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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 5th May, 1928.

"To Thee our Father and Mother God we come, and we ask Thee to pour down upon us the power of the Holy Spirit so that the Divine within may gain still greater release, so that our hearts and minds may be bound to Thee still more closely, so that the missionary instinct may be able to expand and to do that which is Thy will.

"O God, we realise that Thou hast prepared for us gifts beyond our comprehension, yet, as we go forward in faith, putting doubts behind us, keeping our eyes on the Cross and all it represents, we know that Thou wilt make it possible for these gifts to be made our own; and through the sight so brought, through the power so borrowed, we may be able to pass on to others something of the gladness which we have fastened to us by Thy Love.

"Oh, help us to understand the purpose and the plan, to look back upon the events of our lives, and to realise that in our troubles and sorrows so the God within has taken control of the lesser self... Father, Thou knowest all that which we would ask and Thou wilt bestow in Thine own good time. Amen...

"...My children all, when I called you together into this little home I was shown by our Father and Mother God something of the plans relating to your individual lives. And long before the physical garment was donned I was shown by the Great One - who has within His Hands the strands of all our lives - I was shown that in the future you would be gathered into my love and that it would be my privilege to help you on another step, to give you some measure of comfort, and to bring around you reassurance over what the years have held and will hold because you are pilgrims on the long journey which takes you back to God.

"So then, my little ones, banish from your minds any sense of strangeness and be certain that we have learnt together, that we have suffered together, and that the Master blesses us as we work together in the sleep state and in that state which to you represents consciousness. For lo, around each one are those who have taken the road in time long past, and they are my comrades and your companions, we are one under our Father and Mother God. Therefore, when I say that you are well-known to me, recognise at once that the link between us is love, the greater love, which is the dedication of ourselves to the same task, the same object - the working out of the purpose and the plan.

"Tonight, dear children, there is brightness without and brightness within. Over the past, as concerns the physical stage, you have all known those days, those weeks, those months, when the phantom of trouble has seemed to dog your steps, when your best endeavours appeared to produce nothing that was lasting, when those around turned from you or criticised you, unconscious of the fact that they were witnessing the struggles of a disciple. Yes, they - as the Pharisees of old - stood afar off and thanked their God that they were better placed (Luke 18:9-14). But you were experiencing something approaching a broken heart, a sense of utter failure, and it seemed that you stood almost alone in the sorrow that held you.

"Yet, I emphasise once more, that those of old - call them the angels of God, His messengers, the watchers and the keepers, I care not - those of old who suffered in their little day, they kept step with you, and they bore for you a greater portion of your burden than you can realise until, in turn, you come back into earth conditions and seek to walk with another equally hard pressed as you were in time long past.

"Oh, my children, I am bidden by the Master to again and again give forth reassurance and reassurance over the events of your lives. Had it not been for your companions - the bright ones, the courageous ones - then this night we could not have met together in this sweet way. Indeed, the body of flesh no longer would be your own, for, had not Nature given up the struggle, you would have taken that which you call the law into your own hands, and at this moment a regret too profound for you to understand would be yours, and the comforters would seek to comfort but in vain...

"I give these few words to show you something of the greater love of God; and tonight, because built up in this little centre of effort there are the vibrations of love, so the Beloved of our hearts has instructed me to speak on: 'The Greater Love of God'.

"I take you back to that which I have passed on before: I endeavoured to show you that when a sore-stricken soul prays and the burden, apparently, remains - that that is by the spirit's choice. God, because He knows the power, the peace and the freedom that carrying the burdens will bring His children in the by and by, out of His greater love He quenches not the earnest endeavour of the Divine within the individual; and so it happens that the body, for a while, still holds its pangs, so it happens that the circumstances of physical life remain a problem, baffling and bringing almost despair.

"Yet, again I say: Trust your God, for He has in store for you that which is the best. Today passes; the chill and the bleakness of winter is forgotten in the spring. The wounds that you bore so long, the weariness, the aching heart, oh, forget not that these are your gifts, and when the garment of flesh is cast from you, radiant in the love within and without, you shall receive the blessing of the Most High, and sorrow as sorrow will be wiped out of your memory for ever.

"God controls all things, takes the wreckage of man, takes the cruelties and the hardness of those who are bound, takes that which represents the stones so thick upon the pathway of life, and builds for you not only the desire of your heart but something that shall withstand the fiercest foes of any conditions; for, out of that which you have endured, you are bound to Him...

"Then, my children, I want to speak to you about yourselves - that self within which has consciousness of great and mighty possibilities, which has vision of the glorious future and what is held in store. And I want to show you how over the past - and I speak not of this little realm alone - how over the long past the Divine within has evinced something of that greater love of God, has followed the example of perfection, and through that you are linked to the Almighty One, the One who typifies all the love in every condition, in every sphere.

"Long before the physical stage was thought of, you, my children, were pilgrims, you undertook to take the steep path; you knew that it would be steep, yet, out of the desire for experience, for that which would release the wisdom within, you shouldered many a burden and you suffered in a greater measure than anything the earth could impose upon you.

"I wish to underline that 'time' - as you recognise it - has no existence to us when we speak of the past or of the future in regard to the different stages, or lives, which each one must go through. For a time inconceivable to you, before the physical body was made your own, you walked with others upon this little plane. You had passed out of the stage before, you had gathered something of gifts and treasures through that which you had undergone, and, as it were, you had brought to yourself the privilege of being a companion to this one and that; so that when the appointed time arrived for you to function as man or woman in a physical garment, much had been worked in, and you were able - after a struggle, again through the experiences you had taken on - you were able to gain a measure of consciousness, consciousness of the great World of Spirit without and within.

"My children, I want you to get this thought firmly fixed in the physical mind: That precisely in the same way, as when the earth span is o'er, you will walk, in your soul-body, with many men and women upon the earth plane, precisely as that law is worked out, so it was in relation to the stage before the physical. It is the law of the Spirit, the great opportunity of acquiring knowledge in the God sense, the great privilege won by striving, through all stages from that which you call the beginning until the glorious end, so named, when, perfect as the great God of all, the gift of creating in turn is made your own.

"Never forget the precision of spiritual laws, which work on unhindered by disbelief, by man's doubts - these hurt himself but they cannot hurt that which is perfection. There are those in every age, in every stage, who by their acts deny their Creator, but the laws that govern their lives swerve not; and this, one day, must be faced in all its gigantic possibility and responsibility, for God is not mocked...

"Oh, my children, how can I portray that, indeed, the greater love of God has been shown in your lives throughout many a stage, many an experience? Because within there was something of freedom - the Divine was only fettered in a measure - so the greater love, the Christ love, was linked to the greater love of God, the Christ aspect of the Most High; and you took the difficult path, and the time is coming fast when you shall stand free from that which binds and thank your God for the strength within and the mighty strength without...

"Little ones, I come now to the missionary work on which you are all engaged, for this typifies so accurately your spiritual emancipation. It typifies also that saddest fact of all - how millions threw away their opportunities in the stage before the physical, and in innumerable stages before that; for remember this: In the sleep state you work amongst many who, as yet, have not had a garment of flesh, you work among countless thousands to whom the body which you wear would represent a freedom and a glory; for that in which they are encased is terrible in every sense, agonising to themselves and still more agonising to those who seek to set them free.

"But, again, think of the laws of the Spirit, how they work on for man's redemption. Out of that which is endured - although the individual created his own plight, his own conditions - but out of the loss of light and joy and health and power, so the greater love of God, as it were, gets its chance; and the pangs of one stage, though self-inflicted, mean a measure of release in the next.

"Cannot you see how you have been called, how you have been protected, how the Divine within glories in that which has been worked out, and is still more ambitious in regard to the present and the future? You are out on a long, long journey, but in comparison with that which must be covered in front, oh, think of those who are far, far behind the stage that you have reached; think of their weariness, think of what lies before such as these, and redouble your efforts, for indeed you not only work for God but you are giving the Divine within that which it longs for most - more freedom, greater vision, a fuller control over the lesser self...

"My children, I feel that I must fasten your thoughts still more to those so bound, to the spirits in prison, for they indeed call out from the pilgrims, the disciples of the Master, the most compassionate feeling, the strongest desire to save.

"Imagine, if you can, those who are even as 'creatures' in a dark and terrible world. I look beyond the life of this little earth. Far away, like an unending battlefield - but worse than that - there lie the spiritually crippled and wounded, unconscious, waiting for the doctors and the healers to go amongst them and to bring them a measure of release and relief.

"I think of those planes, grey with the selfishness of the individuals who dwell thereon. To call such as these 'animals' portrays nothing to your minds. The animals created by God have done, and do, a mighty work for Him; the insects in the ground, the living things beneath the waters, all contribute their mite of effort; but such as these, the children of the Most High, they think not of anything beyond themselves.

"I think again of those vast conditions where men and women wander, seeking ever but finding not. They recognise only the god which they themselves represent. The gifts they had, the powers they wielded, they were theirs. Realisation as to the Donor, the great Bestower, that was beyond their capacity.

"In conditions of storm and flickering light, many a man wanders for that which you call years, still obsessed by his own intellect, his own ability. And could you see them as I see them now, that which represents the 'head' is terrible in its grotesqueness; literally, in size it is three parts of the whole form. These things have got to be forced upon the consciousness of man, for there are many in all ages who have no altar built to any god but the god of their own mind.

"Oh beware, take care: The law which relates to the domination of the mind over the spirit, over the deeper, sweeter emotions, that law is worked out with a terrible precision in regard to the gods worshipped by the individual during their evolutionary stages...

"What is your god? That question, one day, must be answered by everyone. With those who are as children in experience, the toys of the world, its glittering possessions - that, to many, is their god although they recognise it not. With those who have gained a measure of release, and by work and concentration have developed either the fullness of the body as regards strength, or the fullness of the mind as regards the acquirement of knowledge - many of these indeed worship that which is a false god, and forget the one true God, the Holy One who stripped Himself of His power and came amongst men on the earth plane to show them what God was like.

"Oh, think you as to the responsibility. Go over in your mind those you know. Cannot you answer, cannot they answer, as to what is their God? Can they say to themselves: 'Henceforth one God shall rule my heart'?...

"My children, it is beyond my powers to portray in physical language what underlies these fragments of Truth which I seek to pass on. When you look amongst your friends, when you read that which touches the lives of others and you see that sorrow's great test has been their lot, then most joyfully you can say: 'The One God is worshipped by such as these'.

"And this relates to those who forget their God again and again. By their trials, by their broken hearts, they have demonstrated a truth which is unassailable. The spirit within has a measure of release, and out of its power forces the lesser self to climb, so that when the restrictions of the physical equipment are cast from them, as freed men and women they may claim that which is their right.

"Oh, I bid you think again and again of the greater love of God. It is shown in the Master's life so plainly, but how many overlook it. The Saviour of the world took the hardest road of all out of the greater love that He had for His creation; the Saviour of the world laid aside ease and comfort, and not only took a heavy burden but indeed - as one day you shall see for yourselves - bore the burdens of countless others, and that was why so much joy was felt by us.

"We were linked to Love, and, leaning on Love, the weariness went out of our limbs, the pain left our hearts, and we rejoiced. Persecution was rife and enemies struck us on all sides, for we were in a position where defence was impossible, yet Love companioned us, and the Master, after He had left us - so far as the physical body was concerned - the Master poured upon us the balm of His love and tender care, and, out of His greater love, helped us to endure unto the end.

"That is the message passed on from Christ Himself, who blesses us all. Through the greater love, you - His little ones - shall not only endure unto the end, but long, long before that shall be wrapt in joy and peace, and revelation shall wipe out the blackness of the past...

"So I leave you. Hold fast to the blessing; it has much work to do through you and beyond you, for in the blessing there is life everlasting, and Love works on. And now I go..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...My children, this evening the child-vibration has been withheld. This is for God's purpose because those who have spoken to you have all been matured souls, and, indeed, they address you, in turn, as those who have put aside childish things, those who wish not only to turn to their task, but to hold to the task out of the release of the Christ within.

"One personal word I give, and I would bring in the child who works under the Bartimaeus (Mrs. Whittaker), because that which she does shall bring a hundred fold to the seed put in. I speak to you all in regard to the great necessity of concentrating your efforts still more on missionary work under our Saviour Christ. What you have the power to do, what you have brought into your vibrations by holy desire, by surrendering the will to God, that you cannot grasp; but I have something of sight and I say to those who seek to draw in the wanderers, those who endeavour to give strength to the weak, that these are creating something so like the God-power that could they witness what is all around, amazement and delight would fill their being.

"Oh, I have words of commendation for each one, yet, out of the greater love within, I say to you: Rest not here, go on; fight, struggle and overcome; for you have placed upon you the cross of service, and unless the wearer stands facing the Christ to receive the Light from Him, so, little ones, those in the dark planes cannot see the cross, it is obscured by other things.

"Pass this on to the child who so desired to be here this evening (Mrs. Aeschimann). Tell her from me - and the message is from the Christ - that she has done well, but she must go on and on, for the chance has come to bring to herself the greatest gift of all. You and she and countless others are lesser saviours under the great Saviour of us all, and as the Christ within is released, so indeed you shall redeem not only those you know and those whom others can describe, but a multitude who were lost. You shall redeem for them that which they have cast away out of the bondage within.

"So, again, I say rejoice, and in your joy thank your God that He has given you strength to endure, for mighty are the powers of those who have suffered, manifold are the possessions of those faithful to the end...

"I bless you with the gift of the Holy Spirit. Within you is Truth, give out of the Truth in the Name of Christ, and the gift of the Holy Spirit shall be increased day by day, hour by hour, as you do the Master's work. Farewell."

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