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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Woodside Hall, Glasgow, under the auspices of the Greater World Church on Sunday, May 16th, 1937

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"We have work to do, even though the instrument may be weak, the power is given so that the Mission of the Christ shall go on. Realise in your own daily lives how wonderful a power is at hand for you. How often it seems that the body cannot carry out the tasks at hand. Yet the promise of the Christ is that according to the will, so the power and strength shall come. You shall be found conquerors over the mundane and material things. This is how you demonstrate your Divinity, and so to the earth is gathered Divine Power and Mighty Love.

"As we meet together, thinking of the Christ, drawing around us the cloak of sweet memory, there comes an opening of the conditions, and angels bright and glorious gather close. They ascend and descend in never-ending array, bringing from the Throne of Grace gifts for you, and taking back with them the gifts of dedication that you can bestow. Happiness rings through these conditions for we glorify God and claim Him as our Father and Mother - our support in time of need and our sure staff when the hill of life seems too steep.

"Hear the message of the Christ, and wherever you may be you are granted the possibility of putting together a corner stone that shall last throughout all eternity.

"What is it that you love the best? There are many answers to this question. Remember that the body itself is of short duration. If you prize the contact with God - that is true sanity. If you prize the thought of a body where sin cannot enter in, then you are blessed. With these thoughts you are gathering together the first fragments of the corner stone of your spiritual home.

"Looking around we see much that is destructive. Men and women deceive themselves with their half spiritual and half material ambitions which they believe to be good in the sight of God. When the body is cast asunder, the eyes are opened to Reality, the distinction is clear, and there is little excuse for trying to run side by side the things of the earth with the things of the Spirit.

"There are men and women who have passed to the Higher Life who took upon themselves the yoke of servants of God, and to some degree they did their duty. Sometimes they hardened their hearts, sometimes there was lack of sympathy, sometimes the word of condemnation rang out too quickly. Their eyes were blinded by that which masqueraded as goodness, but only covered itself. To such as these, who sought to carry out their duties, the opportunity comes to rectify that which they had done.

"Turn your thoughts to the brighter planes where the soul waits as it gains freedom from the body. What of your loved ones who have crossed the silvery river of death? Where were they found? Were they disappointed or bewildered with the brightness and happiness there? There is so much for you to understand, but as you seek with true sincerity you shall find an answer to all riddles that present themselves.

"If you have sought to do your part, when your eyes are opened in the next stage you will find beauty, as your physical mind understands it, in its highest conception. Some want the arms of a loved one. Some fix their minds upon the Christ and they see His Presence forming, lifting them out of their weakness into strength. Some find themselves in a beautiful garden or by a river edged with blossoms. Others desire to know all things - but they have forgotten that the gateway into wisdom is the Christ, and they find themselves imprisoned, surrounded by duplicates of the volumes of earthly life.

"Allow your mind to think about these things. It shows how far you have come with your spiritual corner stone, which must be there before your home in the God-sense can be built up truly and firmly for the glory of the Kingdom. To some death is welcome, to others it is horror for they do not know or believe in the promises in the Holy Book. Spirit return and Spirit communion are chronicled again and again in the Holy Book. Preachers and teachers, if they believe their Bible, must be aware that life goes on forever, that the veil between the two worlds can be rent in twain. The teachers and preachers of the Word of God must stand the challenge of those words. If only they could believe, if only they could understand - so much happiness could be passed on to those who grieve.

"When the change draws near you instinctively turn to a spiritual helper for solace under your great trial. Some can only say: "God's ways are best!" But they should remember that His Way is Life. His Way is Comfort. His Way is Revelation. Explain to the grieving soul the marvellous love of the Divine Ray and the Christ-like path. Amazing provision has been made for every trouble, every trial, every mental problem that assails the soul, mind and body.

"God has indeed provided, yet many of His children are starving because those who should pass on the Bread of Life are absent.

"The corner stone of Heaven represents Love in its highest form. Before the Spirit home can have its true foundation, the corner stone of love in the God sense must be there - the love that is lasting and true; the love that is understanding; the love that can give life to a thousand, thousand things hidden from your consciousness now.

"Do you think about your lot? In the many trials of life, sometimes you go out to others and sometimes they come to you, and with every contact you leave joy and strength. These things are important from the spiritual aspect. In the home the corner stone is built by those who are true to each other, when they work for the good of each other, and when they plan for the furtherance of the Kingdom upon the earth.

"Some of you know the story that has brought its own blessing to those who understand - the Blue Bird of Happiness: travelling far, going through many dangers, daring all things in order to make possible this sweet possession, and then after all the toil and the disillusionment, all the weariness of mind and heart, being led back to their humble kitchen to find the Blue Bird of Happiness singing there.

"Thus the soul needs to be tutored and encouragement given to the humble hearted, for there is much to do and time is slipping by. You may say that you love God and seek to carry out His commandments. Like burnished gold, the corner of your spiritual home is being built - even if it represents only one room - all corner stones are wanted as spiritual bricks for God's Habitation, that Land of Joy and Peace and Light which awaits you.

"The Master Builder does not build for Himself but for His creation. The Master Builder, although He contributes the corner stone of Heaven - Heaven cannot be complete unless your bricks are there as well; the bricks of your love, your effort, those bricks that are your own corner stone in preparation, so that it can vibrate to the Corner Stone of the Father and contribute its part to the Home of homes, where sorrow cannot enter and where the enemies of the soul cannot pass.

"When you think that life is too hard, is scarcely worthwhile, the Christ Himself brings reassurance. Think of the Power represented by Pentecost and how it was drawn to humble men and women - and how it can be drawn to the earth plane by any soul. It is not possible to draw it by clinging to material treasures or earthly happiness, but only by the sacrificial path, by the willingness to serve, by the determination to go without the things craved for by the body, in order to make room for those that are longed for by the soul.

"Would you rather be a power station for God than a power station for those who are arraigned against the Christ? You must realise that you provide power for one side or the other - choose not to send out negative power - because you are all living souls, you live forever. So receive the word of cheer ringing through the conditions the joy that is of God - spiritual achievement. Through all your struggles, your trials and your tests, you represent a power station, contributing that which is needed to redeem man from the folly and the weakness of the past and the present.

"The work, the work, the work, must come first. If you are willing to be shepherds of the straying sheep, if you have a humble heart, then the work will come first. Though temptation may be around, as you pray, so those things shall fall from you, and freed from weakness you shall hold up your Cross and climb the hill to God. As you take your way amongst others upon the earth, speak to them as to their corner stone. If you find that they hold earthly love, beg them to change it to spiritual love. If you find that they hold earthly treasure, bid them change it to spiritual treasure. If you find they hold material ambition, struggle with them until the power comes and their ambition is God and God's Truth upon the earth.

"Grace is given to you. Many from the World of Spirit gather among you, your loved ones bring you greetings. We open the gates and those in the dark spheres are invited to enter in, and it is our part to give them a word of cheer and welcome. As they come, they peer into your heart and see there help for them in their own entanglement. In you they see strength to buoy up their weakness - or perhaps weakness to double their own frailty.

"Your spiritual understanding is demonstrated moment by moment. What a wonderful power you have. How mighty are your gifts. You are the rescuer of others - or one that turns aside and allows the waters of selfishness to engulf them. Can you imagine what it is like, being free of the body, coming back to those on earth seeking to inspire them and find that they are occupied with other things. Prayers go up to God for more help, and sometimes the person repents and joins the army of the Most High.

"This is our work. We are the missionaries. Because our own corner stone is growing brighter with the effort put in, this is not enough - it is not enough! What about those who have not started to put together a corner stone which will allow them to have their own place in the Kingdom of the Most High? You see your part; you see how wonderfully you can be used; you see how you can co-operate with God Himself! In that degree you can be a creator, in some degree you can be a saviour, a redeemer of others.

"Be brave over the facts of your daily life. Spurn the voice of temptation. Be strong in the courage of the Lord. Make your vows anew. Second best is not good enough for you - it shall be the very best for ever more. Even if you fail that high ideal, by your desire and determination at last you shall reach it. The power shall come and revelation shall be yours.

"The things of the earth will be seen as the toys they represent and with your hands emptied of them, you have room at last for the gifts of the Spirit. Power pours from you like a mighty stream, refreshing the barren portions of the earth, drawing out - as blossoms - the souls of others, and there is joy in Heaven.

"You are blessed with ambition in the God way: Blessed with the desire to use love as your tool, for love is the key that opens all doors, love is the key that will fit the deepest dungeon or the gates of Paradise themselves. Therefore, give us love - love for our brethren, love for the Master, for He loves us so well.

"Rays of Holy Light encase you; angels walk amongst you, removing the ropes of the earth that bind you. In the Spirit you link with them so that Pentecost can indeed be manifested upon the earth, in your homes, in your churches and upon the hillsides. The power of the Spirit conquering all because through the Christ we are victors, through the saving grace of the Master we are learning to master ourselves. Through the glorious power, earthly ambition is replaced by ambition for God.

"Before you is a glorious vision - many souls will take one step nearer home in a spiritual sense; one step higher up the hill of spiritual achievement, one step nearer peace. As workers you should find good material, open the doors of your heart and mind and looking in - the plea goes forth that you demonstrate to those outside the gates - spiritual emancipation and the joy and liberty that come from serving God. As they see your joy, as they catch from you the radiance that shines from the soul within, they will indeed want to be free themselves. Freedom shall come to them and the corner stone of their life will be commenced for the glory of God.

"You are blessed with love. Blessed with the desire to give and give that which is of God, so that through giving you can take the mighty Love of the Christ, which He yearns shall be yours.

"Peace be with you all. Amen."

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