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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 17th May, 1925.

"Father of Infinite Love, we Thy little children thank Thee with grateful hearts that always Thou respondest to the desire of the spirit within. We thank Thee for Thy over-seeing care, for all that protection which indeed will never fail. We thank Thee that Thou hast thought it fit to use us in this manner; and we ask Thee to so strengthen us that nothing of the physical may be allowed to interfere with the sacred mission which lies before each one...

"O most tender and understanding Father, lift us up out of the worries of material life, out of our doubts and misgivings, and centre us in Thy peace - in that peace which brings reassurance, not only of Thy Divinity, but of Thy Power and Thy compassionate Love.

"Tonight we dedicate ourselves again to this most holy work, and we ask Thee to make it possible that the spirit cabined within the body, may contact unhindered with those who are free.

"Yet one more petition before we turn to our task, which is that the light of understanding may shine upon us all; that the indwelling spirit may arise and dominate and take that which is its own.

"Father, we ask Thee to help us to help ourselves... Amen...

(To medium, removing necklace) "...An emblem of love, dear children, but during these sacred hours, the chain of office is upon her, and that must lie alone...

"Good evening, my children, and if I say in the beginning how happy I am to be with you all, then indeed I should be understating the truth; I say tonight that God has been over-good to us all, and that each one - as the days go on - shall feel that a blessing indeed rests upon them.

"Tonight, gathering you into my love, I wish to speak to you about a very wide-spreading subject which concerns you all; I want to tell you a little about: 'Failure and Success'. I want you to consider these two conditions from the spiritual point of view; to banish from your minds the physical conception because it does not portray, even in a fragmentary way, that which is Truth indeed.

"I speak to you all with most tender understanding of your lives, of your conditions, of your thoughts and aspirations...

"To many, that word 'failure' strikes an answering note in the mind, connected with sorrow and disappointment. The course of your life has not run on smooth or easy lines and there has been that in it which has brought something like despair.

"That is the world's point of view; but God's point of view is so different, such a definite contradiction that indeed it needs pondering over in solitude and in quietness of Spirit.

"Children, the word 'failure' is used freely by those on the physical plane. The majority judge entirely by the outside presentation of any fact or subject; and if a man or a woman cannot show the possessions of the world - those decorative misconceptions of popularity and success - then there are many who say at once: 'He is a failure! He has failed in that which he sought to accomplish!'

"I want you to go back on your own lives - on the memories. Many of them are tinged with bitterness and all with sorrow, because - it seemed to you - that do what you may, the conditions of physical life foiled you at every turn.

"Yes, and it is quite easy to see that the judgement of others is correct from the world's point of view. Success has passed you by; others have reached that point to which you looked with such longing eyes - to which you devoted so much effort and so much consideration as well...

"My little children, how I long for you to get the Christ view of lives like these; how I long for you to see with the eyes of the spirit and to over-look the beauty and the power which you have been acquiring by 'going without', by laying aside the things of the world - perforce though it may be...

"When you come here, you will thank God for these so-called failures - thank God that this ambition, that that desire, was not worked out as your fancy so ordained. You will look and you will see that God's ways are best - yes, are best.

"There are many in this room tonight whom the world called failures - those who strove and yet, as the years passed on, had to look back and acknowledge that not one of their dreams had come true. Yet, dear children, have you not been told before that there is no dream - that has one thought of God in it - which is not worked out into actual fact in the Spirit?

"I take you with me in thought, and I ask you to turn those leaves of memory to where this went wrong and to where that went all awry; and tonight I am instructed to say that when you are free, you will find that the failures were successes in a way which escapes your imagination altogether.

"Yes, dear children, the world is very deceptive. Its conceptions are mounted on a false foundation - that of selfishness. And because the world sneers when this one or that loses those possessions which are so prized, loses that position which gave them power to control others - when the world sneers, thank God - thank God because the Saviour's smile is yours for ever more.

"Failure and success; humbleness and importance; and when the vision comes, so you too, in looking out on life to those who have 'failed', will not only send out your compassion - as you do at this stage - but also the realisation of the part you have taken yourselves will come, bringing its comfort, bringing deliverance from those dark, questioning thoughts which now, it seems to you, stand between you and the bright Presence ...

"Oh my children, cannot you grasp something of the glory of going without? Cannot you grasp that those who are unprotected - from the world's point of view - are doubly, trebly protected, by those whose power is as a sea compared to a little rivulet that wanders where it must?

"I speak in most understanding tones to those who've had to fight the battle of life seemingly alone; to those who have felt the lack of the strong protecting arm - those indeed who have had to fend for themselves, searching within for the resources which are lacking without; finding God only by treading the thorny path; understanding life only by going through the sad experiences of life.

"To these - to all so placed - I have a message of infinite hope and cheer: I tell them that indeed are they the beloved of the Lord; indeed do they love that which is Love itself; indeed have they willingly and voluntarily, in Spirit, laid aside the toys of the world, seeing the loveliness and the value of the gifts of God; that the Divine within - having vision seeing beyond this little day - is storing, is harvesting, for the time of freedom, for the time when the physical body, having done its part, is laid aside and they - Spirit indeed, free from the world, free from its bondage - are centred in the Joy which has no end...

"Children, though tribulation may have come close, remember that the Master has said that tribulation can and will be overcome, because He has overcome the world. It is but of the earth. The physical mind suffers, it is true, but the spirit within goes on, gaining new strength, enlarging its borders of usefulness, in touch with the Divine; and sorrow is unknown to that which is of God.

"And then, dear children, I come to another point, and that is the application of Faith; and again I ask you to look beneath the surface and to see the spiritual meaning - the purpose underneath.

"There have been those in the world who have laid down that it is not wise to test faith too far; there have been those who - representing Faith itself, yet bound by the earth view - have put a bar across the free stream of the faith of others, and for this they will be anguished indeed when they see and know.

"Children, I speak of the power of Spirit put into operation in any form:

"I speak of those who, gathering up all their latent resources of faith, have, with trembling hands, presented their gift on the altar of sacrifice, asking God to make perfect that which is imperfect.

"I speak of those who, sore troubled by the body, have gone in faith to God, asking that He might heal them as He healed others in days long passed.

"I speak of those who, taking their courage in both hands, have lent themselves for use by those who have passed out of physical life - who have indeed handed over that tabernacle of the spirit in trust to others (deep trance mediumship), so that God's will shall be done and His Love explained...

"Children, I could enumerate instance after instance of those who, 'fainthearted' though they might be, have yet found within themselves that strength which puts faith to the test. And I say now - under God's direction - that faith which is not put into action, is not faith at all; faith which is of the mind is but an echo of the real - an echo of that which Christ has asked from you all...

"And then I come again to the physical aspect. There are some who point out so readily that - in this case and that - faith has hardly been justified, indeed faith has produced nothing in a concrete form.

"Oh, blind and foolish ones. Oh, most ignorant mind of man. Because no outward sign in physical semblance is there, they say there is danger in exercising that which is of God within; they say: 'Keep to the safe path; don't expect too much - don't expect anything lest disappointment should come!' Here you get the argument of that which is antagonistic to the Divine; here you get the most subtle argument of the 'evil one'...

"Children, this life of yours - so fleeting, so pressed in on either side by physical and material things - this life is but an echo of the real, but a materialisation of that which is Supreme, Divine, unending. And yet for the sake of that echo, the gift of price is thrown aside.

"Think it out. Listen to my words, for this is God's truth. I say to you that not one thought of faith - nay, not one wish to have more faith - is not producing that which can never pass away. Those who have gone in faith to be healed and have returned unhealed, these have built for themselves wonders and beauties and power; and the healing which was not possible in the body - because they had taken on pain as part of their experiences - that healing is transferred to the soul-body, and that healing shall save them much suffering in the days to come.

"Think not of results in a physical sense. The body has many enemies - it is but a garment which must be laid aside - the mark of faith is on the soul, and that faith has cleansed, that faith has restored, that faith has brought a strength which nothing of the earth can take away.

"Yes, it has been said by those who should have known better: 'Wiser to keep on the lower plane; wiser to avoid the risk of disappointment; wiser not to raise in the heart and mind of others that which may not be fulfilled'.

"Children, it is impossible to raise in the heart and mind of anyone, a thought of God which will not be fulfilled. So I ask you to go over your mind and to think thus: 'That although my heart's desire may not be granted to me when I wish it most, yet that heart's desire is being worked out in the Spirit; it is but held for me until I am strong enough, until I am wise enough to put it to its best use.'

"I want you to regard the showing of faith as something so precious, something so God-like, that indeed the pangs of the physical mind are as nothing in comparison. I want you to go to others and to say to all with confidence: 'Have faith in God; have faith in the answering of prayer; have faith in the power of healing!' For indeed they, and you, shall see that the faith and the prayer and the healing, all were preserved, all are in the Spirit, waiting - only waiting the appointed time for you to have and make your own.

"Unanswered prayers? Such a thing never has been and never could be. Even your faintest desire reaches the Mind of Love; even those thoughts which are half of the world and half of the Spirit, find a response in the One who understands you best - and never has one remained unanswered.

"Get beneath the surface; see the Spirit at work and know that God is your Father, and as your Father, tends and cares, supports and guides His little children who, it seems to them, wander alone on an unknown sea, guided by no compass but that of a wavering faith. Yet because even that wavering faith is there, so the little craft of their life goes on its journey and finds God's harbour at last.

"My children, faith is so precious; faith has such power, that, of necessity, it must be worked for, if it is to be made your own.

"You cannot see things thus, but we who are free, we see the mighty, controlling, uplifting, directing force of faith; and because that one attribute is so charged with power, then, dear children, of necessity, the task of acquiring it must be difficult, must be of rather a strenuous character.

"The things which are worth having, have to be earned. The things of little value, they come easily - but what can they bring you? They are indeed as thistledown, alighting a little while and then taken on the breeze, far out of reach - and unregretted by those who wish to climb.

"But faith is even as a strong staff - a staff which grows. Yes, just a tiny reed, it may be, in the beginning; something you would protect, something you dare not lean upon for fear it should snap. Yet it can mature; it can grow so strong that indeed the whole weight of your physical life can rest upon it.

"But that staff can only grow by experience, only by testing its strength, only by patience and concentration. Yet in the end, you have got that which can take you out of the valley up the steep hill-side, over rocks and boulders, over deep ravines - safe into the Father's Home...

"The trusted staff which has saved you, not only from the perils of physical life, but from those deep anguishes which await the immature soul when the body is laid aside, which awaits those who have chosen the easy path, those who have leant on the world, those who have not known that only Spirit can help Spirit, that only that which is of God can take you to God.

"The staff of faith which never fails. That staff is indeed gifted by Him to all when they have shown sufficient courage, when they have shown sufficient endurance to continue the uphill path.

"To those who have started to climb with but a thin and weak staff to help them - to these I say that because, within themselves, the spiritual longing is so great, as they go on they shall see that, by the miracle of God's Love, that which was weak has been made strong - that which needed support shall indeed support them and others as well.

"So, my children, I leave you with this thought in your minds: That the world's view and the construction put upon the outward and visible - these matter not, these are the things which pass away. You are sowing in the Spirit - and in the Spirit the harvest is glorious indeed.

"Keep the faith, dear children, keep the faith - and remember all those who love you who are working for you, who are guiding every step; and have no fear, have no fear..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"And now, my children, we will close. Just one word to my little secretary (Dorrie), who has devoted herself to our service tonight: My child, I thank you in the name of all, and I know better than you know, that deep down in your heart and mind you realise that God's Hand is guiding you and sustaining you as well.

"And now, dear children, I will bring this happy evening to a close. I want you all to realise that in congregating together in this way - by your thoughts, by your wishes, and your aspirations - you are setting into motion a mighty force.

"This power is used and used again, not only in constructing things about your own lives, but those which are part of the great plan, part of the holy purpose which God has set into action in order to raise His little children above the world and that which seeks to hold them down.

"Tonight then, we part in unity, in peace; with a sense of something achieved, something worked out - something which is beyond your ken, but which is tangible and real to us...

"Oh have faith for the future; have faith in the Love of God; have faith in that greater self within - that self which is out to climb, which is out to achieve the Spirit's purpose; that self which has, for love of God, taken the earth-road, knowing that indeed it is the quicker, shorter path into the Father's Home, into that perfect understanding, into the revelation of Love Divine...

"Therefore, dear children, view your lives even as this: Sacred, because you are pilgrims in a strange country, yet always marching towards the Land of Illumination; strangers perhaps to that companionship and love which means so much, yet drawing to your side those who are of the Spirit - those messengers of Light, sent to lead you out of the winding path, on to the broad plain, where nothing lies between you and the Vision Glorious of the days to come.

"I finish now because my child is almost spent; but gather unto yourselves the blessing of the Most High, the comfort of the Holy Spirit, and the knowledge and certainty that faith shall be justified and that the greater wisdom shall be your own.

"Goodnight, my little ones... Be of good cheer... Goodnight."

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