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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An Extract From


Taken from an Address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Centre of Fellowship in Christ, 1a, Union Street, Barnet, on Sunday, November 11th, 1945.

..."There are those still enjoying the fruits of the sacrifices of others who try to justify their position, the position they took up that they would not assist in any shape or form in the great war that had fallen upon the world. Some managed to escape, others were caught by the rope of circumstances.

"How are such as these graded? By the law of your land no man was forced to take the life of another if conscience barred that act; but by the law of your land the young and the strong were called out of their homes to defend their country and the weak and the helpless, and if they refused to take up a physical weapon they had the opportunity to do those other tasks which would relieve the warriors for the awful work in hand.

"And yet, as you know, by influence, by the exercise of ingenuity, there were those who neither did their duty on the field of battle nor in their own home towns. There were those who used the war to build up a financial foundation, there were those who did not hesitate to take advantage of the absence of the warriors to slip into their place.

"I ask you to take a long view. As you watch the maimed and the blind, sometimes you feel that those others who escaped were either favoured by God or can be classed amongst the lucky ones, but that is only the earthly point of view; the facts have to be faced.

"War in any plane is against the Will of God, but it is also against the Will of God that those with the strength should not seek to protect those who are helpless under the hand of the aggressor; and as you who are gathered here would never pass the torture of an animal - you would definitely interfere on the side of weakness - so also man was called to defend his homeland and the women and the children and the aged in it. I want you to think carefully upon this subject, for war is inescapable in any plane: it is only the character of the war which changes, even as the cross of sorrow.

"You can live and carry on your own lives in this plane because of the warfare which has taken place between Nature, between the elements, and many other things beyond your consciousness now. How did the earth plane evolve, how did it become fit for you to live upon it? You have a physical body and the physical body can breathe in physical conditions, but that physical body would be useless to you in any other plane, whether of a denser character or of a character that is more evolved.

"But remember this: there are equivalent organs, and I go further than that and I say that in Nature, even in the great trees which shelter you from the sun and the rain, there are equivalent organs to those which you recognise as essential for life upon the physical plane. Here they bear an entirely material aspect, and in other planes less evolved and still more material, a denser aspect.

"But in those bright worlds which you will inherit in God's good time you will find that breathing represents a miracle of Grace, and that the bright ones are able to adapt those so-called organs of the spiritual body so that they can function in other planes than there own. But this is not possible until a certain stage of evolution or of dominion over the casket which holds the spirit has been attained.

"Now, beloved, in regard to those souls who allowed others to carry the burden, those who placed material ambition before the freedom of their soul, what of their future? Many of them are congratulating themselves that the war is over and that they escaped; but that is an entirely false assumption. There is no evasion of man's duty, there is only a postponement.

"You know in regard to some foul growth, sometimes it is essential that it should be removed, otherwise its fangs spread throughout the body. There are those who have been cured of many ailments by the Power of the Spirit, but there are certain complaints which are the direct result of the evil living of those who have gone on before - their forebears, who now are in another sphere watching with anguish what their self-indulgence has brought in agony upon those of their own line. And sometimes the only way out for these sufferers is through the shining gates that open into true life and health and joy and peace. Over such as these you can rejoice."...

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