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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 3rd October, 1925.

"Most Understanding Father, we gather together tonight with thankful hearts, and we ask Thee to so lift us out of the things which vex, that we may be free to contact with the children of Light, who draw near to the children of the earth in order that darkness may be no more...

"Saviour Christ, in Thy Hands we leave all things, and we know that Thou hast provided in the only way which Love can. We ask Thee to gather us into that peace, that harmony, that joy which is of the Bright Spheres alone...

"In the hearts of all Thy children is a great need - the need for real companionship, the need for One who will love and understand. Tonight, O Christ our Saviour, we recognise that in Thee we have the Perfect Friend, and because of this wonderful link between us so we, with renewed courage, carry on Thy work, resting on Thy strength, confident that the power will be given and that we shall feel once more the Holy Spirit in our midst... Amen...

"...My little children, it is with a joy too deep for words that I come into your presence tonight, and I ask you - every one - to send out to me that love which you can find in your heart.

"It is strange to us, that so seldom do the children of the earth pause to consider our point of view. It seems to them that we are centred in Light and in that real happiness which is of God, and therefore, we are independent of the thoughts and feelings of those on earth.

"Never was there such a fallacy. Oh, my children, when you are free, you, in turn, will come back, and there will be those still cabined in the body who will have the power to, as it were, plunge the sword of suffering through your heart. Yes, and what will be your attitude then? It will be the same as ours today. Where love is concerned, suffering has no power to come in between - where love is concerned, then we kiss the cross which strikes us...

"Children, I want you to visualise always the sword and the cross as one, but oh, for ever wipe out of your minds the sword as it is used to destroy a companion or fellow-being on this little plane which you call the earth. The cross - it is there on the hilt - and each one of us bears our sword because we are soldiers of the Most High.

"But the position is this: That which wounds - that which causes suffering - is directed against ourselves and not against another. This, dear children, is the whole explanation of that close connection between the cross and the sword. To us they are as one, and without these precious tools - without the suffering which they represent - progress would be impossible.

"I want you, tonight, to think again in regard to the privilege of taking on small or large burdens during the earth life. I want you to get the spiritual view, when anguish will be no more, when the joy and the peace, which is of God, will enter into your heart and mind; and though storms may fall upon you, though the blows of others may attempt to strike you, free in your armour of Christ, you will go on, serene - confident in your Protector.

"Oh, my children, listen to me and try and take the comfort which I long to bestow. There is not one of my children who has not suffered, or who will not suffer - if suffering, so far, has eluded them. And I want you to take this in its spiritual significance.

"Children, the shadows work in many ways: They come to some and out of their false loyalty they bring them the good gifts of the world, they protect them from carrying their share of the burdens, they fence off every experience which might take them a step nearer to God...

"This is the true view, this is the real view of those, whose lives seem to you even as a summer day. Have compassion for them because they are 'befriended' by those who stand between them and the spirit's desire; pity them, dear children, for the road in front is long, and that brightness and sweet content - which only He who knew sorrow so well can bring - that lies in the far by and by, for knowing not sorrow they know not the Bearer of all sorrow...

"Cannot you see - you who have suffered, you who have lost - cannot you see the link between you and The Christ? How could you find in Him the Perfect Friend if your experiences of the earth life were so different? How could you mingle and intermingle with those who are His messengers, those who are His disciples, those who have chosen the hard steep way - if you were unacquainted with grief?

"Cannot you see how your adversities are your advantages? How your sorrows, literally, build up your joys? How the disharmonies of physical life are paving the way for the harmonies which are of God? That peace, which is not only a part, but the essence of those realms which are Spirit - this peace has been purchased at the price of suffering in its many forms...

"Children, there is not one little flower which grows by the wayside, which hasn't had a history of suffering behind it. Beauty is born of suffering - not only in nature, but still more so in the soul which is within us all.

"Yet, think you one minute. You have been told by me, that in the Mind of Love, suffering - for others - has no place; He wishes His children to be centred in that sweet joy which lasts. But the Father knows, we know, and you know, that the planing process - the refining process - must take place first before you can be as one in that environment which is Spirit alone.

"Suffering then, is but for a space, and the next phase is this - and it fills my soul with a happiness too deep for words when I say that some of my children are on the threshold of this next stage...

"The time comes, dear children, as I have said oft before, when to suffer for Christ is the greatest joy that we can know, because it makes us feel that we are worthy to work and to be with Him; and when that attitude of mind is reached, sorrow as sorrow can touch you no more...

"The next stage, dear children, is, as it were, a returning over the physical track - that track which has been left, so far as the body is concerned. And oh, I would have you know, that to those who love God, the greatest punishment of all is to be cut off from those others who need their aid so sorely.

"We - because we have seen and we know - we come back, as you would say, to this little world of yours, or to one of those myriad of spheres which, as yet, are hidden from you, and we work for, we guard, and we serve those who, as yet, have not found the Great Lover of all - those who have missed the way into the Light, those who have condemned themselves to something which resembles night indeed.

"And now, my children, I want to speak to you about another point, yet you will see, ere we close, that the first reflects the second and the second reflects the first. I want to speak to you about: 'Fear and Faith'.

"Tonight, dear children, we are very close together in Spirit, and once more I emphasise that because I am free from a physical body, in no way does that interfere with my perfect understanding of physical conditions and the restrictions they impose. Never regard me as some 'saint' centred in light, in purity and in joy... Those who wish to be a servant of their Master know not that name; they are the companions - the loving companions of all who need their help - of all those who are finding the way to God both steep and hard.

"Children, during the earth stages, fear plays a large part in the life of the majority. There are so many kinds of fear, that it is impossible to enumerate them, but tonight I speak to those many who have known that deep apprehension in which 'self' plays but little part - that apprehension over the future, over the wherewithal, over the lives of others and what must be gone without...

"Then, dear children, there is the fear of old age. Those so-called lonely ones who, fence it as they may, again and again are brought up against that dread spectre of age - yes, old age, and poverty as well. Oh, I know that your hearts go out to such as these, I know that by sympathy, you can understand that this fear is a terrible one indeed.

"Then, dear children, there are those multitude of fears connected with the busy everyday life; they crowd in upon each one - and many look forward to that time when they will bid farewell to the body for ever and for ever.

"Children, each one, within your heart and mind, has some fear hidden there. Again and again, you silence it, but again and again, its voice is raised - and you know that the time will surely come when that fear will have to be met and faced; and in your sinking hearts the conviction comes that it will not be you who will be victorious...

"Children, can you understand when I say that these things are part of the training, part of the necessary testing to find whether the vessel which you represent can be found firm enough for the Master's use? Can you grasp the deep spiritual significance of my words, when I say that the time will come - when you are free - when you will look back down through that long corridor of time, and you will see that those patches of darkness were but shadows on the wall?...

"Yet you will answer: 'One must live - one must do their duty to others, and in the future there is no prospect of help coming!'

"Children, of course you must know that because you are bound by physical sight, of necessity your eyes can only carry to the next hill - you cannot see the top of that hill, and you cannot see the bright beyond. It is as though you were working in a valley, and again and again, your eyes go up to the hill which lies in front. When you are very young that hill represents gratified ambition; as you grow older perhaps 'disillusionment' is a more suitable term; but the hill stands there, blocking out the glory of God's promises...

"You see, my children, that I understand. If I could not understand, I should not be in your midst; I should be found a vessel unsuitable for use.

"But tonight, I have a message of hope for all - not only for my dear ones here, but for all my children wherever they may be. I ask them to try and do this for their own sakes, and for the sake of Christ who loves them so well - I ask them to view that hill in this guise: As something which can and must be scaled by faith. I want you, especially, more and more, to make this attitude your own; to say to yourselves: 'I am bound by the body but those who are free from the physical, they can see, and they have told me that the future is bright with the sunshine which shines from God's love'.

"Children, faith is a very difficult thing to make your own; if it were not, then it could not work out, and work in, those wondrous things of God. You cannot step into faith without preparation... 'Ah', but you say: 'I know many who have that faith which I desire so much!' Again, shut in by the physical mind and physical sight. That preparation, the essential preparation, by and through which only faith can be made your own - that has been won either during the physical stages or before those stages were commenced. You cannot step into faith without having given of yourself...

"And yet, dear children, the acquirement of faith was never meant to be so difficult a task. Christ understood the heart and mind of man, and He showed them the little child as the zenith of faith. But there are those who must travel far before they can come back to that simplicity of faith which a child represents.

"Yet, dear children, I would not dishearten: I am here to show you the way in which faith has to be learnt. How? By simple acts - not only of the mind - but definite acts each day. I want you to consider this - to consider how you can bring to yourself, that faith, which will remain untouched by all those forces of evil which the thoughts of men and women have brought into being.

"Each day, make a compact with yourself - that one act of faith shall be done - yes, carried through. If you cannot call upon from within the strength which will allow you to do this then, dear children, say once a week - out of seven days, mark one hour for an act of faith...

"And here it is, dear children, that I must speak most seriously about that faith which is of the mind alone. Good it may be if it is a stepping stone to something better, but, dear children, there is a terrific gap between that and faith in action.

"There are countless thousands in the world today who would be indignant if you questioned their faith, but if they were candid with themselves, they would have to confess that that faith was of the mind alone; they walked warily when it was a matter of putting faith to the test...

"Children, when you come here you will see that - as you would say - 'poles apart' stand 'faith of the mind' and 'faith in action'; and so different will be the two aspects, that never more will you give those beliefs and opinions the designation or the title of 'faith'.

"My children, you may say to me: 'If I endeavour to follow your advice to put faith into action, and things go wrong, what of that?' I answer, that putting faith into action with the certainty of all coming right, would not be faith at all. That is the surface - we are talking of the deep things of the Spirit. But I can say this - instructed by my Holy Master - that not one act of faith should not be found, when you are free, justified up to the hilt.

"In God's sight, there are no failures of faith, remember that. During the physical stages, because the enemy has been given so much licence, it happens, now and again, that faith bears no fruit in its own day. But the seed was planted in spiritual soil - the earth was too coarse, too crude to nurture it. In the soil of the Spirit, there the seed is preserved, and more than that: Children, even while bound by the body, there are those who, with eyes of faith, can see its blossoms in another realm...

"Oh, my children, could you but grasp the value of your opportunities now, I should not have to entreat you to put faith into action. Could you understand what it will mean, when you are free, not once a day but every hour - aye, with your thoughts, with your will - every minute you would put faith to the test...

"Remember the words of Our Lord Himself: 'As thy faith so shall it be unto thee' (Matt. 9:29); and this, dear children, is not only a promise but is an immovable truth. As your faith, so shall it be with you; and when you are in your right Home - which is far from this little earth of yours - you will find there, stored as treasure, your acts of faith, which indeed show love for Christ.

"Children, go back over the past and search the present too: Who is it that calls out your love and admiration? The few who have sufficient vision to put faith to the test. That is the ideal before the spirit of every one, whether they have started the climb or not.

"Never forget that between you - your real self - and God, nothing can come in between. The body may hamper, the world may distract, but the spirit within each one has its eyes on its Creator, and it waits and waits, until that which has been blinded - the physical mind - is restored by suffering and by effort. Suffering and effort - only these two things can release the spirit within; when that release comes, spirit and body - whatever 'body' it may be - are as one: Between you and God, the unity is complete...

"Oh, my children, search within yourselves for that strength which will allow you to obey the Voice of God within. Take Christ at His word, throw off the interpretation of the world, of those bound by the intellectualities of their age, and take Christ at His word... 'As thy faith, so shall it be unto thee!' No reservation - just the plain statement - which shall stand for all time. And there is not one who ever loved God, who, when they were free, has not seen for themselves that: As their faith, so it was with them.

"And there, dear children, you get the hint of responsibility - you say to yourself: 'Ah, but my faith is weak; how then shall I fare when physical life is over?' Comfort from the great Father-Heart comes to all. Only wish for faith, only desire those higher, purer, sweeter things - and Christ will complete that which you had scarce begun.

"This is the Mother and Father-Heart of God; this explains how and why it is that each one, whatever they may have failed to rise to, can come to Him - come to Him as they were and receive from Him, direct, love and strength and that perfect understanding which wipes out 'forgiveness' - so far as the Mind of Love is concerned.

"You cannot forgive yourself; we never could forgive our own failings and weaknesses and treacheries, but your Father and Mother God - because He created you, because you are of Him - He has ruled out that word; and in its place, Love only - like some beautiful rainbow of promise - Love only remains.

"And now, my children, I am going to leave you for a little while, but I want you tonight, to make your first effort and to put faith to the test - to say to yourself: 'I will contact with my Father!' - and because God is in your midst, you can contact with Him in a way impossible to be put into words.

"And now I go..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, you have had a long evening, and I want it to close with this thought in your mind: That those who are linked to you, who have spoken to you this evening, have, each one, come with their individual messages - that of God's Love first and foremost - and then the longing to be a little more as the God within them would have them be...

"Children, when you stand with me in those realms which represent freedom indeed, the first thing you will say, from your very heart, will be: 'Who am I that I should be so blessed?'

"I want to emphasise this point, which is the keynote of everything in the physical world, everything in those myriad planes beyond - the overwhelming Love of God.

"He asks you - as He asked us in the days of old - to follow Him: He entreats - as He entreated those with whom He dwelt even upon this little earth - He entreats you to not only love Him, but to try and love your neighbour too...

"Oh, my children, let it never be said that the world's view blocked out this beautiful vision of God's Love. He has asked you to love Him, and to love your fellow men, because He knows that only by that close contact with Him can you be lifted out of those sorrows, which sometimes - even as a net - seem to close you in...

"Remember this as the underlying thought of every message tonight: That when you are free, your love for Christ will be so great - will so suffuse your whole being - that all within, which fails to harmonise with those love conditions, will cause you pain.

"That is 'punishment' after so-called death, and its fierceness cannot be understood until you stand in the Presence of Love, and feel how little you have done to deserve all that which He longs to give to you for your own...

"Now, dear children, we will close, yet once more I bring in myself in both a human and a personal way:

"I said at the commencement of this evening, that those we love have the power to wound us sorely. Remember that my love for you has been over the centuries, and that it will be carried on through that vast Eternity which lies in front.

"Therefore, dear children - each and everyone - turn to me with love and trust, and, resting on my love, be certain that the future is - as has been promised before - radiant with the sunshine of God's Love... And around you there is gathering that peace, that harmony, that sweet content, which shall break down once and for all the remaining barriers between you and those in the Spirit...

"God bless you all - giving you hope, giving you understanding, giving you spiritual vision - and, as you go forward in faith, showing you that faith is justified, because it is obedience to His loving wish...

" - 'As thy faith so shall it be unto you' - ... Father, write these words on our hearts and minds; Christ seal us unto Thy Holy Self... Amen."

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