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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 21st December, 1924.

"O Gracious Spirit, we meet tonight with happy hearts, with hopes that are high and with a faith that is firm. Grant that upon each one this evening the Holy Spirit may descend, and that they, feeling that sweet companionship, shall indeed forget the world and all that seeks to hinder...

"O Father, we pray that the Light may come - we ask it for Thine own dear sake. And we know that in gathering together for this sacred communion we are indeed as little children seeking to carry out the injunction which Thou hast laid upon us; and because of this the protection is secure, the blessing is three-fold, and the joy and the peace of the Spirit is here.

"O Father, grant that we may emerge from the smaller self into that new liberty of consciousness - that consciousness that we are Spirit and not body, that consciousness that we are linked to Thee for all Eternity. Enlarge the borders of our thinking, open our hearts and minds to Love - to the bigger sweeter, purer Love - and make it possible that in front the Star may be seen, even as those who were out in the darkness saw the Star of sacred worth, of the Redeeming Spirit. Grant that Thy little children on earth may, with faith, raise their eyes from the earth and see the star of attainment - of spiritual attainment - calling them on and on...

"Take of us, take of each one, that which we have to offer - our thoughts, the love of our hearts, the wish to serve; and grant that these, coming under Thy Divine understanding, may be found acceptable and may be used to further the work which Thou hast given us to carry out... We ask it with humility, yet with certainty that as we ask, so the Grace will come.

"Father, we thank Thee... thank Thee... Amen...

"...Good evening, my children. I want you tonight to try and follow me in thought a little farther on the road of spiritual understanding, which, in a way you little think at this stage, shall be proved to be indeed of marvellous worth. I speak to you all - I make no exception and the stranger is gathered in - I ask you to allow the Spirit to so play upon the physical mind that its restrictions will fall away; and you, just wishing to contact with the things of the Spirit, shall indeed contact with the great Spirit of all. Only have faith and patience, and nothing shall be denied you if your wishes are pure...

"My children, in these evenings, I like, as you know, to get everything - as much as possible - into harmony. And I have told you before that it is not always an easy task - the things of the earth interfere. I am not blaming you for this, but I tell you that when the mind is fixed too firmly on the material, naturally, you bar yourselves from entering into the peace which passeth understanding.

"So when we come together like this, I have to take your minds and your feelings, as well as your opinions, and by the power of the Spirit, weave them into the finer vibrations which are here - brought by Divine power into this little room in a measure unimagined, not only by you but by anyone upon the earth plane.

"Still this has been done over and again, and your part is a small one - very small in comparison with ours. We just ask you to think of God, and then to think of what you would like to be - as you imagine God intended. This done, the harmony is complete.

"So you see, dear children, now I have gathered you all in under my love, I can continue without fear of interruption - and tonight I want to speak to you a little about: Finding Christ.

"Yes, you have heard a lot about that from this one and that, and sometimes a word here and there enables you to get one pace closer to the Saviour; and yet again, so bewildering are the theories which emanate from the mind of man, that a chance phrase seems to put that Gracious Presence far, far away.

"Well, dear children, of course it is not necessary for me to say that there are vast numbers who do not wish to find Christ at all – it isn't a question of seeking and not finding, it is rather the attitude of mind that rules the Divine out altogether. The world is more attractive; its multitude of details press upon the mind, and man - in his folly and blindness - says to himself: 'I'll attend to that later on!'

"But to such as these, very often the opportunity does not come in the way they think. You cannot suppress a desire which is of the spirit, without - in time - that desire withering down to its roots. You cannot play with that which is Divine within - you have got to treat it as something which has to be contended with sooner or later, something that has to be answered and will not be put aside by vain excuses...

"My children, in speaking thus forcibly, I would not have you think that I am setting myself up as a judge on these poor, foolish ones - but I see what this carelessness is going to cost them later. You cannot go on the road which leads away from God, and then, having reached a certain point, take a short cut across country and pick up the right one.

"You have been told that there is one road and one road only, and if you choose that which is alien to Him, so, when the real you wakes up to its responsibilities, with pain, with heaviness of heart, and much weariness of body, step by step you come back - come back to the cross-roads again - and until you have reached that point which shows an open, direct path to God, happiness will elude you and regret be your portion, because of the awful waste of time...

"My children, 'finding Christ' is at one and the same time the simplest and the hardest thing there is. Simple because Christ has said: 'Take up thy cross and follow me', and in that brief injunction you get your direction. Faith and obedience and love - and once you can say: 'I come', then the protection is so built up around you that evil, as evil, can touch you no more.

"But man turns that which is simple into the complicated; he uses those precious gifts of the physical mind which you call 'intellect', to make barriers between himself and the Father; he plays with this idea and that - he does not want to find Christ, but rather to exalt and develop that self which the physical mind only represents - that same physical mind, remember, which is laid aside with the body when you come Home.

"Man prefers the winding paths of thought - faith represents very little to him at this stage: 'Give me facts!' - he says - 'show me it was laid down by science and proved in practice, and then I will believe!' Yet, mark you, what has science shown all through the ages? That its landmarks are movable - that it has never reached a state yet of finality and never will. Science - that designation which so often misrepresents the meaning meant to be conveyed - science is as a little child learning its lessons, and, as it passes on from stage to stage, finds that the wider vision blocks out the restricted view of childhood.

"And so you see, dear children, that it is not wise to put your whole weight on anything of the earth, however valuable or useful it may be, because man is finite and is but in the learning stages, and can only progress by making mistakes and proving the truth.

"On he plods, and much valuable work is done in the way of steadying the wills of others, of producing consecutive thought, of holding the mind in so that it is not at the mercy completely of the emotions. This, so far as it goes, is of immense value; but, as I have said, if you are to rely upon any certain thing or certain person, then you must be sure that that one thing or person is reliable.

"And so we come back to faith - faith in God, faith in our Saviour Christ, unchanging, unchangeable, the One who never fails however great the provocation may be. In a restless world, with its uncertainties on either side - oh, it should bring comfort to those who feel they are as a craft at the mercy of a current which they little understand; it should bring comfort to these to know that there is One, not only as an Anchor when anchorage is required, but as the Steersman, as He who can take you through the fiercest dangers there are, and One with Whom you know you can leave everything to be worked out, because of His perfect Love as well as His infinite understanding.

"My children, be not deceived by yourselves and let not others deceive you. Those who wish to find Christ, find Him very soon; those who say they wish to find Christ, and yet look in the opposite direction - they find Him not - because there is only one way of finding the Master: By seeking, by effort, and by determination to go on.

"And then I speak of another matter which sometimes has been discussed by you and others. It is in regard to those, who, free from the body, are classed amongst those in the Bright Realms of the Spirit...

"It has been chronicled by some that these have not yet found the Christ - the Messiah - that they have come back saying: 'We know not of a Christ here!' - and there are those upon earth who take this as evidence that Christ as God, and God as Christ, never existed.

"Well, my children, what I said about those upon the earth applies equally to those who are free from the body. There is not one who has passed out of physical life, who has ever wished to see Christ, who has not seen Him in all His Love, tenderness and beauty.

"To those who deny His existence I say: Seek Him with the mind of the spirit and you will find! And more than that, I tell you tonight that even to those who tell you they know not Christ, Christ has come, has ministered unto them, has tried to help them to get free: He comes but they know Him not. So you see that history repeats itself again and again...

"The Christ-Child, the gift of the Spirit was despised. Christ came to man - the long-promised Messiah, the One who had been looked for, prayed for - and yet when He came they knew Him not.

"Oh, my children, doesn't it tell you the danger of that physical mind and physical thinking which is not controlled by the spirit, when such views, such convictions, hold good even when the body is laid aside, and if they willed, unlimited vision of the wonders of God might be theirs? On earth they knew not Christ, and out of the material world still they know not the Saviour - although the Saviour ministers unto them.

"Children, you have been told that even those most alien to our Lord are under His care and are surrounded by His Love, so it should not surprise you when I say that to those poor blinded ones Christ comes again and again. And I would add that, presently - yes, perhaps rather a long time ahead - but the day will come when these will awake and they will understand - they will understand that even as Christ companioned them on earth, so He companions them in the worlds beyond the earth - and so He will be with them until the end, which, as you know, is the beginning of that glorious state which you call Eternity.

"I want you, dear children, not to look askance at people in either world, who tell you they know not Christ. Criticism or any form of judgment doesn't help a bit; but you can help those who are out of physical conditions - you can help them by prayer, by sending out those strong thoughts of faith in the living Christ, by commending them ever and ever again to God, and by asking that their eyes may be opened so that they can take in the great joy and gift of knowing the Saviour who is by their side...

"So, dear children, my Christmas message is this:

"The Christ-Child came in the days of old and the world knew Him not. Today, all day, and every day, Christ comes with the offer of protection, of guidance and of unlimited love. And all you have to do - and all you are expected to do - is, out of your tiny resources of feeling and love, to link yourselves with the Divine in that happy sense of companionship, and, as it were, to throw in your lot with the Friend of friends, with that understanding, all-Compassionate Jesus, who lived and walked amongst men; who not only poured out His Love upon them, but who gathered unto Himself that devotional love which we couldn't express in any terms, because day by day as the feeling came, so its strength grew in intensity - to feel as we felt, that in your daily life, in those trivial, mundane things, when spiritual conceptions seem rather far away, that the Master walks with you, as He walked with His disciples of old, entering into their interests, watchful that harm to the soul should be kept far from them, and mindful of their physical wants - that thoughtfulness over all things that concerned them; that today the same Christ is with you offering His sweet companionship and all that means; that you have not to go out and seek for that which eludes your anxious quest, but can turn to Him with confidence, with certainty that in so doing you are obeying His most loving injunction...

"My children, the Christ-Child of old is the Christ of today, and the Christ of today is the same Jehovah, the Lord God Almighty, the Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and the Father of you and of me. You cannot think of one aspect of the Godhead without bringing in and including all the rest - the Christ-Child, in its very feebleness and helplessness, showing to us all that God understands when you feel childish and irresponsible; then through the growing stages, when the mind begins to act and to be independent, so also Christ understands that, for He went through it too - and so on and so on...

"In all the stages of your physical, mental and spiritual progress, there is not one incident over which you can say: 'Now I am alone!' In Christ, God entered into that which we - with our smaller endurance - find so hard; and His understanding faileth never. His strength is poured down upon us, recharging ours when it is weak and feeble; and His Love, closing in upon us, banishes for ever that sense of isolation...

"And thus it is that you and I today, dear children, can say and mean and demonstrate: 'I know Christ: Christ is God and God is my Father'.

"And now, dear children, I will give place to others, but I want you, as far as possible, to give up your wills tonight - saying to yourselves: 'God's ways are best - best for me!' - and you shall find in very truth that God's ways are far better than you could think for yourselves... And now I go..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, we must close because although the power is strong enough to continue, I bear in mind the work that these records entail, and I want always, if possible, that the sense of strain should be lost in the feeling of joy and of peace that this sweet communion should bring.

"You who have tried so much, who have given up of your thoughts and of your time, you, little children of the Light, should for ever be centred in happiness - in that definite sense of security, in that perfect confidence which the knowledge of the things of God always brings...

"So, dear children, tonight my last words are these: That in spite of disappointment, in spite of rather a hard year, as it closes you can look back on the furrow which has been opened and see that it was good. It is not that God wishes the way to be hard, but when it is virgin soil, then it needs a strong arm and a sharp spade to cut the plots and to open up that which has not been touched before.

"Cannot you see this for yourselves? It is in the preparation - during those first stages - that the strain is felt. But with practice - again, dear children, that word 'practice' comes in - not only does your arm grow stronger and the driving force greater on the tool that you use, but also, by experience, you know which is the best way to turn the soil...

"In the years that are to come, you will look back and thank God, not only that you were brought through in safety, but also that the going was so hard, for only by that process, by separating the mind from the cloying desires of the world - only by the freeing of yourself from self and all that means - can you be found worthy or suitable for use by the Master...

"Those who have love for God in their hearts, instinctively they want the best, and, as you have been told before, the best - in its spiritual sense - can only be acquired by effort, by patience, by consecration, and by service.

"Yet with the larger vision comes the understanding that you are emerging out of captivity, out of the darkness of the earth, free from the chains of material desires - that you are emerging as captives set free, and, more than that - for as your freedom comes so the Great Father of all meets you, and where the chains cut into the physical body, so He lays garlands of power, so the healing Spirit of Peace descends upon you, and so that weakness is turned into strength - the strength of God which never flags and never fails, the strength which is the foundation of your confidence in the mission which lies before you - the confidence that because Christ has called and you have answered, then it is upward and onward all the time.

"And thus I leave you, hoping that, inspired by the Spirit of God, you may go on your way not only in determination, but rejoicing - rejoicing because you see whither it leads and what it is producing now and in the days to come.

"In the Name of the Father I bless you with peace, with unity, with faith, and with love. The little children of the Light are safe and secure for evermore...

"In the Fatherhood of God, resting on the understanding of the suffering Christ, sheltered and protected under the influence of the Holy Spirit, we go on - out of the darkness into the twilight; out of the twilight into the dawn; out of the dawn into God's fresh morning - and then the revelation shall come... Goodnight."

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