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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 14th August, 1927.

"Almighty Spirit, Giver of the great peace, pour down upon us this night the blessing that Thou hast promised. Oh, help us to realise more nearly the purpose and the plan of physical life, and grant that we, having learnt from Thee, may pass on this instruction to others... For many are as children in understanding but the time will come when consciousness must be made their own, and in that hour we know we shall suffer with them in the measure that we spake not although we knew.

"Oh, grant that each one of Thy children may be released from the physical mind for this short time we are together, and that they, as spirits, may contact with the great, great Love which lies around them now and for evermore, that Love which Thou expresseth as our Father and Mother God. Amen...

"...My little children, tonight we meet together linked in Spirit, by that which, as yet, you scarce can understand. As it were, there is a chain of many links, and as we go on, week by week, fresh links are added to those which have been brought together before. And you this night, conscious of your responsibility, you seek to gather others in, and in God's good time those others will look to the right and to the left, and, directed by the Divine within, will gather links in turn.

"That chain represents humanity; it represents not only life on this little plane but it represents all life; not only those created in God's own image but life in the flower, in the tree, aye, beneath the ocean and up in the wide, wide sky. Life, life, life.

"You, being created in the likeness of God, you are custodians of the truth of immortality. You see the insect as it perishes before your eyes, but you know, for I have instructed you, that that within the tiny form is something which cannot be killed. It passes through one stage and emerges into either a higher or a lower condition. And this relates to all...

"Little ones, oh, try and enlarge your ideas, your consciousness, your realisation of that word: 'Life', that which is covered by many garments as you continue the road of experience; that which changes and changes again; that which must change until all that which hides the glory within is disbanded, its purpose having been served.

"And so tonight, my children, I would speak on that which I name: 'The Garments of the Spirit'.

"And I want you to gather in something of the responsibility which rests upon the individual. Each one of you has brought with you gifts and powers, that spiritual development which you have purchased by the past. To some 'the past' has no meaning except as relating to this little plane, but my children here know that over countless centuries, as you name time, so the Life - that which is Divine within - has pursued its course, aye, has been hampered here, has been obstructed there; but the spirit, with its eyes on God, goes on and on, and the Divine within is conscious that those barriers created by the enemies of the Christ are there not to be turned from, not to be evaded, but as something which shall produce gain by the anguish they brought to heart and mind, by the will to endure, by the determination that nothing shall be strong enough to stand between their real self and their Creator...

"So tonight, I wish you to ponder on the garments of the spirit, to say to yourself: 'What is it that I wear at this stage? What powers does it possess, which hindrances, what gifts?' And I want you all, each one, in gratitude, to raise your hearts to your Father and Mother God for the fact that you are sufficiently freed from that which binds to meet together, to turn from the pleasures of the world, its many distractions - those distractions which in time to come will be shown to you as hiding much damage beneath.

"You have the strength and the will to put aside the material, that which pleases the eye and mind, and to meet together to learn a little more about yourself. Yes, and each new fact which is made your own tells you something more about the understanding Mind of God, about the Spirit of Love, about the great, great Missionary who has fought and struggled for you over the aeons which have passed, the One who will never let you go, who holds the Divine within you as something of Himself...

"Yes, dear children, you look about the world, and because of the limitations which bind you to a certain extent, you are forced to judge externals. You see the poor, you see those whose bodies represent a cross in very truth, you pity the blind, your compassion is poured out over the lame; again, you ponder on those who apparently have everything that this life is capable of bestowing, and a sense of disquiet seizes the mind; you ask yourselves: 'Where is equality? Why must these things be so?'

"Little ones, if these thoughts come not to you, then your bondage is great indeed. There are countless thousands who never regard those around them as brother, as sister, as mother, as father. Rather they are the herd and they themselves represent a finer, more cultivated being altogether. The poor, they are the poor; the sick, they have the hospitals; the blind, they stand by the wayside to get that which keeps life in the garment which they wear...

"Those of the world, bound by the world, pass these things by as the law of the world and they go on their way, not rejoicing but bound by self, taking not giving; and when they pass hence that sound body which once was their own, will represent a garment of disease, of horror, something which terrifies them, yet it is their own...

"Oh, think you as to this and warn others ere it is too late. Self, that coldness of heart, that looking out for comfort, for protection, indifferent to the dangers and the miseries of others - that represents disease in a form I scarce can convey, for these things, mercifully, are hidden from you, for the mind of the body could not grasp them and retain its balance.

"When such as these pass hence - and the physical garment must be laid aside at the appointed time - they find that their sight is gone, they find that their limbs, once straight and strong, are twisted even as the tree which has been maimed. They see that that which they once turned from with horror - aye, a disease impossible to be described in words - that that is as their 'body' in the next stage after the physical has been passed.

"This, dear children, may be put aside now by those who are deceived by the enemies of the Spirit, but, one day, their power to hide the Truth will be gone, and the individual will know not how to get rid of the hideousness which is his own.

"Then, little ones, in regard to 'time': You, in the physical world, count your minutes, you reckon up your hours and months and years, and when sorrow seizes your heart, lo, a day seems as a 'life-time' by the reason of what you have undergone. Remember this: That when souls, such as I have described, find themselves in that garment which they constructed by their life on earth, so that which they once named an hour seems as a century. Yet, I remind you that, even so, there have been those who have returned after many years and have told you that they have only just escaped from the darkness in which they were bound.

"Children, I must speak seriously on this great subject though you meet tonight with happy hearts and minds, yet therein you get your instruction. Each would do for the other some kind deed, each for the other has kind thoughts. There lies your happiness, for in thus acting and thinking, unconsciously to the physical mind, you have made the link between yourselves and the planes of Light an accomplished fact.

"Take heed of this: By your thoughts, by your wishes to do what the nobler self within directs, you are putting together - although some of you know it not - you are putting together that next garment in which you, as a spirit, as a being far more highly evolved, more sensitive, with greater ability to think, with a finer conception of beauty, with powers in your fingers and greater strength in your limbs - will function.

"You are putting together now a garment which will fill your heart with joy when it is made your own; and on looking back over the past, the only sadness which will find a place in your mind will be this: 'Troubles I had - oh, why did I not take on more! Pains of the body, how oft they were mine, therefore, as I bore much, why did I not bear still more, so that now I might call my own that strength which will never pass away!' Yes, the only sadness which will claim your minds after this brief stage is o'er, is that, perchance, you hesitated over this, you tried to evade that, you asked God to spare you whereas you should have prayed: 'Give me of Thy strength to endure'.

"Little ones, that garment in which you will find yourself immediately after physical death has taken place - that garment will represent a fairy's power. One second conscious of the heavy dense physical covering, the next transformed, young, beautiful oh, so joyful.

"Yet, remember this: That by the removal of that which bound, and through the gift of that which you name spiritual sight, so you will see not the top of the little hill on which you fix your gaze at this stage, but out of your freedom, out of your longer vision, so the next hill shall come, as it were, into your horizon; and as pilgrims blest by God, you will go on and on.

"And the next stage to that after physical death, is as glorious in comparison as the next garment is to the one which you wear now; and the stage beyond that, and the next stage still - each represents, in the same large measure, greater strength, greater beauty, greater power.

"But 'the way' in any stage, the way which you pursued before the physical - aye, back over a time unthinkable to yourself - the only way is the Christ way, the way of service to others, the kind thoughts, the little unspoken prayers, climbing yourself yet never too occupied to catch at a slipping brother, a stumbling sister.

"Yes, the only way to get back that spiritual heritage which once was your own, is the Christ way, the God way; in the little things, the hoping and the working, ah, always the active part, putting your good thoughts into good deeds, praying not only to the Father but saying to the Father: 'Place my foot a span in front; lead Thou the way'.

"My little ones, when you look out upon Nature, upon the beauty of this little world, the sunshine and the flowers, the green hills in the distance, or the canopy of stars when daylight fails - when you look out upon these things, if they speak not to you of God, then, my children, you are bound, you are a prisoner, a prisoner to this little stage, unconscious of the mighty Beyond.

"When you look out on the beauties of Nature and recognise in them a reflection of the thoughts of God, then ponder on this: If the Almighty One bestowed that which is of Himself on the gardens, the seas, the skies, how much more would He long to bestow that which is of Himself upon His children?...

"Little ones, you have been taught, and in the Sacred Record it is laid out clear for all to read, that there were those who shone like the golden sun, there were those seen by mortal eyes who represented a radiance, a glory which was not of the earth at all... Around you, at this moment, there are such as these and many more beautiful than that. Around you are the ones you love, and around them, around us all, are those who long since took the earth journey, and in spite of a faltering heart, in spite of a mind which had but a limited vision, obeyed the Voice of God.

"And these, ah, my children, as the angels of Heaven they represent a brightness and beauty which your physical minds could not conceive, for that which you have built up is as a reflection of the holy ones who stand behind you at this time, and, in company with those you love, are pouring upon you their love - the love that changeth not, that never alters, although alteration it may find.

"They pour out upon you that which they have culled from the great Source; and, in time to come, you shall see what these short hours have produced on the garment which you wear when the earth stage is past. You shall see that, here and there - by a thought, by an act, by an ignorance - there would have been a twist or a dull patch, something not akin to beauty; but while you listened and while you tried to get nearer to God, lo, those stronger than yourself were untwining this, straightening that; and upon the garment which will be your own, shall be marked the influence and the work done during this time we met together, and during that time when you retreated from the world and read the Sacred Record (Bible) or the words which came through the instrument I use.

"Something of God you tried to follow: Something of God is worked on the garment which will be your own after the physical has done its part...

"My children, fence not my words or their deep implication. You are building now, you are creating, you are making your joy or your sorrow in that time when you are free from that which is even as a sending to sleep, for the physical body dulls pain, dulls consciousness, dulls realisation of all that which one day you must face.

"Out of these coarser conditions into finer conditions, when you will vibrate and respond to a thousand more waves of thought and feeling than is possible now; in that time, you will look back and you will thank God or you will condemn yourself - condemn yourself over the thoughtlessness of the past, over the carelessness which has given you something that you cannot destroy except in time through service and the dedication of yourself to others.

"Little ones, be not dismayed, yet, be serious over that which concerns you far more vitally than the clothes you wear, for alas, that next body cannot be discarded as the uncomfortable cloak, as the hard resisting texture which frets the physical body. You exclaim against this and that, but you know that by casting it off you are free from the discomfort it represents. But, in time to come, that garment which you have constructed by your thoughts, your actions, your daily life, that will seen as yourself; and the Divine within in anguish will go its way, unless you have given it that freedom for which it ever fights and struggles...

"My children, I told you when last we met that big things were pending, that the call has gone forth for those who would be as soldiers, ready to give of themselves to their Leader Christ. Forget not this: The choice rests with you. There is not one, even the great God Himself, who could influence you except by the power of Love, but that Love is stretched out as you would stretch out your hand over the running child to protect it from the edge and the depths beneath. By that love which is our gift and joy, we seek to warn, seek to hold, but we dare not do more.

"Oh, remember that: 'Many are called but few have chosen'. And this, dear children, is the correct rendering of that familiar phrase. Many are called but few have chosen. The choice remains with the individual, for your Father and Mother God has given to man the gift of free-will. He calls. His messengers, His healers - aye, a mighty throng - they seek to influence, they would direct your steps into the right path, but they dare not stand between you and that which you have elected to follow.

"Oh think of this: That all are called but few are sufficiently freed to hear. Forget not that God waits for you, individually, to make the choice yourself. I come into your midst. You are as my children; I have watched over you long before the physical stage; I have fought for each one, I have prayed for all, yet I come not into your presence to say: 'Do this or do that'. But out of the gift bestowed upon the instrument I use - a gift bought and purchased by suffering - so through the power of the Holy Spirit, I can enlarge your understanding, I can increase your vision, I can show you what lies in front if you choose the second-best; what lies in front if you choose the third and the fourth-best.

"Yet remember, that even as the blasphemer denies his God, lo, the Love of God is around him, seeking to save him from that which he is constructing for the by and by. Remember that we, in our littleness, sometimes judge others. God in His greatness judges no one, but even as they strike Him through the very Love He has for them, so He is seeking to retrieve for them that which they have cast aside.

"That is God - mighty in understanding, illimitable in Love; Holy, yet never does His Holiness shut Him off from the least of His little ones.

"Oh, children, let not my words be misunderstood. The future is fraught with much. There are those who - because they have turned from the Light - who find themselves in darkness, for God cannot interfere with free-will. They would not listen when the warning went forth; they chose the world; they turned their back upon the greatest Friend they could ever have, and though that Friend holds out helping loving hands to them, they have retreated from the Light and the darkness has swallowed them up.

"Yet, remember that darkness can be conquered by Light; remember that you - who, in a measure, have seen something of the purpose and the plan - that you must take your light into dark and dreadful places, yet not alone, nor do you give out of your light alone. Have I not told you that each little taper is fed by the stronger taper, and the stronger taper by the torch, and the torch by that great Light which is spiritual understanding, and the great Light draws from the Fount of all Light. And thus when, as a little taper, you pass among the stricken, among those who are held by fear, remember that your light could not be there without its Source of supply, and those stronger lights could not be there without drawing strength from God Himself.

"So, my little ones, let no misapprehension hold your minds for one second. When trouble comes upon the world, seek not security for the body, seek security for the Divine within. Let not those who are as wandering sheep take the wrong road because the shepherd was absent, for, in the measure that you seek to protect yourself, your possessions or anything that is yours, in that measure you have swerved from the Christ example, from the One who saved His faithful followers but took the Cross Himself...

"Little ones, that which I have said applies to us in a greater measure still. Where sorrow is, where suffering abounds, those who have the most power, those who have the most light, there are they. Where the need is greatest, where there is that which you name catastrophe, the Master walks, the Master endures with His little ones.

"Oh, think not that when that which you name earthquake takes place that the Creator does not suffer with His own. We are of Him. You cannot say to your finger: 'There is no connection between us'. As the knife is plunged into the hand, so that which you regard as yourself responds to the pain; yet, have I not told you that the physical body acts as a sleep where sensitiveness and feeling are concerned? When the least of God's creation suffers, so the Source from which it came suffers as well. This is the meaning underlying the assurance that the hairs of your head are numbered (Luke 12:7). That represents, in very truth, the link between the Father and His little ones.

"So, my children, I show you but I persuade you not. I tell you that that which takes place now and in the days to come will be marked on the next garment which you will wear - your failures, your successes, your hopes, your fears. Therefore, when the call comes, take heed how you choose. Those who love you are praying that you may choose aright, for they know that when the earth stage is o'er your joy or your anguish will be according to the record of the past...

"And now, my little ones, I will leave you for a space. I want you all to continue to give out of your love and your pure desires, for this night something is being weaved in which is beyond your comprehension now, something of God, that something which shall be shown in the next garment which will be your own. And now I go..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...My dear children, the power in this room tonight has been gifted in such a lavish manner that I could speak to you - and those you love could give their messages - during the hours in front. But the Father's will has been worked in. This is an illustration regarding the harvesting of the power. Remember ever how the Master, when on earth, gave instruction that the bread should be gathered into the baskets so that nothing should be wasted... Provision has been made in abundance, but, according to the law of the Spirit, we take for our immediate use and then we harvest the rest.

"Tomorrow and in the little time to come, there will be that upon the horizon which shall bring its double message: Hope and Sorrow. Hope, for the purpose has been placed before your eyes; sorrow, because this little world has brought upon itself that which is as anguish to the Father.

"But oh, remember this: That by the sorrow and the suffering, so the cleansing will take place; by the cleansing, so the chains which bind man to earthly things will be struck from him. By the freedom of the individual, so you are bringing into being that which is as a fragment of universal liberty not only for humanity, but by the influence thrown out from humanity, to creation as a whole. You struggle together - the children of God, with that which you name Nature in its many forms. You rise together or you fall together, and each one departs into his own place, that place built up by his thoughts and his life... As man rises, so Nature gains a radiance and a splendour which is of the Spirit Realms.

"Thus I leave you. Hold in your minds your responsibility to the Divine within, your responsibility to those who know less than yourself; your responsibility to creation as a whole. For the time is coming when, as children of the Father and Mother God, you shall bring into being that which is beyond the horizon of your thought at this stage. We are part of the Creator and the Creator has given us of Himself.

"So I leave you with the blessing of Christ resting upon you, that blessing which is aspiration; the blessing of the Master who has worked for us since the beginning and who will work for His own until all are gathered in...

"Oh, allow the Holy Spirit to illumine your physical minds. Grasp essentials and let the perishable things of this little earth be swept away; hold to the staff of faith - faith in God, not only as your Creator but as the One who loves you best...

"With peace continue your separate ways, but remember that this night you are linked to the great, great work, of which God is the Controller, and what is not accomplished at this stage will lie awaiting you in the life beyond the grave.

"Goodnight, little ones. Hold fast to that which has been bestowed, for that which you understand as the Presence has been here this night..."

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