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The Zodiac Messages
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 An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes at Central Court Art Gallery, Leeds, under the auspices of the Leeds G.W. Sanctuary, Sunday August 30th, 1942

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"God has blessed all of you who have pushed aside the desire for ease and comfort. We remember those days of old, when in weariness of body the Master went forth to minister to those who had travelled far to find Him. He never denied them and throughout all time this gift shall be repeated. But remember that the children of the earth sought the Master. They were willing to make sacrifices because there was something in them that drove them along. They did not know if they would find Him, but God knew, and the Christ was there to receive them, to teach them and to send them on their way rejoicing. By effort they had bought the blessing of the Most High. In this there is a message for you, there is strength for you and there is a promise for generations to come.

"There are different kinds of courage and different kinds of power. Think of the power of the Christ, of the power of the priests and how it seemed to those who watched and waited, that the power of the enemies of God was stronger than the power of God.

"There are many kinds of power - power of the mind, of material things, of sacrifice and the power of inspiration. For a while the priests used the power of the mind and the power of possessions in order to crush the Truth and the Truth-Bringer.

"Over the generations many have employed the same methods for in their hearts they believe that everyone has a price. Judas was paid thirty pieces of silver. Why did he betray his Master? Because he wanted the Master to use material means to demonstrate His spiritual power. It makes one think. History has been repeated again and again. Even in these enlightened days there are men and women who cling to the thought that the individual soul can be bought by earthly treasure. They reason that perhaps it must be a greater price than thirty pieces of silver but they are willing to surrender the things of the earth to buy the outward allegiance of such as these. How much control do they have over the purchase of such individuals - their minds, actions or their souls?

"What is the soul? It is the outer vehicle of that holiness which is the holy spirit; in the same way that the physical body is the outer covering for the soul. Day by day, moment-by-moment, you are building that soul-body that you will inhabit when the physical body has played its part. What of those who are trying by material means to buy spiritual power as instanced by the allegiance of an individual soul? Earthly things pass away and the sowing in one plane is reaped in the next.

"War upon the earth plane is a demonstration of the employment of the human mind and of material treasure to gain power. Many of you are sorely distressed because it seems that those who are against God and the Christ are triumphing all along the line.

"Being in a material world it is easy to influence that world by material means. The thought that follows naturally in times of danger and sudden change is: 'How long can man count on being in the flesh?' Man associates the passing of the physical body by means of weakness or with dwindling strength. But now the scene has changed.

"What of the power of material treasure? Even the wealth of the Indies does not have the power to banish disease. Man may have full authority, be honoured by his own, but the honouring and obedience, which is his right, does not secure for that man a healthy soul.

"Consider thought and its application in daily life. The mind of man, with its many abilities, draws forth admiration and almost worship. Yet there are few who consider how the power of inspiration, which is a ray from the greater mind within, is responsible for the inventions, the ameliorations of pain and so-called scientific discoveries. Even there, man should beware about his attitude to the mind of the body because the mind of the body is subject to change. A careless act, not only an enemy intent, can turn that able brain into a deadly tool.

"The power demonstrated by mechanical devices proves that the greatest inventions and the most powerful contrivances put together by the united effort of many minds can do very little without the individual touch. Why is this? Because it is God's intention that man shall be the custodian of all forms of life. Man will be the custodian when he has prepared himself to hold the gift and not abuse it. This shows the limitations of the human mind and the effect of character.

"A man may be placed in a position of authority, whose influence is far reaching with many depending upon him, but if he fails his duty, what of the marvellous contrivance meant to protect his fellow beings? In all conditions of life there is something fundamental that changes a position from failure into success and that is 'courage'.

"There are many different kinds of courage. Heroes you delight to honour deserve it in a way you cannot grasp until you are free from the flesh. The difference in heroes is that some are willing to sacrifice to learn, to cut off the amusements and recreations of daily life to pursue the path of knowledge so that they might become reliable tools or instruments to protect their own and others.

"Do you think that the reluctant mind of a man, suddenly transcending his lesser self and doing something marvellous, is of greater worth to God than all the hours of weariness overcome, all the holy desires not to fail, all the struggling with the emotions of the body so that they might not betray him in his hour of trial? At last you see that the things that are not seen are the things that last for evermore. Without those things that are not seen by the individual the result which you admire so much would not have taken place.

"Does this mean that you with your heartaches, your pains and troubles are ruled out of the heroes and heroines of daily life? No. There are no barriers in the sight of God. Many an isolated soul, unknown and unhonoured in their day is well known and honoured by the angels of the Most High. Upon the soul-body of those who struggle is marked a sign of honour - honour for courage. When they pass into the light they shall find that their power is unlimited or so it seems to their humble hearts and obedient minds.

"As you take your daily way, wondering what the future has in store, the sweet small Voice of the Spirit guides you on. The lives of the saints and martyrs are direct messages to you, for the Christ Light shines down the corridors of time giving you reassurance. It endeavours to readjust your viewpoint, to clear your vision from the clouds of earthly life so that by faith you can look beyond the horizon and feel the warmth, beauty and power of the Realms of the Spirit, flowing upon you to recharge and to uplift.

"Power today is on everyone's tongue. Power for all things. But the greatest power of all is needed to save this world from enemies that abound and from the annihilation of faith and hope and trust in God. The power of Holy Spirit.

"Through the sacrifice of those willing or unwilling, the power shall be found. Many repudiate religion because it has been presented in so sorry a guise, yet man shall demonstrate that he is a child of God. The only religion worth having is to love God and seek to serve your neighbour. All the rest can be swept aside to remain as the autumn leaves upon the earth for that is the Law of the Spirit and no barriers can separate or wound or cast aside.

"You cannot know to what heights you may climb because within you is God. God will manifest Himself through you in action and He will not be resisted.

"Earth life is brief. Many deceive themselves and others but when the body is no more these will find that Truth is declared. On the earth by the gift of language it is possible to misconstrue and lead others astray, to hide or cover up. But not in the Realms of the Spirit.

"For example, a man, who upon earth, stood for the Christ, truth and justice, whose record then reveals treachery and many broken vows; having sold his soul for thirty pieces of silver, like Judas, perhaps, cast them from him and sought to blot out the consciousness of his act by ending his life. But life goes on for evermore.

"Pray that you are a courage bringer. Pray for all souls, remembering that they must take their way in the soul-body. Only by effort and love can they spiritualise that soul-body and cast off all that binds.

"Pray - and let your prayers be stronger still - pray as a friend and not as an enemy. Pray that each may face their fate with courage and that they may be true to the very end. Together, where there are no barriers, the work for God can continue, for power has been won by courage. Be strong for the one you love, so others will gain from that strength. Thus bound altogether in that great life of service you will bring blessing, peace and revelation to your soul.

"You are blessed with courage because this world needs power - power to drive back the forces of darkness. Material power may seem to have won but it can only win so long as those who know and believe in the Christ refuse to sacrifice. If the Christian world today could combine together in fields, in the homes and in the workshops, the power would come, the tide could be turned and God's mercy would be shown and His promises fulfilled.

"You are blessed with courage. Many are bound to the great Christ Army and His Plan is not only for today but also for the future. The Master is aware of the loyalty of so many in the flesh. As you strive, as you seek to put into practice your faith in God so others in the body and free from the body shall bless your name.

"By the Cross of Jesus the Christ you are dedicated. May the courage come to win the power this world needs so sorely for the saving of mankind.

"Peace and again Peace."

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