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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Bournemouth Church, Ashley Road, Boscombe, August 1934

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"When you come into the temple, forsaking all the distractions that are outside, you draw to yourself a blessing which shall be shown to you in times to come.

"You look at the world and see those who seek pleasure for the body and satisfaction for the mind. It is indeed God’s will that people should be happy and healthy, and that they should be glad and rejoice in His many good gifts. But there is something far more important to remember, it is that the next body to be lived in shall be strengthened also.

"Surely, a short time each day should be reserved for God, a time for prayer, a time when the soul can rest from the troubles of the earth and seek to hold communion with The Great Creator who has given you so much - the One who loves you best.

"Even when His children forget to give to God that which is His due, the Great Father and Mother remembers them and sends His angels to protect them, because He knows that there are times when the mind is fixed on earthly troubles which require attention.

"It is necessary to emphasise that the things of the earth - in their present guise - are but an indication of what has been, and again, of what shall be in time to come. As you take up the tiny seed, and, with faith, plant it in the soil, you know that many processes must take place before the flowers you love so well will blossom. It is exactly the same with the life of man.

"In time long ago man was created perfect in the image of the Divine. Yet it was essential that man should gain personal experience on his own. So it was that that which was holy became encased in that which was less holy - not God’s will, but merely because His own creation took its own way and would not follow the guidance that He had given.

"In the Bible you have in parable form the truth concerning the Fall of Man. There are many who believe that the body, in its physical sense, was the cause of that fall. But if you read the story carefully you will know that it relates to a time long before the physical body came into use for the purpose and the plan. Man fell because he abused the gift of free will, he desired power, yet he had not made any effort to enable him to have that power - and learn not to abuse it.

"is still the same today, and so it will be for some stages to come with many souls. To those in the flesh comes the temptation to exert - in a wrongful sense -the privileges and the powers which it possesses. Because that power is not used as God intended, it means that in the next stage the individual has less power, less privilege, less opportunity, until by suffering those great gifts have been reclaimed.

"You are required to have a clearer vision of the things of the earth and what they portray at this stage.

"There is much anxiety in these days. There are those with intuition who know that some in power are abusing their power. Many, on hearing the daily news, are aghast at the thought of the menace that is all around. Some take the time to pray that the Grace of God may be shown so that the terrible threats of war and terror may be dispersed.

"Nation plotting against nation: Some in authority believe everything is theirs; many are seized by the madness of strife, who delight in the thought that they may be called upon to destroy their brethren. Others show great sorrow over such a great deed, but not all are sincere, not all are grief-stricken because a brother has been sent swiftly into the next stage - for they are out for the domination of others. Weapons have been placed into the hands of foolish, heedless, tempted minds to make use of, which is absolutely against the will of God.

"Earthly strongholds seem so important to such as these; they are gambling with human life as a whole, but not with their own - or so they think. But there is a law stronger than the earth law, stronger than the cleverness of the human mind, and that is Divine Law.

"The time will come when the mills of God will have ground out that which has been put into the mills, and those who sought to gain for themselves, those who were regardless of the sufferings of others, will be brought to book - retribution will have set in and the wages of sin will have to be paid in full.

"What is your part? What can you do? You can do that which the Father desires, you can send out upon the conditions thoughts of peace, those mighty strands of prayer. Your little cloud of power will make contact with another little cloud of power sent out by other earnest men and women, and those clouds of power - through the law of attraction - will gather to them many other clouds of spiritual grace.

"The angels of God and many beings in the spheres of Light - who have seen the folly of their own earthly existence and are now working for you and for humanity at large - that great host of witnesses to the love of God will send out a volume of power; this and the clouds of power from the thoughts of those on earth who want to do their best, will all be drawn together, and the quiet, sweet Voice of the Spirit shall come, calling for peace, and peace shall come.

"But it is not possible to say that those who work against the Great Light-Bringer shall not have their way at first, will not be used by the evil forces to bring sorrow to the earth. You have been taught that this world is emerging out of the consciousness of self into something of consciousness of the Soul. But before the bands can be struck from man, before man can throw off his cloak of selfishness, the whip of sorrow and the cold hand of grief must come.

"Yet through it all there rises a mighty hope, for man on the earth is on the upward grade in spite of the folly, in spite of the denial of God, and in spite of the recklessness of the young. For never before were there so many desiring to help, so many to show compassion, so many linked together for the mitigation of the woes of mankind and of animals. Never before in the history of this planet was the teaching of the Christ held up so widely as an example of justice, mercy and love.

"Why is this? Because it is the little leaven which leavens the whole. Men and women all over the earth have heard the voice of Jesus calling over the spaces, and they have had the strength to respond. There are many who suffer grievously through no fault of their own. The aftermath of past wars is still being worked out and many are filled with something like despair; but out of the suffering, out of the misunderstanding, out of the buffets of daily life, the soil of the soul is being cleansed.

"Earthly treasures are being shown as non-essentials to life and being; and many of the poor, many of the physically weak are holding up the banner of truth, and the lamp of hope burns undimmed within their trembling hands. Many homes may seem so bare there may be grief within, yet there is something there that has risen above the fires of the earth - although those fires may be fierce. Even as with Nature you can see the shoots of spiritual life persisting. It is the outward that has been burnt; but the roots of Divine Grace are never killed at all.

"Earthly strongholds seem to pass away - but it is only seeming, for it is God’s will that earthly strongholds should be rooted in the soul. So it is with all things provided by a generous God: not only those sweet aspects of Nature, but even the treasures of the earth; they should be rightly regarded by man, and as they are taken up they should be applied in a spiritual way, when their earthliness would be no more.

"It is the Master’s will that you understand this simple thought: Your career at this stage and in the stage to come - no one is independent and no life can stand isolated, although physical loneliness may be profound; everyone is linked together and to every other form of life by the closest link there could be, by the same Father and Mother. Your career today and tomorrow is affecting many seen, and a still greater number of those who are hidden from your physical sight. There are those who are seeking for peace and those who are seeking the strength - yet they are still earth-bound, whereas they should be linked to the realms of Light.

"Many enemies pass unseen among man, and as they force an entrance into your homes, your churches and your palaces, it may be that one here or there, still under temptation, seeks to tempt another in turn. But your career can influence such a one: As you travel your daily way, listen and look at what is going on around you; as you analyse what you hear and see, many who are earth-bound can be drawn back into something of the guise which God ordained.

"With regard to the gift of love, which is often so desecrated that it is something hideous to behold, make sure that you send out upon those conditions the rays of purer love, of more unselfish emotion, so that the earth-bound souls who gather may come close under the beneficent influence of your good thoughts and your spiritual desires. From that very moment they will be able to demonstrate a little light, even though their condition may indeed be dim.

"Earthly strongholds in the earthly sense pass away. The great ships that sail over the ocean, the tall cliffs too, in time they seem to disappear. But what is permanent is the power of God. 'Change and decay in all around I see.' But change can represent a finer state, a purer condition, and a returning to the God-ideal.

"Do not regard these things only in abstract terms; apply them to your own life for you will change. The young emerge into the mature, and in time old age creeps along; but blessed are the old who hearken to the Voice of God, blessed are the aged who refuse to be laid aside as useless, as ones who want only rest. The soul within is imperishably young; the God that is held by you does not know age, weariness or infirmity in any sense. It is true that by our follies we may have crippled, for a time, that which should be so free. But only for a time is the soul held in dire imprisonment.

"The hour will come when the God within shall be expressed without; when the body that you wear shall no longer seem an encumbrance, as something that veils the hidden splendour that is yours. The time will surely come when the light of the Holy Spirit shall penetrate that which was so dense and by its power throw it asunder, when the beauty of God, in miniature, shall be shown for all to see.

"When trouble comes - and come it must because of those who place their reliance upon the things of the earth in their earthly sense - look with a calm eye upon that which is taking place and allow the soul within you to interpret. It is the cleansing process; it is the freeing process which is taking place. Out of that which is abuse of free-will, by the suffering entailed, something nearer to the Christ purpose and plan shall be born.

"We have such a great responsibility. We know that life is continuous and death shall never touch us. We know that the promise of the Christ holds good today - that because we believe on Him, however many changes may take place in the outward, the inward shall never lose hold of the One who guides and safeguards.

"To you who have suffered, to you who have striven, comes the message of cheer, the message of promise: 'Death shall touch you never more!' As your eyes close in physical death, it shall seem that a door is opened and you step out of dimness into exceeding brightness. Yet the time will come when again the door will open, and this shall take place many times, and each time there will be a little more light a little more inward illumination and a little more love in the God sense, which means that you shall gain a little more understanding.

"Then you will look back upon your earthly strongholds and see that because the Touch of God was upon you, you were spiritualised and never had to pass away. The rock was split in two, and the earth it represented is no more for you as a prison-house. But the rock bears a hallowed appearance because, out of the suppression and out of the bondage, something of God was brought into fruition.

"The earth holds the seed but the soil breaks it at length, and when the new life is shown to the good gardener, joy holds his being. The earth is a friend because only through the processes of the earth does the blossom come forth. The parable relates to life in every sphere.

"Therefore, in your thinking, in your planning, in the building up of hope over the career of the young whom you love so well, remember that nothing is common in God’s sight. The God-view is that everything created represents something from the Divine Mind, which was set into being in true perfection; and the Father knows that in time to come, although many changes are inevitable and must come to pass, once again, everything shall represent that glorious perfection which demonstrates Divine Love in its fulfilment.

"The angels of peace want you to realise that your earth strongholds can be to you the staff of faith - even more - the strong arm of the Master Jesus the Christ.

"So in your toil, mundane as it may be, distasteful to the mind and wearying to the body, in your toil seek to draw to yourself the God-view; seeing in it those processes which are bringing nearer to you your soul’s desire, seeing in it something through which you must pass, so that in time to come you may work upon that which shall give you the joy that never fades. Only by the discipline, by the harnessing of the physical mind, by the thwarting of earthly ambition, can the spiritual will be released, can the ambition of the Divine within you be worked out as God and the real self desire.

"It is important to realise how much lies within your power to do. There is indeed a cloud of trouble; perhaps it seems to some only the size of a man’s hand and that it comes from afar; but by the abuse of free will the clouds will gather and the time will come when it will seem that the sunshine of the earth and the sunshine of the soul have been withheld from man; but that is only seeming.

"Out of the darkness shall come a shaft of light, out of the sorrow in the human heart and mind shall spring up a divine courage and the gift of prophecy shall be released. When these things come they will represent that which man names the latter days, and the latter days will herald the coming of God’s fair dawn, when the misunderstandings shall be explained and the old sorrows will be looked for, but even the marks of the wounds will have passed away. The time will surely come; but only by the co-operation of man, only by giving out of the real self within can the earth be sweetened and the clouds of trouble be dispersed.

"This is why you are entreated not to pray for yourselves, not to pray for your own healing so much as for the healing of nations; pray that those in earthly power may be shown the truth before it is too late - too late in the sense that the agony of retribution must be endured by them. Send out strong thoughts of courage so that those with the earthly power may be influenced by the heavenly messengers; so that there may arise in the world those who have felt the Christ in their hearts and minds, and that such as these shall stand before the howling masses and proclaim Christ’s teaching; there may be many who would destroy the one who dares to challenge that which man seeks to bring to pass.

"Can you not see that war - in the outward sense - is only the last manifestation of the terrible turmoil which is going on in the great Unseen between the light-bringers and those who are in bondage? They seek to destroy the messengers with the truth, but only for a while is the message stemmed in strength; and the time is coming when the young and the old, feeling upon them the power of the Holy Spirit, shall stand up and face the enemies unafraid - and, if need be, to give the tabernacle of flesh for the faith that is within.

"You are blessed with understanding. You are blessed with a sense of deep joy, because it may be you who will be chosen for this great and glorious part. You are blessed with confidence because you know that your earthly, as well as your spiritual stronghold, is Jesus the Christ.

"You are blessed with the pioneer spirit so that when the great call comes, however steep the mountain-side of effort may be, you shall seek to scale it. By your sweet example you will draw many out of the valley into the light of God and all that it typifies for evermore.

"The workers are blessed; be aware of the deep sense of privilege, that great ideal of spiritual responsibility, so that you may answer from your heart and mind: 'Lord, I come'.

"May the power of the Holy Spirit be drawn ever more closely into your homes and into your hearts and minds; and may the message which comes through your lips always be the Christ Message: the message of peace, the message of consolation, the message of love, and the message of infinite hope.

"Thus for you, heaven will be on earth; and when you pass into the stage to come, you shall see for your great upliftment that you were able, by your efforts, to leave your little bit of heaven to sweeten the way for others.

"May peace and blessing be yours, and may the angels of Light lighten your pathway for all time to come. This world needs your light and theirs as well.

"Peace and blessing."

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