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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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An Address given by Zodiac at Skegness Christian Spiritualist Church on 8th December, 1929

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"The Master wishes you to know that He has you under His care. But remember that although God is the Lord Creator, He cannot interfere with the gift of freewill bestowed upon man. So even though I am sent with a message, it is up to you to receive that message according to your understanding. The future is open to me and I see that great things must come to pass, so I would impress upon you that if you turn from the truth now, a time will come when although you may seek the truth, you will be held back by obstacles that you have erected between you and the light that never fades.

"I was an old man when I came face to face with the great Life-Bringer, the Messiah, the One who should save the world. Still the Spirit of God came upon me. I looked upon Jesus of Nazareth and consciousness came to me that He was indeed the promised Messiah, the One sent by God to lead the erring generation into the protection of truth and all it means.

"Those of old prophesied the coming of the Christ. Bound by physical restrictions, pleased with their own ideas and theories, many scorned the prophets and few believed and chronicled what had been told to doubting man.

"So it was that the Babe was born in Bethlehem. Those who were the teachers of the day, who acclaimed themselves as instructors, refused to believe their own sacred records and the Child was overlooked, the Boy was forgotten and the Man was crucified.

"The Bible records in detail the incidents of that time. Mary was chosen because of the purity of her heart and because she sought to follow the law of God. Into the world came the infant Jesus, filled with Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God that was promised to raise humanity, to cleanse the earth and to bring light into darkened places.

"Joseph played his part in the protection of Mary and the infant. For that he was blessed indeed, for when he left the physical body behind, God showed him how the past could be rectified and the blessing enhanced again and again.

"I remember those times, and Joseph and many more gather around to give you their gifts, their powers, and to seek to impress upon you that the Christ, the Messiah - Who came over two thousand years ago - walks the earth plane today. For God never leaves His children forsaken. God, as the Christ, demonstrates Himself in the life of everyone who seeks to do their duty.

"If you could see the manifestation of Holy Spirit that is upon the earth today, then you would not need me to tell you that the Master walks among you, for you would see Him. In your hour of trial or of sorrow, the Christ - the Bearer of the sorrows of the world - draws close, throwing over you the balm of His illimitable love. Yet again, those who receive do not recognise Him.

"There are those who believe that the Master shall come again in glory and rule all hearts and minds. This is a promise of the Most High. This law, this rule is worked out on every plane where life dwells and man has existence. The earth is but one condition out of countless conditions, worlds, spheres, planets, where the children of God are going through various experiences. Some are greatly advanced in comparison to those upon the earth. Others are even more bound than you today. Alas there are some who have lost all semblance of so-called human form. They are repulsive in every sense of the word. But within the casket there is the Holy Spirit of God and although now they bear no resemblance to the children of God, in time they will return to their Divine inheritance and all shall be as God intends.

"In all those worlds, when the appointed time comes, Christ will be manifested for all to see. These conditions are being prepared on earth today, by the dedication of those seeking to serve their fellow creatures. In the body or free from the body, they shall witness the coming of the Christ in all His glory. Before the coming of the Christ the earth must be cleansed of its materialism, its selfishness and its greed for possessions. Those who turn from the truth, who ignore the teachings laid down in the sacred book and fail in their duty towards others, are keeping back the coming of the Christ in all His glory. When the earth span is over for them they will, with sorrow and anguish, have to work out the past.

"So little instruction is available to you because the teachers and the preachers have not followed the pathway of sacrifice laid down by the Christ. The time has come when those who will, must take up the cross and follow Him. They will be beacons of light for countless thousands upon the earth. In time their numbers shall increase to thousands and millions because God is not mocked and the Spirit within cannot be denied forever.

"Although this may sound stern, you must realise that this is not the time for soft words. All around you are others, careless, heedless of the unseen enemies who are working for their downfall. It is the time for warning, the time for giving out the truth: 'Beware, take care.' The Messiah shall come again so that those still in the physical body - and with the limited sight of that body - shall witness the coming and the brightness of those who accompany the great Joy Bringer. But the coming of the Christ is hindered by the doubts of those on the earth. Those who are similar to the ones of old deny the coming of the Christ in His glory. You have your records and they have their records. No one can claim ignorance for the promise is laid out for all to read.

"Children of the light and children of the half-light, do not shirk your duty and do not turn from the message. The servant is honoured by the message that he carries to others. You in turn can be messengers of the Christ and others shall bless your name. Go amongst your friends, the doubters, the ignorant ones, the careless and thoughtless, and speak the truth which is of God. Warn them that great things are coming to pass upon the earth so that the conditions can be purified sufficiently for the coming of the Christ.

"As you go, although others may laugh and turn your words to scorn, you shall be aware that those of old will return to encourage and recharge you. The seed that you have scattered shall bear flower and fruit, if not during the earth span then in the condition into which the individual shall pass.

"Some plough, others cast the seed and others reap the golden grain. Who shall say which act has drawn the greatest blessing? It is not for us to choose our part. It is ours to do the next thing - and the next - and leave the rest to God.

"In these conditions the plough is needed and a few seeds shall be sown. Workers, do not think of the harvest, for you are sowing for God, and the reaping - you shall see and find when the physical body is no more - shall surpass your highest expectations, on condition that you go in faith, if you force the plough where the ground is hardest and do not weary under the toil and strain. Then the harvest will be plentiful.

"When the earth garment is cast from those who refuse to listen, they will recall the words of the preachers, the teachers and find the Christ they forgot to seek. Think not of the messenger but of the message. Christ is here! Lift up your hearts. Let the past go, and if yesterday held selfishness then tomorrow let it be sacrifice.

"I bless the seers. Hold up the lamp of faith and fear not, challenge your enemies and prepare the way for the coming of the Christ. Raise the hearts and minds of men and show them that they are children of the Most High.

"Awake! Give out but do not seek nor ask return. God is so generous that the return is there before you begin the work. When you sacrifice, you are drawing upon the power of the Christ in order to make that sacrifice. In the Hereafter, joy comes because the power was there and the guidance was followed. The Christ walks amongst the people of the earth, blessing, healing, recharging, urging them on, and entreating them to seek for better things.

"Seek for better things. Let your homes be temples of peace, demonstrating the Spirit of God, and the golden rain of Holy Spirit shall fall upon you. Your gifts shall be increased and your powers enhanced. You will laugh at the sacrifice and call it joy, for the release has come within. No longer are you merely human, you are children of the Most High, and the King gives to each child that which is of His Holy Self.

"The message of love, of healing and of consolation goes out throughout the earth and to planes of consciousness far beyond. The Christ is coming! But the Master cannot come as He has promised until His children are willing to receive Him. Your part is clear. Seek to cleanse your hearts and minds. As you strive so shall you become conscious of the messengers of light who keep step with you. However mundane your daily work, however humble your task, the angels of the Most High regard it as an honour and privilege to help you, to guard you and to keep you under the Light which is of God.

"Our Father and Mother God is very generous. By seeking to battle with your lesser self, you are making it possible to gain happiness and peace hitherto unknown. The way is being opened to you to allow the gifts of the Spirit to enter your home, and once Holy Spirit is there, sorrow must take its departure. The troubles of daily life no longer cause dismay or despair. You think of the Christ - His poverty, His work, and the many betrayals of others - and realise that the road of the Master is the best and the sweetest.

"The Spirit within you will lead you into truth in unending measure, truth without barriers and which never ends. Leave the harvest to God. The ploughman has gone in front. I have scattered a few seeds, and God shall hold the harvest of that which you seek to do.

"I bless you in the name of the Christ, the Beloved of our hearts. I bless you in the name of the Messiah, and of the little Babe born in a manger in Bethlehem. I bless you by the power of the Holy Spirit and place upon you the mark of the children of God. Peace be within and peace be all around. Take up your cross, not as a burden but as a support that keeps your shoulders firm. Thus you can meet your enemies undismayed, no longer a shirker but a soldier, one of the great army under God."

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