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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
in the twentieth century

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"Saviour Christ into Thy hands I commend the spirit of this Thy child.

"Father of all grace and love, we ask Thee to give unto us this night the power, so that by meeting together we may draw upon ourselves something of Thy cloak of protection, something of Thy joy, something of Thy love and go forth with that deep spirit of service which shall override all the obstacles which lie in front.

"Saviour Christ, beloved of our hearts, we greet Thee as Thy children and we ask Thee so to bestow upon us the power of the Holy Spirit that Thy Will on earth may be done in Thine own way. Keep us, guide us, lead us up on the steep hillway. As we climb allow the happiness of the Spirit so to permeate our being that we may indeed cast out upon the vibrations the joy that is of Thee. We thank Thee and we bless Thee and we ask Thee to teach us this night Thy Holy Will. Amen.

"For a little while, we leave the earth behind, the past and the sorrow it has held. Man knows not what he sows as he toils. He does not know what he creates as he goes about his daily business with a willing heart. But these things are held in the Heart of God and He shall show His hand in good time.

"We look forward to a fuller more joyful communion in the days which lie in front. Are we not blessed? Yes! We are blessed indeed! To you who are charged with the Holy Spirit, in time to come that blessing shall be manifested so that many shall marvel. They shall seek to put their own house in order, search out their spiritual tools and hurry after the way that you have trod. In that time the reward will seem over-great to you. Indeed it will appear that God has given you so much more than you have earned. But God is an ever gracious Giver and when His children seek to raise their burdens and seek to clasp their cross, there is nothing that shall be withheld from them. For they are His and He is theirs for ever more.

"The times are teeming with great things, because the unseen forces seem to have gained an unnatural advantage. So I have been sent by the Master to speak to you on that which I name 'The Great Crusade'. This is a great and glorious crusade for Christ and for the coming of His Kingdom. It is for the upholding of the power of the Holy Spirit promised by the Master when He trod the earth plane. We have laid aside our childish toys. We have taken up the baubles of the earth and have seen their little worth. We have suffered and sought to be strong. We have mourned, yet in the darkest hour the light of God's love has shone upon us and we have ceased to mourn - for a little while.

"In that far off time, One came to start a Great Crusade. He stood alone, drawing down from that great Source the strength that He must have. When a great leader of men seeks for those who shall journey with him up a steep and rugged road, face dangers, bear pains, you do not think that his anguish is greater by far than the individual suffering of those who follow. Man forgets the anguish of His God when God witnesses the sufferings of His children, their loneliness and desolation of heart. When Jesus said 'Follow Me', He laid upon His heart the crosses of each one of them.

"So it is in miniature with the Guides and Leaders who come back in this same way. When those who seek to follow that which I have laid down are tortured by the oncoming foe, I know that my Master suffers with them, suffers with me, and suffers with all life. How feeble our complaints. How perfect the uncomplaining lips of the One who is sensitive to the woes of His own creation. But I come to you with consolation as a great and mighty river which flows with the Love of God. Even as in days of old, when the Master looked out over the earth and found only a few that He could train, so in these times, I with deep reverence and humbleness of heart, was sent to the earth to find in turn a faithful few who would have the courage and the endurance to take up that same great and glorious crusade and not fall by the wayside.

"My eyes were opened and I had to face reality concerning those who should be to me as my heartbeat, as the very essence of my being. I had to search for instruments who had drunk the cup of sorrow to the dregs, because this was the Christ Crusade. Among the few which I found, by still more pain and still more suffering, the planks were well and truly laid; the bridge built, many crossed and the beginning of a great work was commenced.

"Do not be surprised if you find that the way is difficult. Or if you find that enemies creep within the crevices of your home. Only by the testing, only by the trial of courage and endurance can you add to that wall of protection which indeed shall keep back those who would destroy.

"A great and glorious crusade! But great and glorious things demand from the individual that which is great and glorious within them - the Divinity, the God, the Christ, that selflessness which can only build the truth in a way that shall last for evermore.

"My message is for each one individually. The great and glorious crusade will go on. Nothing of the earth or nothing of the dark spheres has the power to tear asunder that which has been put together with so much suffering, so much pain. But is it not reasonable that in order to keep that crusade 'great and glorious', there must be drawn out from the individual, pain and suffering again and again? You cannot build upon the efforts of another. You must contribute of your very best if you would remain amongst the chosen of the Most High. In tones of love and deep compassion I speak to all those who have sorrowed, who have lost, who have felt that justice had not been meted out to them, that God's Hand had been withheld at the crucial moment when the ordeal was more severe. The body must be cleansed so that the pure spirit within can shine through and illumine the way for others. There are many ways and many souls to tread the paths.

"I wish to impress upon you that the only danger which causes anxiety to those who watch and guide is the temptation which comes to every pilgrim to take his hand from off the plough and allow another to replace him.

"Go back to the records of the past. Face the follies and failures. Face the half-successes with the courage that a pilgrim must attain and turn to Christ with confidence. Say to Him 'Thou art strong but I am weak; help me to follow in Thy steps!' After the darkness, after the waiting, after the further tests, the strength of the Master's Arm shall be felt around you and you shall fail no more.

"Even in the days of long ago, those who had entrusted to them the great and glorious Crusade seemed to blunder. They seemed to tear asunder the glorious pattern given to them by God, yet as time passed the broken threads were drawn together by the Hand of Love. The sweet tapestry of effort was preserved and will be preserved for all time. Over the carpet of effort many pilgrims have passed, extending the pattern, adding to the gold and silver in spite of everything.

"I thank God that He can look beneath the surface of our hearts and minds and make good that which seems to have gone awry. He can repair that which we in our foolishness so often tear apart. He is our Father and Mother and as a Father and Mother should, walks behind His children picking up for them the treasures that they have dropped.

"We are out for that which is far finer and bigger than you can grasp. Only by the effort drawn out of us, only by facing the enemies and standing firm can we add to God's Holy pattern as He intends; so the children of the earth can come to understand what firmness means. Sweet is the thought, mighty the privilege, wonderful the opportunity that has been made our own. So long as you desire to do your best, the power of the Holy Spirit shall rebuild, recharge, rekindle the life and the love within your hearts and minds.

"Blessed are the pilgrims, however weak they may seem to be! Blessed are the teachers, even if their teaching is limited because they have not yet been taught the real truth of God. Blessed are the servers, even if at times they weary in their task, for others serve them and the time will come when they shall serve and the weariness that accompanies earthly serving shall be no more. Blessed are the givers for they who give of the things of the earth shall in turn be given the things of the Spirit. Blessed are the instruments, for they indeed have bestowed upon those who gather around them the blossoms that wither not, the blossoms that shall live for evermore.

"So I speak of the future, without a trace of fear. I know my God and I have proved my Christ and this work of ours shall grow and grow and grow, because we have been drawn together with the Will of God and through His Grace. If some here or there stand aside, then they shall be replaced by others who shall love to serve. If some here or there weary over their task yet pray that they shall not become weary, they shall not fail - although ten thousand enemies cross their path.

"It is a great and glorious crusade and we go on and upward. We spread our wings and the grace shall be given us so that the tips of the wings of progress shall touch the farthest edge of the earth. Indeed, they shall leave their mark in the realms that are darkened by self.

"So my message to each and everyone of you is charged with meaning. Do not falter! You are Children of the Light and are out on that which you shall find well worth the pain, well worth the sorrow and well worth the darkness of misunderstanding. You are pilgrims of the Light and the only way to create the Light that is of God is by planing off the materialism that is gathered around you by the conditions of your day and by man's inherent shirking of the lessons which must be learnt.

"Rejoice then in your anguish. You only suffer for a span. If the eyes of the spirit could transmit to the eyes of the body, then you would see that moment by moment, sweet compensation is given to you in a lavish manner by your God. It is onward and upward..."

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