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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Northern Counties Thanksgiving Service, on the 21st Anniversary of the G.W.C.S. League, held at Salem Central Hall, Hunslett, Leeds, on Saturday, August 30th, 1952

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"Beloved children of the Light, the Light of the Christ shines upon us as we meet together to worship Him. All the sacrifices - both large and small - and the weariness, are put aside. These things have been noted by Him, and like a lovely bouquet of flowers you have presented yourselves as a gift to the One Who loves you best, and the blessing shall remain.

"Hold this thought in mind, that you all play a part in God's Workshop here on Earth. You represent something that is essential to make the Workshop complete. Today there is trouble afoot; there are anxieties which have to be met. Why is this? Because in the world as a whole there are diversities; peace and war, love and hate, work and indolence, and pain and health. You can add many more to the list because you are living in the conditions. It seems at first that these things are poles apart. But that is not God's intention or His Will for you upon the earth. It is only because mankind has been wrongly taught that such confusion of understanding prevails.

"For instance, take war and peace - a great gap divides the two. But thinking along sane and logical lines, we realise that there are many kinds of warfare. The soldiers of the Christ must continue their warfare against evil and oppression and injustice. In God's sight that does not represent war as you think of it. That is working for peace. Those who have sacrificed their lives for an ideal, for the upholding of the weak, are certainly counted as physical warriors. But many, through the sacrifice torn from them, from the anguish of heart and mind, are among the builders for peace - the peace of God that passes all understanding, and that shall enfold them when their work on earth has been faithfully done.

"Think of illness and health. All those who are ill long to have a strong and active body. Those who are strong and active sometimes forget that the physical body is but one vehicle that they will use and that they have other bodies to wear when the physical stage is over. If they do not render to God what is God's, then when they pass through the change called death they will have a body weakened by the selfishness of the past, deformed perhaps, because of ugly thoughts and lack of sympathy with others.

"You who are numbered among the sufferers - you are not the weak ones. The physical body may have failed through over-work or circumstances or inheritance, but the soul body is gaining daily in strength and in beauty. You who have been through the dark fires of suffering, and, in spite of your prayers, find it so hard to become cured physically, remember that you are being cured spiritually. When you pass over, a glorious body awaits you, and personal sorrow shall touch you no more.

"So we go on to Work, and those who will not work; to industry, and those who block the work of the world by the desire to have their own way and to assert their will over others. There are many who have a secret admiration for the rebellious ones - for those who have said that they are not going to put up with any imposition, that they are going to see that the position of master and men is in the process of being changed. Here, there and everywhere, the workers are under the heel of those who spurn work, or who intend to do as little as they can and to get as much as they can wrest out of life.

"What will these so-called brave, courageous men, who think they are paving the way for the coming generations think when they pass over? Their eyes will have to roam over the misery they created - because of their indolence and bitterness - in the homes amongst those only too eager to work but find that there is no work for them to do. What will they feel when they see the hard-driven mother with several children who cannot gain the nourishment to which they are entitled, and know that this is part of their handiwork?

"Their 'cleverness' will be seen as short-lived. When they are in another condition, they will stand amongst the 'unemployed' because when the opportunity to work was given to them so lavishly, they betrayed their trust, and they cheated their neighbour as well as their employer.

"Many cry out today about the fading value of money, but many will not face the 'cause' that has brought this about. They know in their hearts that those in authority deplore the rising scale of costs; those in authority shrink from the thought of the many homeless or those living under terrible conditions. Once the man who has exercised his will over others has himself become an employer, he finds that the tables are turned upon him, and others wreck his intentions and his plans. When he passes into that Other Land, all these things will be shown in the reality they represent. But the sad side must not be over-emphasised.

"You, and millions of others like you, are conscientious people. You like to turn out your work to reflect credit upon yourselves. You have little sympathy with the one, perhaps by your side, who thinks it is clever to do his work to the worst of his ability. From that false idea, somehow or other, he believes that he is scoring against those who employ him.

"Mothers in the home are up against this as well. Something goes wrong, and one is called in to put it right. Many have exclaimed at the wasted time and the poor workmanship of the job. Again and again the task has to be redone, when, if effort and intelligence were used in the first place, there would be no more trouble.

"This point needs emphasising because the Heart of the Christ is torn to see how unjust man is to man - how cruel those with the power are to the defenceless, to those who must go without wages until the pride of the worker is satisfied.

"Man is intended to strike for that which is good. But there are few good workmen who will not admit that the economic conditions today are being worsened because of the slackers, because of the dishonest workers, because of those who are willing to cheat - in every sense of the word - to gain something that they have not earned. Yes, the Heart of the Christ is torn because He knows that such as these - when they have their next body - will be broken-hearted, will be horrified to find the conditions in which they have placed themselves, by their own actions, by their own attitude of mind.

"Thank God that there are millions of men and women willing to contribute all they can - in a straightforward way - for the betterment of the world that has been torn asunder by the wickedness of the few, who - out of ambition - sought to seize the land of others.

"Think of this quality of ambition - do not run away with the idea that ambition is a fault or a weakness. Everything in life, every gift made possible to man by God, is good. It depends entirely how mankind uses that gift. There are men and women willing to sell their very souls to get on in the material world; men and women who are willing to barter honour, so that they may be in a favourable position, and their ambitions may be realised.

"Woe to such as these. They are like the locusts that eat up the good grain and so leave the people starving. But remember the promise of God: 'I will restore that which the locusts have eaten.' That is a direct promise to you as well as to those of ancient days.

"You suffer now through the selfishness of others, it is true. But your harvest field awaits you in the Spirit World. Then, no sign of any foul insect or any vile thought of mankind, will be seen upon your own sheaves. Taking them in your arms, singing with joy, you will go forward into God's Land, and the witness of that which you have done will be there for all to see.

"Children, ambition was intended to be a holy gift blessed by God, not only in this state but throughout Eternity. Be ambitious, but in the God Way. Be ambitious to leave this world a little better because you have passed through it; ambitious to ease the path of others, and ambitious to share the burdens of those who are unfairly treated.

"That is Divine Ambition. That is what has created the angels of the Most High with their unlimited power, and which shall remain for evermore, so long as they strive and work for the raising up of humanity.

"Do not be unduly disheartened over present conditions. Keep your vision clear. Put the blame where the blame belongs. Have the courage to speak to those of your own kind, who are betraying you, and care not whether your children go hungry. Have the courage of your conviction, and see to it in your own circle of friends that this conviction is passed on. The earth is God's Workshop. How then can God work out His most loving purpose if the workers are idle, selfish, and betraying their trust?

"There are many kinds of workshops on earth - in the home, the hospital, the high seas, the air, warehouses, and offices - all belonging to God, and all made possible by His gift of Life and the talents of those upon the earth. Think what it means to God, our Father and our Creator, when He witnesses, again and again, that His children are throwing away their Divine Inheritance, forfeiting the happiness and peace and health He intended that they should have.

"Always remember how well loved you are by God the Father, and how cared for you are by Jesus the Christ, the beloved Son. As you take your daily way, do not despise the little things. The home is your workshop, see that the workers therein are brave and true, and have faith in the promises of God.

"Those with the responsibility for the economics of life should set a good example, show that you feel it an honour to be in God's Workshop, however mundane the task, however simple or humble it may be. There is not one thing you can do that does not create beauty and power, if it is done to the best of your ability. If you put up a shelf in the home, that shelf is useful, then that which you have created has life for ever more.

"You who tend your gardens, who love flowers, may seem to do it for this stage alone. But there are countless worlds and countless lives ahead of you, and in each one you will have created happiness and power and a workmanship, according to that which you did in the stage before.

"You have the choice of happiness and freedom, of a fulfilled ambition, of a healthy body with loved ones all around you. It all lies in your own hand, and no one can rob you. They may try to rob you but they are only robbing themselves. Everyone who steals from the happiness or peace of mind of another, will find Hereafter, that, in that degree, their own happiness and peace of mind have escaped them.

"Be of good cheer. Let your courage rise higher and higher. Let no murmurings or grievances or false sympathy from another turn you from the pathway. You have the Truth, the Truth which is of the Christ, and you know that you work today - perchance with pain and sorrow - so as to be joyful in the tomorrow of time, with a beautiful body, with opportunity all around you, and with the Master's commendation: Well done thou good and faithful servant; you have a place of honour. This means that you can be used to work for Him for evermore. That is the only rest, the only peace, and the only joy you will want when you are free from the physical limitation.

"Remember always, wherever you take your way, that the earth is God's Workshop, and you, in that Workshop, are either honouring your inheritance or casting away that mighty gift held out to you by the One Who loves you best - God the Father, the Creator of all mankind.

"What ever you are doing in the churches or in the home, whatever form your messengership may take - remember that you are all 'mediums' used by evolved souls or by those who are earth-bound. You have only to look around you to see the ones who are under the domination of those from the dark planes. They are the misery-scatterers, the mischief-makers, the ones who are killing the hope of others. So you must hold up the torch of hope, acclaim your faith, and show by your own example in daily life, that you understand God's purpose and know it is well with your soul.

"You are blessed with still greater understanding, and a still stronger determination to climb the steep hill of achievement and gain your rich reward.

"Thank God that His power can triumph over the weakness of the body, and when the will is there so God's will can operate upon the earth." ...

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