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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Empire Picture House, Cleethorpes, under the auspices of St. Peter's Christian Spiritualist Church, on Sunday, 10th May, 1936

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"Saviour Christ into Thy hands I commend the spirit of this Thy child".

"We are drawn together this day by love. I want you to realise that it is the Love of Christ that makes it possible for those who have passed out of the physical body to come back and commune with those still fettered to the flesh. When you are free from that which binds, with what joy you too will see that the sunny path lies open for you. There will be your dear ones on the earth plane, some of them overcome with grief because they think that you are no longer with them, some taking their way careless of the life to come. But you will see that the path laid down by Jesus Christ has made it possible for you to come back into your earthly home, give out the word of cheer, and perchance the word of warning as well. In that far time, so you will realise what joy it brings to a disembodied soul to be used by the Master for the furtherance of His work.

"But I want you to consider that which you name Spirit Control because there are so many at this same stage who remain, as it were, upon the threshold of this great Truth, fearing to advance, unwilling to retreat - and there is no one around them to give them the guidance they desire - for their instinct tells them that spirit communion must be regarded as something sacred, something associated with God Himself.

"So I have been sent by the Master to speak to you upon that which I name 'Co-operating With Spiritual Beings', and if there are some here who would say unto some: 'I love communion, I have had many messages from the Beyond', then I ask such as these: Of what character were your messages? Were you communing with disembodied souls who are chained to earthly things, or were you co-operating with Spiritual Beings? You see how great a void there can be between those who speak to you in this same way?

"Now think of the world today, of all the sorrow and suffering, of the warfare, of the ambition, of the jealousy and the hatred and the betrayal. Think to yourselves what this denotes. You may say: 'But these things are done by those who do not believe in spirit return'. And I answer: That is true; but what is true as well is that those men and women are being used as mediums by unseen forces out to wreck. There is not one who has seized power unfairly, wherever he may be - whether he be at the head of the state or whether he be in control of his little warehouse - there is not one who has snatched at power unfairly who is not the medium of some unseen tempter, who owns him for a time as his slave.

"So, dear children, as you take up your daily parchments and read with sorrow of all the sin and the suffering and the grief it causes, I want you to remember this: That there are thousands and thousands of human souls unknown by the world, living in obscure places and many such as these are mediums in the God sense. They are sending out into the physical conditions to counteract that which is done against the Christ teaching and the Christ way. And I want you to think further. What are those you love - who have passed from you so far as the earthly body is concerned - what are such as these doing today? Sometimes the mother's aching heart feels lonely indeed. She has prayed that her little one may be in safe keeping. She has asked God for a sign and perchance it seems to her that no sign has come. What of the widows and the orphans, what of those who are struggling with poverty and care; what of the ones who are ground down by others, those who are helpless? Do they not, in the silent watches of the night, cry to God for succour? Yet sometimes the test goes on, sometimes it seems that God is not listening.

"So, I come to you this day, sent by the One who loves you best and I bring comfort and cheer, I bring unto you that message of peace which only explanation can make your own. You see the world with its turmoil and hatred. What would be the future of any plane if there were no sacrificial souls, no men and women enduring much, no pain, no poverty? What would be the future plight of this plane if only those bound to the dark forces were here?

"So you are shown your part and I want to underline the divine mercy which surrounds your lives. If God the father answered your prayers to be saved from this - to have that burden taken away from you, for the pains of the body to disappear for evermore - how could there be created upon the earth plane Spirit Power to save and to redeem? This world of yours would be caught up in the dark net of self and dragged to its doom were it not for the patient humble souls, for the tired mothers, for the tired fathers who refuse to give way to despair; were it not for the young girls and boys who realise that after all Christ is their God.

"I speak with all the force of my being to suffering humanity wherever it may be, saying: 'Raise your cross, for you are going to be the saviours of your world'.

"Over the generations the warfare has gone on. Here the enemy has gained a little, but by the suffering entailed so the victory has been torn from him and the angels have poured their peace over the earth so far as man allows. I look into the future and see that this warfare will be intensified. I see the great armies advancing, those who belong to Christ and those out to wreck and I know that the clash must come.

"So I come to you this day, speaking of co-operation with Spiritual Beings - not with astral forces, not with those who come back through mediums to flatter and deceive. I beg you, I plead with you, to co-operate with the Holy Ones of the Most High, those whose robes have been made snowy white by effort - the purity within illumining the garments that they wear.

"The God of All Being gave unto man free-will and what the Father gives He does not take away. So we come back to Personal Responsibility. Personal Responsibility to those on earth around you and, forget not, to your loved ones in God's fair land. Have you thought, when you slip from the highest and the best, of the effect of your failure on those dear ones who are in the light? Have you ever thought of your little children when they come back into your homes and see perchance that there is a dark enemy between mother and father, between sister and brother? These little ones cling around you trying to attract your attention, trying to show you that they are there. But sometimes the heart of a man or a woman is full of pain, the one has struck the other and they cannot hear as well, and cannot see the baby fingers pulling at their hands.

"If once you could picture the anguish of these little children you would think again and again before you allowed the angry word to pass your lips, before you pandered to that weakness in your mind to strike with the tongue.

"There are many men and women who shrink from war. They look with horror upon the implements which are to scatter asunder the flesh of man. They are fired with indignation that those who are united by God as His children should slay each other, and they are right, for war is against the Law of Love. But again I remind you that the Law of Love is all-embracing. You cannot apply it to one principle of life and ignore it for another. You cannot say that war with knife and cannon is wrong and then stab the one in the home who has been faithful unto you. I would wrestle with the man and I would wrestle with the woman, for I know that such as these will be anguished when they awaken and see what has been done.

"So we come back to your mediumship and you are mediums, everyone. But God understands that you cannot rise to that height which you have in view. Jesus the Christ knows the temptations of the flesh, of the mind and of the soul. Do not think that the Father turns from you when you fail the best within. But remember that you cannot sow without the reaping in time to come, and with so many it is as this: They do not come to their real self until the one they struck lies still and cold. Then they would give everything they possess to take back those harsh words, those bitter thoughts, but the shadows around whisper: 'Too late, too late'.

"With love and sympathy over your trials and tests I come amongst you, longing to give you comfort which the Father has ordained, and the comfort can come when you make spiritual explanation your own. Remember next time when you turn on the one who has been faithful, that you are a medium used by an enemy to strike - not only that other, but to strike yourself in double measure.

"Draw in this wonderful thought - that because you are a medium, you can be used by God's Holy Angels, you can give the word of peace, the word of understanding, the word that shall bring joy to that other. Forget not that as men and women grow in spiritual grace, they become far more sensitive - not more sensitive to the blows of the world, but to the blows of those who should protect.

"The time comes when the darts of the material can rain upon you and you can meet them with peace within. But there is no one, not even the Master, who can shut out pain when the ones they have cared for forgot their duty. There is no one, not even God the Father, who can shut out pain when love is falsified, when the blow comes so unworthily and so undeserved. When you criticise God, unwillingly though it may be, you pain the Father's heart. You cause suffering to the Suffering Christ, as well as anguish to those in the Beyond whom you name your own.

"I speak thus, for I know that great things are coming to pass. I know that this world is going to be tested. I come to plead for mediums, mediums who are in the homes, mediums who are out in the fields and on the wide seas, mediums who God can use, mediums who will be the Ministers of peace, the healers of the broken hearts, and I pray God I may not plead in vain. I would come amongst you, for I know that there is much we have to do together and I want to draw in all those who are at peace with God. Many have indeed much to learn ere the time comes for them to pass into the Great Beyond - much to learn - and in the processes of learning maybe through them another fell from grace as well.

"You who have suffered, you who have striven, you who have gone without, cannot you see God's mercy over your lives, over that which went amiss? In spirit you have chosen to be amongst those who create and attract Spirit Power upon the earth plane, and you had to go through the processes of training, you had to be willing to allow the things of the earth to be torn from you so that there could be room for God's most mighty gifts.

"As you think upon this, does not the pain die down? Do not those doubts which have tortured the mind of the body, do they not give? 'Was it the Divine purpose that my employment should be taken from me?' I answer you - it is God's Will that man should have what he needs and we all need love, and while the earthly body holds us, it must be fed. But may it not be that you were exchanging a tarnished love for something pure and beautiful, something that could not be betrayed, something that would never fail you? Again, may it not be that earthly food had to be lessened in its quantity because placed before you was the Bread of Life?

"So many forget, so many have not been taught that the body has to be purified by self denial so that it can vibrate to those finer conditions of Spirit. When a man is gross, when his body is choked with food, the bright ones may come close, but he cannot vibrate to them and the astral guides take their place. Such as these are unprepared, they are not ready for their higher forms of mediumship and God must wait. But in the waiting, so it is that trouble falls upon this plane, and although the Father would lift the cloud, the Father has given free-will and the Father goes not back on that which He has granted.

"Therefore, I speak to those who feel that they have not had a fair chance and I ask them to use their powers of reasoning, to forget not that life on this plane is but for a short period. In the sweet by-and-by they will have the chance of using their Divine gifts, bought, purchased by suffering while the earthly body held - and then so light will seem the price, so great will be the reward. The old failures will be shown as your honours, the old troubles as your stepping stones into better things.

"This is the message that those from the Realms of Spirit are directed by Christ to bring, not the messages that say that all is well. All is not well upon the earth plane. But what is well is this, your faith, your determination to endure, your capacity to look beyond the dark clouds of the physical and see the golden Cross of Jesus Christ calling you on.

"Be of good cheer, but analyse the messages that come from the Spirit World. If there are those who give unto you praise when praise is not due, then say to yourselves: 'This is not a servant of the Christ, this is some ignorant spirit and I know more than he can teach me'. That is the way to treat and regard spirit control. As you seek to hold fast to that which you know is right, so you are linking up with God's Holy angels and those loved ones who are thanking God that at last you see and understand. The path is clear - co-operation with spiritual beings by the grace of God, co-operation with those who tell you to be strong when trouble knocks on the door, those who tell you to be brave when the pains of the body seem to sap your endurance; co-operation with the Divine Forces, so that upon the earth plane there may be Spirit Power, Spirit Power which angels can use for sending back the enemies from the dark planes, Spirit Power so that there may be peace in your time and not war.

"I bless you with understanding, bless you with a clearer conception of life upon the earth plane - with the realisation over those dark days, which seem so long and so hard to bear - and I ask you out of the strength of the Divinity within to thank God that you have been the ones to tread the difficult path, that you are not amongst those who have had their heart's desire, but that the heart's desire has had to stand back and the spirit's desire take it's place. Thank God for these blessings, thank God for His mercy that though you may have cried to Him for relief, still the burden was yours for the sake of the sweet and glorious by-and-by.

"You have been tested, you have been tried. Thank God that the privilege has been yours to suffer so that Divine Truth may find a place upon the earth plane.

"Peace be with you all, dear children, and in God's good time we shall meet again. Farewell."

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