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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 10th September, 1927.

"Lord God of all, Creator of Life, we approach Thee with humble hearts and we ask Thee to teach us something as to that Life which goes on for ever. Draw us to Thee by Thy great Love; let us go forward undismayed by the enemies which seem around, and teach us, oh, teach us that the protection is complete. By the power of the Holy Spirit we, as Thy children, call down upon ourselves Thy blessing, and we know we are following the direction that Thou hast given in approaching Thee with confidence, laying aside the will of the body, certain that the will of the spirit is best...

"O Christ, lighten the way in front so that we, having, in a measure, longer vision, may point out to the weaker ones the glories which lie in front. Release within us the missionary spirit, and grant that our gratitude to Thee for having brought us thus far may take the form of service to others. Oh, guide us into that path which is transfigured by faith and help us to free ourselves still more from the mind of the body and the bondage it can represent... Approaching Thee, O Father, as Thy children, we ask Thee to instruct us this night according to Thy holy will. Amen...

"...My children, when a traveller awakes at dawn and contemplates the journey which is in front, he looks to his equipment, for he knows that, ere night falls, much must be overcome; that the limbs, the mind - aye, the heart - will be tried to the uttermost.

"So, dear children, I called you here, for as consciousness comes - and I speak of that which you now recognise as consciousness - so you realise that the hours of day are there not to be got through, but to be put to that use which the spirit within demands; and thus it is you look to your equipment. Two things are essential: The water and the bread of life...

"Oh, think you as to this: How few there are on earth who are content with the necessities of daily life. Many gather to themselves this and that, and when night falls they are wearied by all that unnecessary furniture with which they have laden themselves. Dissatisfied, out of harmony with the world in general, they exclaim that life is a burden and it holds little as recompense.

"To you, dear children, and to a mighty host I speak, for many have been drawn in to gain that reassurance which has been absent in the past; I speak to the crowd, and I ask each one, individually, to over-look that which they have, that which will carry them through the span of the journey represented by the waking day; and I tell them that if they would travel with happy hearts, if they would look back at the end of that day and see the hours well spent, then they should carry with them the waters of faith and the bread of service.

"When you are free from the garment which holds you now, you will see how truly my words are worked out; you will look round upon those who call out your deepest admiration, you will wonder at their gifts, at their powers; and if opportunity occurs, you will question what is the record of such as these. And those with the inner wisdom will answer: 'The road they travelled was steep and difficult but they were able to keep to the road, for they travelled light, and the temptation to rest in the shade of the wood held them not'... The waters of faith and the bread of service took them over that which seemed as insurmountable obstacles, and now they are as the angels of Heaven.

"My children, I want you ever to remember that though I am directed to teach you as to those Truths which have been covered up by man's wilfulness over the past, that though I lay open this little 'secret' and that important fact, I am teaching you so that you may instruct others to follow in the footsteps of the Master. If that which I say holds your mind to the exclusion of the reason of the teaching, then, my children, it were better that you had not heard at all. God intends His little ones to exercise the mind which is their own at any stage, but only as it contributes to the release of the wisdom within - the wisdom that concerns the things which are of God...

"Last time we met, my children (See: 'Spiritual Affinity'), I sought to impart something as to the creation of that which you name 'man'. I told you the great Father and Mother God bestowed upon that which was of Himself (Divine Spark) the same gifts, in miniature, the same powers as housed in the Godhead. I instructed you further that the creation of the 'sons' and 'daughters' of the Most High was, as you name it, in 'pairs'; but I warned you to keep your vision clear as to that distinction of sex which you find so difficult to forget.

"In the beginning, that which you name now the masculine or feminine was represented by a fuller release of one set of qualities and a fuller release of another set of qualities in the two individuals - spirits, thoughts of God - call them what you will. Yet, I underlined that neither was greater than the other, but the journey was shortened by this duality, and the commencement of that most constructive tool of service was set into being.

"Many questions will arise in the mind of the body as to this point and that. I will deal with them all in time, but should I answer one out of the Divine sequence of these evenings, so, instead of illuminating, I should confuse.

"But that which I wish you to hold in your thoughts is this: That each one at their creation in that far, far past - when they were all pure, all truth, but without the gift of personal experience - that when each one was created, there was a counterpart, and although those two 'halves' - which, remember, are complete in themselves - may have been separated over the aeons which have elapsed, so, in the end, it is the Holy purpose that those two shall be reunited for ever and for ever.

"And this, my little ones, is that sacred wedlock about which I have instructed you before; aye, a few strands of knowledge regarding that close link between you and your other self I have passed on by the will of God.

"But tonight, I wish to deal more fully with that which you name: 'Duality', and I remind you that I am not here to do your thinking for you; I am here to tell you that which is spiritual Truth, and the responsibility rests with yourselves whether you will accept it, with the provision in your minds that, because you are subject to physical conditions, only a fragment of the great Truth can be grasped by you at this stage. If you reject it, then, my little ones, I chide you not; that is not my part. My part is the love part, the understanding part, and the Holy Master would withdraw the power if the faintest inclination to dominate that which is your self arose in the mind I use.

"Yet, my children, I must speak that which surely will be worked out. In time to come, perhaps under other conditions - they must be more difficult conditions - you will take up the lesson and learn it for Love's sweet sake, for without the Truth in your heart and mind, how can you teach, how can you lead? The teacher must be instructed first.

"So, my children, I would speak as to: "Duality"; and I warned you before that I am forced to use your words and accredit to them the meaning which they hold in your minds. This double creation by the Lord God of all is universal; it relates not to that which you call the human alone; and I want to emphasise a point in regard to the animals and the insects - all that wide creation which is separate from your own, yet linked by the fact that, in a measure, you, as sons and daughters of the Most High, are custodians, guardians of all that life which lies without the little orbit of that which you name 'man'.

"Children, there have been those who have instructed that in a flight of birds - the groups, the families - there is a fact established which to their minds explains a lot. Such as these have stated that one soul, as it were, one life, represents that flock of birds; and the same with a herd of animals. And there are those who claim this law in regard to all that which they name the lesser creations...

"Little ones, think to yourselves. You watch the birds as they fly so freely through the atmosphere. Should one fall to the ground, you would approach it with compassion; you would take the little pulsating form in your hand, you would seek to still its fears, and afterwards you would recollect that which you read in the eyes of the tiny victim - its self. For life - that great, great secret which no brain can fathom - the miracle of miracles is within the feathered form.

"And those in a measure released from the things of the world and its many theories, they cannot reconcile the Love of God with the thought that the sparrow or the thrush or the blackbird is 'nothing' beyond this stage; that out of that great group only one survives, only one has that which is life, or, as they name it, soul.

"My children, I am not forgetting that there are far larger numbers who would scoff at the notion that the birds of the air have a future existence, but think you in this wise: There is not one here who would not confess to serious limitations; yet, even with your limitations, you would be sufficiently 'unlimited' to do your best for the helpless thing in your hand. What does this teach? Is God less than man? Oh, what foolishness holds the prisoners upon the earth plane! These little ones belong to God. There may be millions, but each one is His creation - forget not that.

"And, as was the case with 'man', they were created in the - to you - beginning, in a form different far from that today, with an inconceivable beauty and song, with trust instead of fear. In that far past, so the Almighty One set into being the two who were individual, yet counterparts, in the sense that they were companions; and in a time to come, they shall represent the full development, each one, and the combination will make possible that Perfection which the Father had in mind.

"Oh, think you, children, how oft I must go back on this: We are of All-Power, All-Love; but All-Power, All-Love is so gigantic that it is not possible to put in any creation more than a fragment of Himself; yet, that fragment is perfect although it is but a fragment...

"Little ones, this little earth of yours - so important to you, and doubly so to those who deny their God - this represents to the majority, the outskirts of knowledge, aye, and to some, of life itself. Yet, those who have followed the path laid down, have learnt that beyond the physical there are mighty states and conditions; and I have sought to show you that, before you entered into this plane of experience, you have had a past inexplainable in the language of your world.

"Holding this thought in mind, it banishes - as the foolishness it represents - that there is no room for those other creations, that which crawls and that which flies. To us, this earth of yours, is a speck amongst many specks, and beyond those many specks is a vast, vast universe - unlimited, without end.

"So, my children, I bring you back to the purpose and the plan. I tell you that you, as a traveller - nay, at this stage as a pilgrim I would name you - that you have seen many a day turned into night, and those days represent that which you name as a 'life' of experience. Yet, as you go on releasing something of the God mind bestowed upon you, so the past, the long, long past, shall be represented even as days and nights: the toiling by the day, which is the consciousness in the garment that you wear at that stage, and the sweet peace, the rest, the refreshment, the building up, by night, when the spirit within, in the measure that the garment allows, is free to work as it longs.

"But there are some upon the earth plane who are conscious of a loneliness which cannot be expressed in words. There are those who ache for that other half - which is a 'whole' in itself - they ache for that close communion; and sorrow over the separation leaves them not, yet they know not what ails them, their eyes are closed both to the past and to the time to come.

"And so, my children, it happens thus: Out of the loneliness, out of the longing for companionship, the individual seeks another. Friends he may have in plenty, but they are not as that other self; and with hope, sometimes with misgiving, he links himself to one, and the tie remains for the span of physical life. But with many this happens: They awake to the consciousness that a mistake has been made...

"Children, you all know those swayed by the world's view, who throw off their responsibilities and seek another and another, yet find no satisfaction that will last. But I speak tonight to those, in a measure, educated in the things of the Spirit, and I bid them look at life under the light which shines from God. To the man, to the woman, I have words of cheer: I say to each one that that which they do for duty's sake is not only as harvest for themselves, but it is shortening the separation between them and the one they long for most.

"But there are those who have blundered thus: They have, in their vibrations, one they love full well. An enemy, so they regard it, an enemy in the form of sickness approaches, and the physical garment of that other is no more. Grief holds their mind; life is as a wilderness; they forget that there are others anguished as much as themselves; and in a weak unguarded moment they destroy their own physical tabernacle, holding in their mind the thought that they will join the one who means all to them...

"Little ones, these blunders occur because the children of the earth have not been instructed; the shepherds are otherwise employed and they have not penetrated into that wisdom which God means shall be their own.

"That man, or that woman, has dealt themselves the biggest blow of all, for the wilfulness, the cowardice means that for the next span, perchance for the next and the next, conditions will divide. In that which they name their dreams, they may hear the other's voice, but as a dream it passes, for they themselves erected the barrier in between.

"But oh, think you, my children, as to the Love of the Father: The Father provided, from the very beginning, that those who were as counterparts could be linked up by thought through the deep love within; but as the travellers went on, they forsook the God-way for the way of self; and, at this stage, there are only the few who can pierce the conditions and link up with the one they love so well. Not God's will but man's. Consequences must be faced; yet the guidance has been true throughout.

"In each stage of development, during the time when that which you name sleep or rest claims the individual, so the Divine within is free to go where it will, if that which is the garment does not fetter it by its own desires. When you sleep, then you are your real selves in the sense that you pretend no more. Your thoughts during the day guide your steps at night.

"Yet forget not this: That by the wish within to rise higher - even though failures may lie all around - by the wish to rise and not to fall, so, when sleep claims you, you pass into conditions which would stagger you by their holiness. And in that time, if the other is equally linked to God, so barriers, as barriers, have no meaning.

"And thus it is, my little ones, that some of you are conscious of a happiness beyond your power to express. Where you have been you know not; with whom you have been you cannot say, but God knows, God understands, and His mercy is unlimited. In that stage, much is put in, and, so it happens to this one and that, that when the body releases and they pass into the Light which never fades, they find there another, and that which is within instructs that this one is their other self.

"Oh, think you of this great provision of God. Loneliness loses its terrors, disharmony can be faced; for when sleep claims the soaring soul, that which is your self works on a mighty pattern with that other - the other which God gave out of the mighty understanding of His Mother and Father Heart...

"This, my children, is the truth underlying that which you name the Garden of Eden. A parable is set forth there; perchance it seems to you in language that is ambiguous; but, once the key is found, so you open the door and a measure of revelation streams upon you. Those truths in parable form were given to man precisely in the same way as I use this child; but in the narration - the putting upon the parchment - so something of the story was lost; yet, God is not mocked, and sufficient remained to indicate to man the history behind and something of that which lay in front.

"So, my children, in remembering that God created His children in the likeness of Himself, never forget that the distinction, that which you name sex, the masculine or the feminine, relates only to this little plane as regards the garment which is worn. And this applies also to the powers bestowed on 'man' which were used in the past of this little world in a way directly in opposition to the will of God...

"But some will question thus: 'If man and woman are equal in the eyes of the Creator, why came God as man?' Little ones, so easy an answer is provided. Lack of forethought - that is of the earth; the Father has the unlimited vision; and had He come in a woman's form, not one would have listened to His voice; for the women in that time were less than the cattle, and even at this late date, the anguish wreaked upon them has not been worked out.

"Yet remember - and this was direct instruction to mankind, to those not obsessed by self - that the one who provided the garment was that which you name 'woman'. She, out of her great, great love for God, was a fitting vessel to provide the garment for the Saviour of the World. Think you not that the honour is equally divided between that which you name the sex? Without the pure heart and mind of the child Mary, so little ones, you and I would not have that which has been vouchsafed in the Christ, as to the mighty Mind of God.

"Oh, keep your vision clear. Let not those who claim the knowledge of the world hypnotise you by their powers. In the Sacred Record - clearly outlined to those in touch with God, those who approach All-Wisdom and ask to be instructed - in the Sacred Record, in parable form, the Truth is there for all.

"And now, little ones, I will leave you; yet, as we go on, this aspect and that must be touched upon in part. I ask you not to say within yourselves: 'My love for Zodiac constrains me to accept his teaching'. Rather, do I entreat that, in the silence of your own room, you raise your hearts to God and pray that the Holy Spirit may instruct you direct. That is God's way, and the intermediaries, the go-betweens, are necessary only because the children of the Most High have strayed from the Light into the twilight and are not able to find, unaided, the narrow path which leads to God...

"And now, my children, I will go..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Children, as you have been told, gathered into these conditions is the One who loves you best. Oh, as you go your way, rededicate yourselves to the One who is a Shepherd in a sense that only the Father-Heart of God can interpret. Each need has been overseen; strength has been provided in plenty; then arise and take that which is your own.

"As you know full well, there are barriers in yourselves which forbid the taking in the fullness of the mighty gifts bestowed by the Creator; yet, lose not heart but rededicate yourselves to the One who loves you best. You are the children of the King, and the King's daughters and sons, one day, will be invited into that which represents the Home of the Ruler, one day the King's sons and the King's daughters will stand before the King Himself and receive from Him that which He has reserved, protected, and charged with power through the past. In that moment, as never before, the realisation will dawn upon you that the King is indeed the King of Love.

"Hold fast to that heritage which is your own. Break your own bonds, and be certain that every one that is cut from you is loosening the chains of another. This is your brother, that is your sister, and inasmuch as you do it unto them you do it for Christ Himself. Within you is strength; without is a mass of distortions and blasphemies. Take your direction from the greater self, the Divine which is housed within.

"Thus I leave you with peace built up even as the child described the peace of God and the content which comes as a natural result from trying to more firmly establish that link with Him - the link between the One who is your Father and Mother combined... The child raises his heart and mind, and God does the rest.

"Farewell little ones, hold your possession fast. I bless you with consciousness of the greatness, the magnitude of the gift; in the Father's Name I bless you with the spiritual consciousness of that which you represent to Him.

"Goodnight, dear children, and let naught cast aside this friendship which has been blest by God."

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