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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Y.M.C.A. Hall, Blackburn, on Sunday, April 7th, 1940

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"God has called us in togetherness. You have sought and you shall find. So often you are tempted to give your attention to the things that perish; but the time is coming when the power of the Holy Spirit, when the Christ within you, shall gain its freedom; when sacrifices shall be made in willingness and in love.

"As the conditions of the earth are prepared, the heavens shall open, and even the doubters shall be forced to believe. Know that with every effort and every contribution you make, every day is part of the Holy Plan.

" 'The Emancipation of Humanity' is entirely personal to you, and to all whom you know. Man is a living soul. However, down through the ages he has forgotten this fact. The majority regard themselves as being only flesh; it seems to them that they have come into the world to gain material possessions, to achieve material ambition. When finally, some of them achieve worldly success, they are satisfied - for they know not what they do.

"They are asked the question: 'Is it practical, according to common sense, to build for one stage of life alone?' Most of you, at times, look forward to the future. You must do your best to anticipate events, otherwise, when chances come, you are left behind. Apply this same fact - which is worked out by personal experience in material life - the same fact to your greater life, to the real self within, about which you know so little.

"Has it ever occurred to you that when you are no longer in the flesh you are still a living soul? When you find yourself in another world, like the material world, yet unlike - what will your feelings be if you see those around you - with suitable equipment - working out their hearts desire, and you are left behind? Left behind - because you did not attempt to anticipate the events which would surely come.

"There are many who think that their life is hard; one long rush to keep up with the competitive market. You need to know that the business men who are conducting their lives on the lines of justice and honesty, are putting in a marvellous preparation for the life to come. It is true that your material life will be changed, so please be patient, and remember that the harnessing of the physical will be the repudiation of the desire to rest; the fencing off of many temptations.

"So, you can see that you are building up a good business, you are building character, and in the life to come, it is the character that counts. Character makes all the difference to the soul, between happiness and misery, between bondage and freedom.

"Humanity, put simply, represents innumerable individual souls. Each one, whatever their colour, whatever their race, is equally dear to the Father; they are sought for unceasingly, protected in a thousand ways that the physical mind cannot grasp.

"You look out upon the world with a sense of dismay. You have watched the trend of events. Just at that time when you had a right to think that civilization meant something to those on earth, you found one here and there, coming forward to try to wreck civilization. For a time, humanity was aghast. Things were allowed to take place because there was not sufficient presence of mind for humanity to band together and say: 'No'.

"In that time of pausing, much damage was done, many strong forces were released from the flesh but not released from their bondage. Others hurried on with their dreadful work, and your hearts were torn over the tales of woe, over the sufferings of the old, the weak, the poor and the children, through no fault of their own. Their only crime in the eyes of the rulers, was that they had something that they wanted to possess themselves.

"History is repeated time and time again. Those with ambition, those who have repudiated the simple teaching of the Christ, seem to regard themselves as gods. They are gods of stone. Still the time comes when retribution acts as the strongest mallet the human mind could imagine, and the blows fall upon these gods of stone; they are scattered and cast away. As the generations come along, they look back upon the ruins of something that was great and mighty, something that stands as a symbol of the domination of self - and the example of the fallen ones acts as a warning to those with wisdom and understanding.

"There are many who ask: 'If there is a God of Love, if there is an active Spirit World, why are these people not routed out?' Because, dear children, free will cannot be interfered with. God gave His promise to man at the very beginning that he shall exercise free will, and God never breaks His promise with His creation.

"Divine Law has to be reckoned with. Although man may follow his own will and his own way, he cannot ignore the fact that as free will is part of Divine Law, so also is retribution. A man sows and he must reap that which he has sown.

"It is not a new religion that those from the Higher Side of Life bring back to pass on to mankind. They come to clear away the mists that have enshrouded the words of the Gentle Saviour. The Christ seeks to encourage man to come to grips with fact; not to live in a world of his own imagination.

"Many seek to do this until illness falls upon them: Life is sweet; there are the calls of the flesh to be satisfied; they argue with themselves: 'Why should I not have a good time?'. Understand that God wants His children to have a better time than they have yet considered. You may argue that you might snatch at joy, but if you knew that a great penance in the form of disease or disaster would follow closely in its wake, common sense would interfere. In the language of the earth, you would say that the game is not worth the price paid for it - or the light is not worth the candle represented.

"Those who are free from the flesh - who have passed through the physical stage and know the snares and the tests - come back, by the Grace of God, because they love you, because you are their brothers and sisters, and they want to save you from making mistakes and having to reap what you have sown. They want the Life Hereafter to represent liberty for you - in the God Sense - that you may find many avenues of inspiration open to you, that you may be able to create as the finer mind desires.

"Question yourselves: Can you progress without bringing on the progression of others? You will see at once there is a weakness there. While the flesh holds, you want a companion, a sympathetic companion, to look out at Nature with you and join in your appreciation. You feel strangely lonely when there is one with you whose eyes are blind to God's Great Handywork. You think to yourself that you would rather be alone. That is a spiritual instinct.

"In order to enjoy God's peace, God's many gifts and privileges, you want companionship, you want kindred souls; and your part is clear. You cannot stop war in the field because it is in the hands of the powerful few; but you can stop war in the home; you can do your best to be a rescuer of those others who do not know peace of mind.

"There is plenty of trouble about. There are those who make your heart ache because fate seems so unkind. Fate does seem unkind to those who do not know God. Yet again, you are reminded that in the Holy Book it is outlined clearly to all who read with intelligence, the ones who were to leave their mark on time in the spiritual way - they were the burden bearers, they had the sorrows, they were persecuted, they were despised by man.

"When you look at your neighbour and he seems to you a failure in spite of having tried - remember these words. Perhaps you are honoured with the friendship of a strong soul, of a spiritual pioneer; of one who, in spirit, has surrendered the things of the earth to make room for the things of the Spirit that never pass away.

"As you think over the lives of such as these, you feel admiration. It suddenly dawns on you that there is something greater than a material success - and that is to be well known by the Christ as a trusted messenger upon the earth: One who is willing to serve, one who does not grow weary in helping others; because of that one, the gates of revelation are thrown wide open and he shall enter in and sorrow shall touch him no more.

"Think about emancipation: Going back over history, you remember the slaves. You also remember Abraham Lincoln who struggled and fought - and even went to war - to free the slaves; and you can see now, as you stand away from the picture of the past, that he was inspired to set the captives free; he was forced to do that which caused his heart to ache - setting brother against brother. Yet he was fighting for the future. Today you honour his name, and praise his moral courage.

"It is not the Will of the Father that there should be wars. However, there are many kinds of war. It is not wise for one here or one there to put their finger upon warfare in the field and say that it is wrong - yet condone in their own lives the war that they make upon tender hearts and sensitive minds.

"When you are free from the flesh you can deceive yourselves no more. The rags of hypocrisy are torn from you; you stand as a naked soul, but that which you did to your neighbour in love has weaved for you a garment of light, and in every fold of the garment is Divine Power. God is not mocked, and His angels have charge over those who seek to follow in the narrow pathway of duty and go forward to the glorious end.

"Can you not see that these humble souls - obscure people - by living lives such as these, are the emancipators of the slaves of self? They are attracting into these material conditions Divine Power, so that man's eyes may be opened and he may see something of the words of God and be free.

"The sufferings of humanity are great. To those who suffer - be strong; let your courage be high. The Christ will never leave you. That which He suffered shall be used as balm upon your wounds. When the change called death takes place, you shall search for those wounds dealt by the cruelty of others and you will not find them. Only the marks of honour are there - symbol and sign that God rules and God understands.

"You are living in grave times; there is so much responsibility resting upon the individual. You know that there are those in your own conditions who are seeking, and yet have not found; you know that there are earnest men and women living conscientious lives, who are not yet attuned to religion in its true sense. They may accept the outward form, they may even name themselves as Christians, but they are like little children learning their first lessons. Often as the days go by, although they may mature in thought, they are still stumblers in the twilight, looking for the light, thinking at times they have found the light, but something happens, they are deluded by this one and that - so they go on still stumbling in the twilight.

"When you are free from the flesh and you are permitted to come back to this dim plane, you will joy in passing on fragments of inspiration to those who are ready to receive. Then it will seem so plain to you. You will watch a broken-hearted mother sorrowing over the loss of her child; you will try to comfort a man as he stands by the still form of the one he loves best of all.

"Sometimes, although you may do all that you can, it seems that there is no response. The reason for this is because the power has not been bought by those individuals before the flesh was cast aside. This is one of the reasons that those from the Higher Side of Life come back, so when man is free from the flesh - free from the limitations of the flesh - he may stand as one who, at the word of command, can work miracles in the Name of the Christ. It is a miracle to lift those broken-hearted mothers from their knees, part the clouds that obscure the sunshine of Divine Love and comfort them sufficiently to enable them to take their way in peace.

"Is this not a finer achievement than that set into being by the greatest inventor in the physical world? Those who have purchased the power to comfort, are creators in many forms. You look at the beautiful Spring flowers and thank God for the miracle of Spring. Those who are free from the flesh, who have bought this experience in the Spirit World, unconsciously, all the time are the creators of flowers and many other forms of beauty which you could not understand at this stage. Hold this thought.

"When you see another who is in trouble, and you find your heart going out to that one in sympathy and in love, if your eyes were opened you would see creation going on in a marvellous way. First, from your mind would be what would seem to you as a rosy mist impregnated with a weary soul. That is only one phase of sympathy.

"Would that the power were strong enough to open your consciousness to the marvellous possibilities and gifts and qualities that are housed in the Christ - the Holy Spirit - that is within each one. You cannot think a good thought without creating beauty in form, in fragrance, and in sound. Music is beauty in form, in fragrance, and in sound. Music is beauty materialised in the world in a certain form. The fragrance of the rose is another materialisation of beauty, so crude to those on the Higher Side of Life, yet so wonderful to you. Beauty as emanating from the Mind of God has a thousand aspects, and because you are a child of God, in miniature, you can create as God the Father.

"All this you will find in the Holy book. The Master Jesus called His own to Him, tried to teach them so that they might understand themselves. There he had to leave it because he was going beyond the narrow range of their consciousness. However, He made a promise not only to them - but also to you - that there should be the gift of the Holy Spirit to release the wisdom that was within.

"Some there are who do not believe in Spirit Return or life after death. Yet even as they utter those words, they are under the influence of Spirit: There is one in your aura seeking to make the condition which surrounds you denser still. There is also an angel standing by you waiting for you to respond to the higher vibrations. Again, free will cannot be interfered with. If you say: 'I do not believe', then God has to wait. Many souls pass through the change called death saying: 'I do not believe in immortality'. Sometimes they sleep for a very long time. Free will is theirs and they have made the choice. But think of the wasted time, think of the folly, think of all that they might be learning and seeing.

"One of the first things that those who love flowers ask is: 'Show me how to make a daisy'. Then the Spirit children take the enquirer aside and show them how to make a daisy. As the enquirer watches, they realise that all the knowledge of the earth in comparison is as a bag of dust. A little child has led them into a measure of Divine Truth.

"There is no scientist, however great his abilities, who can say that they can create the seed of a tiny wayside flower. Think of all those great creations before which you stand in admiration, and then compare that with the ability required to create life in the seed of a wayside flower.

"The thought brings you back to God. It brings you back to simple things - brings you back to realities. You are meant to understand these things. When the emancipation of humanity takes place in a short time, so inspiration will come from the World of the Spirit, and much shall be passed on that shall gladden the heart of man.

"There are many who long to be set free. They are saying that they are tired of the old life; there is no satisfaction in it: 'I am tired of the old struggle; I want to be free. I want to understand the Laws of God'. That is a spiritual instinct. It is necessary that all mothers understand that in tending to the needs of their children in the care of their home, by giving their great love and service, they too are opening the way to revelation in the world to come.

"It is not the so-called great deeds, not those marvellous exhibitions of physical power which so many upon the earth love and applaud - it is not these things that open the gates of heaven, but just the road of duty, the simple task, and the great love.

"Remember this: There is the education of the physical mind; there is the education of the real self which is brought about by the discipline of daily life. When you are in the World of Spirit, which will avail you the most? Common sense answers. The things of the earth have passed away; the old follies, the old conceptions of joy and happiness have had to be changed. Yes, because you are children of God and inheritors of Eternal Life.

"Those from the Higher side of life beg you to make yourself ready. There are many striving and who continue to strive. Do your part, for the emancipation of humanity means more to God than you can ever understand. Humanity, His own creation, for which He sacrificed so much - and yet, for the most part, the majority do not want Him and take the downward path that leads into the wood of misunderstanding where they wander for many years. Yet, all the time, the Promised Land is opened to their swift approach.

"Can you not see how much both worlds have to do together? Those in the World of Spirit are dependent upon you, and your responsibility is very great. God works through human agency. God works through Angelic agency. Yet with neither can free will be interfered with. Your pioneer spirit is being called out - your real self. Come to grips with reality; ask yourself if it is worthwhile sacrificing so much for the things of the earth, when the wider, greater, sweeter things of the Spirit can be yours?

"Yes, there are those who understand. You cannot escape your troubles. You have come to earth to learn, and your troubles are stepping stones into better things.

"Know that those from the Higher side of Life come to bless you with the courage to hold up your cross with a joyous soul, realising that you are climbing. Yes, sweet words, climbing, climbing, climbing. Each step means that you are nearer Home. Those who love you, who passed out in the time of yesterday, are waiting to welcome you in. But best of all, there is the One - so gentle, so kind - with the: 'Well done, good and faithful servant'.

"Seek the Father with humbleness of heart, so that your future may be secured, so that you may look at life as life is, that you may be inspired to make the full surrender for Jesus the Christ.

"In that way you will not only contribute to the emancipation of the earth, but be used as a missionary for those in dark places where there are souls gathered who abused their power when free will was theirs. Now they are reaping that which they sowed in the folly of the past. See to it that you can be a missionary to go to such as these and set the captives free.

"Blessing rests upon all those who have striven and are still striving. May the peace of the Christ hold your hearts and minds. By the Grace of God, in both worlds we are friends, we are family, comrades of the Cross, working for the King of Kings. Peace be with you all."

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