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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
in the first half of the twentieth century

"Little ones, I say with joy that this night has been blessed by the Master, and I say again that I have looked forward to this happy meeting time together, for you in common with many others are my children. You have been given to me by the great Father and Mother God and I seek, with the aid of those you name your guides, to draw you out of the sadness of the physical conditions and so surround you with the power of the Holy Spirit that indeed you can face the difficulties of the day confident in the One Who calls you on.

"Let not my words be cast aside as coming from one who does not understand what the earthly life can hold, for after I was banished from the precincts of the Temple so poverty was my lot, loneliness, weariness and treachery of friends. I speak not of that which is as theory; I say unto you that I understand the deepest pangs of physical life, and I say again that out of those pangs came my grand and glorious inheritance.

"Tonight, under the direct ray of Truth, I would speak to you on that which I name: 'Comrades of the Cross'. Little ones, before the earth life was thought of by the spirit within, so, out of that greater wisdom which was your own, you made your choice, and the choice was that you would be a comrade of the Cross.

"Now think you as to this: I would speak on that which you name spirit-guidance. When you use this term you are thinking of those who are around you at this stage. When you talk of having received direction regarding either the material or the spiritual events of your life, you are at once limiting that direction, that guidance, to what takes place at this stage. But I say unto you that those you name the guides, the healers and protectors, have sought for you over time unthinkable; yet today men and women still turn to the lesser voice, still hearken to the easier injunction, though the bright ones, the servants of the Most High, have sought for them, have fought for them and have endeavoured to bind them to the highest and the best. There are countless thousands upon the earth plane who, by will, bar such as these from their close environment, choosing in place those others who, in great or little measure, are enemies in disguise.

"I say unto you, my little ones, and to all those who seek to follow in the footsteps of the Christ, that in time long past, lo, the great decision was made and you bound yourselves to the Cross, and today, as comrades, you seek to fetter others to the Cross. And thus it is you wear upon your brow the Cross of Christ; and those who have passed on a span, whether freer than yourselves or more bound, these, immediately they come into your environment, see the Cross and the link is made; for even those who have strayed far from the Cross recognise the power of the Cross, realise that without the Cross they are as ones forsaken.

"Why do I emphasise the words 'Comrades of the Cross'? Because of what must come to pass! I look a little span in front and I see the children of the earth plane hard beset; I see that there are those who will find they stand upon a shattering foundation and their pride will lay them low. I see those who have never sought to build, crying out for the strength of others; yet those others are like placed and they can give them not of help. I see the few who are strong sharing their strength, literally comrades, bearing one another's burdens, holding fast while the one under temptation seems as if he or she will be swept away.

"Comrades of the Cross! Oh, cannot you grasp why your life has run along the road of trial, of temptation? Cannot you grasp why at times it has seemed as though even those you trusted most have forsaken you? You had to be tried, your foundation had to be tested because of the great strain which lies in front. In that time so those who are weak will be filled with dismay, and in that time those with the strength will be drawn upon in a way inconceivable to your minds. I speak of conflict, I speak of battle, I speak of the trying of courage, and I warn you that as you take the hard road - which is the glad road in the end - so here and there you must come to grips with the enemies of the Spirit. You must be tested as to your conviction, and woe be it unto the one who hesitates or falters, for the enemy has no mercy; the faltering footstep leads, alas, so swiftly to the fall.

"So then, gather in this thought - that you, being comrades of the Cross, children of the one Christ, the one God, must be tried and tested a thousandfold. Yet I say in the name of the One Who loves you best, that each test faced with the strength you can find, each prayer for help, each persistent thought that remains true and firm to the high and holy calling which is yours, that such tests shall represent not sorrow but a joy that cannot be portrayed.

"Comrades of the Cross! The first stages are simple - the little things which go wrong, the misgivings, the aching heart. Many during this stage forsake the path, but in time to come they must return to the path and the Cross lies awaiting their acceptance.

"The next stage represents attacks more subtle in their nature. Lo, so bright the day, but ere the day has passed the clouds have gathered and the sunshine of God's love seems shaded by that which goes against the desire of the physical heart and mind. Night falls and many there are who fail to see the stars of promise; but I say unto you that if the pilgrim faces the darkness though the stars are hidden from his gaze, the dawn shall come - the dawn, the beginning of a new era. It is another milestone passed, but think not that rest must have its place. As the dawn comes, so its golden beauty opens out the road in front. The pilgrim stands at times aghast; he looks back: 'So much have I overcome, and yet this still awaits me!'

"In imagination so the hill of achievement soars up into the sky, and between the hill and himself there seems a rushing water and no bridge can he find. There are those around who mock: 'Ah, what of the dawn?' - and many there are who bury their faces in their hands and as children weep over that which the dawn has shown.

"Little ones, when you are free, how plain will it all seem! You will know - because you are in conditions of reality and things seeming hold you no longer - you will know that the rushing water, that the sense of loneliness, that the consciousness of treachery of friends, all this represents but tests, tests as to the foundation you have put in, tests as to your will, as to your determination, tests as to whether you will be a comrade of the Cross or only one who draws strength from the other comrades and knows not how to give in turn.

"Cannot you see, is it not plain? There in the Sacred Record so the path is indicated by symbol and by picture. The man of God, the woman of God, they took the hard road; yet at this same time all the sorrow is forgotten, the pangs are powers, the loneliness represents a comfort, a companionship undreamt of by them. They are joy personified, for they look back and they see that through their willingness to endure, so countless thousands have arisen out of the slough of despond, have extricated themselves from the bog of self, and their Divine Inheritance awaits them in the sweet tomorrow.

"I have told you ever that those who bind themselves together for this most sacred work for God are drawing to them the enemies of the Spirit. It cannot be otherwise. Those who name themselves soldiers of the King must fight. Those who are as comrades of the Cross, they must fight battle upon battle, conflict upon conflict, aye, rising up again and again until at last the chains of self hold no more. Then they look back and the truth is revealed; they see that the conflict was within, between the lesser man and the greater, between the lesser woman and the greater; but only by that tangible, by that associated with the physical journey, could they be taught, could the lesson be learnt, could the experience be made their own.

"Children, the campaign which lies before us is long and dangerous and glorious. Oh, grasp this fact! The campaign in regard to this sacred work for God must be pursued with an intensity and determination hitherto not drawn out from anyone, for those arraigned against the Christ are massing, massing in their countless numbers, and at this same stage war in the Spirit on so gigantic a scale is going on that it is useless to attempt to explain.

"So then, think of your lives - of yesterday, of today and, again of that tomorrow from which you shrink. Whether the difficulties concern the material conditions of your life, whether they concern the spiritual testing, whether they concern the reluctance of the physical will and the hesitation over the great surrender, oh children, grasp this truth that only in that wise, only because of that which goes so hard, can you become a comrade of the Cross.

"A comrade - that sweet word which means so much, that sweet post held in perfection by One alone, the great Comrade of us all, the One Who never failed His fellow-beings, the One Who knew not weakness for He fought until weakness was overcome. Christ, the Saviour of the world, stands in perfection as example to all, a Comrade - your Comrade, my Comrade - and if we would be like the Beloved, so then we must build and rebuild and still rebuild. But, oh children, the foundation of the Spirit must be put together firmly to resist the onslaught of the enemy, and that foundation can only be built by the giving up, by the things that go contrary to the heart and mind, by the sadness, by the pangs of the body and by the helpful and prayerful thoughts sent out by the individual to those who are worse placed.

"And this is the message which I bring: Build truly! In the measure that self in any form obtrudes, so happiness disappears beyond the reach of the pilgrim on the journey home to God. In the degree that God's work comes second, so joy and peace cannot be held, for in the degree that man seeks for those things which pass away, so his hold is loosened on those which remain for ever.

"I speak to you all, I gather you into my love; and those whom you name your guides bid me emphasise again and again that they have sought for you over the long past, yet there are still some who take second place, because the first place has been given to those who point not to the steepest road but to that road which is only steep in part.

"Children, around us all, gathered in in their thousands, are the comrades of the Cross. How can they name themselves by this holy symbol of the past? Because in a measure they sought to hold fast to those things which are pure, those things which are holy; in a measure they banished from their surroundings the tempters, those with the plausible tongues, the subtle enemies who masqueraded as friends; in a measure they clasped the Cross; in a measure they kept their eyes upon the Saviour and forgot their pangs in the glory of His smile. So at this same time in their thousands they are gathered in as comrades to you, for again in time to come you must be as comrades to others, and at this same time so, in degree, you are comrades to the many whom you know and the many more hidden from your consciousness.

"Thus it is I prepare your minds for the great, the dangerous and the glorious campaign, and I urge you all to look to your foundation. If it seems strong then make it stronger still. If it seems weak, then draw to you by will and determination, by work and dedication that which is essential, so that that foundation may hold fast in time of strain.

"Little ones, let not my words sound stern; let not that which I pass on cast dismay upon your hearts and minds. This is a wonderful opportunity for humanity, and never before in this same measure was man so honoured, so called to fight for Christ. Tomorrow and tomorrow build truly! Let the sorrows of yesterday be buried beneath the rose-leaves of sacrifice and the sweet green moss, which means that never more will you return in thought on that which was sad, that which caused the heart to ache. No, the sweet moss lies over all the yesterdays, and above the moss are the rose-leaves, indicating that something of self has been added as well. And tomorrow, aye, and today, with courage, with resource, using the powers of the physical mind, the powers of the physical hand, the strength of the physical body and binding these gifts to those more precious still - the gifts of the Spirit, the patience, the inspiration and the guidance - and going forward as comrades of the Cross, bound together by the Cross, fear scattered, apprehension killed, the valiant heart attuned to the need which lies in front!

"I seek to teach and explain. If your life should be free from care, think you of those burdened with sorrow, almost overwhelmed by that which you name trouble. Here is your chance, a priceless opportunity given by God Himself. You can be as a comrade of the Cross, and in sharing the burden of that which is the cross of another, so the gladness shall be not only shared, but intensified a thousandfold; and those you name the guides and helpers, they in turn gather closer and closer still, forcing upon your consciousness their comradeship by the strength which they have won, and thus another milestone not only is passed but is blessed by God.

"So, little ones, I would take your gaze from off the present and fix it upon the Christ. I say not unto you: Think of the sorrows which must come upon this earth. Nay, I urge you to think of the gladness which the travail shall bring, the freedom which shall emerge out of the bondage of the past. I entreat you, little ones of my heart, to make ready, to give of the knowledge which you have won and to hold not back from others the light bestowed by God.

"The campaign in front is long and dangerous and glorious. Upon each one is the cloak of service and upon the brow of each one is the Cross of Christ. Hold fast to that unity and the power which it brings; hold fast, for great things must take place, and we as comrades of the Cross must arise and do our part.

"But you must be tested, the warriors of the King must be experienced, the pilgrims of the Most High must be inured to tests and trials and the vicissitudes of daily life. Only in this way can you pass out of the valley, fearing not the rushing water, building a bridge by the effort that you give forth and scaling the mountain of achievement, holding fast sweet assurance within and casting out upon the vibrations confidence to others.

"You have your direction. Let not those with the lesser sight, those with the lesser wisdom, pass on to you that which is the second best. The highest point, the roughest road, that is the path of the comrades of the Cross. Sorrow is vanquished by strength, pain is overcome by knowledge, and as the pilgrim goes forward, the powers of the Spirit are demonstrated for all to see.

"Comrades of the Cross - the Cross of our Master Christ, the road which He took, the wisdom which He passed on, and the resurrection, that manifestation of life held out for each and every one.

"So, my children, I draw in your thoughts and I lift them above things seeming and I place them on reality. Think like this: A little struggle today, great strength tomorrow; a little pain today, the gift of healing tomorrow; a withstanding of the enemy today, and the looking back tomorrow and seeing that through your determination and courage so others, harder beset still, have overcome the enemy and are on their way to the promised land.

"Comrades of the Spirit - oh, forget this not. Share with each one that which you have, and bear with each one that which is missing, that which must be filled in in time to come. We are comrades of the Cross, the Cross of Christ. The great crusade has commenced, and war in the Spirit casts its reflection, its shadow upon the earth plane; but we have no fear, courage is ours, courage borrowed from the Christ, and with His strength and the protection of work for God, so undismayed we face the future and as happy warriors we call to others to come too.

"Little ones, how can I portray what can be built up by you at this stage? How can I portray the opportunity which you have purchased by the past? Suffice it to say that revelation of God's Love, in the measure that you can bear it, shall be yours as the days go on, revelation of the mighty Mind of Love.

"So I bless you with the comrade-spirit, I bless you with the warrior-spirit. Hold fast to that which has been bestowed, for the blessing of the Most High is resting upon you and you have drawn to you the vibrations of peace, the peace that cannot pass away. Let the peace which is the Spirit's right be passed on to the mind of the body, for its balm shall heal and strengthen, and tomorrow is beautiful to behold.

"Peace, little ones. 'My peace I give unto you,' thus spake the Master, but forget not that the peace of the Spirit is grappling with the enemies of the Most High. The Saviour blesses you, and into His most loving care I commend you. Peace and joy, joy and peace. God's Will has been done this night.

"Farewell, but my love shall companion you wherever you may go. Farewell."

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