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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Greater World Sanctuary, on Christmas Morning, 1935

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"Saviour Christ into Thy hands I commend the spirit of this Thy child...

"There is joy here in these conditions and as I look out over the world in general, I see the joy there as well. As the rainbow tints bring a message of hope to those who have felt the storm, then gladly we welcome the rainbow, for it is the promise of brighter things to come. You have assembled here today from your many homes with dedication in your heart. The Master Christ has accepted this gift of gifts and it will be used for the furtherance of His holy work.

"I am instructed to speak to you on that which I name The Diadem of Power. You may think that this refers only to the Holy One, but I want to show you how you can win a diadem of power.

"I know so well the difficulties of daily life. I know of the warfare that is going on, openly and secretly, stirred up by the fires of jealousy. I know that there are those who want to serve God, who often feel that they are shut away from the glory of the Most High; as they continue to climb the steep hill they are sad; over-wearied by the strain, it seems to them that they have missed the blessings of power that they know are poured upon them from God the Father.

"So here, on this Christmas morning a spiritual message of cheer shall come for the workers, for the disciples and for those who desire to worship before the baby Christ in spite of the enemies that cluster around.

"Going back to that time of long ago we know that Peace came into a world of turmoil. Our hearts go out to Mary and Joseph for the persecution they had to endure, for the long journey they had to undertake and the cruelty of the authorities. These simple people were trying to do their duty, determined to respond to the voices of the angels. Our link with them is strengthened, for you - in your time - have suffered as well.

"The Divine Purpose could not have come to fruition had the Baby Jesus been born in comfort and security. Jesus was born in a stable without the necessities of life as a direct message to the poor, the outcast and the lonely. Many are still despised today because they live in humble ways. Many are looked down upon by their fellows because they are not a material success. They strive and pray, but the chains of poverty dog their steps and even though they build castles in the air, sometimes their possessions are taken from them.

"All this represents the spiritual signs and wonders of the stirring spirit within man. The signs and wonders for which man craves - that invite danger because of his curiosity and demands, through his earthly desire - is not the spiritual dedication required to bring about these things through the power of God.

"Some good souls seem to have nothing but trouble. This is a sure sign of the Divine urge within. The Spirit within will not be denied. The Spirit within has chosen the hard way for the sake of the joy to come and because it knows that Divine Power must be drawn to the earth to safeguard and uplift.

"Even on this happy morn, we think for a moment of the Crown of Thorns. As the Wise Men gazed upon the infant their eyes were opened. They saw the future Messiah and hurried home to pray because they realised that they could do nothing. Above the head of the Child was a flame of light and they dared not interfere.

"Perchance when you were born, above your head in miniature in comparison with the Christ, there was also a flame of light. The angels who watched over you, the mother who bore you, the guides and protectors, dared not interfere. They did as the Wise Men of old, they prayed, not that the burden should be lifted from the growing child, then of the man and of the woman, but that strength might be given; that illumination and understanding of the hard road ahead should be realised, because when the yoke of the Christ is felt upon our shoulders, we must know that He is bearing part of the burden and our own portion becomes lighter.

"On this Christmas morning, steadied by the Christ, we are able to lift our mind above the hurt that has been done to us, above the depression, above the disappointment and realise that something has been worked through.

"Did our character need a little more moulding? Did the hidden enemy perhaps catch us off guard? If another struck at us, did we not strike as well?

"When you realise that an experience had purpose behind it then, even though it was not God's purpose that you should suffer, looking back with acquiescence you see Divine Will in action. In the world there are many that do not love God. Or if they love Him, love themselves better. Even in the profession of their allegiance to Christ they betray Him again and again. My message to such as these is to turn to the angel by their side and heed the tuition and the guidance that comes from that holy one.

"The past can be past. The present and the future can readjust it. If there was sin in yesterday, but the desire to make amends, by seeking to serve, that folly can be obliterated from the soul body and the readjustment will be blessed by God.

"Therefore, at this happy Festival let us not count the thorns on the crown placed upon your brow, for we know that every cross and every crown of thorns can - by the Grace of God - represent a diadem of power. You who suffer pain cannot believe that that thorn is going to represent a strong sinew of Divine Power when you are free from the physical body. Poverty and anxiety are as hatchets to tear from you the shell that holds the Divine within.

"Looking forward to tomorrow, realising that we have been wisely lead, that we have not swerved too far from the path, brings a message of comfort and illumination for everyone. There must be trial and tribulation and those things from which you shrink, because the earth plane must be cleansed.

"There are forces upon the earth that are damaging in the extreme. There are those who have escaped the borders of their own conditions and seek to wreck the Divine Plan. Seizing one here and there, they use ambition, vanity of heart and mind and spiritual pride. I dare not deceive you with fair words. Purification must come and the only way to purify is by sacrifice and suffering.

"That which is bravely borne shall be shown as man's diadem of power. Once the crown is in place, nothing that any conditions can thrust upon you will cause your heart to ache. With the diadem of power comes peace and the revelation that makes you one with Christ. Automatically, you will hold out your hand to tests and welcome the earthly sorrows that are cleaving the way to joy and peace evermore.

"Our thoughts go back to the Christ Child. We know that His childhood was not easy. We know that He was different from other children and that He was persecuted and laughed at and scorned. All this was preparation for the future tests that were to come. He stood alone, looking for kindness in the eyes of one here, one there and finding nothing but hate.

"Why did they hate Him? His goodness shamed them. Although they denied the Divinity that was within them, God's gift was there. So the Master stood alone and upon His brow was rammed the Crown of Thorns, His diadem of power. Because the Master Jesus was born in a stable, took on the woes of man and refused to cast down His Crown of Thorns, joy inexpressible has come to millions of souls.

"So I ask you to face the coming year with comprehension in advance of the tests that are to come. You are training for a mighty work. Take up your cross for it is a sign of honour, a symbol that the soul is ready for bigger things, it has learned some of its lessons and is passing into further stages of development. That is the true meaning of the cross, typified in the life of the Master Jesus.

"Let the coming year be welcomed by us all. If there is great strain, then so shall our strength be great. The cruse of holy oil shall replenish our need. This is the promise to everyone. Trust God and do His work, though breaking point is reached, the thread will hold for it is Divine, charged with the power of God Himself. Throughout all time to be, it shall be as a line of light through all earthly conditions, providing strength to those who have not yet won their own power, yet are trying to do their best.

"The peace which knowing brings, the illumination when we have missed something of the Divine Pattern and the wonderful sense of kinship grows between ourselves and the Master when we can bear our burdens patiently for His sweet sake. What do we mean by 'for Christ's sake'?

"We know that all that He has, all that He is, is ours. We know that in the Heart of God there is that which cannot be completion until all are linked to Him once more in love and 'for His sake' which is for the sake of His creation. All that God has, is for us.

"For the sake of raising His creation as a whole we are willing to co-operate, willing to do our part, willing to pass through the dark and lonesome days knowing that if only sight had been made our own we should look on Beauty and be at peace.

"Gladness underlying pain, glory only hidden by the rain of physical life, the barren soil typifying the hidden life within is the message for the New Year. Another sweet opportunity comes to make a compact with ourselves to forgive and forget. Injustice seems so hard to bear when we are attacked for trying to do well. Do not let your diadem of power bear a tarnished point. Your crown of thorns is there by your spirit's choice, you know that you have the strength to bear its pain. Therefore, whatever the hurt, remember the Master who gave love for hate, who never had to forgive, for He loved so well.

"Make an effort to rise above the pain of yesterday and to overcome the misunderstanding, to break down the barriers and to give love its rightful place. Love is something that can withstand all tests, otherwise it is not love. Love is something that has such vibrant life within it that nothing can kill it nor quench its glory.

"So we will honour love by putting it on a pedestal of effort where it rightly belongs. We will send out our thoughts to all who have injured us, wherever they may be, saying with the spirit within us 'I will forgive and forget'. If they fail to do their part, then retribution must follow fast upon them, for only by retribution can God's Law of mercy be set in motion. What they do not work out now must be worked out with greater sorrow in the life to come.

"When you are in the training stages, the opposition is great. But fight on. There is no battle worth winning that is too easy. Take up the challenge and see it through even though at times your heart may be breaking. Your diadem of power is sure and the blessing shall be all around. As you strive to give, so you are combining with the Holy Master to do His sacred work.

"How great is the peace, how great is the vision before my eyes. I see among us many men and women whose lives seemed as utter failure to themselves. They were despised and rejected. They wanted to be great souls, but it seemed to them that they were only puny atoms. Yet all the time, by struggling on they were turning their crowns of thorns into a diadem of power. Now they come back in all the glory of their spiritual robes as messengers to you, saying: 'this can be your lot! Go your way in peace'.

"You are in training for God's most holy work not only here upon the earth plane, but in those worlds beyond. There are so many bound souls waiting to be released. If you are not willing to endure, how can you be used? Thank God there are many willing to endure, willing to make the sacrifices, small or great, which are essential for the refining of their character. When they pass into the Light it will be all so clear to them.

"Many will want to scourge themselves for not understanding what lay beneath doing their 'duty', that they did not grasp what was going on. But Christ will be there to comfort, Christ will be there to give the word of cheer, Christ will be there to release and all shall be found so wonderfully well.

"I bless you all as I take my leave. Now and again the tempter will come saying: 'This is too much to bear. Let another do it. Give up'. Do not hearken to this voice. Fix your eyes upon the Cross. Let the Star of Bethlehem be your hope and your guide. Remembering the toil and weariness of the Master draws you closer to the Fount of All Power, weariness shall depart and strength shall come. In time you shall defy all physical laws for you are in harmony with the laws of God. Because you have struggled many shall have the will to rise and follow after.

"Peace be amongst you all. Even as I speak I see those crowns of thorns transformed by many lights. It is the herald of the diadem of power that shall surely come. With faith and hope in our heart and mind we turn to the Christ, rededicating ourselves to His Holy Service and saying to Him: 'Take all that we have, all that we can be, for indeed we are Thy servants now and forever more'.

"Over the ethers comes the answer from the Voice of Love: 'My well beloved shall be used'.

"Father we thank Thee! May the blessing of peace be with you now and evermore. Amen."

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