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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Alexandra Hall, Halifax, under the auspices of the Christian Spiritualist Church, on Sunday, April 2nd, 1939

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"As you listen to the words of the Spirit, you will become aware of a great consciousness that God indeed has drawn you close to give you the feeling that you are nearer to the Light that never fades. The Master Jesus understands the human need and our Father and Mother God yearns over you, and the gates of the fuller Life have been opened so that those who have passed therein, having gained experience, may come back and guide you without due sorrow up the steep hill way to peace.

"All those who have not pursued the pathway of knowledge should realise that this is no new religion, it is the Christ Religion, the very message that the Master of all Life sought to pass on to His disciples.

"Yet, although those men understood only in part that which He wished to impress upon them, what they digested was sufficient to turn the whole trend of their world, to part the clouds of material doubt and to allow the sunshine of Eternal Love to shine upon the faithful, those willing to serve.

"Realising that Truth is eternal, surely it is wise to consider: 'The Effect of Spirit Communion Upon the Future'.

"However, a line must be drawn between those messages which come from the astral or lower planes of thought and those messages which are passed on through human agency by men and women who sought to do their duty while in the flesh.

"You can see for yourself that there are many kinds of mediumship, you have only to turn your thoughts to music, art, singing or the painter, to realise that mediumship is not limited, nor is it controlled by God, because He has given free-will to all men.

"As you pause upon the trend of modern life, some realise that there is a kind of mediumship gaining ground that is not for the upliftment of man, nor for the progress of the evolution of the soul. Therefore it is necessary to underline the importance of mediumship from the Christ aspect.

"You will probably agree that a man who writes an opera that gives others encouragement and faith, and the man who writes music to raise the emotions of those who listen, are the mediums used under the power of Holy Spirit to bring mankind more closely to the Father.

"Shall we consider for a moment the position of the young and the education that is being given in the schools and the colleges! Are the young being trained to become true citizens of their own country, or their own city? You can see that a child or man or woman who is a faithful citizen of the earth is preparing himself or herself to be a faithful citizen of that Fair City: Heaven.

"Parents need to think about this and to consider the kind of education that their child is receiving at school, and the effect upon her character. In the past, it was considered that the young were brought up under too strict a control. Their natures were warped by the absence of liberty, their personalities were not developed because they were moulded, more or less, on one pattern - and there was justice in this thought. However, when people review that which has been done, they are inclined to lose their balance; the pendulum swings back right to the other side and there are those who see that perhaps the next stage is worse than the last.

"Today, many of the young are given too much liberty for the safeguarding of their soul. The little ones are often not trained to observe those little acts of courtesy which form the foundation of character. Many adopt this attitude of mind stating that it shows lack of independence for the young to be deferential to the old, for the young to respect their teachers, and for the young to obey their parents.

"Consider this attitude of mind on the growing soul, not only as it relates to the earth, but also to the Life to come. Some of the young are being trained to observe the laws of God because their parents are faithful servants of the Christ; but there are many who are left to their own devices, for the parents are either too indolent or too careless to trouble what happens to the spiritual character of their child so long as they are left in peace.

"It needs to be emphasised - with all force possible - the terrible effect of this upon the conditions of the earth and the far-reaching effect upon the conditions of the next world into which they will pass. The sensible and the practical can draw a dividing line between harshness - which has a way of stemming the freeing of the bud - and that childhood ever to show itself as a beautiful flower.

"Parents who neglect their duty to their children and allow them to bring themselves up and become, at heart, what you regard as hooligans, have to face a terrible responsibility when the body is no more. Children are given into your custody. You are indeed working for God the Father in regard to your trust over the lives that have been linked to you, by birth and by love. Many parents stand aghast when they see their own little ones, so loving in childhood, becoming a menace to their brothers and a blot upon the history of his town. It is so easy to train the young, but so hard, once the pattern has been set, to remould it, for what has been done has settled into that which is a vice.

"As you think of Spirit Communion, the message comes back from the Spheres of Light that those who are mature, those who have experience, must find within themselves the resource to guide the young into the pathway of safety, into the courts of peace where no enemy can overtake and destroy. Anguish tortures the hearts of parents when they see their offspring struggling in the clutch of disease. But there is no anguish that can be described in words to fit that experienced by parents when they pass out of this world and witness that which their carelessness has done by refusing to train the child, and that their child, abusing the liberty it has received, is ensnared by the powers of darkness, and much must be endured before the prison gate opens and the soul can march free once again.

"What of those who are growing older, who, whether they admit it or not, understand the difference between right and wrong? Their attitude of mind is leaving its influence upon the vibrations of the earth. Perhaps, your own children, yet to be born, will be caught up in that influence for good or ill.

"To the young who have had only little experience of life, yet feel that they know so much: Walk warily, because there are enemies unseen waiting to entrap you. Take a pride in the thought that you are to be a citizen of your town, one to be respected, one whose example can be followed, and however ambitious you may be, what is prepared for you in life to come shall far surpass the highest ambition that can hold the heart and mind. Think carefully; let common sense guide your judgement. Do not build for the present for there is always the future to be faced. You may be young and strong today, and it may seem to you that earthly life holds many joys and pleasures, but you cannot prophesy regarding the tomorrow of time. It may be that you have to endure the test of ill-health or of unemployment; it may be that the position you now occupy may pass into the hands of another.

Therefore, be wise in time; do not be too proud to pray, ask God to guide you over your material life, for your material life is part of your spiritual portion. As you awaken, let your thoughts go out for guidance during the day, and when night falls and you feel you have not lived up to the best, make your vows anew. Ask the understanding Christ to strengthen you. In this way you are building for your future a spiritual prosperity that makes the riches of the earth appear as the dust they indeed represent to those with the true vision.

"All hearts go out to the young because it is known that there are trials and tests to come for them. Do not let a day pass without laying down that foundation that shall hold fast when the storms beat upon you. How else can you learn to overcome if you turn from the lessons you came into the earth body to experience. Of what use are you in the commercial world if you refuse to study the task you must undertake? How can you take up that which shall bring you a livelihood without preparation? Again, how can you have peace in the life to come if you have not learned, by experience, the sorrows and the trials which represent the lessons of the earthly stage?

"It is all pure gain. When something assails your courage, do not pray for deliverance, but ask the Father that strength may come to work through and conquer - because that is the essential in the building up of character. Without character, when the body is no more, you will find yourselves in darkness and perchance amongst companions you fear.

"What of those who have suffered? There are many who have had to drink the cup of suffering, some a few sips, others a bigger measure. Some, trembling and reluctant, have had whole contents poured down and have experienced to the full what anguish of heart and mind can represent. Some will say: 'But that is the past. I have found God through suffering. I found God through sharing a little of what Jesus the Christ suffered to the full. I would not be without that testing time. It nearly broke my spirit, but God led me through.' Such as these are the pioneers, not only of today, but of the future, and Spirit Communion has a glorious message for them. It is to remind them that they have left in their own conditions a wonderful power, a wonderful cleansing, and there shall be many to pass that way and to arise from their spiritual weakness and to start to build anew.

"What will you think when you pass into the Better Land and unveil the curtain that hides your life on earth? There will be angelic ones beside you to comfort and instruct. There are some who can only glance at the record of their past, for fear holds them; self-revelation comes in slow stages to such as these, and only by suffering can they rectify the past. But what of the faithful souls, those parents who sought to make the home happy, the ones who represented a good example to their young? Picture their amazement. Perhaps they think that their life was humdrum; nothing was produced; it was just a daily round, the common task; they felt that they were one of the obscure, scarcely of any importance at all.

"Then the veil is parted. The angelic ones give them the sight to go back over the record of the past, and they see days of childhood, how they sought to learn their lessons, not only in school but also in the home. They watch their career, see many disappointments, their castles in the air had fallen to pieces - even before they reached maturity they realised that great things were not for them. They did not allow themselves to become embittered. They laughed at themselves for the foolishness of the past. They pulled themselves together and made up their mind that that which was, was best. They respected God because they realised that He was the Creator of all things and their understanding was but as a grain in comparison to the Whole. So they were patient and sought to stem the word of complaint. They looked out on life - although it bore so great an aspect - with a brave eye, with steadiness which showed they were indeed linked to the angels of God who ministered to them direct.

"As they watch the record of the past - which shall be the same for many - joy and amazement are mingled together. They see that their life on earth, instead of representing failure or disaster, has built up for them a wonderful future. They were tried and tested by the adversity of their time and still they sought to do their duty. These are the ones who are given a little kingdom of their own in God's Fair Land, and in that kingdom they can gather many souls for tuition and guide them out of weakness into that strength which makes them fit to be classed as soldiers of the Spiritual King.

"Spirit Communion is the first importance when that Spirit Communion bears likeness to the love of God, and the importance of right Spirit Communion today cannot be over-emphasised, because of its great effect upon the future.

"Consider: Would there be war-makers if, in the past, true Spirit Communion had been established? Would not those who are out for self be aghast at the realisation of the punishment that lay ahead for them? Would the selfish and the self-centred have continued on their way if they had realised that in the life to come they must reap with anguish that which they have sown?

"If over the generations there had been true Spirit Communion, war and poverty today would be unknown. There would not be one with the temerity to bring sorrow and trouble upon his neighbour. There would not be one to over-crowd the physical body while others are starving. There would not be one to pile around himself the comforts of the earth, when there are those in other lands victims to disease with no one to care for them, starving they crawl along their way.

"So you can see why Spirit Communion should be broadcast far and wide; why Spirit Communion should be taught to the young, because if the young knew that their folly and their pride would cut them off from the peace and happiness in another stage, even these would pause and consider.

"A child once burnt, fears the fire. A child rightly instructed in the right way does not desire the wrong way. This has been proven again and again. Many abuse the physical body, but if they had not tasted of the substance they would not want it. There is nothing in this world, which, rightly used, cannot contribute to the furtherance of the Divine Plan. It is only that man, by exercising free-will, has distorted what was useful into that which brings destruction of mind and of body and of the soul. In the days to come all these things must be faced, all these mistakes must be rectified. But those on earth are paying the price. For in the conditions of the earth, temptation lies on all sides.

"Realise that the call which has come from the Bright Realms means that the earth and the Bright Realms can be one through the Divinity within you. You know that, at times, when sorrow or loss has been your portion, you have felt a strange peace. The real self was partaking of a fragment of the Heaven which God means shall be its Home. You know that when you seek to serve others, when you minister to the sick, a wonderful happiness holds your heart and mind. You are in touch with the angels, and through the instrument you represent, healing power is passed on to the patient, and the blessing rests upon you. All these things are so plain, but the folly of the past obtrudes itself upon the present.

"Men and women today are making the same mistakes as their parents, or their forbears. But they did not know - there was no one to tell them. So your part is clear. You are asked to consider Spirit Communion and to face the fact that this holy power was not given to the earth to pander to the lesser mind, or to provide material treasure for the grasping. Spirit Communion was meant to bring comfort in your hour of need; to give you a mighty reassurance that however dark the sky of your life may appear, the sun of God's Love is shining upon you.

"If only those on earth could approach Spirit Communion as something holy, something to be associated with prayer, soon they would find a wonderful upraising of the nations of the world. The dark menace of depression and fear would give way to hope and faith and trust in God. There would be large communities meeting together with one accord, planning for the good of others, for the beautifying of their own part or town, for the rescuing of the poor and the sick, for the replenishing of starving Nature.

"Think of it. So often these communities meet together to plot and plan against their neighbour. Schemes are weaved so that they can take what another possesses. It goes on in all levels of life, from those in positions of earthly power to those in poverty planning to steal because others have what they themselves lack.

"Just visualise the change. All this could come to pass if Spirit Communion were known as a vehicle through which the Power of God can pass to man. Inspiration would be born in a way that you cannot grasp at this same stage. The doctors and nurses would be given the way to deal with disease and all that it means. The scientists would no longer delve into the earth, would show genius over bringing to pass upon the earth that which would help their neighbour, that which should relieve certain forms of toil, that which should produce - for the upliftment of man - a beauty amongst the flowers and the trees which you cannot grasp at this blunted stage.

"Some are ready for this message, others do not want to be troubled - but they are reminded that in time to come they will be troubled because it will represent all in all to them. Every future is shaped by the present. We often linger in the valley when the hillside could be ours. God waits for our advance, and yet we cannot go. Temptation lies all around and the calls of the flesh war against the cries of the soul. But, be practical, realise that whether man believes it or not, there is life to come, whether he wants to face the fact or not. He has to reap what he has sown, and the reaping in some cases is terrible to behold.

"Spirit Communion could turn the barren earth into a harvest field. Spirit Communion - as ordained by God - could raise man above his troubles and his trials, for he would reason thus: 'It is all for some great purpose; the lessons are hard, but if I try to learn them, then, having made knowledge my own, I can be one who is chosen to do God's work.'

"Many are ambitious; ambition in the material way is only a sign to you that you can be ambitious in the spiritual way - in a way that will bring you joy evermore. Think of it. Does it matter so much that your desires are thwarted today, when tomorrow they will be granted in such a manner that you will indeed thank God with all your heart? Does it matter so much if the body is troublesome? Do not the pains of the body contribute to the strength of the next body you will wear? Is it not more important to have a strong and healthy body in the next world when a wonderful liberty and a marvellous opportunity shall be yours? Common sense replies: 'Yes'. You lose today to gain tomorrow.

"Is it wise to have the abilities of the mind and to misuse them, when in the life to come the earthly mind will be cast asunder and the only thing that will remain will be the character? According to your character so your spiritual mind will be able to manifest itself. Despise not the little things. There are those who fix their minds upon the moulding of some great plan; they forget that no great plan can ever be put together except by fragments, and those fragments are gained by the observance of little things, the tiny courtesies, the word of sympathy, the standing back because another pushes in front, the giving way - in the sense that you give way to God and not to evil.

"Do not forget this: To give way to those who want to do wrong, that is not God's Will. You are in the body to resist evil ways, you have your own tuition as to the Christ Way and you must stand firm, immovable, for to give way to those who have lesser ideals is a sign of spiritual weakness, and you must pay - as well as the tempter - in time to come.

"Congratulations on the troubles you have overcome. Do not be deceived by the ones who walk in so called pleasant places upon the earth regardless of the sufferings of others, they will walk in lonely places when the earth life is over; but you will climb over the rocks of difficulties, for you have driven back despair; you have passed on the word of cheer to another who has lost faith in God. You shall find in God's Fair Land brightness and joy for ever more.

"Build on - Build on! Day by day review your character and tear out the tiny weeds. The mind and the heart were meant to be a garden of the Lord, and from that garden can spring flowers of the Spirit for the healing of others, and in healing others surely you find your link with Jesus the Christ, the One Who indeed is the Saviour of mankind, for He saved us and He will save man by His illimitable Love for His own creation.

"Ponder on Spirit Communion and its effect upon the future, and as you think, so will come through prayer an added sense of the great responsibility attached to Spirit Communion, for the young will gain from you or suffer through you, according to your own will. Would you like your own child to be ensnared by another? Would you like to think that in the days to come because you forgot to be strong you have ensnared the child of another? Terrible thought! Let your life be a joyous forging on. The journey may seem long but it grows brighter and brighter; the veil is thinning and God's Power shall be demonstrated upon the earth if only you make it ready to receive it. Think of it. And when the dark days seem to depress your earthly spirits, allow the real you to gain its freedom. Say to yourselves once again: 'Only a little while and then brightness for evermore.'

"By the Power of the Christ you are blessed with truer inspiration, with a higher ideal of sacrifice, and you are charged in His Name to lay aside all that which makes barriers between you and your neighbour in the sense of pride and self-will and lack of understanding. Lay it all aside, and at once a greater happiness shall be felt by you. You may be estranged for today, but we are one family; Father and Mother God is the Head of the Home and the time will come when every one of His children will be gathered in, in unity, in love, in most perfect service one to another.

"Thank the Father that the opportunity has been given to do His work. Never allow weariness or disinclination to shut you off from your missionary work. If ever you should be tempted to put inclination before the work of the Christ, then there would be great sorrow in Heaven. The strength shall come, the body may trouble yet you go marching on. You have seen a Great Light, it is the Light of the everlasting Cross of the Christ, and from that Light of the Cross comes strength, determination, and that inner conviction that there shall be no sacrifices too great to be made for the bringing to the earth God's Truth in God's own way.

"The workers are blessed, and those who love the Master are forever in touch with His cloak of power, and the time shall come when they shall gaze upon that Face of Love and realise that it is well with their soul - it is well with their soul."

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