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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 27th March, 1926.

"Almighty God, Thou our Defender and our Protector, pour down upon us tonight the light of Thy Love and grant that we, Thy little children, may be conscious of that Love, that we may be able to open our hearts and minds to receive it, to feel its great balm and comfort, and to be recharged with courage and strength to face tomorrow and all the tomorrows to come...

"Saviour, it has been taught that Thou art tenderness itself, and we feel this evening that this tenderness is our support, is indeed our anchor; and because tenderness so often is absent in daily life therefore we stretch forth and grasp that wonderful tenderness which Thou dost represent now and for all time.

"We ask Thee in faith, O Father, to make good that which is missing, to soothe and to heal those thoughts which may be contrary to that perfect harmony which is our desire during this sacred time of communion - communing spirit with Spirit, conscious each and every one of the mighty power of the Holy Spirit which is within us and which we, under Thy direction, use in the furtherance of Thy work...

"Under the radiance of Thy perfect Love we commence our work tonight... Amen...

"...My little children, I have been waiting with something like impatience for this moment. You will exclaim that Zodiac should feel impatient over anything, but where my children are concerned, out of the love which fills my heart for them, comes that eagerness which indeed, in a measure, represents impatience to speak, to console and to lift up...

"Oh, my children, never think that these little clouds, these little hurts caused by others, pass unnoticed by us or that they are overlooked by your Heavenly Father. Yet, I should be misrepresenting the true point of view if I did not remind you of the guardianship which is all around, if I did not recall to your minds that you are protected on every side. Though we cannot prevent these little darts falling upon you, because we are not allowed to interfere with the free will of anyone, yet we can do this - and this is where our joy comes in - we can not only recompense but we can add in such a measure that, on looking back, these events represent not loss but mighty gain.

"So, little ones of my heart, put away the sad thoughts, forget the little unkindnesses, and come with me for a little while, while we think of those things which are of God.

"Again I emphasise that God stands for Love, and if you, in your attitude towards life, overlook that fact, indeed you are denying the existence of the Creator Himself.

"Ah, when the body is no more, then it will be my great happiness to introduce you to the first representation of real Love. You will not be able to take in more, but that first representation will make the past seem as naught, will, as it were, throw open a door revealing a splendour, before which you will stand speechless - speechless with gratitude to God.

"So, my little children, tonight is not going to be a sorrowful one, it is going to be a night of joy, of complete understanding, and of illumination, in the sense that whereas we started in conditions representing twilight, we end under the radiance of God's almighty Love...

"Children, tonight for my instruction... and I love that little word because it denotes your attitude towards me - 'Instruction', yes, as to the things of the Spirit, and the instructor comes amongst you with the desire to protect you from what must follow if lessons remain unlearnt. The instruction is in those things which are of God, and this must be pursued sooner or later. Everyone has to master the same problems, everyone has to find his own solution; and the solution of all things is provided in God, in that Love which wearies not, which cannot be described in any language, which can never be seen and never be felt in its entirety, because it is entirely beyond the range even of the spiritual mind of man...

"But to revert to the subject of my instruction - Tonight, we will talk on that little phrase: 'Forgive and Forget'.

"And after we have considered the aspect as presented by daily life, then we will go a little further on and take God's side, and see how that reflects not only the past but the future, for God's side is in every stage of development, as you know full well.

"Now, my children, you will say to me: 'I can forgive but it is so difficult to forget!' Yet, remember this: That it is a sign of a certain amount of advancement to feel that you can forgive. There are countless thousands, both in the body and out of the body, whose hearts and minds are full of hatred and bitter malice towards those who have passed across their path. Yes, it would seem to you that when the body was no more, they would get a better sense of proportion, that they would be able to put the injuries of others where they belong and to rise above them - but not so, not so.

"When anyone comes back to you and tells you they have forgiven another, that in itself is a sign of progress, a sign of freedom - partial though it may be - from the things which bind. I repeat that there are countless thousands, who, spending their lives in the conditions built up by their life on earth - in that 'place' which is their own, who have shut themselves in a prison-house of hate; and though the body is no more, again and again, they seek to strike and - and this is the saddest part of all - in their frenzy they not only strike the one who struck them, but all and sundry, in their maniacal desire for revenge...

"Those on earth who have not penetrated into things as they are, are entirely unconscious of conditions after physical death. They read the Sacred Record, they see here and there that word 'Spirit', but when it comes to practical fact, they are unable to apply those references in the way which seems so plain to us.

"Children, you know that you are Spirit, that all men and women are spirits, and you know that even in your present surroundings you have those who represent a 'good' spirit and others who represent what, at times, appears to you as an 'evil' spirit.

"In all conditions - conditions which I cannot attempt to explain until you are a little older in the knowledge of the laws of God - but in all conditions which are not 'Spirit' in its true sense, there you get a vast assembly who indeed come under the heading in your language of evil spirits. Because they have forsaken God and Light and Truth, it does not alter the fact that they are spirits in its widest sense, but that which is Divine within has been so crushed down, so suffocated by the temptations presented by others, that instead of being 'good' spirits, they must be termed 'evil' because their thoughts and their intents are evil in the sense which you apply the word...

"Children, you saw that I could scarce express that thought, and why? Because God is a God of Love, and though in order to convey my meaning I used your words, Love stepped in, claiming the weakest and the frailest as His own, as His beloved children, whatever they may represent at this time...

"So here and now, once more, I put on record that the word 'evil' with us does not exist. There are very young children in their spiritual development, there are those who have bound themselves to what is antagonised from Love; yet this lack of development presents nothing more to us but work and training, so that in the by and by, those who are weak will be strong, those who are frail in faith will be determined in their loyalty to God, and all will be as the Father intends...

"My children, it is a grey picture that I have drawn, yet as with all things which are of God, if you reverse it, there you see the beauty and the perfection of that which has been drawn upon it. These spiritually ignorant children may harm themselves and they may seek to harm others, but, looking at things in God's way, you will find that that very weakness is used to strengthen others, to forward their progress, to make them suitable tools for the Master's work.

"Can you not see where I am leading your thoughts? Those who minister to them, those who seek to raise, those many, many missionaries - ah, their efforts, their strivings, their attainments, are indeed productive of that freedom from self which means peace within and peace without.

"So, dear children, even in thinking of the frailest and the weakest, you can see God's Hand at work. Taking that which is direct enmity to Himself, so the Father uses it to bring gain to others; and in the future, even those who spurn Him now will be won back, for God is stronger than anything else, and Love always wins in the end.

"From that, dear children, I would direct your attention to those on earth who are not even 'evil' in your application of the word, but just self-centred. They live, as it were, in a little turret whose walls are thick and high, and protected - so they think - from the assaults of the world, so their thoughts revolve around themselves, and they miss - ah, what do they not miss? They miss the wide horizon, they miss the freedom of the open plain, and, above all, they miss the consciousness of that at-one-ment with Christ which brings the only happiness which is worthwhile.

"These, dear children, cast a shade on the lives of many; yet, think you like this: In going over their possessions, what do they represent? Have they gladness? 'No', you answer: 'They have not'. Have they real love in their vibrations? And again you shake your head. Do they know that inward joy which comes so naturally when the spirit is able to govern the mind of the body - have they those experiences which change the greyest day into a beauty which is Divine? And again you answer: 'No'. The things of the world are tangible enough to them, yet when they pass hence, they will see them for what they are - even as the burnt out ashes from that which once provided warmth and comfort.

"So, my children, I turn your attention from their lot to your own, and if I commenced to enumerate your gifts, I should soon tire you, because looking at things from the side of Spirit, we see not only those you are conscious of, but we see the unlimited treasure of the heart, which those who love you - in the body or free from the body - have brought to you and will never take away...

"And then, dear children, we will touch on the past - but not in a sad way - only to extract from the past that part which belongs to God.

"Those old-time sorrows, the many who showed unkindness when already your hearts were nigh to breaking, the worries and the anxieties: At the time they seemed so real, that if anyone had suggested that their sharpness and their bitterness would fade away, you would have said: 'Impossible!' Yet lo, God's Hand has been passed over all that which has been, and if you look back now, you will not find it possible to view those many years as anything but a whole. The details, the incidents, the stabs of pain, the sorrowful thoughts, where are they? Forgotten - yes, forgotten - by the grace of God.

"Ah, my children, it is as thus: When those who seek to do the Father's will come Home, they are on the threshold of Reality; yet, ere they cross, they look back over the past - that sorrowful past - and they find instead of those painful incidents standing out sharp against the horizon, that all that remains appears as a fairly level plain, and over that plain a light mist lingers. They look and they look again, and even as they stand there in review, so that mist - which is the mercy of God - closes down upon the plain, and the past is no more. And then the voices of their true companions claim them - the welcoming voices which bid the pilgrim step into his Home and take that which Love has ordained shall be his own...

"Once again, dear children, I turn your thoughts to that little word 'forgive', and in thinking of forgiveness, instantly the thought of the Great Forgiver flies into the mind - more easily still at this season of the year (Lent), when the forgiveness of God was tested - so you think - to breaking point.

"But the Father regards His children in a totally different way from that which only the physical mind can rise to, and so it was that Christ, as He hung on the Cross, was not only able to forgive but even to forget the individual acts of His torturers...

"I see, dear children, that that at once causes a little difficulty in your minds, but I want you to take the spiritual aspect of 'forgetting'. Those who committed these deeds, when the Truth penetrated the physical mind, could neither forgive themselves nor forget; and then it was that Christ came with His gift of forgetting; and in order to make the forgetting a reality, He chose that course which is the only one which has the power to blot out what has been: He put them to work, He showed them how, by service and by striving in the far by and by, they could make that individual deed as though it had never been.

"Ah, but that is not all. The Master showed them also that in addition to wiping out what seemed to them impossible to remove, that in the very act of working out their own salvation they could also lend essential aid to others, to those who were finding it too difficult to work out alone their salvation and to bring the spirit within into its rightful freedom...

"I want you to get this point clearly in your minds: That in working out any deed which you feel was the second or the third best, not only can you retrieve the deed itself, but, also at the same time, you can strengthen another, you can restore to another that which has been thrown away... God's wonderful way of salving for His children that which is their treasure and His as well.

"So, my little ones, in thinking of the Saviour of the world, of what He endured, what He forgave, and how He has taught His betrayers to forget - so then from this you can see the road which lies straight before you. And in regard to this work - this most precious work for God, let your attitude be this: That in reviewing the few who have not risen, so you think, to the strongest within them, to immediately turn your mind to the many others who indeed have answered the call as God intended, for scarce a day passes when pleasant surprises in this connection do not come from one direction or another.

"And in regard to the few who, you think, on all grounds, should have lent their support to you in your days of struggle - well, dear children, in the measure that God is in their hearts, so when the realisation comes, they will not only regret, but instantly set to work to retrieve.

"And, children, this debt to you will not be paid back grudgingly - as at times on earth is the attitude of the borrower. No, whatever the lessons, whatever the effort demanded, and whatever the pangs it may cost, all will be taken on so gladly; so gladly because they will see, and because they will know, that these growing pains mean that birth into the liberty of the Spirit; that they represent not only progress in the earth sense, but that unfoldment, that releasing of consciousness, which will make the sense of unity between them and the Father seem complete. Yes, complete until they learn a little more, when once again fuller consciousness will be made their own, and this goes on for ever.

"Therefore, dear children, even in regard to the tiny minority, there is the aspect of gain which stands out so prominently that the loss side is submerged. So then, in thinking of such as these, do not say: 'I can forgive but I find it so hard to forget' - for in very truth, when the body is laid aside, you will see that you remembered something which no longer was in existence.

"Strange how the children of the earth, as it were, gather together their troubles and their memories, and lock them fast into some cabinet, and each time they pass so they visualise that which is contained within. Yet, when they pass out of their limitations and open that which, it seems to them, held so much - held all that which turned their life from sunshine into shadow - lo, they find nothing within; for time - yes, time - used by the Creator, has caused that which once had life to crumble away...

"Once more, my little ones, you can see for yourselves that the phrase 'forgive and forget' is not only an injunction but God has provided that it is impossible to remember; for as the children of the earth wend their way, so the messengers of God - bringing with them His good gifts - cover over, again and again, the wounds in heart and mind, and even a scar cannot be found. As we go on, so we see a little more of God's mighty plan, and so, dear children, it becomes not only easier to forget, but rather difficult to remember those things, which, at the time, stood out with hideous intenseness on the skyline of our life.

" - 'Forgive and forget' - and even as I say the words, so the forgetting is taking place. Truth, dear children, has not only an ennobling effect but, as it were, takes us out of the valley on to the hillside, where on the top of the hill stands the tree of Truth. Its branches are many, and these branches grow and grow, yet the tree must stand stripped of all dressing, like the great oak in wintertime...

"The mind of man, so conscious of little things, puts this and that upon it, decorates it even as a Christmas-tree - but the fine old oak needs no embellishment. Those things, pretty as they are, are for the children, and the tree, when its purpose is served, very often is thrown out on the dust heap, there to wither and die.

"But the tree which Truth represents is immovable, its roots go down so deep - ah yes, right through this little world of yours. But forget not this: That from the earth, by the efforts, by the work of the children of the earth, so that tree gains strength and substance, so that tree is replenished again and again...

"For the tree which stands on the hill, is the physical representation of that Truth which is of God, and it is the Father's will that the tree of Truth, which has been given to humanity, shall - in return for what it offers - take from humanity that which it can give, that which shall extend its branches, that which shall enlarge its girth.

"So, my children, thinking of things like this, we forget the trivial round, we forget the past, and we look forward to the glorious future, for then - yes, on the hill indeed, with the radiance of God's Love shining behind it, so the tree of Truth - which those who love God have sought to make strong and sturdy - will stand out against a glory which is of God Himself; and man will find that, although in the beginning Truth on earth seemed as a slender stem, yet through the ages, by the will of God and by the will of those who love God, that tiny plant has emerged from its limitations into that which not only shall stand for all time, but whose branches are uncountable and never ending.

"My children, it is with some diffidence that I refer to incidents in your lives, but tonight I want you to be sure that God is guiding you every step of the way. The diffidence is in regard to this: You love me well and if Zodiac said: 'Do this or do that', you would hesitate not, whether it was in accord with desire or the reverse. This love, and the obedience which love calls out, is indeed as a river of life in those conditions which God has gifted to me; but I am not free to do aught but guide you through the Spirit, leaving it to the spirit within to influence the mind of the body, so that God's plans may not be either postponed or go awry.

"I want you, dear children, to regard the present and the future in this wise: That because those who love you, desire for you the best and the safest road, so in the past, much had to be laid aside; and there were times, many, many times, when drawing power from God I stood between my little children when love - that which the offerers called love - was proffered to them. You knew it not, and yet at times a faint consciousness reached the physical mind that something stronger than yourselves had intervened. Indeed, this was so - literally as well as spiritually, I have stood between my children and that which represented danger - danger to God's plans.

"Yet, dear children, it is God's intent that tonight, in His Name, I should ask you to consider carefully the next step and the next. To consider carefully, in the sense that certain things are pending, and, in order that the pattern may be worked in according to the Divine plan, so it is necessary that responsibilities should be taken on; and in the taking on of these responsibilities, you have my assurance that God's protection is all around...

"Let your attitude towards love be as thus: Ask for the very highest and be not content with the second best, but when that highest is offered, take it as the gift which all true love represents, albeit in miniature, something of the love which awaits you all when you are free. The test of love is - as I have told you before - does it bring you more closely in touch with All-Love? Does it make that wonderful tie between you and the Father seem more complete?

"Yes, and there are many, who, when this love comes into their physical lives, find that never have they felt the Fatherhood of God in the same measure before. All love is as a tributary of the great Stream of Love which flows from God, and if you catch not some reflection of the Source, then indeed you can be certain that enemies are around.

"In this, dear children, again is bound up those little words -'forgive and forget'. All have much to forgive each other; there is not one, who, in going through their earthly experience, does not feel that there are not some memories which blister and burn. Yet, when we are free, we are amazed that the hurt of others ever caused us a pang; the ones which stand out so plainly are those which we caused another - the omissions, the careless manner, the hasty word, when, though perhaps we knew it not at the time, a thorn was inserted in the rose of love which had been presented by us...

"And then, for those who have been injured by that which is called love as a courtesy title - and I speak to my little Margaret (Mrs. Hoare) as well as to many others who are older, so far as the years of physical life are concerned. To all these I say, whether they be man or woman: If you have injured another by the desecration of that gift of love, then, while it is day, go back and retrieve the past. And to those who have been so injured, I have words not only of hope but indeed of Love itself:

"That which you gave which was handled so carelessly or so brutally, as the case may be, that love has brought and bought for you something which nothing else could provide. And remember this: That although the Saviour was the Lord God of all, during His earthly sojourn, because love plays so large a part in the life of the children of the earth, so Christ suffered in that respect as well...

"I underline this point with all the emphasis I can find: Those, blind to things as they are, may cry: 'Blasphemy!' Yet, I beg them think again. Christ trod the earthly way so that man should never be in a position to say that God could not understand man's frailties, man's temptations, and man's trials. How then could the Complete Mind be content with an experience so incomplete? For whether it is faced or not, the love between man and woman has not only changed the whole trend of their lives, but indeed it has damaged, or has raised up, as nothing else has the power to do...

"So then, to those who have suffered, whether they be man or woman, I bid them turn to Christ, and to be certain that not only can He soothe and heal, but, more important still: He understands.

"These sufferers are linked with Christ in a way no words can describe, for All-Love is struck direct by the desecration of that which He represents; and in the little by and by, not only will the past be forgotten, but real joy will be their own, for they will find that although they knew it not, love kept step with them all the way; and in this I am referring not only to God but to some child of God, who, out of love for God and individual love for the one concerned, was linked with them from the beginning of the earth journey to the end...

"There are no lonely people, there are no loveless people, there is that close affinity of heart and of spirit which is a Divine law; for have I not told you that before we can be complete, so within the heart and mind of every one the trinity must be there: The best in the man, the best in the woman, and the best in the child - for thus only can we, in any wise, attain to the Christ ideal...

"My children, underneath all this you will feel within your heart the necessity for forgetting as well as forgiving; and I would remind you that although God consents to His little children learning their lessons - because of the wonderful gain those lessons will bring to them - yet, God is not willing that they should remember the suffering and the strain attached to them. That is against the will of the Most High, and so He allows us to bring about the smoothing over of the rough places, the closing in of the open wounds.

"In this, dear children, you get another aspect of that Love which God typifies to all. Can you not see that All-Power could so easily do this direct? It is impossible for some to grasp why there should be the keepers and the watchers, the messengers and the disciples, the workers and the missionaries.

"As on earth, but in a gigantic way, so this law of the Spirit is worked out when we are free. God uses the minds of men and women on earth to teach those who are younger, something about Himself. There are the instructors, the pastors and the ministers, and these - according to their spiritual ability - introduce, as it were, their flock to God. So easily could All-Power dispense with them, so easily could He dispense with us; but the Lord God of all delights not in His power except to pass on that power to His creation.

"And thus it is, dear children, that we are allowed to companion you, to minister unto you, so that we in so doing, shall not only work out God's purpose in regard to your lives, but shall further His purpose in regard to our own. For each time we, or you, or anyone, is used as an instrument by God, so in the very act, that 'forgetting' of all that which we failed to be, is made more firmly an established fact.

"Cannot you see how Love not only creates love, but in creating the gift of love within us, enables us to create in others that same gift of love which will never die? That is God, or, I would say, that representation - which is as much as you can bear at this stage - of the God-Mind, the Father-Heart, the Christ sympathy and understanding...

"And now I will go..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, we will close this quiet evening with just a thought or two - not of the Day of Sacrifice, but rather of the wonderful resurrection, which typifies - in an unlimited manner - that resurrection which must come to all... Out of the body, and out of the attitude of the body, so by the killing of that which represents the material, we emerge into our true state as spirits, as sons and daughters of the Most High...

"Remember, dear children, that although Christ lived the perfect life, He understands how difficult it is for His children to rise to that 'best' which they long may be their own. Yet, in His resurrection, find your hope; let it not only symbolise the love and the power of God, but also extend those borders and say to yourselves that one time, although it may be in the far by and by, even the weakest and the frailest will have their resurrection, will throw off the bondage of the body, and as spirits, receive the blessing of the Great Spirit from whom they came.

"So, my little ones, in the days which are to come, when in quietness and in reverence you review that great gift of God, do not allow it to overshadow the brightness of the Great Purpose. Christ died on the Cross so that man might live; Christ allowed Himself to be crucified so that His children might be induced to crucify that which was of the earth within them, and to rise free from their material thoughts into that resurrection of purity which once was their own.

"In going back over the long experience of the ages, this we learn and this we teach: That God, as Christ, came amongst His children to lead and to guide them back into that Perfection from which they started out. And All-Love, All-Purity, showed for all time, that within the human heart and mind there was that Divine spark which could respond to Him, and which, in that response, could re-link itself to its Creator for ever and for ever...

"My child is a little tired so I will not prolong this evening further, yet I would remind you ere we part, that in your efforts to forgive and forget that which others have done against you, remember it is God's will that in regard to those failures to rise to the best within, that you should also forgive yourselves and forget. For lo, the time passes, and as the stages are overcome, so the resurrection of the spirit within is taking place; and in the little by and by, you will look back on that which represented those things which were not in harmony with God, and in so looking the spirit will come into its own; for the past creates the present, and the present the future, and God's Will will be done on earth, not only in regard to this great Truth but in regard to the individual lives of His children...

"God bless you all and keep you safe until we meet again, and make it possible that the remembrance of the resurrection which is taking place daily and hourly, may fill your hearts and minds with joy, for indeed that resurrection will bring you a joy that will never fade...

"Goodnight, my little ones - and be happy over the tomorrow to come."

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