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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 22nd August, 1925.

"Father of Love, we ask Thee to bless us with peace and with joy this evening. We ask Thee to open our hearts and minds to Thy truth, and also to comfort those who are in need... In this room tonight, Thou hast drawn together mighty forces from the realms of Spirit, and we thank Thee with grateful hearts. We ask Thee to attune every thought to purity and peace, and we know that because Thou hast gifted Love to us, everything that is necessary will be provided, both for the body and the soul...

"Father, grant that the wish of some may be possible - that they may feel still more the sacredness of this communion; that that deep veneration may come - not the veneration which acts as a barrier, but the veneration which shows that the spirit within is conscious of the great power of Spirit without.

"In humility, in unity, in perfect understanding we gather together, and we ask Thee to so order the coming and going of those who speak this evening that on the minds of each one complete assurance will settle; that those who seek to destroy may not be able to cast a cloud over the future - on that which Thy Love has ordained shall be. Yes, shall be, as a reminder to all of the Father's Love... Grant that the remembrance of Thy grace and understanding may indeed throw its light on all the events which are to come.

"Saviour, we beg that Thou wilt use us for Thy work and that Thou mayest find us suitable tools in Thy service... Amen...

"...My little children, there is sunshine without, yet a little hour or so ago clouds had gathered, and it seemed as if the bright morning had left no sign behind. I refer to this for such is physical life, and I want you all to be very patient with those who, at the moment, feel as though the grey clouds of trouble had closed them in. Speak to them of the brightness to come, and remember, each one, that because the sun shines on your life at any period - because of that, it is a duty to your greater self to try and pass on something of that brightness to others...

"Oh, we who are free love your sympathy with those who are finding the road to God steep and difficult. Could you once see what that sympathy is building up, you would indeed rejoice. And strange though it sometimes appears, those who themselves are in the grip of real or imaginary trouble, many of these pause on their way to send out thoughts of help, and to give of their little store to others who - it seems to them - have been struck even more severely than themselves...

"Children, this drawing together in sorrow - as well as in joy - has a significance of which, as yet, you know nothing. I have told you before that not one thought of help and understanding can you send to another, which is not used directly by the Great Comforter of all.

"So then this should be your attitude towards all who cross your path: If the sun shines upon them - to rejoice in their happiness; but if the sky is overcast - then ten thousand times more to, as it were, throw a few beams of your own brightness over their grey horizon. I speak to those who know their God; I speak to the chastened hearts, I speak to the ones, wherever they may be, who have known the chill hand of sorrow. And to those who have not passed through deep waters - to these I send my compassion, for inasmuch as they have not suffered now, so it must await them in the days that are to come.

"Here and there, dear children, there are those conscious of the Divinity within and without, who can sympathise with others less favourably placed, in spite of the fact that the course of their own physical life has been fairly smooth. These have journeyed far before the body was taken on, these have touched the very depths of anguish before they faced physical life... For the hard of heart, that awaits them, even as night follows physical day - for only by suffering, and through suffering, can you learn the lessons which must be made your own before you can work for Christ in Christ's way.

"Children, I want to talk to you a little about a subject which is treated in a very practical way from the earth point of view, but which from our point of view is not regarded in that spiritually-practical way - which really is the only practical way that does exist. Yes, I want to speak to you about: 'Education', and tonight I am instructed to say that the education which is of the mind and not of the soul is, for the most part, education which is wasted.

"Now, dear children, here again you get the combination of the three. There is the education of the body, there is the education of the mind, and there is the education of the soul - which is dominated, or should be dominated, by the Spirit.

"First of all, you must remember that in order to get completion, these three must work in harmony, but, as you are well aware, there are hosts of people who concentrate either on the first or on the second, and give very little attention at all to that which is the most important.

"In regard to the education of the body, there have been some of my children whom I have had to scold in the past regarding their indifference to the claims of the body. There are a far larger number in the world today who give almost undivided attention to the care, the nourishment, and the protection of that same tabernacle which must pass away.

"You see, dear children, it is the 'happy medium' on which all should concentrate. Those bound by self, whose thoughts rarely get beyond the bounds of physical comfort - these indeed are of the earth and all that means. Then, there is the wise custodian of that which has been entrusted in his care, and by thought, by habit, by the observance of those rules - which are avenged at once by nature if disregarded - he does his best to see that the gift which has been bestowed upon him, can do the work which was intended.

"Children, I know that in the world there are countless thousands - nay, there are millions - who have not the opportunity, even if they had the knowledge, to protect that casket in which they live and have their being. And while wonders are done by those in the Spirit, yet the body has the power to vex and to wound... At the moment, I am thinking of those children of nature who are removed from physical aid, and are restricted by their own ignorance of ordinary every-day physical laws - these suffer in a way that only personal experience could make plain to you...

"Children, we have considered before the body and the part it plays, and tonight once more I remind you all that the body must be educated - educated in this respect: As to the great possibilities which lie within it, inasmuch as if the body were not there, these great opportunities would be missed. Educate the body on those lines of help, and protect it as much as you are able, yet let not that protection encroach over the domain of the Spirit, because that which is Spirit must remain free and unfettered by anything else.

"And then, dear children, there is the mind - that somewhat troublesome physical mind, which has 'ideas' and, very often, feels it lacks the power to carry them out; that mind which is capable of great things in the world which it has built up for itself, yet lo, in the busy arena of daily life its powers are not called upon, and those which are not so in evidence have to be used in place of the greater.

"Children, I have told you before that it is your duty, if it lies within your power, to educate and to supplement that physical mind which must be carried by you until the body is laid aside. I have told you that the effort so expended, that the curbing of the love of recreation and of ease - that this contributes its quota to the spirit.

"Yet, I have made it quite clear, that knowledge of things of the physical, avail very little when you have passed into conditions where everything is real and permanent. Yes, though man will face it not, this little plane, to us, reflects unreality indeed. Everything is but a shadow of that which is reserved for you when you are sufficiently trained to understand. And on another occasion I will try and show you that reality and unreality are in an exactly opposite position from what you think.

"Children, this physical mind can be, as it were, a good fairy or a bad. The physical mind - however restricted or however free its capacities may be - the physical mind works for good or for ill, but not in the way man thinks. Yes, the world needs knowledge, the world needs thinkers, the world needs those great plodding, patient characters to unravel the little knots which are everywhere in physical life.

"But, dear children, mistake me not: The faculty of unravelling problems, of disclosing the secrets of nature - this is but training and preparation for the by and by, both for the one who undertakes it, and for those who benefit by the effort so expended...

"Is that quite clear? Perhaps I would underline it in this way. You see, dear children, that you cannot write a truth, or one which is half true, or one which is false, without building for good or ill. You cannot set your mind on penetrating into any subject in your little domain, without the result being, as it were, nailed to the tree of time; and in the long Hereafter, those signs will remain, until one who is wiser and stronger, can - by the very strength of the spirit - re-write that which has been said.

"The responsibility is enormous - the responsibility attached to the teacher, not only of the young, but of those vast numbers of matured minds, who - in spite of thinking individually that their judgment is sound - are influenced by each wave of thought sent out across the world. These teachers, in the main, have much to learn in this sense - that they concentrate their attention, for the most part, on the 'physical' aspect of the subject in hand, and they appeal not to the God who created that, and them, and everything else.

"I see so much in my work amongst the children of the earth - I see that which causes me anguish indeed. Children, the physical mind has in its power to do this - to so enmesh the spirit, to so bind it that, alas and alas, time uncountable, unmeaning to you - must elapse before the spirit can be free as God intends.

"I want you to regard the mind of the body just in this way: As a tool which may be of unparalleled use, or as a weapon which can be used directly by the forces of evil. You know how to obtain protection, you know that the laws of the Spirit are so straight, so clear, so entirely on the lines of Love, that by dedicating yourselves to the Father, so you defeat that which would hinder you on the path.

"The education of the physical mind is of great importance, but, as I said, not in the way man thinks. The trend of the age is to burnish up the tools stored therein, and what for? Need I remind you that, in the main, it is to gather to the individual the dross of the earth. How few there are who, in applying themselves, seek to venerate or to demonstrate God by so doing. Is it not true of the parents, is it not true of the children? Expediency, that which will bring most grist to the mill - this, my children, is the motive of the vast majority in gathering unto themselves the knowledge of the physical world...

"Oh, shame that it should be so, shame that the Spirit should play so small a part. Cannot you see how the very strength of the mind can be used, and is used, by the evil again and again? Children, I have made it clear before, that the things of the world - in themselves - are not wrong; but on every side you see the 'wrong' to the individual that these possessions have the power to inflict.

"When you stand free from physical restrictions and look out on a corner of this little plane, you will see, with an agony of mind too deep for words, how those things of the world made barriers between man and man, made enmity, and brought destruction, even to the one concerned because God had no place in their lives...

" - 'I will learn; I will get on; I will gather unto myself' - these, dear children, are the three steps down - down, in the sense that they must be climbed again; yes, in order to come back to that 'knowledge' which is simple understanding of the gospel of Christ.

"To those who have the young in their care, I say: 'Beware'. I speak to all my children - those many who so often think they are beyond my love and care - I say in regard to the training of the young, be on your guard. Those accomplishments which appeal so to the finer senses, in their lovely folds lies danger - if Christ is not there as well.

"Many a man - aye, and many a woman - has worked and struggled to give those dependent upon them, the advantages they did not have themselves. All honour to them. But, dear children, when you come here, you will see where the advantage lay in the humble worker with the unselfish motive, in the dedication of his mind and body to produce for another - he has those advantages which he set his heart on bestowing on the one beloved. Divine justice in its exquisite, most marvellous working out.

"Children, I have to tell you - although this may be against the mind of some - that the acquirement of those accomplishments ranked so high by the world, these are fetters, if Christ is not in the life of the ones who possess them; it seems to you - in such an 'enviable' way... nay, I use not that word in its evil sense - it is as natural, as anything could be, for the less gifted - so they think - to look round on the clever ones, the ones who can do so much, and to wish with all their heart that they too could do the same...

"Again, Divine justice: By the very withholding, the real gifts are theirs - those gifts which will not have to be laid aside with the body, but which will be taken on with them, enhanced and beautified as they journey through the realms of Light...

"You see, dear children, the readjustment goes on, and if you would learn the things of the Spirit, so the readjustment must continue; yet I feel, and I see, that you do realise that after all the spirit within knew the truth all along... the mind of the body had forgotten it but the spirit knew the truth all along.

"And now, dear children, so naturally I lead you on to the training of the soul, to the gathering of knowledge - not the knowledge only suited for use in physical conditions, but that deep wisdom which is of the Spirit, and which must be made your own, sooner or later, when the body is laid aside.

"Oh, my children, how my heart goes out to you all - you that I love so well, you that I have trained and taught from away back in the dim and distant past - trained and taught, because, dear children, others had trained and taught me so that I might do God's work as well. Cannot you see the next link of this glorious chain? I teach my little children so that they may teach others; and then, in time to come, those others too will teach again - and that is how God works through it all. The same Truth, the one Truth, like a bright beam of Light coming from the Father, illuminating not only all those who make it their own but, because they have made it their own, so they are able to throw out the Light of Truth to others, and thus it is that the Light spreads and grows and expands...

"Little disciples of Christ. Oh, there are countless millions of them in the world today. They know it not, indeed they would think you were a little unkind if you suggested it because it comes too near to that cynicism from which all of us shrink instinctively. Yet, I say tonight, that there are countless thousands of little disciples of Christ all over the world.

"Children, you cannot help another in trouble; you cannot shed a tear of sympathy for one who is in the throes of grief; you cannot throw your thoughts even one inch if those thoughts are of love - without being directly, as well as indirectly, a disciple of Christ. Don't you see how throughout the three, Christ holds His place as first and as first alone?

"In the case of the physical body, in the putting together of those rules for its protection, in the working out of the benefit to others - that is Christ. You cannot send a child out of its dark home to the sunshine and the flowers without demonstrating that which is of the Father; and so it is with the physical mind - by its many sufferings, by its many disappointments - so directly is the treasure added to the spirit.

"Those of the world may scoff but, dear children, a child cannot write a line in the little book provided, and do it well, without showing that Christ is dominating him at the moment. Oh, get you away from those multitude of discussions and arguments. I say that the little child who wishes to help her mother, who wishes to carry something for father, is - unconsciously - demonstrating the Divinity within, and the mind of the body drawn hither and thither, pinned down perhaps to the occupation it dislikes the most, by the very suffering evoked it is showing to all those who have eyes to see that the Spirit is in control.

"Children, the blindness or the dumbness or the lameness of the physical mind matters not in the earth's sense, yet it matters in the spiritual sense in a way no words can tell. The gifted - ah, they have the talents - and from them an account must come. They who, it seems to them, are hampered even over the mundane things of physical life, if they strive and if they suffer in their striving, that is God.

"So, dear children, without going further into the education of the soul, you will see that in every phase of physical life, if looked at rightly, that which is Divine is there; that each and everything is all working to plan, and because there are some who were strong in their love for the Master - because these suffer awhile, oh, it will appear so plain in the days to come... 'Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth'. Blessed are those who find no satisfaction in themselves, for they shall indeed inherit those gifts which the earth has to give, and far more than that - that which is of the Spirit, that which reflects beauty and harmony - the 'music' of Being. Ah, dear children, regret not that these little toys were taken from you, for when you are free, you shall see, in very truth, that the music of the Spirit of God is your own...

" - 'Education' - so misleading a word it would seem, and yet, when you stand with me free from those false conceptions thrust upon your minds by those blinded to God's handiwork, you will see that in the little things, in the daily round, in the uncongenial task, that deep education of the soul was going on. The spirit was in command and, as it fought, so it gathered up, because - mark you - it was teaching that which was itself, and as it learnt, so it grew more in the likeness of the Christ-ideal...

"In that far distant future, there is that held in store for you: To find yourselves indeed in the likeness of your Father God - His will, His love worked out to its magnificent end, and the unending Eternity before you.

"And now, my children, I will go, but hold fast to those lines of Light which have weaved and interweaved you in. Yes, let that which is of God go out from you so that the harmony is complete..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...My children, I am not going to keep you longer tonight but I want to say before we part that this has been a sacred evening - sacred in the highest sense there could be. You have had God demonstrated in your midst. You have had revealed before you the beauty of a life of service, the struggle of a soul who means to reach the top, and the tender thoughts of that greatest type of all - a mother.

"Children, from each one who has spoken, you have learnt a lesson; the spirit has registered it, and in the days to come, that lesson - in something of its importance - will filter through to the physical mind. Thank God with grateful hearts that the spirit is sufficiently free to pass on these lessons to the mind of the body; and remember that which I have tried to show you - that however small a thing may be, however insignificant from the world's point of view, a tiny thought with God in it is strengthening the thought of the world...

"Yes, though night falls, the dawn is at hand. Physical again is that aspect, yet in the Spirit that which is represented as 'night' can indeed be the glorious dawn of a new era; that stepping out, as was said before, from the toils of the lesser self - free, recharged with power, with Christ in heart and mind, taking up the long journey into Perfection...

"Children, when you come here, you will realise for the first time what the laying aside of the impediment of physical life represents. A soldier of Christ, when free from the physical body, seeks to free himself also from the desires and habits of the physical mind. As he journeys on, so more and more is thrown off from him, and at last, clothed in purity, in right desire - which is service for God - he represents in very truth an angel of Light, that 'angel of Light' brought into being for one purpose and one purpose alone - to illumine the dark places of the earth and those many states beyond... Light - yes, beautiful, glorious in itself, but to the Mind of Love worthless if not used entirely - and only - to bring illumination to others...

"So, dear children, we part tonight in love. It is not necessary for me to underline that you should be true and faithful to each other... When you come here, you will see that loyalty to others was the finest loyalty to your greater self that could be imagined.

"So, linked together by love and understanding, given into your hands this sacred work for the Master, oh, your hearts should rejoice. And I say to those who have walked side by side with sadness for so long that, in the little by and by, they shall walk companioned by that which is joy itself; changed by the miracle of God's Love into that joy because, as you should know, only sorrow - real sorrow - has the power to bring the joy which lasts...

"God bless you all and gather you in, strengthening you, and giving you that vision which shall make all things clear... God blesses you because you are His own, and because - in the time to come - you will look after those of His other children who have strayed a little outside the Light, but never beyond His Love...

"And now, my children, I will go... Goodnight."

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