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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Lake Road Christian Spiritualist Church, Portsmouth, on April 13th, 1935

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"...I come amongst you to give a glimmer of illumination that will bring joy to your hearts. Realise that those who have passed out of the body many years ago keep in close touch with humanity. They understand their trials and temptations; realise the steepness of the road, and come back with glad hearts and humble minds to give to those who are in need the word of encouragement and hope that they must have.

"You are all well known to me because in your sleep state you gather together in the Spirit Realms and joyfully learn from the guides concerning those things which are of God. Therefore, when your transition takes place and you pass into the World of Reality, it will seem very familiar to you and you will feel that at last you have come home. There will be many waiting to give of their gifts so that you may continue your work for God.

"Think of the Cup of Sorrow as representing the many experiences that you have gone through which were contrary to the desires of the human heart and mind, and so against your inclination. These experiences have drawn cries of pain and sometimes cries of doubt against God. Many have had the cup of sorrow forced against their lips, and - unwillingly, resisting all the time - have been forced to drink the cup to the very dregs. But, when the ordeal is over, they found a strange strength surging up within them; they discovered to their joy that the lamp of faith was burning brighter still, for in their darkest hour they were able to make contact with God, and the bitterness of the cup of sorrow has passed from them.

"You are aware that there are many who cannot take trouble in this same way. Some are unwilling to go through the adverse experiences of daily life. Out of self-will that has welled up within they have turned to this antidote and that, then when the valley of death had to be taken by them, they found it dark indeed.

"To those of you who have been through so much, who seek to have done your utmost to right material conditions, yet are still faced with so-called failure: The thoughts of rebellion you felt do not belong to the real self within; they are only impinged upon your consciousness by unseen enemies who gather close around. The real you - the Divinity within you - knows that by trouble, strength is gathered to the soul; that by experiences which seem 'adversity', you are bringing into use your spiritual equipment, you are preparing yourself for a life in a wider, sweeter sphere altogether.

"If your youthful ambitions had been realised and you had gathered to yourself earthly possessions, and this state had remained with you until physical death took place - what would be your condition in the life into which you pass? You would find yourself in a poverty that was profound, in a condition that would seem as darkness in comparison to the earthly sun, with a bondage no physical disability could represent. You would be a prisoner, imprisoned by the selfishness of the past.

"So, you can see how foolish it would have been if the desires of the spirit within you had been ignored in this same stage. You might not ask for wealth, only material security. Yet, how can faith be tested except by that which assails faith? How can your spiritual resources be drawn out from within you if there is nothing of an adverse nature put to you during your daily life? Do you want to pass over as child souls? You need to have the clear vision to realise that it would not be worthwhile.

"There are those of you who have fought against weakness and the pains of the body, and it seemed at times that God did not answer your prayers. But you did not know what was taking place in Spirit Life. All around you there is the great life of the Spirit going on, unimpeded by material thoughts or doubts or ridicule.

"When you struggled to be brave, when you sought to do your best, when you gave up your hours of rest to tend the sick, you were creating a beauty and strength and power for the next body which you will don in the life to come. The cup of sorrow was taken in your trembling hands when you said 'goodbye' to the one who meant all in all to you, and you knew that you would not see that dear one in physical form again. But as the cup was held to your lips and you were forced to drink, although you did not realise it, the Waters of Living Truth were being poured into the very essence of your being - the Waters of Truth.

"You cannot learn without undertaking the lessons of daily life. You may ask for security against material care and too much pain, but the Divine within you knows that that is not the way to gain the strength and the freedom that it desires to have. The Divine within you knows that the earth stage is so short; but that the life in God's Fair Land is for evermore.

"There are many parents who have guided their young into a path which they wished they need not tread. But certain lessons must be learned before they can take their place in material life and find the toil that they must have. Many tears were shed by the young ones and sometimes it seemed to them that the parents were unjust, hard of heart, and lacked understanding of all that they were going through.

"Remember, that it is the wise parents who are fighting for the soul of their offspring, the wise parents instil into the young the beauty of giving up and of going without; for the wise parents know that if a measure of discipline is not put in during the younger days, as the child grows then wilfulness, like a weed, has taken a firm hold in the heart and mind. Because of the neglect of the parents while a child is young, many have wandered far from the One True Fold. Some have passed into the World of Spirit before they have been willing to turn their steps towards God.

"Parents are warned in urgent tones, that although the young desire their independence and self-expression, to think about which self is expressing itself in the young life - the God-self or the material-self. That will make all the difference in time to come. Fond and foolish parents will suffer in the extreme as they watch the results of their handiwork.

"The Christ knows that there are many carrying a very heavy burden; yet the Master seeks to remind you of His sweet and comforting words: 'Take my yoke upon you' - which means that the Christ is bearing half of every trouble you could have.

"You cannot evade today the result of the selfishness of mankind in the past. Those in power sent their brethren out to fight and to destroy their brothers. Some went who were called by a higher sense of duty, showing a great courage and, in degree, a pure heart. Because they suffered so much or sought to do their part, they were, and are, blessed by the One who understands so well.

"But the politicians, those with the canker of ambition as a snake curled around their heart, they must pay in the life to come - although, in this same time, humanity has paid a heavy price indeed. Be glad that you were not the culprits, that you were not the instigators, but the victims. For God is not mocked and His angels have charge over those who have to drink of the cup of sorrow, willing or unwilling, as the case may be.

"Realise still more deeply your high and holy calling. You are Spirit and you have had many lives in many worlds before you donned the fleshly tabernacle. When that garment is cast aside, before you lies immortality. As you progress, your bondage will fall from you and you will emerge - point by point, degree by degree - out of that which misrepresents God, into something of the Divine Image, bearing likeness within and without to your Holy Creator.

"Can you then not see that things in your life have not gone as wrong as you thought? Something has taken place which was not anticipated by you when you were young, when your mind was full of high hopes and great ambitions. But you knew so little, you had had so little discipline, you did not understand that the ambition of the earthly mind and the ambition of the real self within are so often contrary to one another.

"But, as time went by, your spirit gained more strength and it was able to dominate the physical, encouraging it to go higher while the mind of the body was thinking: 'I will not'. Still, the Divine Power was there and the hard road was taken. Burdens were piled on until at last something of illumination came to the physical mind - the consciousness that God's ways were best.

"You are on a long, long journey, but the sorrows of daily life are transmuted into joys, the pains and the weakness of the physical body into strength and the ability of the next body that you will wear. All that lack of opportunity, all that wishing that you had better mental equipment, is as gain to you in the life to come - if you did your best with that which was your own, if you used your one talent nobly and well.

"There are none, however restricted their physical life, however dwarfed and so-called humble their home, who cannot build - while the body holds - beauty and power and holiness for the life to come. These are ones who will be used to instruct the so-called intelligent ones, who pushed aside the thoughts of God and concentrated all their efforts on drawing to themselves the treasures of the earth.

"All of you, by your patience, by your constant hoping for better times to come, by your weariness, by your incessant toil - you shall be the ones chosen by the Creator to bring light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death. For while the earth body held them, something representing death to the Divinity within was taking place; it was crushed, suffocated, denied, so that when the physical tabernacle was cast asunder they found themselves in a prison-house in the dungeon of the past.

"The longing goes out that you should spread the truth. It is not mine to come to entertain the mind of the body, nor to talk too much about the messages from the Great Beyond. Mine is to teach you that every moment of the day you are responding to the vibrations of the unseen.

"When you resist temptation, you are linking up with God's angels. When you are slighting your brothers, when you are pandering to your baser desires, then you are a medium for a bonded spirit who has penetrated into your aura and wants to hold you fast. But you can conquer by the power of God. You can not only overcome temptation for yourselves, but because there is within you something of the Christ, so has been granted something of the power to save others as well.

"Therefore, if an unkind thought or an unwillingness to help another in distress comes into your mind, do not be alarmed but be a missionary. Say to the one unseen: 'No, that is not my way; and I shall pray that in future it shall not be your way either'.

"Turn to the tempter, and by love win him for the Christ, win him for God's work. Then when you pass into the Land where sorrow is unknown, you shall see the blessing that rests upon you both.

"This is the message for your life. There are many who passed over, who, because they fell into temptation while in the body, still fall into temptation now, coming back into physical conditions seeking to tempt those who are treading the path of earthly experience. Next time, be a missionary, co-operate with God to save a living soul.

"There is a great power around you in your churches, and, by the will of God, many unseen are drawn into the hallowed conditions. Not all are angelic - although many bright and glorious ones are there. Our work is to save those who have lost their way - so the word goes out to them: 'The love of the earth children goes out to you, they want you to join with them in bringing about the Kingdom'.

"As you pray for those who seem so weak, you shall have the peace which passeth all understanding. Your prayers shall be linked up to those of the bright ones who constantly watch and wait to redeem those who have cast off God. Then, because of this great co-operation, the wayward souls shall be won at last.

"Joy upon Joy, to think that there is no one so limited who cannot rise to the highest and the best, who cannot have the greatest honour that can ever be bestowed upon a child of God - to be a rescuer; to be a saviour of others.

"Once again you are impressed to realise the value of the cup of sorrow. If spirit-sight were yours, then no sorrow would be seen, nothing but pure joy which is of God. This means the piling up of spirit-power for use in time to come. When once your eyes are open to reality, you can steel yourselves to meet adversity with a brave heart and with a firm mind. You are promised, in the Name of the Most High, that you shall find that God is demonstrated in your lives; demonstrated so that others can see and will be attracted by your example, wishing to emulate that which you have set into being.

"To those who have suffered: Be of good cheer. You have the congratulations of the saints and martyrs of another age. Realise that you can draw power from them. The link of earthly suffering binds you fast together - although perhaps your lot may be light in comparison to the heaviness of the load they carried to the end.

"Peace be amongst you all, says the Master of all Life. The same sweet words echo down the spheres of Spirit: 'My peace I give unto you, but not as the world giveth' (John 14:27). May God so bind around your heart and mind the power of His inexhaustible Love, that, henceforth, you will throw off the garb of the traveller and don the garment of the pilgrim, be amongst those who are going in front, shedding light on the ones whose light is so dim, holding up the Cross of Jesus the Christ in the one hand and the torch of truth in the other - each borrowing radiance from the other - leading others by your endurance, by the mighty volume of your faith, leading others back to God's sweet Home, there to find for evermore satisfaction for the spirit that is within.

"The workers are blessed and charged to increase their efforts. You have done well in the past; that is a sign that you can do even better in the future. Remember the poverty of the Christ, remember His homelessness, remember the enemies who crowded so thick around Him - then, take that which seems like a blow from others as a sign of your spiritual strength, as a sign that no longer you are a child in experience but are reaching spiritual maturity so far as the earth stage is concerned. And as you take the steep and difficult path, the angels will draw closer and closer still, and the earthly cross of so-called sorrow shall be changed into the staff of strength, without which you see at last you cannot reach the heights..."


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