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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An Extract From


Taken from an Address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes on Sunday, 30th April, 1922.

..."The first point tonight which I will deal with is that of the effect of thought. Thought, as you know, is the background and basis of all action. That is why the physical mind needs to be strictly looked after. But carry this on to a further stage - that of creating the garment of the soul, which it does in a literal sense, as well as in a figurative sense.

"You must try to visualise thought as something quite definite - not as an intellectual quality only. Thought has form and colour and individuality, so much so that once the physical body is discarded it is - for the want of a better word - materialised into the next body in which the spirit carries on its evolution.

"There you see what an important part thought plays. I have said that in form, in colour and in individuality thought is materialised; therefore the next citadel of the spirit is being built by you and by us every minute and every day of our existence. Beauty of any kind, action, conception of merely physical ideas, are at once shown in the new body. On the other hand, the thoughts of self and the darkness of the physical mind is also portrayed in all its sadness.

"I wish I could show you, as I see it, one of those spiritual bodies which have just been adopted by the newcomer. They present a curious appearance. It is as though, in some cases, a beautiful scheme of things had gone wrong at a crucial point, thus marring its perfection.

"That is often so, and when the stranger sees what represents the marring, he is grief-stricken indeed. It is not a matter for over-anxiety, however, because once it is seen where the weak part lies, that can soon be built up by the owner, because - remembering all the other beauty produced - it means that he possesses a strong will and has overcome much.

"That is rather a hard thought for you to take in - I see that at once - but you must remember that I am speaking of the covering of the spirit and not the spirit itself. Just as you would imagine, the bodies assumed after the earth body can be quickly changed and changed again, but each one bears and retains all the characteristics which you associate with those you love.

"You must remember that the physical body you know so well, was not created by physical birth alone - its individuality was perpetrated long before that - and that body is discarded when finished with, just as the previous bodies have been discarded, and as future ones will be also.

"It is seldom that perfection is reached with any particular body. As a rule, the occupier progresses to a certain extent, and then, before all the resources of that body are completely exhausted, another is assumed. There are no gaps or waiting spaces here. It is as though you on earth, when a coat was getting worn, provided another before the old one fell to pieces.

"Another point is this: How often it is forgotten on your side that action is subservient to thought. The physical mind and the practical side of human nature assumes an importance altogether beyond its merit. The world judges by action and not by thought, and so you on your side take this view almost entirely.

"Here everything is reversed. Action is recognised as only the outward and visible sign of thought, and like all physical things is soon merged and forgotten in the past. The life of the thought behind the action, however, is much longer, but that life is not for ever, otherwise it would be a very hopeless thing altogether.

"The life of that thought only lasts so long as is necessary for it to be either worked out by the spirit or merged into the spirit, when it no longer has a separate existence. Until either one or other of these things happen, that thought is as definite and as separate as human beings are definite and separate from each other. There is no vagueness at all about them; as I said before, they have their own individuality.

"Thought, then, is one of the most beautiful or most dangerous things to indulge in, and it literally means that what each one sows has to be reaped in time with sorrow or with joy - the choice remains open to all.

"Although I have spoken rather seriously on the question of thought, I do not want to create a wrong impression in your minds. There are many thoughts of a trivial and entirely physical nature that really do not emanate from the person concerned at all - they are the reflections from others either in your world or in the world just outside the earth plane. They, as it were have no roots at all; and it is only when those thoughts are welcomed and voluntarily taken in by the individual that they become attached or personal. The mere fact that some thoughts are unwelcome, or are distasteful, shows that they are not your own thoughts at all, and never can become your own thoughts, unless you are very much off your guard.

"I tell you this because so many people are troubled by thoughts which are not of a spiritual character at all - almost the reverse it would seem. They are troubled by them and search through their own characters to find out what is in it that has attracted them - they cause sorrow often and distress always.

"These thoughts are but tests which have to be endured in order to prove the metal of those so attacked. If the pure were never assailed by thoughts not wholly pure, they would be untried, and therefore, not in a position to claim their purity entirely as their own.

"It is the same with everything of a like nature; the mere fact of possessing a quality in an advanced stage, means that that quality has to be tested and re-tested over and over again, in order to grow still stronger. And it is only by using the antithesis of that quality that the test can be satisfactorily carried out.

"I want you all to think over this and apply it generally. It is exactly the same with bad temper - or rather I should say - good temper, and with patience, especially with patience. Could you see what patience looks like here, you would think that nothing less than equal beauty could come close to it. But how is patience gained? The answer is obvious to you all - it is gained by much vexation and much trying of that patience by others. In colour it is lavender - that I mention because at the beginning I told you that thought, besides other things, had colour..."

(After John French had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"The physical is a little troublesome but we shall finish as God intended. My child has had a long day and it is not surprising that the body asserts itself when it is able, but it has stood aside tonight so that the Spirit should do its work.

"And so, dear children, I want to close this happy evening on a note which is full of promise for the days to come. I want you to realise more and more, that although certain things may be demanded from you, yet indeed it is a privilege to work for Christ...

"And now rest in peace. Gather hope closely unto you and be sure that in the Father's Hands all is well; that weakness shall be turned into strength; that greyness into glory indeed, and that Love shall take you out of the wilderness into the Promised Land...

"Goodnight, my children."

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