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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An Extract From


Taken from an Address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Beacon of Light Christian Spiritualist Church, Carterhatch Lane, Forty Hill, Enfield, on Sunday, July 22nd, 1945.

Insuring The Lives Of The Young

"...I turn to those who are healing the body, to those who try to heal the sorrows of others, and I ask them to be of good cheer and to realise that if their ministrations seem to act very slowly upon the physical casket, they are acting in a very effective manner upon the soul-body which the individual will inherit as the next body he will wear.

"And as so many of you will realise, it is wise to do something to ensure the future. You insure your material future, you are anxious about growing old and your dependants; it is your duty to safeguard them as far as your means allow; but do you ever think with the same seriousness upon insuring the lives of the young for the great Life which is inevitable for them?

"Disbelief in Immortality, the refusal to face the fact of the continuity of life after physical death, all these things are unavailing, for as the physical breath leaves the body, the one concerned is born into the next stage of being, with consequences for good or for ill.

"I turn to the parents, and to those who have charge of the young, and I ask them to redouble their efforts, to fight for the young lives so that the wilfulness of this present age may not bring for them sorrowful consequences in the time that is to be.

"It is easy to take the soft wax of a child's mentality and to mould it into something beautiful; it is harder when the wax has set to remould it, and when maturity is reached the cast is so firm, so part of the personality that there is very little that can be done, except by prayer, to prepare the one concerned for the awful revelation of foolishness and wilfulness when death takes place.

"This needs courage, beloved, it needs risking a little unpopularity, for the little ones like their own way just as man, dominant, wilful man, likes his own way; but it is your responsibility because of consequences. It is easy to train the child to be truthful, to be honest and to show love and gratitude to others. But many men and women seem keyed to a totally opposite vibration; they are the people you do not wish to know, people who will be unregretted when this short span is o'er. CONSEQUENCES - the working out of the past, illustrate for the benefit of others that even while the body holds, the prison-house of the mind is dark and gruesome to behold.

"So I want all those who have tried to see God in Nature, God even in the woes of daily life, God in the eyes of their fellow-beings, I want them to realise the consequences of their attitude of mind. They are in training for something greater and far more important than the human mind can grasp; they are training to become a 'parent' when this short stage is o'er; and in parenthood there must necessarily be included leadership when in the World of Spirit.

"On earth there are many parents who scarcely understand the sacredness of their trust; there are many who willingly abuse it, regarding the young life that comes merely as a consequence from which they shrink. But leadership in the World of Spirit not only means responsibility, but it means a joy that no earthly words can express, it means something of freedom for the real self within, something of the understanding of the Laws of God; and you cannot study the Laws of God without becoming still more aware as to the amazing love, the wide area of protection provided for each and everyone.

"And is there any surer road to joy than that provided by love? But you become greatly depressed when those you trusted, those you loved, have been unreliable in their dealings with you.

"I have the best news of all to pass on to those who have suffered in this same way. There are consequences shown upon this material plane; but there are also SPIRITUAL CONSEQUENCES, and they are so rarefied in beauty and in power that they could not have their life and being in these crude material conditions; and so, as it were, they have been lifted up into the etheric, there to gain greater strength in their right environment.

"I want you to do your utmost to guide the thoughts of others who are less mature than you are. Retribution is an unbreakable law, but were it not for retribution then there would be very little hope for man, for by the working out of consequences and the suffering entailed, mistakes can be obliterated, the lesson can at last be learnt, and the traveller eventually becomes a pilgrim hurrying on his way home to God.

"You have so many talents, you have so many opportunities of exercising those talents; you can become a power-holder here and now, not by preaching unto others necessarily, but by living a life that reflects those lovely attributes which shall win the respect and confidence of others."...

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