest shall await you. For God is Love, and power in the God-sense expresses love and love alone.

"So, my children, ere I leave you, again I say this is a solemn occasion. As it were, one more page of the record of your life is being turned. What will the new page hold? Many pages chronicle effort, determination and the will to serve; but I say that the call is greater than ever today, the need more pressing. Are you prepared for the next span in front? I repeat that in the measure that you are disloyal to those who want your help, in the measure that you are disloyal to those who seek to help with you, in that measure you not only deny your Creator but the God within is anguished, and the chains hereafter will be hard to cast aside.

"I hold out to you this: The hard road, the steep road, the road that Love took Himself. But oh, remember that many who have taken that road before, they not only are willing but they consider it an honour to re-tread the path again with you.

"So then, my brothers and sisters, rejoice and rejoice again. Thank God for the measure of freedom which is yours. As an army hold together, ready for the advancing enemy; and if a destroyer seeks to strike one, then, again I say, help that one; for the time will come when the destroyers may strike you, and in the measure that you failed your comrade so, perchance, your comrade will fail you.

"We are children of the one God, linked together by a history, a past impossible for you to grasp. Over time unthinkable you have worked and struggled together, aye, and have been wayward together; but now the time has come to be strong in the strength of Christ; and with His protection fear should have no place.

"Children, how can I portray to you the beauty of these conditions? Love with its thousand hues and rays is over you all; faith with its magnetic powers is seeking to cast from you the chains that still bind. O stretch out and take of God's good gift!

"Remember ever that in the measure of your love, in the measure of your hope, and in the measure of your trust in God, so indeed you are not only functioning in the Greater World that is all around, but you are making it possible for those content with their own grey and loveless state to have a vision of something beyond the boundaries that hold. This is God's work. The Master as He walked among us shed upon us His beautiful thoughts and as we listened, although we knew it not, we saw beyond the earth plane into those planes where harmony reigned supreme. He left us so far as the physical body was concerned, and the destroyers struck again and again. But lo! we raised our minds and, by will, through remembrance, we contacted with the harmony of the Christ.

"This is for you. When others oppose you, when the criticisers throw their darts upon you, have no fear. Just extricate yourself from the little world around and realise that by the provision of God, you can function in the World of Spirit where love and harmony hold all spaces. You are of God - that which is of the Great One, the Creator of Life - that is your own. This is your inheritance; the realms of harmony are your true home and you are invited in by the One who loves you best, the Saviour of us all.

"So I bless you with not only the will to go on, but with renewed determination, with still greater dedication; and the power of the Holy Spirit through you shall be manifested to those around. Farewell!"

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