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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 2nd May, 1926.

"Father of all Love, we place ourselves this evening in Thy Hands, and we ask Thee to free us from restless thoughts, from everything that interferes with the inward peace which it is Thy will that the children of the Light should have now and for ever.

"O God, grant that as we go on, we may see more clearly the holiness, the sacredness of this communion - that we may divert our minds from everything but the very best, and as pilgrims conscious of the privilege which has been given to us, we may climb the hill with faith...

"Saviour, in Thy Name we call upon those in other spheres to gather close and to listen and to learn; and we know it is Thy will that this gift so bestowed should be used for the good of the majority; that we should limit not our missionary work to this one and that, but should throw open the gates of revelation to all those who, for so long, have lived in the half-light of knowledge...

"As tools, as instruments, aye, as humble servants of our God, we re-dedicate ourselves tonight, and we ask Thee, out of the magnitude of Thy Love, to use us for this holy work... Amen...

"...My little children, it is hardly necessary to say that when we meet in this way, the love and the harmony is complete. It is love of Christ which brings you here, it is love of Christ which enables me to speak to you in person, it is love of Christ which is going to inspire you in the days to come.

"Yet, mark you well what I am enjoined to impress on all: That the little children of the Light - those who have been brought into touch with something of the holiness of God, you and the others who have seen the best - that you are hindering yourselves on the path if you attempt to hold that which is second, that which is third.

"My little children, it is not that I would cut from you those things which bring joy and diversion to the mind, but I am here tonight as a representative of my Holy Master, and it is His words that I use: 'Climb. Climb. Climb'.

"You have been told in the past that all who are free from the body have not been able to free themselves from the influence of the body, in the sense that the earthly thoughts linger and impede; but when you come here - having, during the earth journey, been companioned by those experienced in the things of God, those who were the early pioneers, the pilgrims of long ago - then you, my children, having that inward vision, will be tortured if you did not place this gift, your heart, your mind and your body up there...

"My children, this evening, according to plan, I would speak to you on a very vast subject, indeed one which came into being at the creation of man, and one which will outlast this little world and every sphere and condition there is... I speak of: 'Discipleship'.

"Oh, my children, those bound by the body scarce can grasp a fragment of what this implies, what the word contains, what it has held in the past, what it spreads out in the future...

"Those trained to think as the world thinks - and now I speak of the world in its highest sense - these associate that word with the few. Yet, again, as they go on, they draw in all those servants of God whose names appear in the Sacred Record, those who by effort, by suffering, by the putting aside of self in every form, have been able - by the power thus produced - to drag others, ignorant of spiritual things, one step higher up...

"Yes, when you read that which you call the Bible, you are conscious that the word 'disciple' was never meant to be limited to the few whom Christ chose, and so you include the prophets, you include the messengers of God, and your heart tells you that indeed their discipleship was a thing that cannot pass away.

"But tonight, dear children, I have been instructed to lead you a little further, and to show you just another fragment of the mighty Love of your Father God; and I want you, in thinking of God, to cherish the thought that He is your Father and your Mother, your Friend, your Companion, the One who understands you best.

"Yes, and when I speak of 'you', I refer not to the mind of the body or to the body itself - I refer to that which you are, that which shall last after the body and the earth experience has been forgotten; I speak of the self within which knows its God, which is not limited by physical sight or physical thinking, which is not deceived by the unrealities all around, because its eyes are fixed upon the Reality which is God...

"How then, my children, must I teach you, so that the real you can assist me in imparting it to that which you recognise as yourself? I will teach you by Love - the Love which Christ represents...

"My little ones, so dear to me, often as the days go on the incidents of your lives wring my heart; but why is this when I see God's plans, when I see the mighty purpose unfolded before me? My children, these stabs of pain come because of the misunderstanding which is within your own minds, because of the blindness, because of the deafness, because of your inability to tear aside the rough covering and to see the treasure, in all its lustre, lying in your hands to hold for ever more.

"Children, when those, far skilled in worldly knowledge, tell you that the old-way discipleship is a thing of the past, believe them not - for they are enemies of the real true self which understands. When those who have chosen ease and comfort say to you: 'I cannot believe that God meant us to have a life so hard and difficult, so stripped of the things which represent happiness to the mind of the body!'... Ah, when they speak thus, turn aside and look at the Cross.

"My children, the way of discipleship is ever the same, from the beginning of creation until that time when everyone is re-linked in purity and holiness to the Father. And the way - though it appears hard to those whose minds are set on the second best - that way is joy and peace and freedom which no words can express.

"But think you like this: Go back on the narratives of the so-called holy ones of old. Did they gather to their sides the possessions of the earth? Did they seek this diversion and that, which should entertain the mind of the body? Did they forsake the poor? Did they settle themselves in homes where ease was on every side?...

"And my children answer: No, as a rule, they went without even the necessities which seem the rightful portion of all. Yes, they spent many weary hours in the wilderness - in a wilderness which was not only physical but, indeed, in that spiritual wilderness where they lingered until they broke down the barriers between themselves and their God. Were they applauded by others? Nay, they had many false friends, and even those they sought to succour, at times, turned from them and gave their hearts to others who were enemies in every sense there could be...

"Oh, think of the early pioneers, think of the disciples of God who faced physical life, stripped of all that which is regarded as essential by the majority, and ponder again. Their names live for evermore, their example, their precepts, their lives are not only written across the history of your little world, but are engraved in the Spirit.

"And then, my little ones, you have the experiences of those chosen by God during His earthly sojourn. What did He offer them? What did they receive? The world may say they received persecution and death, that they received everything which the ordinary human being would most wish to be free from. But think again. Some of these have come back and talked to you in person; what are their remembrances? Ah, of the wonderful Love of God, the unequalled companionship of those in the Spirit, and that peace which the world could not take away.

"My children, as will be seen, all are not called for this high office; it is the few, the few who have the courage, the few who love God well enough to extricate themselves from those things which they will leave behind when the body has done its work. The majority cannot rise to these heights, and though the Call comes again and again to leave their treasures of stone and to take of the Bread of Life, they are so busy counting those treasures that the Voice of the Spirit is wafted away on the breeze. But forget not this: As it passes, so another and another comes, and, sometimes, dear children - and this is when the angels in Heaven rejoice - sometimes, the miser forgets his gold and raises his head, and then, transfixed by that revealed to him, he arises, putting aside that which once meant all to him, and goes back into the world, this time to work for God...

"Children, that man is a disciple, that man has answered to something greater than his physical self; and as he pursues his way here and there, by the grace of God, he awakens this sleeper and that, and they also become disciples of the Master...

"Yes, dear children, we despise not little things, because we know that on the foundation of little things the soul is able to rise, to extricate itself from the blinding and blunting influences of the world, and perhaps, in turn, to be a pioneer as well.

"Oh, think you of those simple men, those whom Jesus chose to be with Him, and - forget not this - to suffer for Him. Think to yourselves that each one, different in thought, in all those many things which constitute character, how each one responded in his own way; and not one, when he had climbed a certain portion of the hill, did not look back in amazement over what had been done, by the grace of God.

"The commonplace mind - ah yes, in some cases this was true, but the commonplace mind was dominated by the God within, and what once was mediocre was turned into the only true genius there is. The spirit within had forced upon the tool of the physical mind that this little life was worth sacrificing - it was conscious that it was not the beginning or the end, was conscious that the real spiritual career of the self which mattered, had been laid down before the body was thought of, and the recollection had come in time...

"My children, every man and woman and every child, can be a disciple in its highest, strongest sense; but one thing is needful above all others, and that is the laying aside of the physical will and of self in its many deceptive forms - deceptive because the enemies of the Christ within have it in their power to, as it were, throw a beautiful veil between the pilgrim and things as they are; and while the pilgrim looks at beauty and feeds on beauty, the spirit of that beauty is overlooked...

"Ah, mark you this point well. Beauty is around in a way impossible to portray, but that beauty is as nothing to us except for what it expresses and what has brought it into being - which is effort and self-sacrifice.

"That is why I bar from these records descriptions of beauty which stand as beauty alone. Until the describers have torn the bandages from their eyes, have got away from the semblance of beauty to the essence of beauty, so then those things are as obstacles on the path. We have been taught by God, we have listened to the Voice of the Spirit, and we know that beauty as beauty is worthless, if we cannot pierce beneath the beauty and see the struggle, the dedication, aye, and the heartache.

"My children, I am not content for you to have left the valley to gather the sweet flowers on the hillside; I am not content for my children to be satisfied with anything but the best; and so, little ones of my heart, I urge you, for the sake of the God within, to walk carefully, aye, most carefully, because much hangs in the balance; and preparation - that spiritual preparation - must be there if you are to be used for the higher branches of God's work. And when you are free, in the measure that you failed to reach the higher branches, so you will mourn, and those who love you, with all their love, will be powerless to comfort you because you will say: 'I could have understood!'

"Straight words, dear children, but am I not your guardian, the guardian of that which is all-pure, all-wise, all-holy within? And the word 'guardian' implies this and nothing more: Because of your unawareness, so I guard your treasure for you lest thieves should break in and steal, and you would find, in the by and by, that that which you had culled from many sources, that which you had worked for over the ages, had been taken from you while your attention was directed elsewhere...

"Children, the disciples on earth are but training for that fuller discipleship when spiritual sight is their own. Your thoughts, your attitude towards life now, your humility, your tenderness over the failings and frailties of others - all this represents but the bricks of that foundation on which you will work in the way the Spirit desires, when your scope is unlimited and when the powers lie all around. And those of the world, in its worldly sense, they cannot see beneath the hardship, they cannot see the meaning of the sorrow; but those who have the courage to endure now, shall find when they are free, that Christ - the great Friend of all - will name them His friends as well.

"So you see, dear children, that discipleship has many aspects according to the release of the consciousness within, and once that consciousness is released to a certain degree, then the events of your daily life will not represent sorrow but will represent to you something of so priceless a character that you would fight to hold your possession at any cost.

"The disciples of old, ah, they are the friends of Christ today; and what their discipleship has produced for them now, has been evolving and evolving as the years have transpired. So, dear children, I bid you think of discipleship even as a bud on the tree at springtime. As the unfoldment of the flower takes place, so bring the spiritual aspect to bear upon it, and you will see at once that in the unravelling of the beauty so the strength of the fragrance increases, and as that which was once bound and closed opens out, so the sunshine of revelation streams down upon it, transforming it into something reflecting God Himself...

"But when the second best is chosen, the unfoldment is as in nature when the sun is absent. The petals part, it is true, but the colour of the flower is clouded and the fragrance is not brought out. That which is its life, which has the power to bring it into maturity is absent, and the beauty is half-beauty and completion is never reached.

"So, my little ones, talk to yourselves in this wise: 'The path may have been steep and stony but I am alive and well. The wounds of my heart are closing over and God's gift of forgetting is operating more easily every day. Therefore in faith, judging by past experience, I will rest not but I will climb and climb again. And though the enemy attack on every side, though the physical may grow weary, I will remember the renewal which came before and made me whole, and I will forge on, trusting, aye, certain that God will give again what He bestowed in the past'...

"And oh, my children, let this be as a star of faith. Can you not see that by the effort put forth in the past, by the steadying of the nerves and will, you have brought to yourselves a strength which was not there before? You have brought to yourselves a reserve, and you have brought to your side those who climbed that hill in the long ago; and they keep step with you, and when you stumble they uphold you from slipping down, and when weariness besieges you as an enemy so threatening that your heart fails you, by God's grace they pass on from themselves sufficient strength for the next lap and the next.

"That is the path of discipleship - and there is no other. The keeping on, the hoping on, the trusting ever. And as you pursue the way so, like a cloak of protection, comes the consciousness of the Love of God, comes the realisation of the mighty purpose being worked out; and, more than that, you have the certainty, because you were strong and not weak, that others will find strength too to take the same rough road for the sake of the Christ within.

"And so it goes on. Their anguishes, again, not only bring to them that which will last for ever, but send down the hill strength, desire and determination, which seizes others, and they too leave the treasures of the earth to seek the treasures which are of Heaven...

"Yes, and Christ in our midst tonight, bids me speak to my children - His children gifted to me - thus, He bids me remind them that in all things He also is present, that in the pangs of the mind, of the body, or of the soul, He is there to heal the wounds, and He - literally and actually - bears your burdens for you... Christ, the Beloved, bids me speak in this wise only and solely to reassure you as to the future as well as in regard to the present, for He says - and these are His own words:

" - 'Whither I go my children can follow; and, again, whither my children go, there I follow'...

"Oh, lay those words on your heart - the impossibility of separation from God, and remember the companionship which never fails, the Love which is never exhausted, and the grace which, as flowers on your path, lies ever before you...

"The best, not the second best, by God's entreaty. We are bound for a far country and we have to blaze the trail for others, to put in the little stones of effort - aye, and effort may represent passing suffering as well, but if those stones are absent, how can the stranger find the path?

"This is discipleship as God meant it, this is discipleship as the Christ within demands it; and in love and understanding I ask my children to gather once more close, close to the foot of the Cross, and to learn of Him the way into that freedom which nothing and no one can take from them - bought, purchased by yourselves - and in heart and mind that peace which is not quiescence, which is not just laying aside, but the peace which is going forward, conscious that even as you step, the veil which lies before you is being withdrawn, and you, as you grow strong, can not only look - but what is more important still - you can grasp, can take in, can apply those things which are of the Spirit, the Spirit of God - Holy, Pure, Divine.

"And now my little ones, I will leave you, but oh, keep very still in that which God has provided, for there is a mission which has been started, aye, a mission amongst those of the outer spheres, who, as yet, have been dull to the Voice of the Spirit, yet, by the power of God, tonight have risen from the ground to listen and to learn..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, our little time of communion is drawing to a close, but I want you to meditate not only on the words which you have heard from one and the other (who had spoken), but still more so on the spirit - on the instinct - the spiritual instinct which lies underneath the words and which inspires them...

"And I want you to gather in this thought: That tonight you, in companionship with uncountable others, have been drawn away from things physical and material, across the threshold into vibrations which are of Spirit through and through. And I want you to visualise that although the beauty of those imperishable things of God are all around you, your spirit has been sufficiently freed that you have been able to put them aside to focus on the beauty of Christ - Christ the Source of all that is lovely, all that is worth having, all that can bring joy or gladness into your lives.

"Yet, on the other hand, to recollect that in the beginning you too were pure, you too were as God Himself... So in the retracing of your steps, think not of the processes but always: 'One day nearer Home'. Yes, one point farther away from that which has alienated you from God, one more veil dropped between you and the sad, sad past; and in front, ah, thousands and thousands, all wending their way Home, conversing with that sweet sympathy which is so dear to us all - helping, sustaining, passing on the power, always with the one end in view:

"To be a little more like Christ, to be a little less like that old misguided self, to understand a little more of true happiness, and to forget that which represented the hollow gladness of the earth... To be able to take in just a fragment more of what Love means - what it gives, what it takes - and to forget the old love of self, with its many corridors and uncountable doors; to get back to the consciousness of Love - that Love which is Holiness in its highest and most perfect form, the Love which gave us existence, and the Love which only waits to bestow upon us the crown of Perfect Life...

"And now, my children, in the Name of the Beloved, I commend you to the stronger, braver self within; and the Father, over-seeing, protecting, guiding that stronger self, shall bring to the mind of the body the vision of things as they are. And once that is your own, sorrow as sorrow will fall from you, and joy and peace and understanding will take its place, for God has called and you have answered, and all, all is well...

"Goodnight, my children, and be confident over all that the future has in store; yet, in your confidence, ever seek to extricate yourselves from that which is not pure Spirit, thus making the protection sure and complete on every side... Goodnight."

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