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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 23rd May, 1926.

"O God, our Father, Instructor of Thy little ones through the Holy Spirit, Consoler through the Christ which Thou representest for all time - to Thee we come tonight, and we ask Thee to minister to each one, to provide that which is necessary, and to strengthen that which they have to offer, put together with the desire that it should be the very best. We know that these little gifts of ours are acceptable to Thee, and we know that because Thou art our Father, there is in front prepared by Thine own Hand just that which the Spirit desires - the work which is indeed Thy work, which stands for all time because, drawing from the Source of all-Strength, that which has been built rests on a sure foundation...

"O Christ, let the Light shine in. Grant that Thy little children may be able to respond more fully to all that Illumination which is their right; grant that each one may be able to feel Thy Presence, and to realise that, by desire, they can learn from Wisdom direct.

"Teach us, O Father, how to prepare our hearts so that we may be worthy of all that which Thou would bestow, and which it is Thy will that the children of the earth should possess. And above all, keep us humble, remembering ever that each gift which is good, each thought which is pure, each act which is constructive, comes from Thee, our Defender and our Father... Amen...

"...Good evening, my children. Tonight we are met together once more for God's purpose, that purpose which is the unravelling of all those coils in which Truth over the ages has been involved. This task, dear children, is not easy, because you have to remember that the physical mind of man, good in itself, has been allowed together too much liberty, and because of this there must be, of necessity, much going back over the tracks - many, many things - not destroyed, but by work and effort and prayer changed from that desecration which they now represent into something of what God intended.

"Yes, my little ones, each event in man's life was meant to bring him gain. The sorrows and the disappointments are there in order to try his strength, to find out whether the vessel is sufficiently prepared to be used by God, not only to hold His Truth, but for that use to which a vessel is put - to distribute, to pour out that Truth on those who are without...

"Therefore, dear children, it is not an exaggeration to say that the unravelling of all that which holds Truth is a complicated business, but I have taught you ever that because a thing is difficult to accomplish, then it means simply that drawing upon the Strength which is all around, we work and we strive until the obstacles are overcome.

"When you pass hence, you will see so plainly that these seemingly impossible tasks are the most constructive of all; ah, it is obvious, because they draw forth from within the patience, the application, and the love - that creative love - and this is as a gift to Christ...

"Well, my children, this evening it seems to you that there are conditions here which might have been used to further God's purpose in a wider way, but for your comfort, because the mind and the will were laid before the Master, I can tell you that gathered again into your vibrations are those many, and each hour spent thus is indeed building that which shall not pass away. (Unable to get into touch with two others who wanted to attend circle).

"Children, over the ages there has always come this test: 'How shall I work for God?' - and there are many, who, wishing with all their hearts to do the right thing, find themselves faced with a conundrum which they cannot solve; and from them the cry goes up: 'Show me the way!'

"My little ones, when the spirit within is sufficiently released - and you know full well that the only way to release that which is Divine within is by the dedication of self and by seeking to serve others - when the spirit within is released sufficiently, so the answer comes from the valiant heart: 'The difficult path is the one which God means me to take'. And out of the past, as a panorama, comes before the mental gaze, all those many disciples of the Most High who chose the hard path and who flinched not.

"My children, it has been said so often that the few - only the few - are sufficiently awakened to fight for their God. There are many who are willing to speak for Him, and many who are willing to bear Him testimony; again, there are a larger number still who acknowledge Him as Creator and Ruler of all life.

"But how far does this take them? Children, it takes them out of the valley, but it leaves them at the first span of the hillside; for is it not reasonable that the Master who suffered so much, that the God who has fought evil through the ages, that His children must learn to fight too? So often do His followers falter when battle comes; they are the friends of peace, they cry, they are not out to war against anyone or anything... They know not that by their attitude they are warring against the spirit within.

"The time has passed when passive adherents of the Holy Master are enough; the time has passed when those untrained, untried, can do His work. The call today is for soldiers, for fighters, for those courageous hearts, who - because Christ dared so much - can find within themselves the capacity to dare a little...

"This day of commemoration (Pentecost), this day of all days is one when the battle cry goes out; for, sending your memories back, was it not at this time that those who followed Christ not only followed Him in love, but translated their love into deeds? Christ asks from you and asks from me that love and trust which alone enables Him to lift us up as He would do; but love which is inactive has no power to strike for the Loved One's sake - it is a travesty of the word.

"On this same day, according to your calendar, those who had been trained by the Master received their marching orders, and henceforth it was the laying aside of the ordinary things of life and the taking up of the staff of faith; ah yes, but more than that, it was putting fear on one side, it was penetrating into the enemy camp, it was literally fighting for Truth and the Truth-Bringer.

"Oh, my children, ages may pass, but with the many the lessons remain unlearnt. The physical mind, so held by the 'present', receives each crisis in a manner which indeed expresses how bound it is. Trouble falls upon them and until the so-called blow is lifted, they think and talk of nothing else. The events of the past, the glorious promises of the future, for the time being, cease to exist. The present is all sufficing.

"But the few, those whose minds are dominated in a measure by the stronger self within, they take that crisis and they face the penalty which it brings; yet, while they shoulder the burden, they lose not their sense of proportion. They look back and they remember the things - ah, the important things - which held their minds before; and, again, their thoughts soar on to the future, and they say within themselves: 'This will pass but the things of the Spirit remain for ever!' But these are the few; the majority are chained to 'today'.

"Can you not see, my children, how often this has taken place? And the saddest part of all is that when the menace is removed, the lessons each one might have learnt are forgotten as quickly as well. With the mind of the body it is always the present; with the mind of the spirit it is the past, the present, and - ten thousand times more - the future. For when the spirit is in command, they know that the past has constructed the present, and the past and the present are providing that which shall last in the days to come...

"I speak not of the physical things of your little world, but I speak of the heartaches, of the struggles and disappointments; and the wise man or woman throws away the chaff, and remembers only that which is strong enough and pure enough to stand the test of vibrations less crude than these.

"So tonight, my children, I lead your thoughts on to that great subject: 'The Gift of the Holy Spirit Itself'.

"For, until you have mastered some of the discipline of human life, until those of the earth have extricated themselves from their position as nominal Christians and have put on their armour - that armour which shows them soldiers of Christ - so then, dear children, although the gift of the Holy Spirit is a free gift to all, there is that lacking within which makes it impossible for them to link up with the Holiness which is without...

"Oh, think you like this: I have taught you ever that God and Christ and the Holy Spirit are One; that the Father had always the Christ-side, and that the Father had always the gift of the Holy Spirit to bestow; and that bestowal was taken advantage of in a time unthinkable to you, and in a way you could not grasp if I were able to explain.

"Yet, in reading the Sacred Record, here and there the mind exclaims: 'The Spirit of God was at work!' Yes, the Holy Spirit was linked up with the Divine within, because the owner, by work and by effort, had sufficiently freed his true self to make this possible.

"Confuse not your thinking over this important point: From the beginning of your creation, when you were of God, a fragment of Him, so the gift of the Holy Spirit was held out - separate - yet, meant to be one with the Divine within which God had gifted to you for ever.

"Children, during the long journey of experience, as the Divine within became fettered by the force of temptation and by the misuse of free-will, so the Holy Spirit was unable to be linked up in that way which makes Unity...

"Never confuse these two gifts: God, the generous Giver of all things, gave that which was of Himself - His greatest gifts, gave them to man with a lavishness, with a tenderness past all expression. And because He saw that the gift of free-will would operate against the Holy Spirit, which is against Himself, so within each one He planted that of Himself which man could never throw away - imprisoned it, that was in his power, aye, and to so crush it that it might seem as dead - but nothing can kill the Divine spark, nothing can cast away that which God brought into being and gifted to His children...

"And so, my little ones, you will see to what I am leading your thoughts, and for what I have been training you during the many years we have been together - ah, long before you knew of my existence. Ever I have been seeking to link up, in its fullness, that which is Divine within with that which is Divine without. And as we go on, as the mind of the body is controlled and governed by the mind of the spirit, so the unity will be made more real, more permanent, more complete.

"And one day, dear children - although it seems a long way off to you - yet, in the Father's Name, I can say that one day the linking up will be so firm that Perfection will be reached; and though that is the highest point, who am I to tell you to aim at anything less? I, as a servant of my Master, I point always to that which is 'best'; and I know, and I see, that in time to come, so even those who wander in the valley will have been sought and found, and by their efforts, their struggles and their sacrifices, will be linked up to the Holy Spirit, and the unity will be complete.

"My children, think this out for yourselves and it will explain many things that perhaps seem veiled to you now. It will explain why those who seek to serve their Master are followers but not fighters; it will explain why, in some, belief holds the place which faith should occupy; it will explain why those many who call themselves Christians have not taken advantage of their adoption as God meant...

"The preparation is not there; they want to gain the highest peak before they have climbed the lower stretches, and the wilderness they would miss altogether. But the way of discipleship is ever the same. You cannot soar on the efforts of others; you can climb by that which others have laid down, but the time comes when their footprints can be seen no more, and then the challenge comes for you, in turn, to leave your footprints to guide another up...

"Oh, my little ones, the importance of making sure and firm this connection between the Divine within and the Holy Spirit - which is God's most precious gift - cannot be over emphasised. For without that, you are indeed as children in understanding, children in experience, and undevelopment bars you from manifesting - yourselves - the power of the Spirit of God.

"But the time comes when we lay aside our childish things - we are for ever the 'children of God', His children whom He loves so well - but we lay aside our childishness, our childish aims, our childish ambitions, for the call has come for fighters, for those who, from within, can find the strength, aye, and what is more, the will to come to grips with enemies of the Most High; and by wrestling with them - not to overcome their true selves, but to strip from them the accumulation of weakness - to free them from their bondage.

"Here, dear children, you find the vast difference between warfare on earth and warfare in the Spirit. We struggle but to give life. We watch and take others unaware, in order to gain some advantage, not for ourselves but for them. We destroy only those poisoned weeds which are sapping the strength of the tree within, and we rest not until those weeds are dead, for only by their death can the true man and the true woman taste Life.

"So, my children, think you ever again of the Work - that branch which has been entrusted to you. Think to yourselves: 'I know not what the future has in store, but the present is work for God... the present is work for God'.

"And then for some of my children who are not quite clear on a point which is of great importance, I would explain that the Holy Spirit, gifted to man from creation, is the means whereby we come, but it does not represent ourselves. Those who are free from the body - many of them - are bound by the memories of past experiences. For them, as for all, the gift of the Holy Spirit is held out, and those, who are a little farther on than they are, struggle ever and ever again to link up the Divine within with the All-Power which is without.

"Yet, there are countless strugglers unable to achieve this, unable to have the peace which this unity brings, and so they come to you on earth, full of zeal to do their best, fired by the remembrance of the past to make the present worthier of their real selves. And in so coming, dear children, through the effort and the preparation which is required, many of them leave your presence strengthened and comforted in a measure past physical belief, for they see that they are that much nearer to the Unity which one day will be their own...

"And so, dear children, in regard to hearing the voices of your loved ones, remember this: Their guidance, their counsel helps you, maybe, and in the measure that they are able, or desire to help you, so the spiritual release of themselves is taking place. Yet, even those who have climbed the farthest who come to you in this way, they represent nothing but the grace of God; they show how it is possible for the Divine within to be free from that which once imprisoned, and they demonstrate, in person, the power of the Holy Spirit at work; but immediately you commence to compare the sturdiest pilgrim with that which is All-Pure, All-Love, so you realise that even the so-called 'holy ones of God' are but a reflection of that which Reality represents...

"Oh, think you within yourselves. The babe, as she lies in her mother's arms looking up with love into the eyes of mother-love, because that babe not only gives but responds to joy, so, in miniature, that is the Holy Spirit at work. Yes, these things go on unnoticed by the majority; they are explained by physical means, but neither you nor I, dear children, have it in our power even to think one thought of love without calling in that gift of the Holy Spirit; and one thought of compassion alone indicates to those who see things as they are, that - for that second - the Divine within has been linked with the Divine without...

"Those you love so well, they share your path, they give unto you that which is a joy to them, but they too are climbers - forget this not. They speak to you, and some there are who can answer, some there are who have that gift which makes it possible for the mind of the spirit to transmit to the mind of the body the sounds and words which it hears.

"But the Holy Spirit is a much bigger, greater, grander thing than that. 'Conscience', some have called it, but, dear children, conscience is as a blade of grass compared to the whole wide field of Consciousness which the Holy Spirit holds out to us all. Oh, remember that as a blade of grass only is conscience, and sometimes even the voices of those you love have greater power - bought by service and by effort - greater power and greater ability than that suppressed conscience which is within the mind of man.

"So, dear children, in thinking of the Holy Spirit at work, I want you, while remembering that God is your tender Father, to place it where it rightly belongs. The Holy Spirit is that manifestation of God which, as it were, is the motive power. It is God, as you know, yet it is that expression of Him which works and controls and lifts and averts, just in the same way as the Christ aspect of God is the tender Shepherd, the compassionate Saviour, who went through all the manifold experiences connected with physical life. Three, yet One - One, yet Three.

"And those who have laid the body aside, are struggling and striving, just as you in the body are struggling and striving, to link up the Divine within them with that great gift - the Holy Spirit - which means peace and understanding; that peace and understanding translated into service, into the retrievement for others that which they have thrown away...

"The Holy Spirit at work: One day, dear children, you will be able to grasp something of the mighty meaning beneath those words. I say, instructed by my Master, that the Holy Spirit is at work in a way incomprehensible to the mind of man; but God needs instruments, God needs willing tools, and God calls upon those who hitherto have worked for Him in peaceful places, to arise and don their armour, and to go forth and grapple with those forces which are directed against Holiness Itself.

"It is a great call and it is an urgent call, and there are those who will respond - aye, there have been the few who have responded; and because of the strength provided by these few, so those others can, by easier stages, rise to the heights as well.

"And now, my children, I will leave you, but I want this night to stand as one of work, yes, and also of that peace which is active and not passive - that peace within, born out of the resolution to do God's work in His way; not to flinch from the enemy but to challenge him, not to defeat that which is within but to strike off the bondage and to let the prisoner go free... And now I leave you..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, I am going to close this evening without more words because each one has given of their best, and God has blessed you. I would but underline that in so doing, you have released that which is your own possession - the Divine spark gifted to you by the Most High, and for this little space of time, as it were, you have clasped hands with God Himself. Yes, you have held on to that manifestation of Himself as represented by the Holy Spirit.

"So then, my little ones, remember this, say to yourselves: 'What I have done once, I can do again'. And think you further: 'What I have done twice, I can do always'... Hold onto God; will that that stronger you within shall not be separated from All-Power; and by the very act of desiring this, so, dear children, you will find that you have gained a little more strength, a little more purity, a little more of that faith which has been bought by effort...

"And now, my children, I will go. Rest in the thought of God's care and protection; strengthened by the assurance that His Spirit is in command of your lives; and, as the days go on, because that domination is given greater play, so you will joy in your connection, so the weariness will pass, and so the spirit within, released, will not only acknowledge its God but link itself to its Source, for that is the will of the Father...

"The peace which is work, the faith which is action - I bless you in God's Name. Amen... Goodnight, my children..."

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