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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An Extract From


Taken from an Address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Town Hall, Bedford, on Sunday, September 16th, 1945.

..."Today I have been sent into your presence to give out fragments of truth so that you, having made something of truth your own, will be in a position to challenge these thoughts, to banish the darkness that hems in those who are having so difficult a time and who are separated mentally from the Love of God. So I speak to you upon: 'Empires in the Great World of Spirit'.

"First of all, let us deal with that most important point - death. You may say that it is natural to shrink from the transition, you are in a body which you understand to a certain extent, and are in a world that is familiar; it is quite a natural thing to feel a sense of apprehension about the journey into the Great Unknown. But we must come back to fact. The reason why the journey seems so strange is because the teachers and the preachers had not sufficient faith to seek, when that which was unknown would have become quite as familiar as the conditions around them here.

"Then you may say: 'I am an active man, I have a positive disposition, I like something that is concrete; the thought of life after death seems to be so nebulous, so intangible, I shall be lost in such vague conditions!'

"This is a very sensible view to take, and I can assure you that if we - who are disembodied souls - found ourselves in such a condition, we should not like it at all. Again, it all arises from misunderstanding, and misunderstanding has been caused because of spiritual ignorance. But there are many who are willing to learn, and I want you to realise that death is quite different from the state imagined by the majority. You do not give up anything that is worth having; in fact, you gain many things which would seem now entirely beyond your grasp. Also, you have to remember that sometimes your memory fails you, sometimes the mind appears to be growing rusty, you say it is old age and there is regret that old age should bring a dwindling of your powers. That is very understandable and it is a sign of an active personality.

"So, dear children, let us get down to fundamentals. The next state to this world is not so different as you might imagine, and this is the reason why many people believe they have more than one body of flesh. It is a notion that seems to be based on reason; for instance, they say: 'How can one life on earth bring any measure of understanding regarding earthly conditions?' But the answer comes: How can a hundred lives in a physical body give you more than a surface knowledge of life on earth in its multitude of phases?

"But belief in the return into a physical body is not anything that matters very much. You all have the right to your own opinions, and it is not for us to come back and say you must give up that or you must take up this; you are individual souls and you are entitled to your own views.

"But I mention that life in the next stage is not so different from the earth life as some might imagine, for those in the body are building up now their own 'place' which will represent their conditions after physical death, and some of you realise with those who are material, who are controlled by the lower emotions, their next place will not be a very pleasant one, and, to tell the blunt truth, it will represent something beyond the worst slums of your cities. But that they have to find out for themselves, for they are among the ones who would exclaim: 'If one returned from the dead I should not believe!' There are many such, and we do not condemn them, we pity them, for their awakening after death will represent a tremendous shock.

"Now we will think of the average man and woman, and the average man and woman live a decent life. They are attached to their own homes, love their children, work hard to make a living because they have dependents, and deny themselves much to give their children a good education. You see, quite unconsciously these are builders of empires in the World of Spirit; and I cannot over-emphasise the importance of being a good citizen today, because the time will come when you will find yourselves in a City not built by hands, and in the degree that you vibrate to those purified conditions, then so will be your happiness; and in the degree that you feel out of harmony with them, you must seek for conditions which are less bright, less beautiful, and where there is far less love.

"Now we come to the question of religion. There are some who say: 'I have done with religion, I tried it but I was given stones instead of bread!' Yes, and many are justified in their criticism; but, dear children, within you is God, and had you applied your spiritual gifts, you could have turned the stones into Bread, not only for yourselves but to feed the spiritually hungry.

"It is a great thought, and while we deplore that there are so many who have found their faith insufficient to be able to surmount the faith of those who have been content with doctrine and theory and ritual, yet we must be fair, and the responsibility comes back to the individual in this same wise - he has the life of Christ and he has the experience of the early disciples, and later, of the saints and martyrs. They may have been given stones instead of bread but they were miracle-workers on material things. How was this power released? Simply, because they were willing to serve and sacrifice and suffer.

"And if there are those gathered here who would like to perform miracles even while the flesh holds, then I say to them: It can be done by exactly the same process - in the measure that they individually are willing to serve and sacrifice and suffer, they will find to their joy that this great power, slowly but surely, is being released within them, and they will marvel at that which they can do. They are not only among the healers of the flesh, they have gone one step further than that, they are healers of soul bodies, the ones to bring back erring man into harmony with his God.

"So often I seek to emphasise the value of insurance, and I commend those in the body who, out of a sense of duty, insure their lives so that their dependents may not starve. But there is a still more important insurance than that.

"Have you thought of the great empires which have been built up in the unseen by those who are keyed to hate and cruelty and those other vices from which you shrink? Can you imagine thousands of people all combining to commit sin, men and women with high intelligence, gifted with strong bodies, men and women who could have been used to save the lesser nations their long, long journey towards progression? And yet they sold their hearts and minds to the evil forces and, being used as mediums by such as these over the years - for what they did was premeditated - they built up conditions of evil which were to scorch the very life out of innocent, helpless people.

"Yes, thoughts are things, actions leave their landmarks not only behind, but in that which you name the After-Life; and these conditions are their homes, the habitations of the ones who sinned against the Christ within and desecrated their mental gifts.

"As you think of life after physical death, you have to recollect that there are innumerable worlds, worlds which bear resemblance to the earth in its most beautiful form, worlds that bear a resemblance to the earth in its very worst form; yes, conditions far higher in beauty than you can imagine, and far lower in horror than any words can express. It is a wide life after physical death, and free will is not interfered with there, any more than it is interfered with here and now.

"So you see, dear children, it depends upon you, the kind of life and the kind of citizen you will find yourself in those stages where Reality has to be faced. This thought brings a sense of dismay to many in the body. On earth man can dissemble, he can say one thing to a person and another behind his back, and no one finds out; friends are loyal, and they do not wish to pain those whom others have sought to deceive. Many a man and woman is unknown even by their own family - they see only that aspect which is presented to them.

"But directly the flesh is cast asunder, all that is impossible, you are known then for what you are, and, moreover, for what you have been - and no excuses seem to make any difference. You are not blamed. The most ambitious man who has bartered his soul for earthly possessions is not blamed; there is pity for all such as these, pity for their shame, for their wasted opportunities, pity because it is all there, impossible to be hidden from the sight of others.

"Yet, dear children, while we think of the sad side, surely we must turn to the joyful side, and we remember those millions of people who have suffered in this century alone - the faithful mothers and fathers, and the ones who were young in years but old in experience, who deliberately offered their lives to save their country and as a gesture towards honour and right. Blessed are such as these, and their inheritance surpasses any words to express; they are empire builders.

"Yes, they have been builders upon the earth plane and they have left behind a tradition, and that tradition will inspire thousands yet to be born; but that is not all, that which they suffered - the loneliness, the overcoming of fear, the fight against poverty - this enables them to shut the door on their own sorrows and to enter into the sorrows of others.

"Millions of men and women were bowed down under the yoke of trouble, but they carried it. They did not understand, they thought that God had forgotten them or that there was no God at all, but something was within - a latent sense of duty - latent because not expressed outwardly - and that fundamental strength and courage within, enabled them, although they stumbled and fell, to arise and to crawl on to journey's end.

"Many died in a poverty that was profound, broken-hearted by the sorrows of daily life; many were among the scorned and despised, but they never saw death. What they witnessed was the brightness of an everlasting summer day; the birds were singing, the sounds of happy children were all around, and beside them were their loved ones who had never forgotten them, who had tried again and again to make themselves known.

"But because they failed to do so, they did not forsake them; they walked with them until physical life was over, and then had the inexpressible joy of raising them from their sickness and misery - showing to them their garments of light. And in such a little while strength and power and understanding came to the wayfarers, and to their great amazement they found they were honoured citizens of a bright realm, that all they had hoped and all they had failed to do had been treasured for them by the One Who loved them best, our Saviour Jesus Christ.

"Yes, for a little while it was night, but the night-time of their experience had led on to the dawn, and the dawn to God's fair day of emancipation. They were made free men, free women of the Eternal City, a City not built by hands, but by love and service and the willingness to suffer for the sake of the God that was within them."...

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