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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 17th April, 1926.

"Most bountiful Father, we thank Thee for the sweet peace of this evening, we thank Thee that Thou art drawing our hearts and minds to those finer things which are of Spirit, we thank Thee that Thy little children can see, albeit but faintly, that the things of the earth have no permanence, that they pass away...

"O God, lift the veil still further and make it possible that we can understand just a little more of the wonder of the Perfect Mind; make it possible that having seen and heard with the spirit, we may find the words in which to pass on our knowledge to others.

"O Christ, give us all a sense of Thy actual Presence, and enable us to feel that even if we are inexperienced in the so-called mysteries which Thou hast brought into being, that it is Thy will that these mysteries should be shown as the simplicities which they are; and because again it is Thy will, we may penetrate into the holiness and the understanding which is Love...

"Tonight then, O Father, taking from this brief supplication all that which we cannot put into words, use us as Thy tools, use us so that we, having obtained a glimpse of things as they are, may teach others that Truth in the inward parts is not only a free gift to all, but available to everyone who seeks - who goes direct to the Great Source of Wisdom and asks to be taught those things which shall enable the spirit within to contact with the power of the Holy Spirit, which is over the lives of everyone, whether they recognise Love or not...

"O God, we have so much to thank Thee for, and even as this thought arises, so the realisation follows that the things given by Thee which are hidden from the physical consciousness, are more numerous still... Give us that reverence - that sense of sacredness, that consciousness of holiness - which each and everyone desires to make their own... Amen...

"...My little children, tonight I have much to say, yet this does not mean to imply that I intend to speak for a longer period than usual. I give that reassurance to my little secretary (Dorrie) who sometimes is hard-pressed by the strain entailed; but the time will come when so eagerly she will return to that same sense of strain and thank her Father that He allowed her to do this part in His great work.

"My children, I have been going over your thoughts - nay, flinch not because I put this into words. You know full well that we who are free are able not only to be with our children, but literally, to bear many of their burdens for them. And this we regard as a privilege - worked for, striven for over the ages; something which in the long ago was held out to us even as a prize. Thus do we regard the help we are able to pass on to those we love, those too who love us in the measure that love has been released within.

"First and foremost tonight, departing a little from my custom, I speak of things material as they concern the life of the child I use; and I want all to pay attention for these are important days.

"Children, when anyone on earth responds to the call of the Spirit, then it follows quite naturally that certain preparation must be put in for the work, which - in the Spirit - they undertake with so much joy. Again, as a matter of course, the discipline is severe; the things of God cannot be touched by those whose minds are set on the easy path. Therefore, we have before us the position as it stands: The answering to the call, the necessary preparation and discipline, the giving up, the withdrawing from those things of the world which so easily interfere with clear vision...

"That, dear children, I grant you, but when it comes to the point which has been under discussion, then I say how little do you understand your Father God. In regard to my child's material life, enemies are around; those alienated from Light use the unguarded minds of others to strike where they can... All part of the discipline, part of the preparation. But that which you fear - the abandonment of the one who has worked for God by the withdrawing from her the plain necessities of physical life, here, dear children, you stray from the bright path of understanding.

"Our power is as thus - yet let me put into words how that power appears sometimes to others. There are those who say: 'They can protect the spirit but are powerless to intervene in regard to the mundane practical facts of daily life'...

"Children, how often must I tell you that the pattern of your lives was laid down long ere you ever thought of physical experience as becoming your own? For the Father, with unlimited Wisdom, leaves no child of His unprotected or unprovided for on that long journey, of which physical life is but one short and, sometimes, sharp experience.

"So, dear children, speaking solely with the desire to assure you all, I say that though enemies menace the path of the instrument I use, that is part of the preparation, part of the necessary discipline to fit her for the tomorrows to come. But were my powers insufficient to protect, then the Saviour Himself would intervene. That is a definite statement, given from the Master Himself.

"Those who have worked over the years to spread the Light of His Love, how could such as these ever fail to be completely protected by that Love, which they are used to interpret to others? So, my little ones, put aside your fears and recollect that though my child has many responsibilities at this stage, those responsibilities belong to her Father and Mother God...

"Tonight, my little ones, I wish to discuss with you that which you name: 'Conversion'.

"And I want you to give out of your best because, even as we petitioned, it is God's will that just a tiny portion further of that veil which man has hung between himself and Truth should be withdrawn.

"Children, in looking round upon things as they seem, you find that the word 'Conversion' is used, in the main, to express that one who hitherto has been wedded to so-called evil, has mended his ways, and has linked himself to Christ. These 'Conversions' take many forms. Some, it seems to you, are instantaneous, others are brought about by slow evolutionary stages; and it is general talk that when one is converted too speedily, danger arises that he may recant, may return to those paths from which he has been rescued. And, on the other hand, by common consent, you say among yourselves: 'He was slow to convince, but once convinced he will be as true as steel'.

"Well, dear children, the physical view rarely expresses more than a half-truth, and sometimes it is a falsification of how things stand; yet, think you not that I too cast a slur upon the one who suddenly forsakes darkness for Light. Nay, dear children, being gifted with spiritual sight, I have the privilege of knowing that these things are accountable for, only by unlimited work and effort - both by those in the body and those free from the body. Yet, I must take you a little far away in order to bring home my meaning.

"Children, you must remember that long ere you were body, you were Spirit - and, as God created you, you understood those things which were of Him - for how could part of Perfection be imperfect? How could that which came from All-Wisdom be ignorant? How could that which was of Love, understand only those things expressed by hate?...

"You see, dear children, that when you first started on your long journey of experience, the word 'conversion' was not necessary. You were of God, conscious of your sonship and your daughtership, conscious too that in the by and by, once more you would be linked to Him and all would be complete. Commencing from Perfection, the perversion which took place was in the nature of from the best to the second best, and from the second best to the third best, and so on throughout the ages.

"Yet, you will say to me: 'Was it possible for those experiences to be taken on without that separation from God?' And I answer, that though it may seem hard to grasp, it is possible to go through any experience and not lose touch with God, but it is difficult, so difficult, that not one of the Father's creation was able to accomplish it, even though the desire within was strong indeed.

"So you see, dear children, bringing our thoughts from the distant past we have to face things as they are, and I do not want you to let sadness cloud the mind in thinking how humanity has strayed, for remember always that however far away from Truth and right the individual may wander, yet in the by and by, each one will be gathered into that Home which the Father intends for all...

"Yes, in looking around, you see what is the usual attitude of the majority: They neither wish for conversion, nor do they desire that life on earth should be interfered with by the thought of what the future holds in store. They say, and they speak seriously out of the ignorance which is their own: 'Why worry - enjoy yourself while you may!'

"And the future - ah, it is always 'the future' to them; they cannot conceive that what represents the future now, one day must be faced as the present, aye, and the past as well. So you see, dear children, that in regard to conversion, you have the two aspects: The world's - which is of so shallow a character that immediately you attempt to probe you find there is nothing there. And then you have God's side, and it is that side on which we will dwell tonight.

"Children, I am bound to bring in once more that same faculty of memory. Yes, so many have forgotten even the rudiments of the glorious Truth with which they were equipped in the beginning; they have forgotten that they are spirits, of God, and endowed by Him with gifts and powers which only wait to be released.

"That faculty of memory comes in in regard to conversion, in a way which cannot be exaggerated. You see, dear children, when you or I or anyone who loves God, seeks to link up another with the Father, they are not bringing to his attention something fresh, something strange. Nay, unconsciously though it may be, they are seeking to revive the memories of the past, they are endeavouring to cut through those obstacles which the individual has built up so recklessly, they are fighting for the spirit within, which is a prisoner in every sense there could be.

"Thus it is, dear children, that those who love God have every reason for hope and for faith. It is not as though you came upon barren ground - soil without nourishment, soil that refused to provide sufficient vitality even for the hardiest weeds - and then in that soil attempted to plant the delicate seedling of Love. No, it is as thus: Hard though the ground may be, piled up though the rubbish upon it, within that soil is the seed of knowledge - knowledge of the things which are of God. What has happened, as will be plain to all, is that the wisdom of the Spirit, the consciousness of God, has been buried - buried under the accumulation of the ages.

"Yet, dear children, if you were told that a wonderful treasure lay in the confines of the earth, would you not say amongst yourselves: 'We know it is there, and though it may take time and effort, we will dig until we have brought it to light'... That is the position of the majority today and all days - I refer to those who, as yet, are unconscious of their adoption, unaware that they belong to God.

"From this, dear children, you will see that the missionary work, which is so dear to the heart of many, is not so difficult or so hopeless as it sounds. It is a question of faith, of patience, of unceasing work; and remember this: That while you labour and while you pray, lo, from the north, the south, and the east and the west, help is coming, not only to succour the one you have in mind, but to comfort and refresh you in the task you have taken on for Love's sake...

"Therefore, dear children, in regard to those who have set themselves apart to convert others from their careless and dangerous ways and to bring them under the protection of the Great Shepherd, remember always that these are not only missionaries of God, but also they are revealers. Yes, by their efforts they are able to reveal the gift of price, which lies within the heart and mind of all - hidden in some, partly uncovered in others, gloriously radiant in those who have dedicated themselves to the Master's service.

"Oh, my children, would I could find words to express the gigantic character of the conversion which has been going on over the ages. Only fragments, so it seemed at the time, but as you have been told, on fragments God builds that which shall never pass away.

"So, dear children, in regard to this great Truth and those to whom you have sought to impart it, remember that you are only calling upon their recollection of a time when they too knew and understood - you are but unveiling that which has been clouded. Yes, memory - the memory of things spiritual, the consciousness of the Life illimitable, which goes on around them wherever they are, whatever their thoughts may be - the remembrance of the great Spirit condition which is inseparable from their daily life.

"And then, dear children, I am asked to bring in this evening, the one you love so well - that same Paul whose great conversion has had such a lasting effect and has done such wonderful work for God. Yes, he it was who, through much tribulation, has brought to others that recollection of things long put away, that remembrance of Reality which the unrealities of physical life blotted out for a space. And by his wish, I remind you of how that conversion came, and how - when physical sight was taken from him - the eyes of the spirit were able to penetrate through the darkness and see the Light of the World, and the mission which lay in front.

"My children, so often conversion is brought about by some great shock, or, again, by some great love. Yes, those you have known have been brought back to the recollection of the things which are of God by the withdrawal in physical form of some loved one - in their anguish, the veil has been torn asunder, and they have turned to their God for consolation, and found it, and peace as well.

"And again, dear children, with others constituted somewhat differently, that conversion - which, remember, is recollection - has been brought about by some great love. I speak not of love as regarded by the majority; I speak of that love when soul communes with soul and the body can be brushed aside. Yes, the great gift of love has had the power to do what nothing could bring to pass, for out of that love for another on earth, consciousness of the mighty Love of God has come and has broken the chains which bound them, and they have entered into the greater revelation through the lesser revelation which that love has provided...

"Children, the physical mind of man is swayed largely by habit, and those habits very seldom are created by the one concerned; they are passed on from others, both in the body and free from the body, and the habits can be detrimental to the spirit's progress, or, again, they can hasten that progress in a way only understood when you come Here. But when the change comes - whether some great grief or whether some great love works the miracle - then they take unto themselves not that which is strange and unfamiliar, but rather, step by step, they go back over the old tracks and unveil the recollection of those things of God which they had forgotten.

"You see, dear children, when you think of Paul, immediately your mind passes from the actual conversion to the life of effort which followed, to his sufferings for Christ's sake, to his steadiness of purpose, to his unwavering determination to spread the Light which had been gifted to him in so unexpected a way... And today - ah, some will say: 'There are no Pauls today; human nature is too accustomed to ease, too linked to comfort to tread that same thorny path; today no Paul rises up, and, by example, shows the miracle which conversion can bring to pass'...

"Children, over the ages, when the need has arisen, so the valiant heart has been found. When wars have fallen upon this little earth, so, born in a moment - so it appears to man - the heroes have been found, those who were able to disentangle themselves from that lesser self and show a courage, a heroism undreamt of by their friends...

"My children, gifted with the greater vision, I not only say, but I prophesy for the future: I tell you that in humanity's time of need, other Pauls will be found, and once they have put their hands to the plough, they will neither turn back nor falter; for God will have released that which bound their minds, and memory, leaping into life, will bring to them that inner consciousness of the meaning of a life of service - yes, service to God and man, and forget not the service which is rendered unto themselves...

"Oh, think you like this: That though Paul suffered, though his enemies were many, yet he blazed his trail for others; and undaunted by the life which had been led, in his new liberty he worked out and wiped out that which was alien to the spirit within.

"And while I speak, I remind all those who love Paul, that where love is, nothing of the physical is strong enough to divide. And to the one who wished Paul to know that it was through him that the revelation of this great Truth was brought about, to this one (The Rev. Dr. J. Lamond) I say, in love: That ere the thought arose in his mind that Paul should know, Paul was with him, and it was Paul, focussing his love upon the physical mind of the one concerned, who caused the desire to arise that Paul should be told it was owing to him that the greater consciousness was released...

"I speak to all: There are no servants of God who ever tire of working, who are unresponsive to the faintest flicker of affection from those on earth; and in the little tomorrow, it is God's will that those who love Paul shall be gathered here and shall take their reassurance direct from him.

"My children, that is a slight diversion, so you think - but not so. Here in the Spirit, we see things as they are, and every thought of Christ, every act of unselfishness to others - all these tender seedlings have been guarded and protected by those who are free, until the plants were strong enough not only to stand alone, but to give out of their fragrance and strength to others.

"And in this work of ours, so the joy grows and grows, and as the veil which hides all that which has been - that close contact with God, that understanding of the Perfect Mind, that comprehension of unlimited Love - as the veil is lifted, slowly but surely the recollection of all this comes back, and the 'converted' realise that indeed they have but returned to that which they once were, that they have but taken the old path with its sweetness, with its familiar voices, with its loved landmarks. They have returned to the path from which they strayed, and all is well, for having once possessed the best, in the heart and mind not only the desire but the determination arises that others too shall have the best as well.

"So then, dear children, turn back again to that great subject of: 'Memory', and try, while the physical experience goes on, to recall that which you have forgotten, and never listen when others tell you that this or that is hidden by God's will. In the beginning, the Father gave to you that which was His, and it is you who have forgotten. Never listen when those would persuade you that this great Truth is reserved for the few. Over the ages, the few alone have taken God at His word, and why was this? Because only the few were willing to undergo the discipline, only the few were willing to suffer a little during the earth stages for the sake of the time to come.

"Yes, dear children, that is so, because man has blinded himself regarding the things which stand for ever. God's Truth is given to man equally - it is his own, his right, his heritage; but the opposing forces proved too strong. The few only have been willing to climb, and so, over the ages, the majority have forgotten, yes, forgotten that which once was their own.

"When next you hear that word 'conversion', place it correctly in your minds. It is remembrance, it is recollection, and something has had the power to tear off the covering - to bring back to memory those things which are of God...

"And now, my children, I am going to leave you, but I want your sympathy and your help, for my child is a little tired and the conditions thereby seem a little difficult. But Christ is in command, and all will be well - yes, because that which we cannot provide ourselves has been provided by Him..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...My children, I want to say, in conclusion, just a few words, in order to link the messages together, and to fasten them to that subject of: 'Conversion':

"Each one who has spoken, has shown you that, as they go on, they are able to recollect a little more of those wonderful things of God; and, as the memories revive, what happens? Lo, the garment of self falls from them, and clothed in the glory of the Spirit, so, in degree, they are able to demonstrate to you who listen, something of that radiance which is of God...

"The beauty of Holiness, the loveliness of Purity - the completion of every quality that is good, and which finally finds expression in Love...

"Oh, my children, though you seek to be reverent, though in your hearts you long to approach God with that deference which is due to Him, never forget that God expresses Love; and though He is All-Knowledge, All-Wisdom, All-Power, yet to Him you are His little children, His beloved, aye, that which is of Himself.

"Therefore, in continuing the path laid down, be certain, first, that it is God's will; second, that by combining your will with the Divine, you are releasing the spirit within; and, third, that by the first two you are making it possible for others to climb, yes, showing the way so that they too may forsake the lowlands and seek revelation - the revelation before them once the hill is scaled, with the joy and the peace which it brings.

"Remember, aye, remember those things which are of God. Fight against the forgetful physical mind, and demand of that mind which belongs to the spirit that it shall open its gates so that you may pass within...

"For oh, think you like this: That as you learn, so you can teach; and as you teach, so in others that recollection is brought back; and thus each and every one can contribute their part towards that which should be the aim and the goal of all: God's will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven - the accomplishment of the freedom of man from himself, the linking up once more spirit with Spirit - the spirit within with the One who is the Creator of us all...

"And now, my children, I go. Keep under the blessing of the Most High, and go forward with courage, with confidence, and with certainty that what the Father has promised, that will come to pass; and the Father has promised protection in a way you little understand...

"God bless you all and keep you free from the anxieties of the world... Goodnight, my children..."

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