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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Swindon Christian Spiritualist Church, on 16th December, 1934

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

..."Those who are free from the body, if they love the Lord Jesus, seek to do His work upon the earth. As we meet together, by the Grace of God, the power of the Holy Spirit is gifted to us - just as on the day of Pentecost, humble men and women met together to send their prayers and thoughts to the Holy Master, and upon them descended the power of Holy Spirit. There are none upon the earth who cannot share a day of Pentecost if their hearts and minds are attuned to high and holy things.

"Remembering that those disembodied ones are still disciples of the Most High, we meet together.

"It is important that you realise that the Dead still live. For the physical stage alone, you are cabined in a body of flesh. Paul said that there are many bodies - terrestrial and celestial. Since the time when you were created in the Image of the Divine, you have had many bodies through which the Divine spirit has expressed itself. In time to come, when the body is laid aside you will pass through many conditions until at last - however long it takes - you will gain that perfection which the Master said was essential for each one: 'Be ye perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect'.

"Dear children, let us consider a few simple facts that relate to this life as well as to other lives in other spheres: 'The Dead Who Live'.

"Over the past, these words of Jesus have been passed on to all who grieve: 'Because I live, you shall live also'. Yet there are many times when no words of comfort have been given to those who mourn. This is a great responsibility. On Easter morning the Master lived up to His promise to those who believed.

"You are not asked to cast off what you understand as Divine Truth; but you need to return to the words of the Christ. These words shall live long after the words of man have passed away.

"Jesus, the Faithful One, ministered to the poor, gave His message out on the hillside, or in such bare places. Jesus the Christ gave the message where He could find a response, and each man and woman who follows the words of Jesus can be certain that when physical death claims them, it shall be life, and life more abundantly as time goes on - 'time' in this sense means 'progression'.

"Look out upon the hillside and the barren fields; it seems that Nature is taking a rest. But the true gardener knows that within the soil there is still a mighty vitality, there are processes of Nature going on. Nature is only quiescent from the outward point of view, so that she may recharge herself for her trust when the spring comes again.

"You know that when man delves deeply within the earth, turning up the soil that has not been disturbed over the centuries, it has been found that within that which seems almost as rock, there is sweet life hidden, and flowers - strange to the eyes of man in these times - have blossomed in all their beauty.

"Dear children, know that, in that which is rock, there is imperishable life; within that which has been named inanimate, there is still something of God. Nothing can exist without the Creative Power which comes from Him. Nature, all beauty, waving trees, all the power and strength of the wide oceans, all those many forms of life beneath the soil and the sea - they can only be there because God is the Creator, and God has implanted in everything that exists something of His Divine Self.

"It is necessary that you realise within you there is Divinity, gifted at your creation in the far past. Within that Divinity is all power and the many attributes which God personifies in completion. As you think of your life today, your limitations, something within instructs that only a part of you is functioning through the flesh.

"There are those of you who wish to know how you can release the greater powers; sometimes you wish to do great things but the mundane task is your lot; sometimes it seems that strains of music flow through the mind, but before you can seize them they are gone. How can you release the greater self within?

"Explanation can be given to the suffering soul; comfort and reassurance to those whose lives seem so humble, so restricted. It is important that you realise that God, being the Father of us all, loving us whatever our lot in any state, is the one clear road to spiritual progression - which means the release of the Divine within, thus bringing into fullness our Divine capacities and abilities.

"To those whose life ambition seems to have been thwarted - do not be afraid; you have equal opportunity with the highest or the greatest scientist in the land. By following the path of duty, by sending out kind thoughts to others, by tending the sick and refusing to judge a neighbour, when the body is no more it means the casting aside of limitations as well; you will have some Divine wisdom; there will be many of those regarded as highly intelligent who will come to you to be shown a better way. So few realise that God rules, although it may seem that Nature or the mind of man controls everything upon the earth.

"With regard to those faculties within you that seem to be dead; know that the dead shall live. You cannot kill the life within. Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would lead us into all truth. There are many today, living humdrum lives, beset by poverty and illness, who are manifesting their patience by their faith, by the knowledge that they have gained - this is the Holy Spirit at work.

"To those who have sorrowed and received no comfort - which God intended that you should receive - is it rational that those brought into the world by so much love, who have received so much care, so many prayers – that all that is to be wasted, all that is to avail nothing?

"There are so many other worlds beside the earth plane. Those who study the stars will tell you that this planet is numbered amongst the most magnificent. Yet it seems so important to you. Think of all those many worlds beyond the range of the telescope. There are millions of worlds - millions of states and conditions. God is the Ruler and Controller of each one; except for one thing: God has given man free will, and what the Lord God has bestowed He will not take away.

"So it has happened over aeons of time that man has fallen from his high estate as a son of God, and has taken on a guise which shows the bondage of the spirit within; and there are men and women, who by the folly of the past, on leaving one state - man dies in one condition to be born immediately into the next - are drawn into a lower condition than the one which they have left.

"If you could see the sorrows of some of those straying sheep - who do not want to return to the eternal fold - then you could realise the value of striving, the value of trying to serve your neighbour now. It is by these means that you are releasing or exercising those qualities which will be of first value when your work on the earth is finished for you.

"Think of a home where a child has been lost. The Bible states that 'a little child shall lead them'. In the dark worlds where the wayward wander in their wilfulness and selfishness, sometimes it is possible to send a shaft of light - and the bound souls, aroused, seek to struggle towards it. Many would turn from another man or woman, but there is a little child to lead them - a sweet, innocent, fearless little child.

"Mothers - do not weep - are you not honoured that Jesus has allowed your child to be a missionary, to be a saviour of another soul? So it is with many cut off in what you would name their prime. Workers are wanted in other worlds beside the earth, and sometimes only that one can do the task at hand.

"But do not forget, there is no one who passes through the shallow waters named death - which are the waters of life - there is no one who does not come back to minister to those loved upon the earth. If your eyes were opened you would see them; if your ears were not filled with the cries of the earth, you would hear them.

"Some ask why does God not break down the barriers; but you have to remember that God does not interfere with free will. It is the materialism of the earth, the selfishness, the worldly ambition that has built up the dark hedge between the Realms of Light and this dim world. Only by man's desire - the desire that must be accompanied by sacrificial service - can the hedge at last be trampled down.

"So it is that those who have courage are sought by God to be the pioneers, to do their part and make it possible for the World of Spirit to be sensed and seen by those still caged within the body.

"What represents the greatest trouble that could hold the heart and mind? Is it not that feeling of despair, that 'not knowing', that awful dread that God has forgotten man in his plight? Be reassured, you who have troubles: have faith to believe that God is training you for some holy office in time to come. Once man can rule his earthly heart and mind, then it becomes fit to be a ruler over others; but remember that in the Spheres of Light the only power is the power of Love. True Love can only be released when self is killed.

"Therefore, regarding the so called dead who live - learn from Nature; learn from those things in the common daily life. When you destroy anything of the earth you only destroy one factor, one aspect of it. It has been transmuted out of the material into something which - maybe you cannot see - but which is there in very truth.

"When you have spiritual sight you will know that that which man names void is a contradiction. There is life everywhere, in that which man names space, both upon the earth plane and also in all those many other worlds. Death cannot be, because God is life and everything has come from God; although, alas, even loveliest Nature on this plane is, as it were, a desecration of that perfected thought of beauty and power and life which emanated from the Divine Mind.

"By the Will of the Father, man - the servant - is given the power to pass on to the children of the earth. In time to come, when you are free from the earth, you will gladly come back, blessed by the Christ, to do your part. Your heavenly home will be bright; yet after a while it will not satisfy you, and you will want to bring back the beauty and power into the darkest places, giving what you can.

"In that time, your eyes will be opened and your understanding will be released - in part; you will look back on those days when you thought that your heart was broken by the troubles of daily life, and you will see gathered close to you were the disembodied souls who had left their bright home to comfort you, so you would be able to take up the burdens of daily life again; the tears were forced back, and you fell upon your knees and asked God to make it possible that you could give up your will, knowing that His ways are best.

"What is brightness to us if we cannot give it to those without it? What is a strong body to us when there are those writhing on beds of sickness? The only joy when you are free, will be to give, to seek, to become more like the Christ. There are many who have suffered and will suffer again. When the dark clouds seem to roll over you, remember the words of the Christ, who loves you, say to yourself: 'This is preparing me for my work to come; it is not a cloud of darkness but a cloud of power; I will go to My father and thank Him that He has deemed me strong enough to carry this burden so that in time to come I may lift the burdens of others'.

"When you are joined together with others who love the Lord, then the conditions are sweet to breathe. Some will have already pledged themselves to carry out the pioneer work here on earth, and who will be brave in the face of persecution; they will remain true to the teaching given by Jesus, the Master Himself, and such as these shall go to others in sorrow and show them that the dead live, and those who are comforted will - in time and in turn - take the sting of death for others.

"God has given us holy power, and if your eyes were opened, you would see the tongues of fire settled on the heads of those who have given themselves to God - given their trust and their lives in His service. It is Pentecost all over again - not just once in one place, but all over the world, because there are dedicated and women making their vows anew. This is the way to enjoy life; this is the way to peace; this is the way into power - and the joy, peace and power won by service shall never pass away throughout all eternity.

"Confirm your desire to be a tool for the Master to use. When you pass into the Light, blessed by the Master, you will return to work for Him amongst those who need so sorely the help that you can bring. Peace and Healing: Healing for the body but also for the soul - healing for the soul, bringing man into closer communion with God, casting out doubt and wondering and rebellion by the knowledge that what is borne today in the way of sorrow is transmitted into joy in the fair tomorrow.

"Peace and again peace. May the angels give to you your spirit's desire. May those who work, double their efforts - strive during the morning, noon-day and the night - seeking the souls to save for God, following the lost sheep until they are found and safely gathered in.

"You are entreated to forge ahead, hold the banner still higher, so that the Cross, brighter and brighter, may shine over the earth conditions, for great things are coming to pass upon the earth, and all must be ready.

"The peace of God which passes all human understanding abide with you this night and throughout all time to be."...

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