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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Ripley, Derbyshire, on Sunday, 7th January, 1934

"SAVIOUR CHRIST, into Thy hands I commend the spirit of this Thy child.

"My children, there is joy in these conditions because so many of you who have come here are willing to learn, willing to give that which is your better self unto the One Who loves you best. And I say unto those who may have gathered in not with these motives, that they too are welcome in the Name of Christ, and if they will only stretch out their real self they shall indeed feel the blessing of love and of illumination resting upon them, for in these times there is much that must be done.

"You take up your daily parchment and you see there record of tragedy, of threatened war, of hatred, of all those things which cast out peace of mind; and the thoughtful ones are distressed, for they realise that all is not well with the world, and they wonder what lies before their little children when they, too, have grown to manhood or womanhood estate.

"Therefore, I say to all who are inspired to seek for better things, that it is all-important that you should give your full attention for this short time we are met together, for the day will come when you too must be used to pass on explanation to others, and it may be, my children, that when that time comes, if you have not made good use of the opportunities which have been granted unto you, your soul will be anguished; for God makes full provision, and if man casts aside that full provision, then retribution must take place.

(Isa. 25, 7; Joel 2, 28)

"But this day, sent here by the Master Christ, I would speak to you on that which I name: "The Door of Spirit Communion". You know that this great revelation - this fulfilment of the Holy promise that the veil shall be rent in twain - that this is going to be far-reaching in its import, it is going to be spread all over this world; but as this truth is spread, as the fact that it is possible to commune with those in the World of Spirit is passed on, I want you to dwell upon the responsibility resting with the teachers and with the mediums, with those who gather together and form churches and temples and centres.

"For mark you this: In giving out the fact that communing with the Spirit World is possible, you are saying to those who perchance are ignorant: 'The door is open and you can pass in.' But you must stipulate regarding that door, you must have full confidence yourselves whether it is the right door, or whether it is the door that has been erected by the enemies of Light and Love.

"Over the past there have been good mediums who have been ruined from the spiritual point of view; but in many cases they were not fully responsible, for they did not realise that the gifts which they possessed were sacred gifts, were a sign and seal of their holy inheritance; they had not been told. There were those around who said unto them: 'You can do this, you can do that!' But such as these forgot to add: 'There is the safe way and there is the way that is fraught with danger.'

"Why is it that in the past, before this great gift of Spirit Communion was widely understood and quite divorced from that which you name Spiritualism, why was it that so many people had to be put under restraint in those institutions which you name Asylums?

"From the very beginning, long before there was life upon this little world, right back from the time of man's creation in the far, far past, so within the human soul, or within the soul that was not yet human in the physical sense, there were those great gifts waiting for use, waiting for release; and away back over the years as concerns the earth plane, there were men and women who were indeed instruments of God; yet freewill could not be interfered with, and sometimes the instruments were not used by the angels of the Most High but by those who were bound in very truth.

"Think not that mediumship is something which has been discovered during the last hundred years or more; nay, it is age-old, it is the gift that was given unto man for his advancement and for the comfort of those around. In the Sacred Book there is chronicled narrative of the holy prophets, and also narrative of those who were meant to be holy, but who fell from that high ideal, and in turn were used to thicken the path for others, to bring destruction upon their own earth life and upon those who were around.

"Therefore, I want you to consider this great point - the Door of Spirit Communion, and to realise that long before so-called Spiritualism was understood by man, there were men and women who lost control of their mental faculties. Why was this? Because they hearkened to the voice of self, because they refused to take the path of sacrifice, and, although they did not know it, they were mediums in every sense of the word - not mediums for God's work, but mediums controlled by the powers who were out to wreck.

"And today there are men and women who would repudiate that there are mediums or that mediumship is possible; yet those in their own conditions have had to be put away under restraint because the gifts they possessed were not rightly understood, were not safeguarded; such as these had no tuition as to their holy calling, and thus they suffered, and many others suffered as well.

"But today - thank God - there are many who do realise that psychic gifts must be spiritual otherwise they were better not in use at all; and there are others, too, who realise that the gifts of the Spirit rightly used have brought more comfort, more illumination, more understanding than anything else the world has held.

"So our course is clear. Each one gathered here this day is indeed a channel through which the power of mediumship can be demonstrated. You say unto me: 'That must be wrong; I cannot see, I cannot hear, the word of wisdom is not passed on through me; you must have made a mistake.' But no, my little ones, I have the long vision, I know there are some women gathered here who do not realise that in the home they are mediums in a glorious way, mediums through whom the river of peace flows, mediums through whom the power of love can be demonstrated to those around. What of the splendid mothers, what of the faithful, long-suffering wives? Are they not mediums? They are God's own mediums, and the blessing that rests upon them cannot be portrayed in earthly words.

"Then there are the boys and the girls, the brave souls and weak souls, the ones who are a joy in the home and the ones who are disturbing elements. What are they? They are mediums for good or mediums for that which man names evil. But that is only one stage. Within is the Holy Spirit waiting for its release, and by suffering, by the retribution which falls on the young through wrongdoing, they will draw back unto themselves something of their rightful inheritance, and they shall make good in the days to come. If they refuse to make good while the earth body holds them then in the next stage they shall learn anew and they shall work for God and wipe out the past.

"What think you of the little boy as he takes of his toys or of the little maid as she takes of her precious possessions and wishes to give them to another? What is that little soul but a medium demonstrating something of the love of Jesus Christ?

"My children, I speak in tones that seem perchance stern to you, but you can understand that when there is real love, truth must take the place of idle flattery. The one who really loves gives the word of warning, but he adds the word of cheer. The Door of Spirit Communication is of first importance, and the character of the door - its quality and its power to safeguard - rests so much with each individual, rests so much with the soul who is attempting to approach that door and to pass beyond.

"What then is your attitude? Do you go to meetings or to mediums for the gratification of some part of self, or do you regard this holy gift as a great opportunity for self-development in the God-way, that you may learn something more about yourselves? You are only body for a space and for a span; and the time is coming when your limitations will be no more, and then you will ask for spiritual knowledge, and the celestial gates will be thrown wide open and you shall enter in.

"What is your motive, what is your project, what is the purpose and the plan of your desire to commune with spirits? Forget not this: There are many in the earth body who have erected barriers before the progression of disembodied souls. Why is this? Because their attitude of mind creates a condition whereby disembodied souls still earth-bound can come back into their conditions and at times seize the mediums and pass on a message to the inquisitive one. And the inquisitive one in good faith believes the message; changes, perchance, his first intention, throws away that which God intended to be his own; and then, as he stands betrayed, he blasphemes his Maker. And because that disembodied soul, through ignorance or selfishness, has been the means for a wrong message to be given, there lies between that soul and progression the barrier of suffering imposed upon another; and that is one more thing which must be worked out before peace can be his own.

"Oh, cannot you see, my children, that you can do so much on constructive or destructive lines; that you can be used by God to set into being something that shall hold your future safe and safeguard the future of those around? Cannot you realise that because you are the sons and daughters of God you have a mighty opportunity, a most glorious privilege - you can safeguard the door of communication for others, you can demand the very best from the spirits who address you. (1 Corinthians 14: 32).

"If one comes with words of flattery, saying unto you: 'You are doing well' - and fails to add: 'Because you are doing well today you can do better tomorrow,' then remember that because that enemy to you and to God comes through and addresses you, so a part of the responsibility is your own. Next time, my little ones, when a spirit comes and gives out the soft word without seeking to safeguard your soul, pray for that spirit, pray that light may be given unto him, pray that the thongs of the earth may be released and that he may learn in the school of experience that the way that Christ laid down is the only way for him and for you.

"You have many here unseen by the majority. There are gathered with me, as it were, a long procession of those who loved you so well in the little yesterday of time - your mothers, your fathers, the boys who fell in the war, and the little children. They - the best of them - all say the same: that when they stand face to face with real goodness in the Spheres of Spirit, then their little goodness seems so paltry and they are ashamed.

"Therefore, I speak with confidence to you, for there are many brave souls here - men and women - struggling against poverty and anxiety, struggling against their doubts and despairs, and although I know that they do their best, I want to impress upon them that when they are free from that which holds and they look back over the record of the past they will not be pleased, then they will exclaim: 'Why did I not struggle more!' But there will be those around them to say: 'God has blessed you!' but it will not bring solace to their heart; they will feel: 'Oh, why did I not earn the blessing more!' That is what illumination brings to the striving soul.

"So, my little ones, if so-called spirit-people come back to you and say: 'I look back over the past and I find I did not do so badly,' beware, take care! That spirit is still bound by the selfishness of the past. And if your noble-hearted mother comes back and says to you through a medium: 'I wish I had been a better mother!', do not cry: 'That is a wrong message - she was the best mother in the world!', but remember that she has looked into the Eyes of Christ and her own goodness seems small to her now; she is an awakened soul, she wants to rise, her spiritual ambitions have been released, and she comes back to show you the safe Door of Spirit Communion - and that is love and humility combined.

"So much I could pass on of comfort. Wherever I go there are men and women seeking for that which they scarcely understand. They are conscious of a restlessness, the old pleasures of the earth no longer hold them as they did, and they wonder what has happened. The transition stage has commenced; they are evolving out of the things which are earthly and emerging into the things which are heavenly. They are preparing themselves for the next state of being, when no more will they want the trivial toys of the earth, for their gaze has rested upon the beauty and power and gifts of the Better Land.

"So, my children, I speak to you regarding your own lives and your own hardships. You may say unto me: 'But what has this to do with the Door of Spirit Communion?' And I answer that it has everything to do with the building up of the safe door which can be opened by your own effort, and through which you will pass into revelation in time to come.

"What think you'? If a man goes through the earthly life without much strain, with plenty in every sense of the word, with no test of anxiety, no test of patience, what has the earth life produced for him? Nothing of worth! Then think of those spiritual resources which are torn out of the pioneer soul, the good workman whose toil is not wanted any more, who does not know where to turn for that material help which he must have; what think you? I know the days are hard, I know it seems sometimes that God has forgotten the plight of His earth children. But no! God is combining with the strong spirit within you, for God knows that the earth life is so short and the great life of Spirit so long; God is helping you to be strong so that in the sweet by-and-by you may have that which is your Spirit's desire, so that you may come back as missionaries into the earth plane and teach those who know so little how to secure their own future, in turn.

"Thus my message this day is indeed of first importance. Spiritual gifts are facts; spiritual communion is possible by God's grace; communion with those disembodied souls who are not spiritual, that also is possible by the abuse of the free-will of man. What think you? You will pass hence in time to come, but your children will grow up on earth, and if you are not careful now, if you do not guide them aright, maybe the one you love so well may fall into the pit of self, and be led astray.

"Therefore, the call has come to each and all to do that which is for their own protection as well as for the protection of those yet unborn into earthly life - to demand the highest and the best, to see that your churches are spiritual, to use this great gift of Spirit Communion as God intends; to part the veil and to look beyond the veil and to see those glories, those beauties, those powers which a loving and generous Father has prepared for those who love Him and who seek to do His Will.

"Oh, I entreat you in regard to this great gift of Spirit Communion not to keep your loved ones back! If they are in the Spirit World, then when they come to you let them find you striving to reach out to their goodness, to their purity, to their conception of truth; and when they say to you: 'Do not worry!' remember this: They only mean: 'do not worry about your troubles,' because they see that they are your gifts. They do not mean: 'do not worry about striving still harder,' for they know that every fragment of effort given forth means joy for you in the sweet life into which you will surely pass.

"This great mission has been started, and in that mission much will be included, for my work lies not only all over this little plane, but in many planes of being; and when the instrument cannot be used any longer on earth because the physical body is cast aside, it is mapped out for us that in the next body that she will don the work will be carried on in other spheres. And what is true of her can be true with you, as well, for each one is equal in God's sight, each instrument is loved in the same sweet inclusive way.

"The call goes forth again and again and again for more instruments, for instruments who will shut the door to disembodied souls who come to squander the divine power, instruments who indeed will pray their way and will work their way through, seeing that the road of self-sacrifice is the only road for them. More instruments such as these are wanted, not only for work upon the earth plane, but for other conditions which have been marred by self.

"Thus the humble-hearted can be used, thus the loving woman and the loving man and the obedient child demonstrate the power of the Holy Spirit that surges through them; they are training themselves for the greater, wider, sweeter life to come. Then the Door of Spirit Communion will not only be open to you, and you can come back into the earth plane, but many other planes of being will be open to you; and perchance an angelic visitor will come and take you by the hand and show you something of the glory of God in those realms which are charged with Spirit.

(St. John 10-9)

"A message of hope, a message of warning, a message of prophecy - this is the message that I bring. Forget not the Master said: 'I am the Door!' Through that Door of holiness and purity and self-denial those of the earth can pass and commune with their loved ones in the Realms of Spirit, in those bright conditions purified and spiritualised by suffering over the past.

"Thus God blesses us and thus the truth is revealed week by week, nay, day by day and moment by moment, revealed to the man and the woman who have the will to learn. When you are free from earthly restrictions, this simple truth which I have passed on, and which others have passed on, will be seen as the true science of life; and the science of the earth, which calls out admiration from the mentalists, that will be seen as of the value of the dust of the earth itself; for only those truths which appertain to all states of being are true science; the facts which relate to one short stage alone - the earth - they pass with the things of the earth.

"So upon your hearts and minds allow the holy guests who are gathered here to do their work for God. Draw in by thought your loved ones who have passed from you, and give a welcome too to the little children of the Spirit planes, perchance not your children, yet your children, for we are one great family under God, and the links cannot be broken.

"We are brothers and sisters, pilgrims set upon a long, long journey home to God, giving out of our gifts to those who will take, planting our feet upon the stairway of effort, going forward even though the climbing may threaten and be dangerous to circumvent; for while we toil for Christ, the staff of faith is lent unto us, and with Christ we know that the door of Spirit Communion can be thrown wide open and there shall be none to say to us 'nay'.

"We know also that through that door of Spirit Communion the disciples, the saints of old, the humble men and women who sought to do their best, they shall come back and in time find instruments, instruments keyed to their own vibrations of spirituality; and then we shall see something of the world's redemption.

"So I appeal to you to do your part, to pray your way through the days, to ask that you may be as a cleansed vessel, to be stern with those who desecrate this most glorious gift of Spirit Communion, pointing out that it must take the way that God has ordained for the comfort, for the pure happiness of His creation.

"I bless the workers. I say unto them that their strivings have been noted by the Master of all Life. When there is sincerity of purpose, failure is impossible, for God shall give although the forces arraigned against Purity and Goodness may advance in volume. But you cannot fail, my children, if you keep the highest and the best as your ideal and seek to make it your own.

"I bless you, my children, with illumination and I say unto you that indeed you are blessed this day. If your eyes could be opened you would see a mighty manifestation and demonstration of the blessing which has been granted unto us; you would see and you would rejoice, and you would have the strength to thank God for your pain, to thank God that you have been found worthy to bear a burden now for the sake of the Life to come.

"I bless you as I take my leave and I say that many of us will meet again; many of us shall indeed meet again.

"Farewell! Farewell!"

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