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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Loughborough, Leicestershire, on Sunday, November 1st, 1936

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"Saviour Christ, into Thy hands I commend the spirit of this Thy child.

"Dear children, I greet you again in the Name of Christ, and I ask you to listen and make your own those fragments of Truth given by the Master to me to pass on; for I want you to realise that the time will surely come when you, too, will long to be used as messengers of the Christ, and the power shall be your own in the degree that you hearkened unto the Voice of the Spirit, in the degree that you dedicated yourselves to the service of others.

"Yes, I know that there are many in this mundane world indifferent to the lot of others, determined to snatch all they can and make it their own; but these foolish ones forget the change called death. The time must come when, reluctantly and with fear, they will be drawn near to the shallow river which lies between the two worlds, and whether they want it or not, that change of state must take place.

"When you think of the worldly, of those who are living for the body alone, something like fear clutches your heart, because you know that the laws of God cannot be flouted, that such as these must awaken to Reality and pay the price of that which has gone before.

"But today, brothers in arms, I wish to lift your thoughts above the sad side, above the loss side, away from all the folly and the recklessness that hold so many, even as in bands of iron, and to set you on your way rejoicing, because God is so good and God is your Father.

"Thus it is that the Master directs me to speak to you on that which I name: 'The Flowers of Sacrifice'.

"And I want you to remember that if you believe in Spirit Return or not, it makes no difference regarding the flowers that are your own, if you sacrifice for the benefit of others. What is it that the world needs so much today? I would emphasise again that it is love - unselfish love - and under that glorious title or phrase, so there is gathered much, and the things that are there have life for evermore.

"As the days creep by, your thoughts go back upon the past, and you try to make a stronger link with those who fell in battle. There is indeed, for some, the vacant chair in the home, because they do not know that their boys come back; but even so with you who do know and understand, sometimes there comes over you a longing for the physical presence, for the cheery laugh, for the loving look. Your eyes are blinded by earthly things, perchance your ears have been damaged by material sounds, and so you cannot hear and you cannot see your loved one close; but he is there in very truth.

"I want this day to speak of war, just in passing, turning your attention to that pronouncement in the Holy Book: 'They that take the sword shall perish with the sword' - and to unravel just for a moment or two the truth that lies beneath these words, which are applicable to each and every one, not only in the past but for evermore.

"I want you to think, in the first instance, of the motive that sent your loved ones from your side; I want you to pause upon the experiences that some went through. You know there were men who loved to fight because of the excitement it would bring; you know that there were some in reckless mood, not realising the brotherhood of man, who joined the ranks.

"But I want to emphasise here and now, that if those men under dire trial found the real self within released from its bonds and sought to save another, to lay down their life for their brethren, then the medley of rubbish that surrounded the aura of such as these, gained by that single attribute something of beauty and something of light.

"And here I want to show you, dear children, where man goes astray. The public imagination is fired so easily. A man may have had a so-called terrible past, but in a moment of inspiration he does a noble deed, and all that which went before is wiped out for his admirers. They applaud. The devious ways, the crooked paths, are made straight to their imagination. But that is not the Law of God. One good deed done in public or in secret is precious to the Father; but it is one good deed alone. It is, as it were, the pearl that is buried beneath the filth of the earth, and you cannot by one impulse change your nature, wipe out the record of the past.

"And in the question of war, I want you to listen and learn. Indeed, war is against the Law of God; but I say unto you that those who went out inspired by duty, who suffered sore, indeed their names liveth for evermore.

"But we cannot blind ourselves to Reality, and when such noble souls awaken in the World of Spirit, they are anguished because their hand was raised against their brother; yet comfort comes because there was no willingness in the heart to wound, because even as they struck, many of them would have preferred to have been struck themselves. And here we find the law of Divine Justice shown once again, that law which relates not only to earthly swords, but to any weapon of attack, whether on the battlefield, in the field of toil, or in the silence of the lonely room.

"So I speak not only of the flowers of sacrifice, but of the weeds of selfishness that litter up the earth. There is much that causes wounds to others - deep, deep wounds - wounds that take so long to heal, and they come not from physical force but from unkind minds and malicious thoughts.

"And there is not one who can say: 'I am free from this sin', or 'free from this weakness', for the tempters are all around. But as realisation comes to man that these thoughts, these feelings of rancour, jealousy and malice, one against the other, must be reaped in time to come, so comes the consciousness that a greater effort can be made to withstand the tempters that press in on either side.

"I turn to the women and I ask them regarding the pains of their body: Have they not suffered more from the cruel thoughts of others than from the anguish of childbirth? For when the child has come, so the joy and the love seem all around; but when your true friend - as you regarded him or her - when such a one fails in time of need, it takes a long time for that wound to heal; it has gone so deep, there is poison in the dart, and although you seek to forget and forgive, again and again the remembrance comes back; for something beautiful has been killed, and that is trust, and only when the veil is parted can the wounds be closed and the blow be forgotten for evermore.

"So I plead with the minds of men and women, and I ask them to tread more carefully along the earthly path, withholding the word of criticism, struggling to beat down the unkind thoughts; for remember this, dear children, that the Law illustrated by the Master - he who takes the sword shall perish with or by the sword - that relates to those sins of the Spirit as well. It is not only the gun or the bomb that shatters life. How many have found that their strength is dwindling because of the cruel thoughts that are around; how many have found that the joy of life is quenched because the sword of rancour has pierced their very being.

"So I want you to think at this coming season (Armistice), of all those who have gone on before, and when you bear their memory in mind, by act, to remember this as well: that those who slew each other are brothers now, that those who sinned against the Law of Christ, they know better now, and they are seeking to do their part to restore. And because so many of them gave the choicest flowers of sacrifice, the power is around them, and they love to come to you to readjust things by healing your wounds, by closing in the dark corners of your mind where sorrow dwells.

"Oh, remember ever, dear children, that God is not mocked, that the law of retribution and compensation is far wider in its implication than those on earth have ever grasped. There is not one here who thinks a kind thought, who takes the trouble, if possible, to put that kind thought into action, who is not adding to the Flowers of the Spirit which are essential for the healing of the broken-hearted, and the raising up of those struck to the earth by the sorrows of daily life.

"Oh, with all the force of my being, I wish to pass this message on, to show you that you cannot lift another without the angelic ones seeking to lift you still closer to God. You cannot pray for the mitigation of the pain of an animal, without immediately lessening your own pain and your own strain. You cannot look out on Nature and try to do your part in the gardens which are your own, without clearing out some of the weeds that may have grown entangled in your heart and mind.

"Cannot you see how wonderfully the Laws of God operate for each and every one, irrespective of position or education or health or sect or nationality? Irrespective of these things of the earth, the Laws of God move on in perfect harmony; and when man is free from that which binds - and his eyes are opened - he marvels, he worships, and he adores.

"So at this sweet time of remembrance, we want to think of that which is brought forth by the flowers of sacrifice. What of the mothers and the wives, what of the young girls who waited in vain? There were some, we know, who took the world's way to forget. They will reap what they have sown. There were some of the parents who sank into an early grave, as you name it; the impetus of life had been taken out when their boy had gone. And here we see, dear children, why it is so important that more and more messengers from the Realms of Spirit should return and instruct.

"If these parents had known that life goes on for evermore, that their dear son was with them by day, and that they were with him by night, they would have taken up their cross and struggled on. There would be no broken hearts on earth if God's Laws of Mercy were understood, there would be no dark thoughts on earth if the Love of God had been exampled to man over the ages that have passed.

"Thus I come in this same way, taking my road up and down the countryside, seeking to pass on fragments of truth so that time may not be wasted, so that when man passes into the Life that is real, instead of retribution, compensation alone shall be found on either side.

"And I send out this thought of comfort regarding your dear ones who have gone on before. They are so close, for the earth needs them badly; they are working with all their might and main to stem the tide, that awful tide of war-like thoughts; they are this time on the side of Peace, they are combining with the angels and the archangels so that humanity shall not be crucified again.

"But you know that the gift of free-will cannot be interfered with, for God has given it unto man; but we ask for your prayers, we ask for concentration, we ask for your cooperation so that the forces of evil may be sent back, so that those in power, holding as it were in their hands the destinies of thousands, they may not work their will and bring tragedy upon mankind.

"At this time perhaps more than at any other, the barriers between the two worlds are down, because you on earth are focussing your thoughts on those in the Beyond, and this presents to each and every one a wonderful opportunity to link up - not in selfish love, but putting aside your own desires - to link up with the World of Spirit, so that catastrophe may be averted from the earth plane.

"So dear children, this message comes to you individually and collectively from the World of Spirit: that you can add to the flowers of sacrifice, which, all unconsciously maybe, you are presenting to the Master Christ. I would reason with you. Today, longing springs up for this or that, which seems so desirable. That is but temptation. Remember the tomorrow of time. How oft you look back and wonder because something once seemed so dear, so desirable to your immature eyes; now you smile at yourselves because you did not understand.

"How much is this multiplied when you are in God's Land, when you see the real treasures, the real jewels of Christ, brought into being by the sacrificial effort of those on earth, when you watch miracles of grace performed by so-called earthly ignorant people. Then you marvel, then you realise how foolish you were, for the things of the earth have so small a place.

"With those who are worshippers and disciples, the things of the earth should indeed have a small place in the scheme of things, as concerns the individual. Desire much, but for others. Work while it is day, but beyond that which represents the essential for keeping life in the body and feeding the mind, give away, give away.

"Let not the treasures of the earth ensnare your being, for when you are free, your eyes will be opened and you will see how great a price man pays for earthly treasure - he exchanges for them those things of the Spirit which never perish; and the sword of earthly power he took up to wrest from another what was not his own, that sword is in his own heart, for he sees that in the taking he destroyed that which was part of his spiritual inheritance.

"But let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. God has promised great things to those who love Him, and those things are so great and so wonderful that earthly words cannot portray them. But from you, dear children, there must come the flowers of sacrifice. If one of the enemies strike you and you allow yourselves to be crushed, you are combining with the enemy, and the angels wait for your cooperation.

"Therefore when the dart comes, when the angry words are given, seek to be patient; remember that although those bound by material things may think you are weak, God knows that you are strong. Does it matter what those on earth think of you when the Master smiles upon you?

"I entreat you all, as you take your daily way, to remember that the simple things are best, that the way of duty is the only way that leads into the Kingdom.

"If when you try to help, when you seek to build, there are those around to scorn you, there are those around to give you the credit - or the discredit - for unworthy motives, search your heart and mind. If your motive is pure, then indeed you shall build truly; and out of the flowers of sacrifice there shall be born for others the healing balm of the Holy Spirit, something that can defy death, can ignore disease, can smile at blows. But only out of the self-denial of the individual, can the flowers of the Spirit gain their life and being to beautify this world and those many states to come.

"Thus the message comes: Search your hearts and minds. Those who have been so tried by adversity, they may know it not, but their flowers of the Spirit are beautiful to behold; and those who search for work and find it not, if only their faith in God remains, their recompense is glorious and everlasting.

"I bless you all with healing for the heart and mind, and if it is the Father's Will, with healing for the body; yet always remember the wonderful lessons that can be learned from pain, lessons that cannot be made your own by any other means than pain.

"I bless you with healing for your heart and mind, and with the courage not only to take up your cross, but to go to those who have flung down their cross and persuade them to join the great army, to swell the ranks, for indeed the Christ Crusade must go on.

"And out of the flowers of sacrifice shall come the power - out of the silent prayers, out of the determination to strive, out of these precious gifts, shall come Divine power; and Divine power on earth is needed in a way no man can grasp, if terrible things are to be averted from the children of the Father.

"So I bless you with courage. Strive on, my children, strive on, and sacrifice, for only in this wise can you gain those things that never pass away, only in this wise can you show yourselves true disciples of the Christ; for forget not that the Master held naught unto Himself.

"With the thought of Christ, the One who loves us best, I take my leave. Under the sunshine and the glory of His Smile we are unafraid, we can make the full surrender, and in the making of the full surrender, link ourselves to Him for evermore.

"Peace be unto you. Farewell."

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