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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 15th June, 1924.

"O God, send down Thy power - Thy power, Thy peace, Thy quieting influence - send down Thy power so that Thy children, meeting together in faith, in hope and in anticipation, may indeed contact with those who are in the Spirit.

"O God, separate us from all those thoughts which come in between. Draw a veil over the things of the world and the things of the earth, blotting them all out, and making it possible that we can enter into the stillness of the Spirit - into that stillness which is of holiness itself.

"O God, Thou hast promised that when two or three are gathered together in Thy Name that Thou wilt be there in very truth...

"Into Thy Hands we commend ourselves, drawing unto us the strength which is of Thee, the purity of thought, the singleness of purpose, and the wish to serve - drawing from Thee those good gifts of the Spirit, knowing that what is not here Thou wilt supply, and that Thy Love covereth all things...

"...My children, tonight we shall have to go a little slowly - just at first - because there has been a considerable tax on my child today and, as you know, I have to make up that vitality before I am willing to force the machine faster.

"Still, my children, I would have you know that tonight reflects very much what has happened in your world this spring... Those dark days which followed on one after another, and the sun - the health-giver, the joy-giver - hiding its face, so it seemed to you, for ever and ever.

"Well, my little ones, as you know, I understand completely the attitude of that physical mind of yours. I understand that when children are upon earth, blind to the light and the brightness of the Spirit, grey days bring something like a sense of dismay - the mind grieves and fights and grieves again, and sometimes gives up the contest as altogether too unequal. I want you to realise that Christ, your Father and Mother God, understands as well - that these thoughts and feelings are understood completely.

"But, as you know full well, because you understand the thoughts of another, it does not mean that you yourself acquiesce to them - not if you see that they are in a measure harmful to the one you love. That is my position exactly. I do understand that the lack of sun - and the shutting out of the earth's joys - that this goes hard with those who are in the experimental stages. They go hard, but because they do so, in like measure shall be the gladness when you step into God's Perfect Day and see - yes, see - what grey days have produced - produced in your spiritual environment - because sadness crept a little close and joy seemed far away.

"I would lead you on from that to the sunshine which is now your portion, and I want you to take that as a simile of what is going on in a much bigger sense than the question of wet or fine days...

"There are some of you here who have found the road to God steep and dreary, and almost fearsome in its loneliness. I speak to you tonight, and I tell you that all unconsciously to yourselves, you have been creating that which no man can take away because it is of the realms of the Great Hereafter, of the wonderful glorious Eternity, when freedom of soul, freedom of mind, and freedom from evil, shall be the lot of you all.

"Oh, my children, never despair. Never despair of the dawn and, again, never despair, if you try to love God, that in His own good time that Love shall be shown to you, not in the form of a Cross - as those on earth have come to regard the Cross - but as the Crown, the Light that shines behind the Cross.

"This is your future, and to some I say that that future is close at hand - close at hand because in seeking the lonely way you shall not wait for release from the bonds of the physical, but the veil will be drawn aside and you shall enter into the 'outer citadel' of the Spirit. That will more than satisfy you because you will see then the meaning of things, the weaving together of God's great plan for humanity and - above all, over all, closing everything in - that Love of God which is beyond the understanding of us all.

"Think then of this: That tonight is an emblem of that Sun of brightness, happiness and peace, which is there waiting for you - waiting for you to be ready to grasp.

"My children, so often it seems that the Father does not trust you and so He withholds, or takes away, that which, to you, represented your heart's desire. Yes, so it seems. But we - looking at things from the God-side - we are able to tell you different, and we say to all that none of those things which you treasured have been taken from you. They are by your side - they are there in reality, in such abundance, in such security, that nothing, nothing could be strong enough to tear them from you.

"Oh, again I say: Throw open the doors of the physical mind, and let the Light shine in; let that Light heal up the sore spots and re-create - yes, re-create - joy and faith once more.

"And now, in regard to Faith, I would present this thought for your consideration tonight: Faith, Hope and Love, and the greatest of these is Love.

"First, in regard to faith - that much abused word, that sorely misconstrued element which is deep-seated in all who wish to follow in the footsteps of the Master...

"I have much trouble with you in regard to this same Faith. There are some of my children who say: 'Oh that I had more Faith!' - and they recall this one or that who, to their mind, rose to those heights to which God has called you all.

"My children, you must remember that people are differently constituted. You have it in your Bible that there are many gifts of the Spirit - there is the gift of wisdom, which is the highest, for it is the gift of understanding the things of the Spirit; and then there is the gift of knowledge, which is of the greatest use to the world in which you find yourselves and can be a great spiritualising influence, if only used in the way intended by the Creator...

"I just touch on these gifts in passing, but I want you to understand this: That although you can add to your faith by prayer, by watchfulness, and by labour, yet in many cases those who take on the earthly experience, bring with them, for their necessary equipment, the gift of faith which, as you know full well, halves the troubles and sorrows of the world.

"And then we will take another aspect of Faith. I remind you of the incident of Peter. There have been some who have said that Peter's faith failed him as he plunged into the waters in order to reach his Master. Yes, we will allow that, but out of the boat-load, he was the only one who had sufficient Faith to venture, and that is what the world forgets.

"I want you to get these things in their right perspective. You torture yourselves, you allow the evil to hamper you and to cripple your vitality by thoughts of your lack of Faith. I say to the children of the earth that your Father does not expect more than this: That you should go forward in Faith, hoping that that Faith will be sufficient to sustain you; and again, that those who go forward in the first instance with Faith, and then find it slipping from them - yet without that Faith go forward still - this shall build up hereafter that which no words can tell.

"You get your direction here. There are times, my children, when the forces of evil press so closely round you that God seems very far away, and sometimes you ask yourselves: 'What is the use of going on?' - which, remember, is the testing of the vessel for future use. In that time of trial, Christ is literally holding you up, and the fact that you feel Him not, only makes Him cling to you all the closer...

"The cause of most of the trouble, is the accursed teaching that those who fail, or seem to fail, that these are deserted by the Saviour - that Christ turns from His children because they find the way too long and too steep. This has done more harm than anything else that has been taught to suffering humanity, and it maligns in a way impossible to describe that which is Love Itself.

"And then, my little ones, we come to the next point - Hope. Yes, it has a very lovely sound to some, but to the majority it represents quite a different thing to what it is. Hope is even as the Light which the Master holds in His Hand to draw His children on.

"You know, all of you, how when out in a dark and deserted country, you look around longing for direction, but at first there is nothing to be seen, and you get that sense of being almost abandoned by humanity. And then, as you look again - way out yonder - a tiny light appears, and you know that there is life and so on you go again.

"That, my children, illustrates in outline something of what Hope was meant to represent. I don't want you to have that aching feeling in your hearts - as you say: 'hoping against hope!' - which is despair itself. That is not God's Hope - it is of the world alone. God stands in the distance, so far as your physical minds are concerned, and because of this, He holds up the Lamp of Hope, and you know that if you follow on, that Light will get bigger and bigger still, and even as upon earth, you find that it leads you to Life - Life in such a wonderfully comprehensive way that I have to leave it to your imagination.

"And then in regard to Love. That word has been changed by man to 'charity', but it is unchanged to us; and I would have you know this: That because now and again Love has been dragged through the mire, Love Itself is untouched and untouchable, because it is of God...

"Over and over again, these little points came up and caused disputes, and in the discussion of that wonderful quality which we call Love, some there were who thought it safer to substitute 'charity' instead. But it must appeal to your common-sense that charity is a very poor word to us in place of Love.

"My children, in this as in all things, try and get the spiritual view. When you come over here, look as you may, you will find everything has its roots in Love. You may confuse this attribute as much as you like in your own minds while upon earth, but once you are out of the body, you will have to recognise Love as Love and nothing else. And in this, I am speaking of Holiness itself... And The Greatest Of These Is Love.

"My children, I will not speak longer myself because there are many others waiting to come, but I want you to think over these few words, and not to take them as the last word in any way at all. As you know, I am able only just to give the briefest outline of this thought and of that; and then I ask you to show what you can do yourselves - show how you, in your spiritual mind, can demonstrate God - because all spiritual thinking is that. You cannot think one thought of Holiness without demonstrating something of the Father, and there I leave you... Peace is here in a wonderful way. Let yourselves sink into it, certain that God and His Holy Spirit is in command tonight...

(After all had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...My closing words tonight are on Peace - that wonderful peace which is able to push those thick folds of sadness on one side, and in so doing, to reveal the golden glory that is beyond.

"That peace is with you now, and that peace can be made your own in a way absolutely unimaginable by you; that peace which is God's most precious gift to His children who are struggling through their earthly experiences - that peace is being poured down direct from the Holy Spirit which is gathering up from your hearts and minds the wish to do better - that prayer: 'Oh, that I might be better!' Just because there is in your hearts and minds this spiritual longing, so God can lift you up, can establish you in security for ever and for ever.

"That peace I leave with you, that joy which is of service, that communion with the Spirit, that at-one-ment with Love - all these gifts here tonight, and Christ seals you unto Him, not with the sign of the cross of sorrow, but with the sign of the cross of power and joy to come.

"Let not your hearts be troubled ever again, seek for the Light and the Light shall come. Pray for guidance, for direction - and that shall be in a measure far exceeding your need. Only have confidence in the Fatherhood of God, knowing that you are His children and that He has you all under His care...

"Peace and blessing: The blessing of Love - Faith, Hope and Love - the Trinity, one in three and three in one... I bless you in the Name of God."

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