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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Bournemouth Christian Spiritualist Church, on January 20th, 1929

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"...Master, once again we dedicate ourselves solely and only to Thy service; and we thank Thee with grateful hearts that even before we cry unto Thee, lo, Thou art with us, our God. Amen...

"...How do you think of: "The Divine Law of Return"? You may think that it only refers to those of your loved ones who return from time to time, to share your life. But the Law has a far greater impact on all life with a much greater meaning. Divine Law of Return covers the events in your life, your thoughts, your actions, the words you speak, your attitude and intent.

"Before you came into the physical body you had consciousness in other conditions, other spheres - you were living. You had a garment, not like the physical body, but you had a garment which represented a body suitable for the conditions that you found yourselves living in. Hold that thought in your mind, for it bears upon this point: What did you work out in that previous state? You might also like to think upon the fact that the state before the earth was governed by that which was the stage before that.

"God's universe is great. The Earth is but one short stage, valuable it is true, but only one stage. We go through countless stages before we don a physical body and after it is cast aside. Today it is impressed upon you that your consciousness, that which you name your spirituality, your reverence for things connected with God, your illumination - all this indicates how you lived in the stage before the earth life.

"'Vengeance is Mine, I will repay': This phrase is so lightly used by those who do not know God as Love - but words which have a very great meaning to us. In the past they have been used as a threat to the careless and heedless, but beneath the phrase: 'Vengeance is Mine', there is a great and glorious truth. God is saying to His children: 'Leave the penalty to Me' - for the Father knows that if retaliation takes place, if your brother struck you and you seek to strike back, so then it is put into motion - the Divine Law of Return. Alas, although you may be the victim of another's folly, by your own action you have drawn to you that which must be worked out in time to come.

"'Vengeance is Mine, I will repay', saith the Lord. Mercy lies within those words. The great Father-Heart seeks to protect His children from that inevitable Law of Return. Think on lines nearer to the Christ lines. Do not say to yourself: 'If I fail my greater self, I shall reap sorrow or trouble'; for although that is true, your attention must be turned to the constructive side, to faith, to those words which are charged with truth: 'Reward is Mine, I will repay', saith the Lord.

"Can you not see that because sorrow has come close to some, with many the body has become something of a burden, with others friends have failed them, with others their nearest and dearest seem have left them - can you not grasp that because of these things the Divine Law of Return in all its glory has been set into motion: 'Recompense is Mine, I will repay', saith the Lord.

"The past is past, yet the past is indicated by the present. If your life holds no pangs of sorrow or tests, then the past represents loss indeed; the Divine Law of Return is in motion and the next stage will mean still less spiritual freedom than this.

"The Divine Law of Return reflects the love and mercy and the understanding of the Lord God of all. In the life of the Saviour - our blessed Companion - that wonderful law was worked out. He took upon Himself the earth garment; He suffered as no man has suffered. The Divine Law of Return has been shown to all, for thousands followed after, thousands carried the Cross. Because the Christ suffered so the Divine Law was worked out; strength came to the weak, courage to those who had failing hearts, and when the test came - God or the world - they chose the path of suffering though conscious of what lay in front. Out of that suffering came Light itself.

"As individuals you often go back over your past, and if there were sorrows and anxieties and pains in that past, grasp the truth: 'It is the Divine Law of Return; because I was willing to suffer a little in the stage before, so in this same stage consciousness of the value of suffering is made my own'.

"Out of that suffering, out of the going without, you pass into one stage nearer your Divine Inheritance. All those created as the sons and daughters of the Most High must one day reach perfection, one day must be even as God Himself - in miniature, it is true, for we are but fragments of the great and holy One.

"Think of the Divine Law of Return as it relates to those who are taking the way of the world, the heedless way, who are listening to the enemies of the Christ, who literally are controlled by those who have naught but darkness within. Think of your responsibility. You may think that they will not heed you. Yet the answer comes: 'Speak, explain to them that that which they sow today must be reaped in time to come.' Tell them the truth, for although the statement, 'Vengeance is Mine', yet side by side with it is the glorious hope: 'Recompense is Mine'.

"Do not let the stage to come show the Law of Return in its sorrowful aspect but in the aspect which is the Father's will. You cannot think false thoughts, you cannot think weak thoughts, without putting into action the Divine Law of Return. You cannot think high thoughts, you cannot think pure thoughts, thoughts of love, without immediately - because right is so much stronger than wrong, strength dominates weakness - you cannot think thoughts of love for others without immediately bringing to you love in a glorious form. Recompense for the false friend; recompense for the one who forgot; recompense for the tears you shed; for the darkness which came over your mind when it seemed that God had turned from you - recompense, because even in the darkness you called out to God.

"The Divine Law of Return: What a man sows that must he reap. So, if the seed of constructive work is sown, you will reap not only spiritual ambition, but the power to spiritualise that ambition in whatever state or stage you may be in. If you sow a weak thought, a base thought, then when the body is no more that accumulation of weakness and baseness is even as a mountain between you and revelation. But do not despair. For God has promised that by faith even that which is a mountain of failure can be swept aside.

"We come back to the mighty meaning of the Divine Law of Return. When the body is no more, we retrace our steps and we see here and there that which causes us to flinch. A little further on we remember how we stumbled; a little further on still we remember how we tried. But with the greater vision which is our own we see those that were around - the bright ones, those who took the selfsame path a little while before - and when we stumbled, when we hesitated, they were there to say: 'Go on'.

"The Divine Law of Return, what does it give to us? Opportunity, in so glorious a form, that it cannot be portrayed in the language of the earth. Out of the remembrance of the long journey, through recollections of flinching from the hard road, of taking up the Cross and laying down the Cross, so we have sympathy and understanding with others.

"When the time comes for the body to be laid aside, we retrace the path with someone who is weak, with someone who wants to be strong but cannot find the strength within. Out of the Divine Law of Return that weak one draws nearer to the soul's desire, and so we through privilege of helping another, have brought to us the gift of working out and wiping out the sadness or the failure of our past. Oh, how God has blessed us; on all sides there is provision made to retrieve not only for ourselves, but for others.

"Restoration is the Law of God. Destruction is the law of the enemies of the Christ. We are on the road that leads to God; we have forgotten the valley; we have thrown aside our lesser longings - the desire to comfort and minister to the physical garment and to allow the spirit to starve; we have emerged from that which held us in the past; we are pilgrims with the staff of faith firmly in our hands, and we go on, pausing only to gain fresh strength from those who are around.

"The time will come when you will look back and see that all around you there were signs of the working out of the Divine Law of Return. You tried, you sought in the stage before the physical, and now you have found. What is it that you have found? Not only your Saviour, not only the Beloved of our heart, but you have found that within you there is the Christ and the Christ is alive and working.

"You will go back on the quiet times and take what you gleaned, that which you learned, and pass on the truth to those still bound by physical restrictions and those more heavily fettered in the states you name twilight or dark - for you are missionaries under the great Missionary of us all.

"That which you learn, that which you gather, is not for yourselves but for others. How else could the Divine Law of Return represent power and peace, light and love? That which you sowed yourself - the wheat which is turned into the bread of life - you hold it fast to pass on to the famished. Even in this country today there are those who are famished for the truth; they do not know what ails them, what lies beneath the restlessness and the turmoil within. They are starving for the Christ. Many of the representatives of the Most High will be broken-hearted when they pass into Reality, for the Christ message has not been passed on as the Master directed.

"The few have been faithful. The few are willing to suffer. The few are pilgrims. But only the few. If those in authority had given out the message of the Christ and had lived according to the teaching of the Christ, war, poverty, and persecution would be unknown. Heaven would be upon earth. You and all the world could take your way joyfully into the Promised Land.

"But the Divine Law of Return has been worked out.

"As time passed, the hard way became more unpleasing, the tempters drew around, and there were those - the custodians of the Truth - who tried to serve God and mammon. Because of this, because of the weeds sown in amongst the wheat, today there are wars and rumours of wars; your asylums are full of the tortured - tortured by those in spiritual bondage who never should have had the strength to penetrate the conditions of the earth plane.

"What is at the root of insanity? What is at the root of vice? It is the influence of dangerous companions, of the destructive enemies of the Christ.

"The words may sound stern, yet there is great love being poured out to you, for you have a measure of sight, you are willing to take the rough road, and because of this there is joy amongst the angels of the Most High.

"But it is not enough - it is not enough. Time is fleeting; great things are coming to pass. The world must go through its crucifixion before the resurrection can come. Out of the anguish, the separation, the fear and the darkness - light, love, revelation, peace and power, shall be made the possession of those who did their best.

"These things are serious, but beneath that seriousness there is tremendous hope, a spiritual promise and a Divine provision and protection. It lies within your own hands. You have the message, you have the Divine Example. Follow in His footsteps; take up your cross; let the complaints die upon your lips and give out courage and endurance to those who do not have it.

"For this you were born into the earth life; for this you suffered in the stage before. It is the Divine Law of Return. You can be used by God; you can be instruments of the Most High. Do not pause, do not say to yourselves: 'I have sacrificed that, but I will hold this for myself'. Pray always: 'Blend my will with Thine, take away my reluctance and hold me fast'.

"Is it not true that, in time long past, simple men created spiritual history? What of Peter, what of James and John? What of the women and all the rest - the great 'unknown' who cut the steps on which you today are climbing, the steps of Truth? No one can say: 'I am unsuitable' - while such as these answered the call.

"All of you are bound together, for there must be unity within and unity without. What is the message that you are giving out? That which you speak, that which you do, is indication of the Divine Law of Return.

"Build today so that tomorrow may be fair. Send out the thoughts that have life and beauty and power - thoughts of love, thoughts of sympathy, kind thoughts, tender thoughts, and you will see to great amazement, that God not only fulfils His promises, but His promises are worked out in a way undreamt of by you or by anyone upon the earth.

"You give of your little and seem to fail, you blunder, make mistakes; but if the desire within is to follow the direction laid down, so God takes that which is incomplete and by the miracle of His love, finishes that which we began.

"You are blessed with consciousness as to the great and mighty mission which your soul has undertaken. You are blessed with consciousness as to the opportunities that lie on every side. Above all, you are blessed with the gift of forgetting yourselves, the gift of going to others and passing on the message of the Christ. Do not say to them: 'Vengeance is Mine, I will Repay - saith the Lord'. Show them the steep road, calling their attention to the passing days, and giving them that unquenchable hope: 'Recompense is Mine, I will Repay - saith the Lord'.

"You are pilgrims on the journey home to God, bearing the Cross upon your brow. Those who are free from the body, as they pass amongst the children of the earth, see instantly those who bear the pilgrim's sign. If they feel sad that many do not bear the sign, yet because God is good, so generous, they know that by prayer and watchfulness, the time will come when the Cross will be upon them as a sign to all of the resurrected Life within. You are blessed with the Pilgrim's Cross..."

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