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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes in the earlier part of the twentieth century.

"MY little children, strangers you may seem in this little home but you are well known to me, and under the Master, the Truth-bringer, the great universal Comforter and Protector, so I come into your presence and I speak to you concerning those things which must come to pass. Oh, listen and learn; turn not from my words for I say that time is fleeting, and there is much to be worked in before the great and mighty test is upon the children of this little plane. Oh, think not that I speak in tones of concern or anxiety, but I speak of that which I see and know, and I say that the time is fast approaching when the children of the earth plane must be prepared for that which you name revelation.

"Now think you as to this. In time long past so prophet and teacher arose and these have left their mark, although at the time - forget not this - the prophet and the teacher were turned from, except by a very few. Those in high places, those with the so-called wisdom, those with authority, they wanted not the prophet of the Lord God of all, for the prophet of the Lord God of all spoke to them as to their self-indulgence and bid them prepare for the test which lay in front.

"Cannot you see how history is repeated again and again? Cannot you see that in this same time so one here and one there - a prophet, an instrument of the Most High - comes amongst the children of the earth and bids them be on their guard, to be watchful, to put in the preparation which is essential for facing that which lies in front? So tonight, my children, because in a measure you know and you understand, because in a measure you are willing to respond to the call, because in a measure you have weighed up the things of the earth and have found them wanting and are willing to pay the purchase price of the gift which will never pass away, so I come and, speaking under the guidance of the holy Master, I would pass on fragments concerning the Era of Revelation upon which you and all have commenced.

"Oh listen, my little ones, for I speak under the power of the Holy Spirit, and I say that we have crossed the threshold and we are nearing revelation in a form hitherto undreamt of by man. But I would take you back over the Sacred Record, to the prophesies of those who were wise in the wisdom which is of God, and I would impress upon you that for these great gifts, mighty must be the preparation. The dedication must be there in a way unthought of by those partaking in this sacred communion, this gift of God. Little ones, could the eyes pierce the density of physical conditions, lo, around you and around the world you would perceive that which is in the nature of a miracle, for wonders, marvels, stupendous happenings go on and, for the most part, the children of the earth are unaware of what is taking place.

"Think you as to this. With warfare upon the earth plane, so the preparation is made in secret, so effort, terrific in its ramifications, is called out from the one and the other, and all the time those in the place of the 'enemy', although they may sense that something big is happening, something terrible will take place, they know not, for they are hidden beneath the earth, they are concerned with the preparation for protecting that which they have. But think you - one here, one there, with courage, with resource, a picked man, a volunteer, leaves the shelter, goes to seek and to find. Perchance he perishes so far as the earth life is concerned, but he has tried, he has laid down that which is the physical self for his fellowmen, and these are named the heroes of the earth. Yet again, one here, one there, penetrates into the opposite camp and hears and sees that which is essential to safeguard his comrades; he retreats in quietness and something in the nature of tragedy perhaps is averted.

"Oh little ones, the warfare of the earth is so crude and so cruel, so absolutely reckless in regard to the laws of God, yet if I told you that the warfare in the Spirit was a reflection of that, Truth would take my words, and so I am forced to say that the warfare of the earth represents but a fragment of the great and mighty warfare in the Spirit which is going on all the time.

"Have I not said that through the carelessness and the heedlessness of man, great armies of those who cast from them their opportunities when upon the earth plane, have been enabled to break their bonds - the bonds of their own conditions, and they have surged across the earth and have done their dreadful work. Alas and alas! There are many today, as there were many in the past, to listen to weakness, to give heed to the tempter, and so it is that the children of the earth plane are surrounded by that which they know not; but I say that although armies may surge from the dark planes and the twilight conditions, their power is as nought unless the individual so desires. The angels of the Lord God keep watch by night and watch by day, and if the enemies gain a little here, then the messengers of the Christ struggle until that loss has been retrieved.

"Thus it is, dear children, that warfare is fierce and pitiless, so it seems to some of the chosen instruments of the Most High; but again I say that the protection of the hosts of God gives not, they fight on, they struggle with the individual and they seek to fence off the enemies which are around. And through the suffering, through the anguish of those upon the earth plane, of the guides and helpers, aye, and of Christ Himself, so in time the preparation will be put in, and revelation in a sense you cannot grasp, revelation while still bound by the flesh, that shall be made your own.

"But while I keep your eyes upon the glory in front, upon that which is of God Himself, yet I must bring you back to the present and to the past. What has your life held, little child, little one? Has it been smooth, have the things of the world been yours in over measure, has sorrow passed you by? If so, then I say: Take care, beware, pray for yourself and ask those who love you to pray as well. But oh, methinks that amongst my children gathered here there has been sadness, disappointment, struggle, effort, and in many cases false friends; ah, those who turned in time of need, those who forgot their spiritual obligations. Then to you I say: Send out your greater self in thankfulness to God, for in a measure you are prepared, and you will not turn from the cross which indeed must precede the revelation of the Most High.

"Oh, think you as to your lives, as to the past, as to the present. Count not your wounds, your sorrows, but in joy and gladness turn to the Christ, claiming that link with Him, and making a holy compact with your greater self that you will not shrink from the test, that temptation shall not affright you, that you will work for God, not only as you have worked in the past, but you will treble your efforts for the sake of that which lies in front.

"Little ones, when I speak of revelation I seek to bring my mind, my thoughts, down to that conception which only is possible to you. After the winter time, lo, upon tree and hedge the tiny bud appears promising beauty and expansion in time to come; so I say that at this same time revelation is as the tiny bud, waiting for the gardeners, waiting for the toilers, waiting for those who will count not the weariness, but watch and wait, ever anticipating that which must come to pass. Aye, and when I look beyond this little room out upon the multitude, there I see anticipation and expectation. For what do they wait? They wait for the children of the earth plane to arise out of their lethargy, to put aside the desire for this and the longing for that, and even, as the volunteer and the pioneer, to leave the shelter - that which appears as protection - and cross the borderline to gain the news, the facts of what is coming to pass.

"Why do I speak to you thus? Oh, little ones, serious must be my tones, for I come into your presence with sight and vision, and that takes me back over your little past as concerns the earth plane and over the long past when you functioned in other garments and sought to learn some of the lessons of Life in its greater sense. And that gift of vision allows me to look into the future, and the future, as it were, throws back a bright strong beam and under its light so that word 'responsibility' stands out and cannot be ignored. And this is your part and my part and the part of the representatives of the Most High, the part of the worker, the toiler and the child. Oh, little ones, some great machine waiting for essential parts so I would show you, for until that which the individual has to give is bestowed so the great wheel cannot turn with that harmony, that precision which God intends. The wheel of revelation, the wheel of understanding, the wheel of the wisdom which is of God, it waits and waits, for man lingers, he halts upon the way, he climbs today and rests tomorrow, and yesterday he rested again.

"But revelation in the God-sense cannot be hindered overlong, and so the warfare between the so-called forces of good and evil is being waged with an intensity impossible to be portrayed in words, and suffering must come. The careless ones who seek ever for pleasure and distraction, oh, pray for such as these; the selfish ones who think only of their own salvation, of preserving their own purity, oh, pray for such as these! The child-souls, the ones who shrink from the cross, pray for them, oh, pray for them; for time is fleeting and great things must be worked in to give that extra measure of spiritual power upon the earth plane to turn defeat into victory for Christ our God.

"Children, over the ages there have been those with the half knowledge who have said to themselves and to those in their surroundings: 'The middle course for me and you; the way of caution, the way of self-preservation.' They place their feet upon the steps carved by the suffering of others, and when those steps have been scaled they rest and look back on that which they have overcome, so they think. Such as these, under the influence of the enemies of the Spirit, have cut not one step up the steep mountainside themselves. In the footsteps of Peter, climbing over the anguish of Paul, taking of the efforts of the saints and martyrs of old and thinking in their blindness, that this is pleasing to God.

"Oh, what an awakening, what an awakening must come to such as these, for they could have known. Christ showed the way, the Master left explicit directions, but they, in their cloak of self-complacency, they chose the middle course, the way of caution, the path of so-called self-preservation.

"Aye, my children, there are many naming themselves the teachers and the preachers who one day will have to face this fact in all the tragedy it represents. No anguish did they contribute; when weariness came, they rested; when the hill seemed too steep, they said: 'It is not God's will that I should climb.' And because of that, because of that thousands of young ones - the child souls - have wandered far from the hill of attainment and, for the time being, the shadows of the valley have swallowed them up. Aye, responsibility, responsibility in a way that one day self-realisation will unfold.

"So, children, I come to you with a message of joy, a message of hope, but a message of warning. I say to you that the era of revelation is as the opening bud. Oh, prepare, take care, let it not be said that when great things were prophesied you were occupied with other things; let it never be said that when the Master called from you the highest and the best, you hesitated, you listened to the voice that bid you to consider and consider again.

"In front I see that which it is not the Father's will I should pass on. There are those who come back in this way (spirit-communication), and give out of incident and event. Had they learned at the feet of Christ, they would have passed over that which man names tribulation, and have come to the children of the earth plane giving them warning as to the preparation that must be put in. Oh, have I not said that when sorrow comes then the fact that the sorrow was prophesied in half truth, half fact, that this will avail nothing, nothing, if those who knew have not passed among their fellows seeking to put in a spiritual foundation of faith and trust and confidence, so that when the storm breaks the child of God can look up to his Father and say and mean: 'With Thee my happiness, my safety, my peace is complete.'

"So, my children, I speak to you individually, in the Name of Christ, and I ask you to go over that which represents your tools - the tools of the mind, the tools of the hands, your earthly and spiritual possessions - and, like one who has gleaned wisdom, to consider what you are prepared to do for God. What you have done in the past, oh, that is good, but cannot you see that the past of necessity was preparation for the present, and again, that the present, of necessity is preparation for what must come to pass. For when you are free from the body but - forget it not - unchanged so far as your resources are concerned, you will be wanted for God's work, to fight, to be unafraid, to dare all for His sake and for the sake of humanity at large.

"And so I say the blessing is upon you. You have a measure of sight, a measure of understanding, a measure of revelation. Then pause not but claim the privilege, the honour of suffering for the Christ - for the One Who has borne so much for you - suffering for the Christ so that the brightness and the sunshine of His presence may penetrate the density of the earth conditions and light up this little earth and bring joy to the weary, sight to the blind, bring strength to the weak, bring the power to do great things to those who try to be strong. Oh, think you, dear children, that within your power it lies to help your God to further the divine purpose, to scatter the enemies of the darkness, to open channels here and channels there so that the messengers of the Light, charged with the grace of God, can bring their gifts and shower their gifts upon those who once walked in loneliness, in desolation, bereft, so it seemed to them, of all that made life worth while.

"Again, I bring you back to such as these, the sufferers, those with the will to endure. They are the bringers of revelation in whatever condition they may be; and, more than that, through their patience, through their love for God, unconscious though it may be, so life-lines, thousands of life-lines, again through the grace of God, are thrown by them into regions dark and terrible to behold; and one here, one there, is drawn out of the pit of self, and there is rejoicing in heaven. So I speak to you all, and I implore you out of the love I have for every one to turn not from the steepness, the hardness and the anguish of the road which leads to God.

"Perchance I seem over-stern, but think you as to this: The mind of the body erects many barriers. It is as a firm door shutting off the glories of the mind of the Spirit. If I come to you and speak in tones endearing, passing on commendation and cheer of that kind, lo, the door becomes thicker, harder still. So I come and, as it were, I use words as a pick and I strike and strike, and the children of the earth plane they pass from these conditions a little nearer to things as they are, a little closer to God, a little more conscious of the glorious power of the Holy Spirit, aye, and able to grasp a little more of the wonderful love of the Christ, Who gives and gives again. So bear with me and believe me that out of the deep regard for your future which holds me and constrains me, so I speak to you in these same urgent terms, and I implore you, out of the tender love within, to make ready, to be on your guard and, above all, to stand out fearless as soldiers, ready, longing to respond to Christ.

"Children, could you see things as they are, this night indeed is as the turning of the page, and I want you every one to make a solemn vow within yourselves that upon that page, God - and only God - shall be written. Oh, think you as to this. You have been called here by a mighty spiritual provision. As you have met together, so hundreds, unseen, many unknown by your physical mind, they have gathered close, they have blessed, they have recharged; aye, and have sought to tear from the mind of the body the veil which hides that which is of God. Thank the Father and let it be even as a day of days - a Christ-day, a God-day, a day when you look around you and you see that which is your own and you gather together your possessions, small or great; and in love, out of the holy desire within, you take them and place them before the Master, and in the gift include yourself.

"Ah, here we come back to temptation in its fiercest form. 'I will give this, I will give that, but one thing I hold unto myself.' Little ones, the Saviour has given to you Himself. 'All that I have is thine' - His peace, His Love; but you cannot take, or you can only take in part until complete surrender has been made. So, then, turn to the Father, ask that He may blend your will so in with His that you cannot tell where one ends and the other begins; for only in this wise can happiness dwell within, only in this wise can you give out joy and release to others. The will half held, the sacrifice still incomplete, oh, these are crosses which God never meant that His children should bear. The Cross of the Christ is support and strength; without the Cross the pilgrim pants and faints: with the Cross you can vanquish all things and your courage will never fail. The open channel between you and God allows the Holy Spirit to be poured down upon you, to refresh and calm; and, again, to raise and inspire; and thus God's will is done.

"I bless you with understanding, with comprehension concerning your great and mighty gifts; and, above all, as to the opportunity placed within your hands. I bless you in the name of God with that measure of revelation which you, at this same time, can make your own. Farewell!"

"In the Name of the Loving Christ I bless you all, workers in the vineyard, tillers of the soil of human hearts and minds."

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