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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 25th July, 1925.

"Almighty and ever-loving God, we bring tonight our little gifts and we offer them in faith and trust, knowing - because Thou hast promised it - that these are accepted by Thee.

"O God, pour down upon this happy gathering that deep abiding joy which unity with the Spirit only can bring. Grant that each one may feel ere this time of communion is over that indeed they are one step nearer the great Light of revelation. Yes, give to each one understanding and still more understanding, so that they may be able to pierce the shadows and to walk always and only in the sunshine of Thy living actual Presence.

"Close in around us, O God, the Love which Thou hast given to all to bestow upon others. Grant that Thy children here may feel Thy Love in very truth, and because of the comfort that it brings they may be able to pass that same comfort on to those who need it.

"In Thy Holy Name we continue and we thank Thee, our Father, for this great gift which Thou hast bestowed upon us, for the great blessings which the gift will bring, and for the privilege of working for Thee in spreading the truth concerning Thy Love. Amen...

"...My little children, it is indeed with joy that we meet, and I want you in future to try and exclude every other thought but gladness in connection with this sweet communion - to realise that the long period of physical strain has been lifted, by God's will, and that because the work was continued in spite of the complaints of the body, so, as always, in His good time that which would bar was taken away.

"To you all, as the days go on, an added sense of refreshment and strength will come. I speak to all without exception: I say whatever the days have to hold, that sense of inward spiritual refreshment shall gain strength, and according to the will of each one it shall grow and grow.

"Oh, my children, I wish with all my heart that you could see something of the power which you draw together by meeting in this way, by laying desire aside, by asking not for this one or for that, and by excluding the physical things of the world - although these concern you so nearly... I wish, dear children, you could witness some of the beauty and the power; and yet again I say that because you cannot, and because the realisation entirely escapes your physical mind, so you shall see that God's ways are best.

"Yes, in this room tonight are gathered together many who inhabited the far parts of your little world, and a still greater number who have come from those regions of the Spirit which indeed are holy and full of peace. Therefore, dear children, resign yourselves into their care, and with assurance show your faith in the goodness of God, giving out your share towards the harmonising of these conditions which are as nearly perfect as may be.

"Tonight, dear children, I am going to attempt to talk to you about a subject which is not only beyond your comprehension, but which is beyond the comprehension of your guide and those who are gathered here. This may sound strange to you but my brief word of explanation will make the matter clear.

"I have told you that however we strive, however near we may attain to what represents to you 'the ideal', however much we love our Master individually, yet we cannot fathom or attempt to fathom the Love which He has for the children He has created. We are limited, dear children, in this respect, because the Mind of Love is too vast altogether, too comprehensive, to be grasped or understood by any.

"Yet, dear children, evening by evening, it has been my privilege to try and unfold just a little inch or two of that wonder and glory which I have seen. I have talked to you of God's attitude towards those on earth and it has amazed you; yet tonight, dear children, I must underline what is fact: That there is more difference between my conception of the Father-Heart and what it really contains, than there is between your conception and mine.

"No words could express it, and I do not attempt to explain to you further than this: That what we have witnessed through the ages of that gigantic Love has staggered us by its unlimited nature, yet I am bound to say that in comparison with the Heart of God, the view permitted to us is limited indeed. As we go on day by day, year by year, so, as it were, the curtain is drawn back, and we are allowed to see and to understand a little more of the Eternal Love of the Father, and this goes on for ever and for ever.

"Tonight, dear children, having prepared your minds a little, I am going to put into the language of the world something concerning that which has been called: 'Divine Justice'... Children, remember my previous words, remember that I am attempting to portray what is beyond my own understanding because of its infinity - yet listen to me, and learn just a little more about the One who loves you best.

"In your world, dear children, 'justice' is applied in many different ways, and in regard to many dissimilar things, but tonight I want to take you a little further on out of the physical standpoint and to place you on the threshold of things as they are.

"First of all, I would speak to you about that quality which immediately flashes through the mind in connection with Justice - I mean Mercy. Well, dear children, the mercy of the world has got a little twisted from mercy as we see it in the Spirit. Nay, think not that I am criticising that which is essentially a spiritual attribute, but you will see my point as we go along.

"In speaking of mercy, how often this attitude is adopted: That to receive mercy is a great concession, is an act of generosity which by its unusual nature attracts the attention of all.

"And then, dear children, that word comes up so frequently in worshipping God, and I want you not to eliminate it because that is impossible, but rather to give it its right interpretation. Again and again the children of the earth - for the most part those who seek to do God's will - approach the Father entreating that His 'mercy' may be extended to them.

"Well, dear children, that is man's idea of God but in reality God looks upon you and me in a totally different light. In one sense His mercy is around you all the time - I mean that His Love is for ever fighting with the greater self within so that the real you, the spirit imprisoned by the flesh, may not suffer by the lack of mercy shown by the physical mind.

"Over and over again, by His grace, by His merciful Love, the battle goes to the spirit, and the physical, for the time being, is overcome. Because of the mercy, which is a phase of the great Love He represents, because of His mercy you, dear children, and I as well, indeed have reason to thank God - to thank Him that it has been extended to us; but when it comes to the attitude of conciliation, when you approach imploring that His Face may not be turned from you, then indeed it is misunderstanding Love in a terrible and destructive way.

"Oh, think you not that the Father does not understand that during the years the physical mind has been trained by others to regard Him as its Judge, to approach His altar asking and yet hardly expecting that He will listen to the petitions made, because of the unworthiness of the petitioner. God understands how it is that this attitude has come into being, how it is that man, even with the best motive there may be, unconsciously has discredited his Father by imagining that He was like unto himself. Many there are who can reflect something of the Christ Mind, but God is not reflected in man's image of Him as concerning matters of this kind.

"You see, dear children, that you have a lot to learn; you see also that it is impossible to learn unless there are those who are willing to go through the necessary lessons themselves in order to teach you and others something of the nature of the Father-Mind.

"Tonight I want you to for ever put away the thought that God extends mercy to His children as an act of grace in the spirit of condescension, for such is impossible to the Father-Mind. Yet, I go back on my previous thought, and I say that you can think and dwell and ponder on His merciful intervention between the physical and the spiritual self; but when it is a matter between the Father-Heart and the erring child, that word 'mercy' is swept out of being by His enveloping Love and understanding.

"Now, dear children, we come back to Justice, and I had to build up in your minds some conception of Mercy first, otherwise it would be impossible for you to gain even a little of the inner meaning of the Justice which is being defined.

"Continuing on my remarks of last week (Heredity), I want you to consider, just for a moment, that big question opened up by the choice of the spirit of the environment in which it will go through its earthly experiences.

"Now, dear children, on all sides, even with your limited knowledge, you see those you love placed in conditions which, as you put it, are the very worst there could be, considering the temperament of the one concerned. And how often is it that it appears to the physical mind and the physical sight that one is 'sacrificed' for the other; that in a family there is one who bears the brunt, one who is looked upon as the proper person to take the rough and the difficult, and to make it smooth for others. And in spite of wishing to believe in God's love, again and again the mind exclaims against the 'injustice' of physical life.

"Yes, dear children, from your standpoint injustice is flagrant indeed; but I want you tonight to try and get a little higher up, and, as it were, to stand on the side of the hill and look down on physical life, when from the little distance you have attained, things will be seen in their right perspective; and as your mind is able to traverse farther up the hill of understanding, so your view will be broadened, and the perspective at each point will be seen to be better still.

"First of all, dear children, we will take facts as they stand. I would not attempt to deny that - in a way too gigantic to be put into words - some apparently suffer sorely for the weakness, for the omissions of those to whom they are linked during their daily life. Yet, dear children, a fact is not a fact when viewed purely from the physical standpoint; a fact is only a true fact when God's part has been taken into consideration, when, as a rule, the whole prospect is changed.

"Children, I go back to the choice of the courageous spirit, and I say that not only has that spirit shown heroism but it has shown a practical commonsense which cannot be excelled in physical life. Here you get the thing in its true proportions. I grant you that the going may be hard, that the sensitive mind and the shrinking heart may be lacerated again and again, but for every barb that finds a resting place, so is God compensating in a way you can never grasp until spiritual sight is your own.

"Children, look at it like this: I have told you before that it is impossible for one to injure another without that injury having to be made good. I have told you that it is a spiritual law that you cannot think one good thought in connection with another without the fruits of that good thought being gathered to yourself.

"Look at it in God's way, and when, as is often the case, you are brought up with something like horror against ingrained selfishness - that consideration only of individual comfort and desire - when you see examples like this, then, dear children, thank God that indeed their responsibility is not your own; thank God and pray that the Light may come to them ere too late... too late in the sense that the accumulated burden is so heavy that much suffering and effort must be forthcoming before they are free to walk with happiness in the Gardens of the Lord...

"Oh, my children, for ever remember the shortness of this little earth life, and when there are those who make you suffer - sometimes unconsciously and sometimes with intent - then take it in the spiritual way, and be glad that when you step free there will be that less to make good on your own account; remember that although the pangs of the physical heart and mind may seem terrible to bear during the earth stages, yet, in a way so wonderfully kind, those pangs instantaneously are turned into power and beauty and holiness.

" - 'Holiness' - that is a big word to use, but suffering is so cleansing; suffering can do for you in a short time what nothing else can accomplish, and when you stand free from the body you will thank God with a gratitude too great, too deep for words, that He gave you sufficient vision to take on experiences which wounded your heart and mind during the earth life, which then has passed through its course.

"One step nearer to understanding, one step nearer to a conception of Divine Justice - and dear children, particularly would I bring this to your attention: That because God has such a magnificent conception of Justice, it does not mean that the men and women of the world should leave things to Him entirely without contributing their part.

"Tonight I speak with double emphasis about those vast ranges of 'service' - the care of the delicate young, the thought and the provision made not only to cure the many diseases to which the body is prone, but also the preventive measures which indeed are of the Spirit, because those who work in this way are joining hands with Love so that suffering shall be abated.

"Children, I told you once before, that in regard to the care of the body - that which is the temple of the soul - three things were necessary in order that those on earth should work in harmony with those in the Spirit deputed by God to help them on their way. Yes, three factors are necessary to keep the physical tabernacle in as fit a condition as may be; yet, dear children, not forgetting what I said last week about those deep decisions of the spirit in regard to the pains which assail the flesh.

"Children, within the reach of all those who live in what are called civilised countries, there is at hand: First God, then the spirit within, and then the use of those tools of service which have been provided in such an adequate way.

"You see, dear children, I am not excluding anything of the world which is of a helpful character, but I ask you to keep things in their proper place. When the body is assailed by enemies remember this: First the Great Healer, your Creator; then that spirit within which is all-strength, all-power, because it is of God; and then, dear children, to use with commonsense, and, I would add, with temperance as well, that which has been provided by the concentration of man on the various methods and means of succouring the physical body.

"You will say that I have got a little far from Divine Justice but not so, not so. There are those today, very many, who have found within themselves sufficient spiritual resources to put faith to the test, to approach their Maker with trust, and to ask Him to heal that which is hurtful and harmful where the body is concerned.

"Now, dear children, such as these have many criticisers, and, for the most part, those criticisers are not in touch with God so far as faith is concerned. I know only too well that 'mistakes' have been made - I use the word in the earth sense - mistakes have been made because such as these have excluded that which science has to contribute; and have I not said that the ideal is the combination of the three, keeping each in the place I have stated?

"Yet, dear children, back again we come to the Justice which is Divine. Those who try so earnestly to keep their minds on a high level, those who, by prayer and preparation, endeavour to keep in direct touch with the Great Healer - these are building up for themselves spiritual resources which indeed will be valuable when they are free. They bring their gain during physical life in the sense that for the most part sadness is kept at bay, and love for God brings sunshine into lives which otherwise would be grey.

"And when those who tried conscientiously to put faith to the test - even though they ignored the gifts of the mind which God has given to His children - in the measure that these were sincere, so they shall find hereafter, that the cure which was not possible in the physical has been carried out in the 'body' of the soul.

"God's Justice never fails: In the big things, there it is seen in all its glory in the tiniest detail; in the wish for faith, in that raising of the mind - hoping for faith - still more is the wonder shown because to the Father nothing is insignificant, nothing is of little importance because the thought was directed to Him, and this being so, the effect of that thought shall last for ever.

"Children, there is one other aspect in regard to this particular phase of thinking. There have been those who have found it essential to go directly against the advice of medical science - there have been occasions when the conditions of their life made it absolutely impossible to follow out what was a direct command. Yes, in your own little family circle you have had it worked out in detail; how one - my child - listened to the Voice of the Spirit and found not the physical disaster which was prophesied but sufficient physical resources to carry on her life of work (6 months' war work on the land).

"Divine Justice again. You see, dear children, that man overlooks one great fact - he does not take into consideration God's mighty plan, God's overseeing care.

"And so to those who have put faith to the test: To these I say that in their physical life - as concerning the body and its equipment - faith indeed has its place; but confuse it not, let it not lie amongst the other toys and tools upon the ground, but rather regard it as a star - the star which reflects God's Love, that star which not only shines during the earth journey, but when you are free, will be seen in all its magnificent glory, calling you on and on to those heights which have no end...

"Children, there are many other aspects of Divine Justice. Those who have undertaken the care of the sick, if their wish to serve is true and clean, then indeed is God able to use them to show that kind of mercy which He delights in the most.

"Think you like this: There, in your public buildings, and still more pathetic in the little homes, you have those tortured by diseases which indeed drain the physical and also the spiritual resources, so far as the earth view is concerned. Then you have the healers: First, God - the Great Healer of all. Then the guides and helpers - those, who imbued with a love of service, willingly, oh, so willingly, come back to this little earth and labour thereon. And, then again, you have in the physical world, the doctors and the nurses, the mothers and the sisters, and the prayers of the friends outside...

"Don't you see the magnificent Justice of God? How the one who suffers - ignorant of the spiritual laws which are working so harmoniously - that the sufferer lying there in its helplessness, by the very fact that it does suffer, is able to contribute to the spiritual resources of countless others. Ah, yes, and forget not the wonderful gain to the individual, because pain is so hard to bear! Then trace back the sources. Remember those who are far distant, unable to render help in physical form - remember that these, by their thoughts, by their prayers, are helping the sufferer, helping those who are tending the sufferer; and again in turn, by their wish to help, they are helping themselves as well.

"Mighty is the Mind of God, gigantic in its conceptions, merciful in a way we cannot understand - because He takes that which is brought into being by the evil, and uses it as a stream of unending blessing to others...

"You see, dear children, to what I am turning your thoughts? I stated before, and I do so again tonight in a most emphatic way - I say that in regard to the diseases of the body, when man puts God first, so he will see results altogether unimaginable in proportion to those which are brought about by the application only of the science which is of the earth; good that may be, yet by putting it first, he is arresting - yes, arresting - that greater good which is his desire...

"Oh, children there is so much to learn. Tonight I have been able to touch only upon a little phase here and there, yet I hope I've left on your minds the conviction that those apparent 'injustices' are not only examples of justice, but indeed are demonstrations of that generosity, that mercy, that Love which cannot be exaggerated because they are of God.

"And so, dear children, passing on from one subject to another, I ask you to consider those whom you grade as the 'Insane'. Yes, and this phase of illness is perhaps one of the worst which can be experienced.

"Now, briefly, these complaints of the mind can be divided and placed under three headings:

"Those who have taken on, as part of their physical experiences, a mind which is not, as you would say, true to balance.

"Then there are a vast number who, by their own heedlessness - by their own disregard of the warning voice - have brought upon themselves an imprisonment which is pitiful indeed.

"And then there are those others - which I would class all together - the ones who have found the road of life too steep, and the ones who by 'accident' or by the carelessness of others, have damaged that delicate fabric which you call the brain.

"Children, in your own experiences, you have known those - lovely in character and in thought - whose minds have been clouded, who indeed have suffered grievously from complications of the physical body which have had a direct and disastrous effect upon the mind, and you have said: 'Oh, the pity of it!' and again the thought has come: 'The injustice of it, that one so sweet, so attached to the things of the Spirit, should be overtaken by such a fate!'...

"Children, there have been one or two such as these, who have come back to you and have told you of the beauty and the power which is now their own.

"And then I pass on to those we have put under the second heading - the many who, quite unconscious of the risk which they run, seek not to control either the desires or the thoughts of the mind. As wilful children they run into danger by ignoring the greater self within, they allow the things of the earth - its trivial mundane details - to obsess them to the exclusion of everything else.

"Now, mark you, there are countless thousands of such as these in the world today. What have they done? So natural a process: Because they gave way to their lesser selves during the many years which have passed, so when the test comes, there are no resources on which to fall back. The spirit within has been suffocated by self, and in time of illness these pray not to their God, but rather listen and invite those voices from the darker realms - those who, at last, are able to dominate them in every sense there could be during the years of physical life which remain.

"Sad indeed is their plight - and there are many such as these out of the physical world as well. We do not call them 'insane' because we see and know that they have handed over themselves to the control of those who are the enemies of the Light.

"You see, dear children, I do not wish to overdraw the picture, but in this lies a warning for all: The enemies of the physical are many, and the pains and the conditions of the body have their effect on the physical mind; but God the Great Healer is accessible to all, and if those who are inclined to err in this way would remember to hold on to that Anchor, He could not only steady them, but lead them out of danger into safety and security, because there, in their own hands, the future lies. Only by their damaging thoughts have they brought upon themselves that which fills others with horror and dismay...

"And then, dear children, we come to those who by so-called accident, by war and pestilence, have found themselves still in the body but with a mind that does not respond as in the days of old.

"Children, restorative work is going on apace, and again I bring you back to the thought of God. You will find that those who tried to keep in touch with goodness, who had ideals - even if these were only of a kind - that these, in time, are restored.

"Again you have the demonstration of spiritual law. Those resources of character, that bending and blending of the will to right - that has not passed away, but the damage has been done to the physical organ; yet habit is strong, and under certain conditions great cures have come to pass. The spirit within has linked itself to the Great Spirit World without, and though the physical mind be unconscious, the good work goes on apace.

"In all these examples you have Divine Justice shown in detail, and more than that - you have it outlined before you that on all sides there are resources of an unlimited character, yet, because of the 'disability' or the pain experienced, so in that spiritual self the harvest is stored...

"Oh, my children, think this over and remember the responsibility of the lesser self towards the greater self; yet think not because God is the Creator you must approach Him and ask for 'mercy' to avert that which earthly justice bestows. Remember that God regards you as something precious, something that is treasure indeed, and that on all sides help is provided - that everywhere, in every phase of life you may explore, running through every act, through every incident - is that deep, strong river of His Love.

"Divine Justice - which to us is interpreted thus: The great Father-Heart, pouring out Love unlimited on all His children, fighting for them so that they may have the great gifts which He intends shall be their own; wrestling with the physical mind, so that that same physical mind may show something of mercy towards the spirit within...

"And now, dear children, I will go, but oh, let not my words be brushed lightly aside. See in your lives, in the trend of events, the Guiding Hand of God, and rest you content, worrying not over what the future holds, and covering the past with the leaves of forgetfulness; because once the body is laid aside that 'past' will bear a totally different representation to you.

"God directs and God guides in a way no words can explain, when those of His children even barely wish that the spirit should take first place. Therefore, worry, anticipation, or foreboding, is totally out of place. Anticipate that God will provide not only the things of your material life, but also those great contributing gifts which are necessary for the harmony of the spirit with that which is Love Divine... And now I go..."

(Others then spoke...)


"Good evening, Mrs. Moyes. There are one or two things I want to talk about, and I want to send a word to Nellie (Mrs. H.A.C.) to help her on... As a matter of fact, there are so many (topics) which arise in my mind, that it's a little difficult to choose the ones which will help you most...

"Mrs. Moyes, I've been working fairly hard since I came here last; I've been looking round, exploring the minds, and going through the thoughts, of some of the many who are now interested in this communion - I mean interested so far as the physical mind is concerned.

"There is curiosity, there is a host of conjecture, there are many influences at work which all tinge man's opinions on this great subject. It seems to me that for the most part, the majority - those who have not yet heard the call of the Spirit - that these are influenced very much by fear.

"Yes, fear in a variety of expressions: Fear of putting their weight on the wrong side; fear as to what their friends may think; and the far greater fear that they may be thought 'cranks'. And then there is that very subtle fear which is entirely of the body - the fear of touching that which is beyond physical explanation.

"Fear is a great enemy, and as I have watched and worked and tried my best to influence such as these, I found that it was not an easy thing to circumvent; I found that if you kill it at one point it springs up in another; and I found that the personal fear of damage or injury to the physical mind and body is the last to give. 'Self-preservation' some would call it, and it is true in a way they've never considered - the preservation of self. I've had that rammed on my consciousness again and again - the preservation of the lesser self, which the evil fosters and feeds...

"You see, Mrs. Moyes, it's no use fencing the obstacles in the path. It is no use saying that these do not exist - they are there, but what I want to drive home is that without these obstacles this Movement would die of dry rot. The vitality in it is astounding, the enthusiasm is an enthusiasm which grows and grows; the people who are working for it are dead keen, and I would to God that these bright, earnest souls were in the Church, in the congregations, bringing their enthusiasm to vitalise the lukewarm feelings of the others.

"You see, precious material is few and far between when it is a question of giving and of working. Thousands and thousands are content to take. They go to church Sunday after Sunday - and their collection once given they think their duty is done.

"Yet, on the other hand, I see this too so plainly, that here and there, where there are those with 'a message' to deliver - those earnest, God-gifted souls - there you do get the enthusiasm, there you get the crowd, there you get the desire to give as well as to take...

"It's an extraordinary thing to me how it is that this fact is overlooked again and again. In the chapels you see it in an amazing way. There, the people come, giving and giving, and glad to do it because there is one who can talk to them of God in the language they understand... I never sneered at the chapels and I thank God for it: I always realised that somehow or other they had got the knack of drawing the people, by their hearts; and once you've got the heart of anyone, then the service comes as a matter of course.

"You know, Mrs. Moyes, that the 'mission' side appealed to me enormously, and I like to think of the little churches - of the Spirit - springing up all over the place, kept together by the work and the self-sacrifice of the few. Ostracised by the Church and State, but nevertheless flourishing, gaining fresh members - and, mark you this - those members are the real thing; there is something within them that's being called, and the spirit is striving to answer its God...

"It may interest you to know that one of the first ones who sought me out after I passed over was John Bunyan. I wondered why he came to me, but it's all so natural over here - he just sauntered up, as it were, and said: 'I'm John Bunyan and I'd like to have a talk with you', and we sat down and we chatted, just as though we had been friends on earth.

"I said to him what a terrible time he must have gone through, but he laughed in such a joyous way and said: 'I think I made the people of my day very uncomfortable, and people don't like to be made uncomfortable, and so they put me away and tried to forget me!' And he went on: 'You made people uncomfortable too; you made them think of what they wanted to ignore. They couldn't put you in prison so they tried to laugh you out of court!'

"He said we'd got things in common; but, Mrs. Moyes, I felt a boy at school! I said to him: 'Your marvellous thoughts used to puzzle me, and I wondered how they came'; and he said: 'Don't you see how I muddled the story in bringing it back? I was taught it word by word, and to impress it on my mind, I was taken every inch that Christian trod, but I bungled it after all'...

"They didn't think he bungled it - not in his way - but they thought he was a dangerous character and he'd got to be suppressed; but the book lives on. That's my point, and I want Nellie to let it sink home, I want her to think of the opposition of that time and today, and if we can't all rise to being John Bunyans, yet we can hold up our little taper of Light; and because here and there all over the civilised world there are those little flickering lights showing, so in time to come, there will be a linking up, in the sense that the Light will be sufficient to overwhelm the darkness...

"Our own loved pilgrim - he is a fine soul, and one day he will come and speak to you direct. He is here tonight, and he asks me to add this one word: 'Don't forget that the giant of despair was the last big test before the Summerland was reached!'..."


"...It's a very old lady - one who hasn't been here before, one that most of you know nothing about, but I think when you have heard my little message, you will be quite willing to take me into your heart and mind, because my love for you is overwhelming...

"Long years ago I lived in a little village. I was a happy, healthy child; I had good parents who worked hard for their living. When I grew up I went to service, and after a while I married and went to live in one of the plainer parts of London...

"I tell you this because I want you to know that I had a good upbringing - I mean that my parents were honest and hard-working; I mean also that they taught me to do my duty. And although in those days a servant had to work very hard indeed, I was not unhappy because I had been led to expect it.

"In course of time, as I told you, I was married and my husband - although not like my own father - was quite an average man, but he did not live very long. I had children - two daughters - and I tried to follow the same plan with them and they grew up devoted to... me...

"I'm afraid this is rather a long story, but I shall soon be done. I worked very hard, Mrs. Moyes. I used to go out and do housework and washing for others - I was used to work, and I still think it has its advantages; but as time went on, age crept over me, and when my daughter married I went to live with her... Too old to work and yet not ready to relinquish that useful body which had served me well...

"And now I take you on to my end, and I passed over in the ward of a workhouse infirmary, and it is here that you will find I had connection with your family. I was very old, but I took a long time to die - I mean that the resources of strength which were necessary to carry me through my rather hard life - that these resources still held out long after, you would say, it was wise.

"There on the rubbish heap I passed away. I don't want you to think that I am hurt by the thought of my lowly end. In the ward there were many beds all occupied by those who, though grievously ill, were not expected to go at once. And one bed was kept for the old, the 'worn-outs' - and they called it in fun 'the rubbish heap'.

"Mrs. Moyes, there I lay, unconscious so far as the physical mind was concerned, but very conscious of Presences all around, and I connected your daughter with those 'Presences', and I know now I held on to her with almost terrifying strength...

"At last the poor old body - long since grown repulsive - was laid aside; and there on the rubbish heap no longer lay that which was a travesty of the human body, but someone who was tall and straight, someone who had been given back, by death, the individuality that she once possessed...

"I tell you all this, and you'll wonder why, because it took place so many years ago; but I want you to know that as it was said in the beginning, Divine Justice was shown to me as I passed out. My hardships, my griefs, my poverty, and my loneliness so far as the physical was concerned - all that was shown to me in its real colours when I was free - for there, in a home which no words can describe, I found Christ waiting for me - for the 'poor old woman' who died in a workhouse infirmary... at the threshold of the beautiful home which was mine, I saw Christ waiting for me!...

"There has never been any gap between the friendship which was built up during those last hours of loneliness and of physical distress, and tonight I've been allowed to come and to tell you, that as soon as I could understand, right back in the long ago, I was told that this evening should be...

"My name is Mrs. Grant. You cannot verify it because no links are left. I was just one of the many 'cases', who came, as a matter of course, into an institution in order to lay aside that worn-out garment, which had served me in a way that only your coming here will make clear.

"Yes, on the rubbish heap many have found themselves clothed in the garments of the Spirit - lovely indeed - and although my plight seemed pitiful in the extreme, I held on to your child because she was mixed up in all the Bright Throng which was around me... I held on to the physical link, and tonight I am holding on still to that physical link which has given me my heart's desire...

"I won't keep you any longer, but we are old friends in the Spirit, and now we are friends so far as your physical minds are concerned as well... I am happy and contented right through; and I want to add one word just to say that I've seen God's magnificent Justice at work in my life from the beginning unto the end... Goodnight..."

(When all had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, we've had a useful evening, and I want you, as you resume your daily life, to gather in some of the reassurance that such an evening should bring; to let the light of God's love stream down upon you, when understanding will come, and when these little gatherings will represent to you, literally, rungs of a ladder - those rungs which must be climbed, those heights which must be reached.

"And all unconsciously to yourselves you are climbing with speed, you are learning those truths of God which for the most part - so far as the majority are concerned - have been hidden and buried beneath the things of the world...

"You are learning the truths which are of God, and that knowledge is for a twofold purpose: The first is to prepare you for the great work which lies in front - and in this case I am speaking of the work when the body is laid aside. And the second is that by learning, you can teach, and though there are careless ones on every side, though there are doubters, though perhaps there may be scoffers - that which you shall teach shall live, for death cannot touch the truth which is of God.

"And now for my last words of blessing: In confidence continue your way, asking - ah, remembering to ask - for the Holy Spirit to guide you; putting worry and anticipation of sorrow behind you, and stretching out for those things which are in front...

"God give you strength, God give you understanding, and God give you that greater faith which will make all things clear... Goodnight, my children."

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