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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 12th November, 1927.

"O Christ, Thou who sojourned and suffered on the earth plane so that man could have a link which no one could gainsay, to Thee our God we come with grateful hearts, and we ask Thee, because we are Thy children, to awaken within us greater consciousness, fuller realisation of the wonderful gift of Life. Let our thoughts pass from material things and allow us to enter into the Realms of Spirit, there to be healed in heart and mind and body by the Love which is all around. Oh, help each one to realise the great creative power within, the ability to construct for Thee - to send out on the vibrations beauty and strength, because they are Thy children and heirs of everlasting Life.

"Most tender Shepherd, gather us in. Grant that all thoughts of misgiving may pass from us, and that each one, with confidence, may stretch out their real selves to Thee and have that sweet communion which is theirs by right, through Thy most generous Love.

"Father, we thank Thee. Amen...

"...My children each one, I speak to you direct. You have a great mission in front; you have been putting in the first bricks of that firm foundation which must be there. Yet, some have built more truly than others; some have wearied or lost interest, some have felt that the call of the world was too strong. To these - and they will know themselves whether my words are true - to these in love, I say: You know not what the future holds; yet God, because He is your Father, has provided that that which may be missing can be made good in time to come. For those who would give of themselves to this sacred work, there is much joy in store; and the sense of responsibility which, at times, seems almost too much, that sense of responsibility indicates the importance of the work entrusted to them...

"My little ones, I have told you before that God is not mocked and His angels have charge over you. I have told you that the careless, those who wish to tread the easier road, that these, each one, must take the same steep hill to God. For within the individual there is that Divine spark - perfection; and that in time must be linked once more in perfect unity with the only One who has the power to create perfection.

"Some there are who push aside this thought; they say: 'I am young and the world is fair'. Or, again: 'During my youth I laboured much and now I have a right to gather of the fruits of my efforts'. But the earth has no payment to give which can remain.

"This world of transient things was built up by the thoughts, the efforts, aye, and the blunderings of humanity when in the stage before; and when it has done its part, when the children of the earth are earthy no more, these conditions - by that which you name a law of nature, that which we recognise only as a law of God - these conditions will pass away, even as countless planets have passed, and will pass, in time to come.

"Oh, my children, let not others deceive you; let not the present distract you from the future, which must be faced. Each one is subject to physical laws; there is not one of you here, who, if the protection was incomplete, might not find yourself tomorrow without that garment which you recognise as your self.

"Oh, think of this: Mankind, so it seems, is at the mercy of the elements and that which you name 'accident' of every kind. Today, strong and vigorous, culling from life that which is as pleasure to the blinded mind; yet, tomorrow, beyond the reach of the satisfaction of those appetites which are material alone. I have instructed you that this world is fast approaching something which will act as a cleansing wind, sweeping aside much of the rubbish which man prizes so highly; and in that time there will come a great awakening...

"That, my children, is the subject which I wish to discuss with you this night: 'The Great Awakening'.

"You look around; on all sides those with discernment see, as it were, that the still waters of indifference are commencing to move. A little breeze here, a 'catastrophe' there, and the children of the earth ask each other: 'What is this?' - and something like apprehension seizes their mind.

"What is it? It is God using destruction to bring back His little children into the fold once more. Those who have stood by the side of one in anguish of mind and body, for that time such as these are forced to raise their thoughts above the earth and what it has to give. They know that before them something is taking place beyond the control of the wisest ones on earth. What is it? Again I answer: The mercy of God - for though the individual suffers, the one who bears and the one who watches is never the same again.

"And the anguishes on the field of battle or in the sheltered home very often represent all, or nearly all, of that which is gain for the one concerned. Mercy, Divine Love - for though suffering is against the will of God, so the Great Constructor takes the very blows of the wreckers, and out of that which they sought to destroy, builds something which shall last forever... That is God.

"And then, my children, I wish to speak once more about the mighty self within. You know not what you are, and only recently have you grasped from whom you came. Within the garment of flesh, there is a power and a force. Some use that power and force to alienate others from the One who gave. A still greater number bury their talents, for idleness holds their minds. They look around. Clothing they have and food in abundance, wherefore should they trouble! To them I speak in tender tones, yet, I must give the warning:

"To such as these - and there are many - I say: When the garment of flesh is no more, you will be as one starved, you will be without even the power to gather up that which is necessary for the proper sustenance of that garment in which you will find yourself; and that garment will be something less beautiful, less powerful than the one which you wear at this same time.

"In conditions of twilight, aye, even as those portions of a mine which you name the channels that lead into the darker chambers, you will find yourselves. Not in the darkness but in that which represents bleakness and barrenness; for the Great Constructor gave you of Himself, but you buried your abilities and turned, by free-will, from All-Light to the light of the physical world...

"Oh, there are many gathered in tonight, thousands upon thousands as you regard numbers. Such as these forgot that life was a responsibility; they took but they did not give, and many have spent weary years, as you name time, not knowing that the glories of the Spirit lie open to them if they will make the effort to climb. That is the point - the effort to climb.

"And then, my children, I pass from these sad scenes - and when you are free the sadness will tear your heart - and I bring you on to those who, though they blundered, though they misunderstood, yet, in their small way, took up the cross and followed - perhaps rather far behind - followed the great procession surging along in front:

"These pass into conditions which would be amazing to you; for during the earth stage it seems to take much to produce a little; but when you see with the eyes of the Spirit, you will reverse that statement and say: 'How little was done and how great the glory and gifts bestowed'.

"And then, little ones, still more pleasing to dwell upon, are those who consciously, or through the circumstances of their lives, took the hard road, the road of work, the road of suffering, and demonstrated that it was possible, though bound and fettered by much, to demonstrate something of the Christ within, something of man's spiritual nature and his inheritance:

"These, when the body is no more, are charged with power, and they find that the next garment is even as light itself, and the sweetness from their hearts and minds, as it goes forth creates, literally, beauty both in blossom and in note, for that is the law of God...

"The great awakening which is coming to all mankind: Oh ponder within, little ones. There is not one, even amongst the bound, who, if an edifice was on fire, would not wish to save those within. But think of this: When it is a matter of spiritual development or spiritual release, the weak ones, because they took the easier course, have not the power to arouse those others who are in such dire distress.

"And the ones so trapped, they built that which is dangerous to themselves; yes, by their thoughts, by all that which they forgot to do; and because of this they cannot escape unless, out of their greater nature - deep, buried, crushed over the ages - unless, out of that within, they can find the strength to contact with the Saviour of mankind. But many cannot, for you cannot destroy in an hour what has been accumulated over the long past.

"And the ones a little farther on, who, in a measure, are awakening to their great responsibilities, these are unable to save these others from the 'punishment' which they created themselves. But oh, think not that God cannot interfere; think not that the Lord of all does not interfere, moment by moment, sending His power through even as a multitude; and those who were weak but want to be strong, they can borrow the power by the dedication of themselves to others.

"Forget not that the only way to gather power, which is power in the spiritual sense, is by the dedication of yourself to others. Power on earth - those who hold the reins and control the people - in the measure that self comes in and Christ is put outside, in that degree it is not power but bondage for themselves...

"Children, God has thrown over all mankind that which is as a net, and the strands are of perfect Love. Yet, because man has the gift of free-will, through the meshes of that net so he can extricate himself from the protection which it represents. But, again, I say that God is not mocked - and humanity, unconsciously, all unknowingly, is slowly being drawn together - drawn together as a united army to fight the unseen forces of destruction.

"The spiritual warfare must go on. During the last few hours you have had an illustration of the direct interference of the great Mother and Father God. How, using the destructive methods of the forces allied against Him, so the great Father and Mother God is redeeming man almost in spite of himself. And in those centres where memories are keen, where the love-cords remain intact, in those great centres a mighty work is going on by His messengers, by those who come from Christ charged with His power. As it were, they are arming the individual for war - war against earth war. War - that great spiritual conflict which cannot be evaded.

"Could you see with the eyes of the spirit, though thousands in the physical garment seem gathered together, pressing close, yet there are tens of thousands of the great unseen who will not be gainsayed. And out of those temporary awakenings which come from time to time, so, as it were, the once fast door between the spiritual self and the physical is loosened, and at last remains ajar; and through that tiny space, often even as a crack, so the spiritual nature of man can, in degree, demonstrate itself; and, by example - oh, the great gift of example - hack away some of the rubbish which lies before that door in the mind of another.

"This is the message of that which you name: 'The Day of Remembrance'. To go back over the past, that long, long past, and to recall once more that man was created in God's own image, and that within each one - the babe and those aged and worn - is something of Christ Himself...

"The Day of Remembrance (Armistice Day): Oh, enlarge your vision, let not your thoughts rest only upon the one you love so well (fallen in war). He also is under the Love of God, the net holds him a willing prisoner for he has seen something of the pattern, something of the holy plan; but send out your thoughts and grasp something of the real meaning of this great day and time of remembrance.

"The remembrance of valour - what does it teach? Does it not signify that the boy or the man you love so well was able to rise out of his weaker self, and, in little or great measure, to demonstrate his spiritual source? That is the lesson of war, the war of the earth brought to pass by the weakness and the bondage of the individual; but out of the wrecking, out of the broken hearts, out of the weariness and suffering, the spiritual warfare has advanced and God is justified in the end...

"My children, in the great awakening let not it be said that any who knew, withheld from giving out everything of themselves. Enemies may be numerous, the conflict may be severe, but those with the strength are around you to give of their strength and stability; and if only the physical will holds firm, the will of the spirit can be brought to pass under the grace of God.

"To the teachers and the preachers, to all those who name themselves the representatives of the Most High, to them I speak in tones of deep entreaty: Oh, look to your equipment, for the future is charged with responsibility, and the time must come when before you will lie the past, impossible to be evaded: 'In the great awakening what part did you play?' And many will read the answer: 'I could have known but I was bound; I could have done more but the world held me and the Spirit eluded my grasp. I thought of that which surrounded the Sacred One, and in my endeavours to do my best to make a setting worthy of power, I forgot that the power of God is love for others'...

"To such as these I speak, for suffering lies ahead: Oh, look to your equipment; awake yourself, for while sleep in any form holds you, how can you awaken others?

"Thus it was in the past, and history is repeated: The temples were built in honour of the Name of God, but many of the servers therein had their eyes on the material, the physical - the outward and not the inward; and when the Light of the World came into their midst they crucified Him. They were asleep - the Divine within was as one drugged, and so the Master took the earth way unhonoured, unrecognised by them. He was despised and rejected by those who should have been His own.

"Oh, awake, for the dawn is coming. Put aside that which has no life once the physical is past, and take up the staff of faith; for when the garment of flesh is no more, without the staff of faith you cannot climb, the upper reaches are barred to you.

"This is the Truth - the Truth that Christ came to demonstrate in person. Man calls for evidence of this and proof of that. So they cried in the past, yet, in the Beloved there was evidence of perfection; and, by that which He did, proof of the spiritual power that He claimed. Did they accept the proof and the evidence, and would His representatives in this same time accept Christ if He came into their midst in humble guise? They knew in their hearts that they would reject Him, and countless others would do the same.

"For the world has yet to learn that power, in the God-sense, is love - love. Not the trappings or the display or the furniture which 'power' on earth represents to its blinded children. If the Master, in His supreme humility, entered the temples of today and took His place beneath the Cross on that which you name the altar, how many would bid Him welcome?

"Oh, awake, awake, for mighty things are pending. And I speak to you in these same tones, because each one can pass on the Truth to others. If any are as children, they are so by desire, for sufficient preparation has been put in, and one day the record of the past and even of this hour must be gone back upon and faced. Your talents, your powers, where are they, what have you done with them? I speak to all: Go back, redeem them and put them to the use for which they were intended - not to bring you the treasures of the earth, but to purchase the great possessions of the Spirit...

"So, my children, I leave you; yet, let not sadness hold your minds. Response should bring a gladness, aye, something of the joy which is of the bright realms. Response - even that little which you make - is it not a link with the One who holds Himself responsible for all creation? Are you not that much nearer to the Christ? Oh, think again, and bid dismay depart. Take the next step, and think not of the one still farther in front. For the next step the strength is provided, and when that portion beyond comes into the present, so the strength will be there as well.

"This is the way to God, and this, followed faithfully and with a humble heart, shall not only fully arouse the God within, but shall be as a torch in darkened places, rousing the slumberers there as well.

"What a promise, what a future - a gift from Christ. And each one can have the gift, yet they must give of themselves before they can take. God would give at all times and in every way, but you cannot take until something of the release of the greater self within has taken place...

"And thus I go. Keep the peace, and be certain that around there are those with the strength, healing, recharging you for the work in front..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...My children, just a few words in closing. When next we meet, there will be facts to chronicle which will bring to your minds my words this night. But oh, in thinking of the future and in going back over the past, remember the words of Christ: 'I am with you always', and keep that as a shield between yourselves and all those many who seek to hurt, or who, unconsciously, bring you pain.

"When the sleepers awake there will be much crying out, there will be much calling for help; but in that time, in their days of trial, those who have tried to listen to the things of the Spirit will be able to detach themselves from the things of the body; they will be as the nurses, the consolers, and give the explanation.

"And so, my children, out of the throes, out of all those things which tear the heart, so you and I and the great wide mass of humanity, will get one point nearer to the One who loves us best - one point nearer in aspiration, one point nearer in experience, one point nearer in our understanding of Love.

"Therefore, little ones, as you go your way, call to you by your thoughts, not only the ones you love so well who have left you for a space, so it seems to you, but call by your thoughts the warriors of old, the faithful ones, those who went on although powers and forces were in league against them; those who went on and have left for you and others even the sign-posts of direction.

"The steep way is the clear way, and the clear way is the Christ way. Then look to your equipment, cast aside that which is superfluous, that which is beyond the necessities of mind and body, and, as pilgrims, join the great, great multitude who are leaving things intangible for the tangible ones of the Spirit; ah, those who gave up earthly power to harness to themselves the power of the Spirit. All working, constructing, hoping, creating, praying - bringing into earth vibrations the Spirit of God for the cleansing and the restoration of mankind.

"Thus I bless you, bless you with the power to awaken; aye, and having aroused yourselves, with the double power to awaken others...

"Goodnight, my children. Think of this night as a gift - a gift made possible only by effort over the past, the effort which brings effort...

"For those who write I add one word: Your efforts are blest, not only in the way you think, but when you are free from that which binds, it shall seem to you that blessings inconceivable to the human mind have been made your own. And, with each one who gives of their power, this shall be found an immovable fact: You give, but ten thousand times more you take. That is the will of God. Farewell."

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