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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 21st May, 1927.

"Almighty Spirit, the Bestower of Life, we ask Thee to come close in that Presence we can understand, and to minister to the needs of the mind and the body, and above all, to feed the spirit within.

"O Christ, in our ignorance, in our misunderstanding of the great reality of life, so often we lose sight of the Cross and its great meaning - the gift of Eternal Life. Grant, this night, that we come before Thee as children - realising our inability to grasp the Infinite with the finite mind - that we lay aside self in its many disturbing forms and we learn of Thee as Thou hast taught Thy children down the ages which have passed. Oh prepare our minds and open our hearts, so that the Holy Spirit may be poured down upon us, and through us, to others...

"Commending ourselves into Thy loving care we ask Thee to lead us out of things physical into those which are permanent, those which remain forever, those gifted to us by Thee - the Father - to the children who are His own. Thanking Thee for Thy manifold gifts, we place ourselves into Thy hands. Amen...

"...My children, we are gathered together once more for God's work. You, as individuals, have been called by the One who loves you best, and the call is this: To arise - arise in spirit and in mind, and to face not only the material things of your daily life, but to reach out and grasp the gifts of the Spirit. There is not one present - and I speak of many beyond your physical conception at this stage - there is not one present, who, at a time, has not felt that the enemies were too strong. They come tonight as a cloud of witnesses to force upon your physical consciousness that right is stronger than wrong, that love is stronger than hate, and that God overrules your lives, whatever the events.

"Yes, when the will is laid aside that works against the Divine plan, when the heart and the mind wishes to cleave to the Father, then, though storms beat around, though the little craft which represents your life seems as if it must founder, lo, I say that the Pilot is there, and each one is as safe in the storm as when the waters of life are calm and pleasant to look upon.

"This truth has never been recognised in its true value. Those of the world, bound by the body, they commiserate with those who are - so they name it - in trouble. They say: 'Why is this? Surely God will answer prayers and protect'. Little ones, think you within yourselves:

"When the day is fair, when there is nothing to fight against, then the world lends its aid to the individual; many so-called friends draw near to share that which is your own. But when that which you name sorrow approaches, when the enemies of the body seem too strong to be resisted, then only the few gather to your hearth. Only a few can you see with eyes so limited, so bound to physical things, yet, in your hour of trial, you draw to you the bright ones, those who are sent to minister to your many needs; aye, and as the need grows, so the Master comes Himself, and gives you direct that which is necessary to bear the next hour and the next...

"Oh, look at things with the mind that understands. Cannot you see where the gain lies, at which time you are taking and holding the most? Christ gathers close to the individual in his time of trial and ministers in Person, holding and protecting and fencing off those others who would destroy not only peace of mind, but faith in the One who loves them best.

"So tonight, dear children, I speak once again as to: 'Experience', as to the quest of the soul; the quest put into definite form under the guidance of the Spirit, that gift made to you in the long ago.

"There are those in the world today who may seek to put off that which is so unpleasant to the physical ears; there are many in the world today who have failed to keep faith with God; yet, should you question them, you would find that in some corner of the mind the thought lies hidden that God has failed to keep faith with them.

"Yet, I go back on the past before the physical body was donned, and I say to you, instructed by the Great Master, that you - out of the strength, out of the release of the Divine within - you chose your burdens, and you cleaved to your burdens during that next experience and the next.

"Cannot you grasp that the life upon the earth plane is but one brief stage alone? This planet which you call the world, it is a speck in comparison with those other great worlds and conditions brought into being by the Creator of us all.

"In those other conditions - some similar to the earth plane, indeed so graded from the physical that many believe they still inhabit that which was their former environment called the earth - in those conditions, there are struggling souls passing through their evolutionary stages, even as you are at this present time.

"Yet they, and you, by temptation overcome, by forsaking that which is lower and cleaving to that which is higher, they are not only emerging out of what they once represented and are getting nearer to that God-being, created by the Great Spirit of us all - but, indeed, by their struggles, by facing that which you name the vicissitudes of their conditions, so they are contributing to the great purpose and the plan: the spiritualisation not only of this little planet, but sending power to other conditions which they do not inhabit themselves.

"And this relates to all those great worlds as yet beyond your conception. Therefore, dear children, think to yourselves as to the value of that great gift of Experience. You pass amongst those of your own kind, so it seems in outward guise, but the moment thoughts are exchanged you realise, on the one hand, the void between you and that other, or the great bond of sympathy which indicates that in degree you are kindred spirits, you have taken the same journey, you have covered the same ground, overcome the same obstacles, and you meet as brothers, as sisters in experience...

"Yes, how often it happens that though you use, perchance, the same words, yet you speak to each other in a foreign tongue, the key is missing, there is that great blank in the consciousness of the other, or yourself, and so, in that measure, the great love-link is missing, and compassion on one side, and, perhaps, admiration on the other, is the only bond between.

"Have I not told you that it is the part of all to gather to themselves the lessons of experience? And has it not been so over the ages which have passed?

"My little ones, I take you back once more to the Saviour as He lived and walked among us in that olden time. His loneliness I have dwelt upon; a little of His love I have sought to portray to you, and in your mind has arisen a picture of what the Holy One endured because there was none other to stand side by side with Him, and to give Him that brother-support, which, it seems to you, He needed in such great measure during His time of trial.

"In those far off days, many were, as the world calls it, skilled in knowledge, disciplined in that which was available at that time, calling upon others more experienced to pass on that which they had found from quiet contemplation of the Heavens, seeking ever the buried knowledge of those things which now are approached in so simple a form.

"Our training was severe, but, dear children, the mind of the body was bent on the things of the world in which we lived, and we knew not that between us and wisdom, there was the direct channel of the Lord God Jehovah, through the gift which He had bestowed on us and all.

"And so, when the Master came, no one was ready to receive Him. We listened and we loved but we understood but a fragment of that which He sought to pass on. And the Master - surrounded by those who were children in very truth - the Master watched us in our efforts, in our blindness, in our misunderstanding, and sought to protect. Yet only this could He accomplish, for the preparation was absent, the ground had been untilled: The Master told us to focus on Himself, to follow in His steps, to call upon that memory which was ours, gifted for this sacred purpose - aye, upon that little release of the Divine within, so that when He left us in physical form we had a staff to hold to that would never give...

"Ah, dear children, the Saviour of the World went through manifold experiences never chronicled in words, for there was no one to understand, no one to appreciate, no one to interpret; the experiences of the Christ were beyond the radius of the mind of man.

"Time has passed and the world, so it seems to those of the world, has accomplished much; yet the example of God in man's form holds first place. There has never been one since, and never one before, who carried the burdens of the Christ, who crowded into the longest life that which the Master endured during His sojourn upon earth...

"The value of Experience man cannot grasp yet. There have been those, and there are those today, who, as it were, have a glimpse of the meaning, of something of the purpose and the plan. And these pioneers - the ones who are strong in spite of adversity, the ones who are willing to suffer a little now so that they may contribute their part to the great whole, the ones who can face the cross and cleave to the cross - these, dear children, are the links between the masses, the careless masses, and those freed spirits who work under direct guidance of the Most High.

"These links are essential. The past - long before this little earth was counted as an experience of the individual - that past faced and conquered, has brought into being and has made it possible that today, in this world of material things, there are those links with the Spirit and with the holy ones of God.

"We emerge out of the little into the greater. I want, once more, to emphasise that there are the doers and the hearers, and in that time beyond your consciousness now, there were the doers and the hearers also, who contributed or took that which was provided by the Lord God of all. The doers of the Word, they are these who have taken the hard road all along the way. The hearers are the ones who, blind to the things which last, have turned from their greatest gift and have held those which pass away, or which remain to be a burden during the phase which follows.

"Gathered into these conditions tonight are hearers and doers, are those who fought and overcame, and, again, those who found not the strength within to take the steep climb. Yet, as you have been told before, evasion is but postponement; is that putting off to a far day that which should be done in the present time.

"And so this night, awakened in part - ah, awakened by those who were the doers of the Word - so they gather here to assure you that the putting off is the hard road; that, after all, the steep climb brings joy and peace and compensation, as well as that mighty gain which God means shall be our own.

"And so, dear children, I entreat you to allow the spirit within, not only to guide but to comfort you over the present, over the past. I have promised - I have passed on from the Beloved of our hearts that binding promise of His - that the time comes when the cross no longer is a cross in the sense of burden; that the cross, because it has been borne, it is as a strong staff to which your shoulders are strapped, and once the cross is there, weariness and misgiving are no more...

"To you all I speak, asking you to ponder ever upon the lives of those who have passed on a little way in front; to recollect how they have come to you and have told you that even in their darkest hour so the protection was all around; that when the storm seemed fiercest, the Voice of God whispered: 'Peace, be still'.

"And the peace of the Spirit descended upon them and they detached themselves both from the things of the world and its anxieties, and, as it were, looked into the Eyes of Christ and were glad of their burdens, thankful for their experiences; and lo, their chains were gone, and in their hands was power - the power to help others to overcome in turn...

"My children, each one in this room is a doer of the word by the fact of that which you have borne over the past. At one time, perchance, you were as hearers alone; and what did the experiences of your fellow beings represent at that stage? A closed book or a tapestry of which you had not weaved the first thread, the tapestry of the spiritual history of your individual life had scarce been commenced. Trouble, sorrow, the pains of the body, they were unknown; and sympathy - that understanding which is essential for work for God, that was missing; your equipment was not only incomplete but, alas, you had no tools at all.

"This is God's truth; this has been since the beginning of time - that the doers have been called out of the crowd, called away from the comforts and the so-called pleasures of material life, and God has claimed them as instruments for His holy work. Perchance they have faltered, perchance the mind of the body found no willingness for the task in front; misgivings, ah, a mighty disquiet fell upon them, but God called them, and the Divine within, answering to the great Divine without, would not be denied.

"And so over the past the pioneers, the great ones, the holy ones, they not only left those white milestones to show the way to others, but as they commenced the climb, literally, by their efforts, by their suffering, by their loneliness, by their broken hearts, they cut the steps into which you and I have placed our feet.

"Yet mark you this: It was God's will that they should contribute their part and no more, those who followed after, once they reached a certain point, it was their part, in turn, to cut steps for the weaker ones behind.

"This is the great law of the Spirit. For have I not told you that little gain can come to those who live, who climb, who lean upon the efforts of others? No, the strong soul, the awakened soul, seeks to do its part. It is not content to take that which another has provided, but in turn it contributes too; for many, many steps are needed, and the hill is not only steep but slippery to those without the strength which experience brings.

"So tonight, dear children all, I want you to visualise yourselves as halfway up that great mountain of experience which leads into the wisdom which is of God. Blithely the pilgrim climbs during the first stages. The path is well-worn; signs of others who have taken that way are upon either side to encourage and direct. Blithely the pilgrim climbs, joy seems in the air; those who lend their aid, unseen yet felt, they pour down such strength that the climber is scarce conscious that it is upward as well as onward...

"Those are the first stages - the exhilaration, the untested faith, the confidence in the self, which, as yet, has little experience to call its own... Each one has been through this, and some of you look back with regret on those happy days.

"My children, you were as an infant with the strong band around it, held by the parent in its first trial of putting step in front of step. Literally, the servants of God, they held you, and you walked not on your own strength at all. But you walked, and the happiness and the achievement seemed all your own; and you called to others to do likewise because of the gladness of the climb. And those others followed after, and rejoiced in like measure.

"But as you progressed, as your spiritual limbs grew stronger so, my little ones, though the guides and protectors were all around, they loosened their hold, for it was you who had to make the pilgrimage your own.

"Cannot you understand? How plain it seems as I speak to you thus. You recall so vividly the first stumble, the first time the sunshine of God's Face was o'er-clouded by doubt. You were as one betrayed, and you asked yourself: 'Can I go on?' But that stumble, dear children, was even as the first brick in the foundation of experience which must be made your own, either in this stage or in some condition to come.

"That first stumble was your gift, for lo, you gathered together your faith and your trust, and though your hopes were somewhat darkened, you started on again, a little fearful, a little more on your guard. And as you climbed, so those around, they loosened their hold still more, and this time, perhaps, the enemies of the body attacked in full force, and, weakened on the physical side, the spiritual gave again.

"You prayed but there seemed as a barrier between you and the One you thought loved you best. Your second gift, dear children, yet you regarded it as a blow in very truth. But once more faith survived. The ministering angels, they healed the body and they soothed the mind; and a little older in experience you started again. And then, perchance, you recalled those in your vibrations who had met and faced trouble, and you understood just a fragment of that book which before had been closed - closed in every sense, because of the lack of experience in your mind.

"And as the pilgrim climbs, confidence in self dwindles and dwindles. He sends the mind of the body back over the record of the past, and in reading and pondering on the road taken by those named the saints and the martyrs, so, in turn, a little more armour is gathered to him; a little more trust in God and a little less confidence in self takes him one span farther on.

"And the guides, the protectors, treading the self-same way, enduring as you can never understand while the body binds, enduring pang by pang with their charges, loosen their hold still more, for the pilgrim has learnt by the past, has gained strength by that which it seemed he lost; and then the greatest test of all is met and faced and overcome.

"And this test, dear children, is essential for your spiritual development, for unless the vessel is tried, how can the vessel be proved? The greatest test is when the circumstances of physical life point to one fact alone - that God has forgotten the individual - forgotten him or does not intend to help...

"Little ones, believe me, that unless this experience is made your own at some stage of your spiritual career, you cannot work for God in the Christ way. You cannot, for indeed that which comes from the final test is missing from the recesses of your greater self; but at last you dig out the treasure which lies there, and thence onward, whatever may take place, the link between you and the great Father can never be broken, even so far as the mind of the body is concerned.

"Then, my children, you are doers of the Word; then you are not only travellers but you have within your power to call out of that vortex of ignorance, that whirlpool of weakness and misunderstanding, those others who indeed have no desire to climb.

"By the very strength you have brought into being, you have not only passed up the steps of the pioneers in front, but the time comes when you too contribute; when you retrace your steps, strong in the strength of God and intent on His mission. You go back down the hill and you say to the weak, to the blind, to those chained to earthly things: 'Place one foot here and the other one there'.

"By easy stages, you draw them out of the material into a faint desire for the spiritual; and, during their tests, their trials, and the disappearance of the bright optimism of inexperience into the pessimism of failure and seeming loss, you walk with them until they arrive at that glorious state of real optimism, which is faith and trust in God.

"That is the message passed on from the Most High to His little children this night - the optimism which is faith and trust in God; the congratulation that you have arrived so far, that you have stood the tests and have found sufficient stamina within to go on and on.

"And the reassurance comes from those realms which are love and light and hope and sweet content, that you have passed the worst, and that the joy which nothing of the earth can touch lies in the near future to be made your own.

"Upon your shoulders, I remind you once more, is the yoke: 'My yoke is easy and My burden light'. Christ has baptised you as missionaries in His holy work, and you are linked to Him. By what? By suffering, by loneliness, aye, and at last by aspiration - that release of the Divine within which brings you, not the power to save yourself from the troubles and trials and the experiences which you entered this condition to make your own, but the power to heal others, to reassure the wanderers, the lost ones, that there is not only a light in front but security, protection, and, at last, the fulfilment of the desire of the spirit within.

"And so to you as strangers (Mrs. L. Whittaker, Mr. & Mrs. Eastwood), yet as those known to me over countless years before the body was donned by you, to the strangers present I speak: I ask you to once more overlook your equipment and to go forward as happy pilgrims in the right sense, having reached that immovable optimism which is faith and trust in God...

"Brother (Mr Eastwood) I pass on to you that which I would underline with all the force in my power. You have been chosen for high and holy things, and the Christ within you will not be denied. But never fear. The Christ who guards you and those who have trod the path with you, they, under the guidance of the Most High, have opened the way in front, and you shall see and feel and demonstrate that faith and trust in God is stronger than the world and all that is in it.

"The spirit within has seen God and something of the purpose and the plan, and the past - with its worries and sorrows - it shall in the little future appear as a dream, a dream which has taught you something precious, but as a dream no longer to be considered; for your eyes will be upon Reality, and when Reality is, in any measure, made our own, the physical, the material, the past, all seem as dreams of the long ago...

"And now, my children, I will leave you. This night, as always, under the direction of the Master, a certain portion has to be worked in.

"Those who have it within their power to gain guidance as to material and physical things, these I ask to lay aside all such thought here. As spirits, we work for God, and the spirit cabined in a body of flesh has joined hands in the purpose and the plan; for the spirit within knows that the physical and the material are governed by that which remains immovable forever - the gift of Divine Love over the individual life. Each one who comes, comes to fulfil their part of the pattern, and even the children must bring their gifts else they are barred from these conditions; for service and service alone is the object of our meeting together in this sweet way... And now I go..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, last week perhaps I strained - not the willingness but the resources of those who provide these records almost to breaking point, but the blessing is all around, and the power was given so that the task was carried through as God intended and as part of the plan.

"This night, my little ones, we will not prolong further, yet I send your thoughts back as to this meeting together, as to this linking up, as to the sending out on the vibrations pure thoughts, holy thoughts and the desire to be used by God. You, the little children of the earth, have created, by your attention and concentration, something that the Father can use, something which can never pass away, you have given out of the store of your experience that which can help those who, as yet, are inexperienced as to the road in front.

"So remember that when we meet in this sweet way, not only are those in the Spirit pouring upon you strength and health of mind and body, but they are, as it were, loosening still further the domination of the physical mind; they are insisting and impressing upon you that you are Spirit, allied to God, not only created by Him but one with Him in aim and purpose.

"Therefore, certain, first, that God is recognising your difficulties and that He understands; second, that God is not an impassive God, not a God centred in some far space, indifferent or unwilling to intervene in the lives of those He has brought into being. God, as Christ, is an active, working Presence on earth. Then turn to Him in faith. Ask and you shall receive; seek the highest and you shall find not only spiritual security but that security which shall ensure the necessities of daily life.

"There are many not content with the necessities alone; they seek that furniture which indeed is an obstacle between them and better things. The possessions of the world, they come to this one and that - they are for one purpose and one purpose alone - to release the Saviour-spirit within; to give to those who are without; to reassure, to demonstrate the power of the Holy Spirit upon the earth plane through instruments that are prepared, through those who have listened to God's Voice...

"Mark you well: To some, more than the necessities will come. Be on your guard; do as Christ, keep to simple things, and out of that which has been gathered to you, succour others; for in the measure that you have, so in that measure, you are called upon to manifest on earth the love and protecting care of our Father and Mother God...

"And now I bless you with peace - with peace and with active, living faith. Hold fast to love; fail not either the God within or the great controlling Spirit without; and be certain that God will never fail you - His creation, the treasure of His heart.

"God bless you with the peace and the rest which is confidence in Him. Amen.

"Goodnight, my little ones."

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