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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An Extract From


Taken from an Address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes, printed in the Greater World newsletter on Saturday, April 6th, 1985 (date of Message not given)

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"I would bring comfort to each and everyone, but I want to emphasise this point: That sometimes after the resurrection has come, there has been a turning away from all the power and promises given by God. So for a while I would speak to you upon: 'Easter and After'.

"You know that when sorrow comes close, there are those in the conditions to give words of sympathy, if not words of understanding, because they have not been through the same experience. You know also that when the dark days of trouble shut in mankind, there is the promise of Father God that the angels shall come very close and minister direct. But it happens to some that after the strain and the trials are over, there is a lack of remembrance of the goodness of God, there is a falling back to the ways of the world. You recollect the healing of the lepers, that only one returned to the Christ to pay tribute to Him.

"We go back in thought upon the days of old when the Master who was Love Itself, was subjected to the laws of man, and how He stood alone, although He had done so much for others. I was with Him at that same time, and I realised - although I was, as it were, on the outer edge of His personal followers - that the great river of hate could not be stemmed.

"We stood together as the shadows fell, watching the end (Crucifixion), as it seemed, of our most precious hopes. Despair seized our being; we went back to our own people and our own homes, broken men and women. All that we had striven for, all that faith represented to us, seemed to be struck at its very roots; we were but clay, the Divine within us was only released in part, and we could not understand. Then after the horror of the loss, came like a gleam from the very Throne of Grace, the good news that the Master was alive and well and amongst us once again.

"I want you to try to realise what this meant to the little group who loved Him so well, what it meant for our future, for the generations that yet were to come.

"I challenge the Christians wherever they may be over the Resurrection, and I remind them that the Master again and again emphasised that what He did His beloved should do also, that He was but Example, a manifestation of the triumph of spiritual law over the mundane.

"I draw in the teachers and the preachers of whatever religion they may be, and ask them to remember the words of the Christ, and His many promises regarding the life to come. Did He not turn to His fellow sufferer saying to him that he should live again? Did not Moses and Elias show themselves on the Mount to try to force into the doubting mind of man that there was no death, only a change of state? Did not the bright ones come back to humble men and women, were they not seen and heard? - all manifestations of the Resurrection, of the glorious Easter message, for you, for humanity, for all worlds and all life to come.

"I want you to ponder upon these great facts, to refuse to be daunted in your enquiries, to know that for those who love God and seek to do His will, there is no death but only life more abundant, fuller, freer, and the gates of revelation thrown wide open for humble-hearted souls to pass therein.

"So I turn to you who have had your great tests and trials, who have said goodbye to the one you love best of all, and I say that a deep abiding hope should hold your being, for indeed without your crucifixion the resurrection of your real self could not take place.

"And now I want to speak on religious fervour, of men and women who seem inspired to do the Master's work and then fall away. They have not the spiritual stamina to go on; they turn from the tests, believing that if they have faith in God all their desires will be granted. But that is not faith at all, that is sheer desire. The faith that is real faith was illustrated in perfection by the Holy One in the Garden, when at last He cried: 'Not My will, but Thine, be done, O God!'

"So I turn to you who have tried to do your best, and then, after a spiritual struggle, after finding the determination to go on, it seems that another blow, a worse blow has fallen upon you, and the aftermath of your Easter comes nigh to failure, so far as trust is concerned. There are few travellers on the road home to God who have not been through this bitter experience, and because they have not been rightly taught, many have wandered in the darkness of misunderstanding, feeling that God has forsaken them, forgotten their plight.

"Children, we come back from the World of Spirit to bring that which is essential for the mind of man - explanation regarding the troubles and trials of daily life; so that when the resurrection of the real self within has taken place, there shall be no failure of purpose, no regrets to be worked out over the past.

"How great is the peace that comes to the soaring soul! Those new to the road that leads to God sometimes are full of elation, they feel exhilarated by the Spirit power that is all around, and do not always understand why the power is there. It is to strengthen them so that the individual concerned can meet unafraid the onslaughts of the enemies who are fast advancing. And I ask you, dear children, to think of this: If there were no spiritual advance by you, would it be necessary for the unseen enemies to resist? It is only when you are inspired to take up your cross and follow Christ, that the enemies of Christ in the body and free from the body get active too.

"I have come this day, sent by the Master Jesus, to reason with you, to plead with the workers, with the pioneers, to ask them to be on their guard over the unseen attackers of that which they hold so dear - their work for God; to remember my words and to show a calm courage and unbroken faith, realising that without these tests their strength could not be proved at all.

"They come so that your Easter - that resurrection of your real self - shall be lasting through the firm foundation that has been put in by the efforts over the past. They come to the mother when grief holds her fast, in the whispering that there is no God at all. But the wise mother, the tender mother recalls the way in which the Master drew the little ones to Him and blessed them. How could One so kind, so loving, rob a mother of her little one?

"Disease, physical weakness, that is not of the Father, that is of man. Over the generations, by turning from the laws of God, pandering to the physical body and its many desires, so the constitution of the race as a whole has been undermined, and the innocent suffer for the guilty. God's law is reconstruction, God's law is perfect health of the mind and the soul, and I beg you when you see another bowed in grief, to go to that one and pass on the word of cheer; to say: 'This is your crucifixion, but by prayer and faith your resurrection is assured; and more than that, after your Easter, shall come the power and grace of the Holy Spirit to enable you to go to others enduring the garden and the crucifixion, and to bring about their resurrection in turn.'

"Without the gift of personal experience, of what use are you to your brethren who are suffering, who are striving, who seem lost in the dark wood of misunderstanding? Only by your pangs can you vibrate to this one and that, only by drinking of the cup can you prove to another that in the dregs of the cup of sorrow lie revelation and peace for evermore.

"Now I speak to the mediums, to the instruments whom God wishes to use for the raising up of others, and my words will go out far beyond these vibrations. I send out from the Spirit World an appeal to the mediums, asking them as the days go on, to purify and still to purify their psychic gifts, to remember that these gifts are part of their spiritual equipment, and if they pass out of the body with those gifts defiled, it will take them uncountable time - in your language - to readjust, for indeed it is sinning against the Holy Spirit..."

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