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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes at the Central Hall, London, 4th Anniversary Service, May 25th, 1935

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"As you turn over in your mind: 'The Glory of the Lord', think of God the Father and the Mother; and allow your mind to range over the many creations that are His. Think of His almighty power; dwell on His illimitable love, so you can say with all humility that God is indeed a manifestation of the glory that is His.

"Because of the glorious humility of God, and because you are His creation, you share with Him all that which is His own.

"Think of all the knowledge of the earth; there are many who ponder over the secrets of Nature; others give their time to the science of the earth. You are a child of the Light. Therefore, you need to know that the science of the earth must, in time, give place to the science of Jesus the Christ.

"A mighty privilege has been placed within your grasp. There are many who feel that they are so helpless in the way of furthering the truth. They feel that they cannot help God. It is to such as these that the message comes, not to those who find great satisfaction in their abilities and their gifts. The message is for those who have suffered and come to grips with the troubles of daily life, and not only necessarily material troubles, for there are deep blows that leave great wounds within the heart. If you suffered and sought to be strong, then your Father shall finish that which you have begun.

"Can you not see, that in Nature and in all life, there is manifested something of the glory of God? Look at the tiny child who runs to the mother with loving faith and trust - a simple explanation maybe - but that shows the miniature glory of God.

"All the beauties of Nature have been given for your upliftment and learning, as you stand and admire in awe the greatness of it all, yet there are many who are bound by desire, who regard the beauties of Nature simply as something which panders to their lesser self.

"You need to realise that the greatest ocean, the highest mountain on which the rays of the sun fall in all their beauty - are as nothing in comparison with the beauty created by doubt trampled down by a seeking soul, by the rising up of courage, and by the taking of the cross and holding it unafraid. This is demonstrating something of the glory of God.

"Many pay full tribute to man's intelligence. Yet man's intelligence is limited at this stage, and when he is free from the body and looks back upon his earth life, he will feel something of pity - perhaps even contempt for himself.

"It is all a question of values; the values of the earth or the values of the soul. Therefore, be careful how you appraise the gifts of the mind and the utility of the physical body. Man, in this stage, is only just evolving from bondage into freedom. Man was created in the Image of the Divine, and you know how long a journey lies ahead of you.

"What of those who think that they have no gifts? What is so great as the honour of demonstrating something of the glory of the Lord? You may well have listened to the great orators who seek to show how great is the form of life called: 'Man'. Yet even as he speaks he is humiliated, for all around him lies that form of creative power which has never yet been touched by man.

"Has man - with all his cleverness - been able to create a single flower? No, he is dependent upon his God for the seed. No one can explain how, in that tiny fragment, there is housed so much life and beauty and the fragrance and the power. Within the tiny seed imprisoned in the earth, there is hidden one of God's secrets, but only for this stage. To those who are humble, the gates of revelation shall be thrown open when the body is cast asunder.

"If only you could see the delight of those who struggled and who have gone before. Because they did their best and did not give up, the All-Generous One has opened to them the vision and understanding of all that they sought to plant while on the earth.

"This is part of the Divine Truth. You are shown for your great comfort how the glory of the Lord can be manifested through His own creation; how that One - Mighty, All-powerful, who holds the keys of heaven and earth and of every other sphere - how that Mighty One has gifted to you gifts like unto His own, but in miniature.

"As you think of life today and see the events that pass by you every day - be even more on your guard. 'What is man that Thou art mindful of Him?' The words ring through the conditions. There are two thoughts here: the mightiness of man from man's conception while bound in the flesh; and man's humility towards man when something of spiritual consciousness has been developed in him.

"Divine Truth is simple. The knowledge of the earth that does not have God in the motive of pursuit, is as the dust of the ground - something that you will long to extricate yourself from in time to come.

"There are many who love the Lord Jesus the Christ, and who seek to translate into action that love for Him. They are aware of the sorrow that many are experiencing; many are in spiritual darkness; so by giving of their own experiences they are able to lead the straying one, by compassion, out of the valley of misunderstanding on to the high plateau of peace and revelation. This is your part.

"There are many who join together from all spheres, as well as those in the flesh, to bring about a better condition upon the earth. Your thoughts, your hopes, your prayers are gathered together - even as a mighty harvest - and in time to come yours shall be the reaping, and know that the reaping will be sweet.

"Because you seek to be His disciple, you shall be used by God, not only today, not only tomorrow, but for all time to come. As you review your life you may think: 'The glory of the Lord is so almighty, and I am so weak and small!' Then comes the sweet reassurance from the Christ: 'You are my well-beloved; come up higher and I will show you those things which are of God'.

"The glory of the Lord is portrayed by men and women taking their daily way; doing the uncongenial tasks; seeking to control the impatience of the mind; hoping, when despair is close. These are the disciples of the Most High, and they are leaving in the earth conditions strength and power and purity and truth. In the wise, the Tree of Truth gains its nourishment.

"These simple truths shall be transmuted by the power of God into that which shall never pass away. The time will come when, because you were amongst the meek, you inherit the earth. Free from the body, earthly conditions are opened to you, and with faith and with the cloak of Divine protection around you, you shall come again to guide and to bless. Is this not a glorious way of manifesting the Holy Spirit that is within? Is this not typical of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, that out of so little so much can come?

"(Note: Zodiac then refers to his earth-life). I thank God that over the past, my eyes were opened, and He showed me the simple way, that He tore from me the knowledge of the earth which over the years I had striven to make my own. When as an old man He bestowed the Light upon me, I stood before my Master, and He placed upon my brow the tiny Cross which was of Him, and in my rags of the earth, but with the treasure of the Spirit, I took my way into a peace that nothing of the earth can ever portray, into a joy that filled my being.

"Beaten, trapped, scorned - ah yes, but what of that? Was it not a closer link with the One who was all in all to me? Then when kindly physical death touched me and I was freed, so I was allowed to see, because I could come back and teach others, that a fragment of the glory of the Lord could be manifested through my unworthy self.

"The words are forced from me. I must speak thus because I am seeking to show you that what is possible for one, is possible for all. There is not one soul, whatever his life may be, whatever difficulties upon the path, there is not one who cannot manifest the glory of the Lord.

"So then, be up and doing! When you seek to understand the things of the earth, remember that there is the glory of the sun and the glory of the moon and the glory of the stars - these are earthly things. There is the glory of that sunshine which sacrifice sends out upon the conditions, there is the glory of those sweet rays of pity and compassion, there is that mightier glory which shines from you because you have made up your mind to make the full surrender for the One who loves you best. And these glories, though on earth, are of God, and in God's Land they will have their place - in God's Land.

"For everyone, the Journey Home has been started. Step by step you can have revealed to you more and more of those laws which govern your life and being - because there is all-truth within. You can turn to Nature in many ways, through your love of flowers, by your deep understanding of the turbulent waves, giving out the love and that kinship which should come from you; and then you will find that on passing into the land where sorrow is unknown, you have within your grasp something of the knowledge of the world of flowers, the laws that govern the waves, and of that which produces life under the soil.

"Through your kinship, through your understanding, through your care of other forms of life, you in turn shall find something of control over these other aspects of Divine Love which have been won by you.

"It was meant by God that those created in the Divine Image should rule all other forms of life by their sweet inclusive love. But what happened, you know so well, man lost his power because he lost control over his baser self. Yet you can look forward to the future because of the sacrificial spirit shown by so many; because of their labours, because of their suffering, because of their hoping, because of their kindness to others; so point by point, that power shall be won back for man, and in the Life to come there are many who shall manifest the glory of the Lord.

"How sweet is the life that springs up from these humbler creations, how wonderful is the contribution given to man by the little people and the fairies, but man's great responsibility to them is so often overlooked and because of this the glory of the Lord cannot be manifested upon the earth. Within your grasp, within your being lies power, in miniature, like unto God the Creator.

"Humbleness is the quickest way to climb, that humility that makes a man turn to His God and pray his way through the day. You cannot say: 'Not my will, but Thine be done'; and then go on seizing those opportunities that are all around you; but rather by turning to the Christ and gaining from Him - through His many messengers of Light - the direction which God intends shall always be forthcoming.

"By the laying aside of personal desire, so spiritual desire gains its freedom and its power, thus the way is cleared of the obstacles on the path, so the brightness of the Love of God is demonstrated through the one who prays in faith. These manifestations of grace are not meant for one here and one there - they are meant for you. Arise and claim your Divine Inheritance!

"So we think of God with gratitude in our hearts. By that given out by those who want to do their best, by earnest prayers, by the acts of service, so the mighty manifestations of the Holy Spirit shall be brought to pass upon the earth. Those who doubted, those who were chained to their possessions, shall see a great Light and in a measure shall be free.

"The call goes out to everyone, God is seeking pioneers, worthy workers for the Christ Mission, the masses are called to arise and take their place in God's mighty plan. Let that call not be in vain.

"The Spirit of God is resting upon man, and greater and greater shall be the volume of power. Those, daring for the Christ, shall push aside the things of the earth - the false calls, the hindrances that indeed are the work of those alien to the Christ - pushing them aside and taking up their tools of faith and trust and work and determination, blazing the trail.

"So thank God for all His goodness. Thank the Father that never once - however much the bodily weakness may have been - never once has the power of God failed you. The body takes a terrible toll. There is something stronger than the physical, stronger than disease, stronger than anything that the earth can hold - that is the power of God: It can manifest through you, and there is no enemy so determined, so tenacious that can stem the power of God's most wondrous Love.

"You are entreated to remember that great things are coming to pass. You are living, as it were, upon the thin crust of a volcano. Those who love God are ready for anything that may take place. They are ready because they know that in whatever sphere they find themselves, they will be linked to the Christ, and with Him is completion. There are so many who do not know the Lord as Companion and Friend. So many are stirring up strife all over the world - and the price must be paid.

"You are urged to go over the house of your mind and your body, cast out all non-essentials in your homes, prepare yourselves as a traveller setting out on a long journey, who at a call can respond. In those times of strain and testing, there will be countless men and women in lowly positions of life, who shall be found ready. They will be the ones through whom the glory of the Lord shall be manifested because they were humble-hearted, because they put their reliance upon their God and not upon themselves, and from such as these shall come a volume of power, and the power manifesting upon the earth shall be regarded as revelation by tens of thousands, and as they watch so shall spring up from within that holy desire to be a servant of the Master in turn.

"Your troubles may be many, your anxieties are so great; God knows your life, He knows your losses; He knows that you want to do your best. But sometimes the enemy seems over strong. So take comfort from the One who was acquainted with grief, the Man of Sorrows. He asks you to look up and see the glory of the sun as a symbol, personal to you - borrowed light, borrowed light all the time. You have the opportunity to borrow light from the Source of the Light of all worlds. How great an honour is thine!

"You are blessed with the power of God to see a little more clearly, to understand a little more deeply, to remember that your life here is so fleeting - that it is only one stage - and because of the sacrifices, all the days of darkness, all the nights of pain are all well worthwhile, for they are making it possible for the true self, the God-self, to be manifested unchained by the past, free to soar.

"Father, be it Thy Will, that these Thy children may have peace of heart. Father, be it Thy Will, that all their old fears may pass away. Father, be it Thy Will, that joy may hold them fast to the path that leads to Thee.

"The answer vibrates through the ethers: 'All That I Have Is Thine'. "

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