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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes in the earlier part of the twentieth century.

"MY dear children, it is with the very greatest joy that I come into your presence as a messenger from the One Who loves you best, even our Saviour Christ Who indeed is present amongst you to bless, to heal and to instruct.

"Oh listen and learn, for time is speeding and there is much that must be worked in before the cleansing of this little earth takes place. Time was when those bound by the thoughts of the world jeered at the thought of the coming of the Messiah; and when Love stepped into their midst, lo, He was spurned, He was crucified; the link with Truth, promised over the generations, was received even as falsehood itself.

"Cannot you see how God over the long past has, out of the generosity within, sent messenger and prophet? But those of the world held by their own conceit, satisfied with that created out of their lesser selves, they have stoned the prophets and they have turned from the truth that these have brought to them.

"These things are significant and they go on today. Send your minds to that which you name the religion of this country; how many are there who preach the word of Jesus the Christ? I say to you how many are there who have the courage to preach Jesus the Christ? Nay, in place of that, in place of that laid down by the Lord God of all as He came as Man to dwell amongst men, so creed and doctrine, rule and observance take first place, and the Saviour of the world and His direction is pushed aside. Oh ponder within, my little ones, for indeed the time will come when this question must be put to you by your greater self, and you must answer that which is the truth and the truth alone. How far did you try to follow the teaching of the Christ? How far did you pass on to others strength so that they might arise out of their weakness and follow the example of the Christ?

"Oh, God is not mocked and His angels have guard over those with the courage, with the will to endure; and by direction of the Saviour, the Shepherd of all souls, I speak to you tonight upon that which I name Courage - Courage for Christ.

My son, take me down from this high elevation for it is against the leading of my Master...(Miss Moyes was gently led down from the rostrum to the centre aisle, where Zodiac continued his address)...

"My children, are we not all as little ones in the sight of God? Think as to this and let my words pierce the physical consciousness, for I say that Christ has called you to great and noble things. Where is your courage? Where is your endurance? What is it that you prize most? Is it the things of the earth or is it the things of the Spirit? Has Christ come to you and asked you to take a hard road for His sake? Have the circumstances of your life brought suffering, brought doubt, caused you to question the love of God? Then I say to you, little children as you are, oh listen and learn for revelation is coming upon the earth plane, and then you shall see the meaning of the sorrow, why trouble, so-called, kept pace with you, why the enemies of the Christ struck and struck again.

"Children, can you not understand how great is God and to what heights you are called in His name? There has come upon some the anguish associated with the physical tabernacle, there has come upon some those deep distresses of the mind, and courage has slowly failed; but tonight I speak, charged with the love of God, and I say to you: Have no fear: that is your training, that is the portion that you, out of your love for God, have taken on, and it shall bring to you your spirit's desire.

"Oh think of this: The Courage of the Christ! That One, so sweet and gentle - so charged with love - came amongst men, and poured out upon the children of the earth His tender compassion, and He sought to save them from anguish in that next stage when the physical is no more. Some listened and sought to follow; others listened and hardened their hearts. Is it not plain that Christ, when He stood alone, demonstrated a courage inconceivable to any who followed after? He came and out of the rough rock of human misunderstanding hewed steps, and though those steps led to Calvary, oh forget not that after Calvary came the resurrection, and after the resurrection the gift of redemption to those He loved so well.

"Aye, the steps up the rock have been trod by many. What of Peter; what of Paul? What of the saints and martyrs who gave their all, their little all for truth? Think of Peter, the one so ignorant, from the world's point of view, the one held by much so far as temperament was concerned. Yet Peter braved the scorn of his fellows; he passed along the earth way a marked man, and time was when the enemies arraigned against him did their will - man's will; but out of the triumph of man's will so came the furtherance of the plan, aye, something of God's will for those on earth who knew Him not.

"Think of Peter! What of this one who passed hated and despised from out his fellows to be amongst strangers, who defied the ignorance of his physical mind and through the power of the Holy Spirit gave forth truth in the measure that those who listened could grasp. And then what of Paul, the one who persecuted the Christ, the one who had the courage to say: 'I was wrong.'

"Oh, my children, are there not amongst you Peters and Pauls, are there not amongst you those with the courage, who love not the easier way? I say that great things are coming to pass, and those with the courage, those inspired by the spirit of God must come forth and fight on the side of the angels of Christ.

"So to each one I say: Go over that which is your physical equipment, search over your spiritual tools, and make your choice; in prayer make your choice on the side of courage, courage for yourself, courage to put away those things that hold and bind. Ah, it is hard to give up this, it is irksome to relinquish that. There are the tools of the mind that respond to the will and bring, perchance, the admiration of others. There are the gifts of the hand. Beauty as you understand beauty is created on canvas or is drawn out of instruments. These things, good in themselves, can be used by the enemies to hinder the Divine plan, for I say to you, charged by Christ, that the time for those things which delight the physical mind, that time is passing, and you are called upon in the Name of Love to have courage to do that which shall bring about God's will on earth amongst His straying children.

"Oh listen and learn, for indeed I speak out of the love which fills my being. I speak to each one and I say opportunity has come to you in a form hitherto undreamt of, opportunity to demonstrate the power of God upon earth and to send back out of earth conditions the destroyers that seek to cause destruction within and without.

"Where are the Peters? Where are the Pauls? Where are the women who gave up all for Christ, who laid aside the delights of earth, who relinquished friends, who separated themselves from brother and sister, father and mother, and sought to climb up the steps cut in the rock by Christ? Children, courage! courage! courage!

"But you cannot step into courage without due preparation, without the watchful thought, without separating yourselves from the lesser desires of the physical mind. Christ showed the way, Christ gave up that which was of the earth and clove to that of the Spirit, and through His courage, through the will to endure, so, my children, at this same time something of light has been made your own, something of light; yet that light must be tended, must be protected. You cannot live upon the efforts of others. Strong in courage, valiant of heart, indeed they show the way, and they come back - aye, they are here in countless numbers tonight - they come back to inspire, to lead, to teach and to heal; but borrowed light is not the light desired by the Christ within.

"The Light of God even as a cloud of glory is descending upon this little plane and the time is coming when those, blind and bound by self, shall see a great light and something of revelation shall be made their own. Yet forget not that the ones who have only darkness within, such as these perceive not the light and the light is not made their own. So it was when Christ came upon the earth plane, so it was when the Master sought to save those He loved so well. Among the majority darkness was within, and the light of the sweetness of His love, the tenderness of His compassion, that could not pierce the prison-house of self.

"So, my children, I urge you because I have sight, because I know your lives, because I know the tests which lie in front, I entreat you to prepare and prepare; to build up brick by brick courage, endurance; and, above all, joy in service for your Master Christ. For when this little earth life is o'er, if courage is absent so then brick by brick it must be built, so then portion by portion the preparation must be put in, for you belong to God; and though it takes time inconceivable, back to perfection so you must go. Think of it - back to perfection! Created by God in His own image, charged with His powers, you started on the long journey of experience. Though you fell and though you failed, though you betrayed the Divine within, yet God watched and guarded and protected. And the time comes, slowly it is true, but the time comes when once more we, children of the Great Father, shall be like unto the children of the Father in purity, in love and in wisdom.

"But the lessons unlearnt in one stage must be learnt in the next, the sorrow shelved, the responsibilities cast aside, these, each one, must be shouldered and carried. So then ponder on my words. Opportunity for courage has come to you in a way that no words can portray. Your vision is limited, your eyes are upon the things seen by the physical eyes; but my vision is open, and I see the future, and I hear the call of the Master, the call for those with the courage, those with the faith, those who will not quail but answer joyfully: 'Use me, oh Father, for Thy Holy Will; use me, oh Father!'

"Children, gathered into this church tonight there are the great ones of old. Did I ask where is Peter, where is Paul? Then I answer Peter and Paul are here to bless, and many others who wish me to withhold their names. Aye, Peter and Paul, Martha and Mary; do not these represent you, my brother, my sister? Have you the gifts of the mind? So had Paul! But Paul emptied himself, and as a cleansed vessel those with the greater wisdom spoke through him, and many were saved uncountable years of suffering when the body was no more. Are you as Peter, held by much, wilful, impetuous, seeking to force others into your way of thinking? Ah, forget not how Peter cast off the cloak of self and went forth; and the love of God spoke through Peter, and the saints and the martyrs followed as direct result.

"Are there no Marys here, those who love the Saviour and in spirit kneel before Him ever? Oh I think that there are many Marys here. Then do as Mary did. She laid aside her gentleness, her fears, and borrowing the courage of the Christ, died for the One she loved so well. Mary gave up all for the Master and the truth that the Master brought.

"Are there not many Marthas upon the earth today? They are blessed and thrice blessed, they take the hard road, they seek to protect those who are frailer in body, frailer in courage. The Marthas are toilers, the Marthas are the protectors, the Marthas work while others rest. Oh, I think there are many Marthas in this little temple tonight. Then I say to you: Sister, be of good cheer! Martha worked for the Master, and in time she was amongst those who were stoned to death. Martha, with joy, passed out of the twilight of the earth into the glory of the Spirit, and out of the courage, out of the strength within she has inspired countless thousands of women over the ages, and she rests not but she inspires today.

"Ah, my children, cannot you see where I am leading your thoughts? The call has come. No longer can the things of the world stand between you and the Divine Purpose, the Holy Plan. Christ is here and He calls for volunteers. The pioneers of old, they have beaten out the road - you know it well. Then cast aside that which is the conventional religion of your time, its creeds, its doctrines, its words, and cleave to the Spirit. There in the Sacred Record, plain for all, is direction: 'Take up your Cross and follow Me' - not into sorrow, but into the joy which no man can take from you, for it is the joy of God Himself.

"So I come into your presence, one of old who taught in the Temple. I gathered about me the people of my day; the young men, with their active, agile minds, they questioned me, and I sent them back to the law of Abraham which they despised. I taught them that which I had been taught myself: but oh, when the Master came and passed me in the outer courts of that same Temple I knew that God had come! Then I left the Temple, and the hate and the venom of my colleagues followed me in my exile among strange people. But think you, did sorrow touch me? Nay, joy and joy again, for the Master had blessed me as I knelt before Him; the Master had said to me: 'My son, follow Me.'

"Oh, follow Him, and out of the desire for courage so a mighty courage shall be made your own; and, more than that, the weakness and the fears of others shall be cast aside; they shall rise with new strength and follow the Master whate'er betide. So the days of revelation upon the earth plane shall be hastened and hastened again; and so you, my children, because you have been used, shall pass out into something bearing resemblance to the glory which surrounds our Father and Mother God. Aye, because you have been used you shall pass out into wisdom, and within your heart and mind peace shall dwell.

"Look up, can you not see those with the Master, can you not see the hosts of God, the Lord God Jehovah of old? They are indeed as armed hosts, armed with love, charged with sacrifice, and they pour down upon you the courage purchased by that which they endured over the past. The hosts of God advance! Those upon the earth plane are wanted to ally themselves with the hosts of God. Then courage, little children, oh courage and courage again. Make a solemn compact with yourselves that henceforth nought shall hold you, that henceforth God's work in the Christ way shall come first, for again I say, great things are coming to pass...

"Give me the child, for this little one is an instrument. Child, come forth, no fear need hold you...(A little girl from the front row goes to Zodiac, who tenderly draws her close to himself)...

"Little one, I bless you in the Name of the Master Who gathered to Him the children, and they loved Him well. Child, think of the Christ, for you, little one, shall be used by Him. Set your thoughts upon the angels, bid joy dwell within, let the Cross of the Master stand before you always as a happiness that cannot pass away...And a little child shall lead them! Even as the Master promised, the little child, with innocence and with purity, shall lead those bound by self, those held by the toils of the mind, lead them out of the mists of misunderstanding into the joy and the simplicity of God.

"So in the name of the Master I bless you all, I bless you with courage; and I entreat you to turn to the inspirers who are around. I bless you with the will to endure, to carry your cross and to shrink not from the cross, for again, I say, great things, great things are coming to pass. In that time so those with the courage of the Christ - the One Who faced His world undismayed - those with the courage of the Christ will be wanted to succour, to lead up, to cast the sunshine of the love of God over the darkness of the earth and in so doing to scatter the blessing.

"Little children, I bless you with courage, with the will to give up. As I speak, so the Holy Spirit is resting upon you, and you can hold that gift for ever if you will follow, in the measure that you can, the footsteps of the Master. I bless you with courage. Upon the child I mark the Cross. Little one, think ever of your Gentle Jesus for indeed He loves you well.

"Now I leave you and my love is bound around you. God's will has been done this night. Farewell."

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