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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 14th April, 1928.

"O most gracious God, we come into Thy presence asking that Thou wilt give unto us that sight, that understanding which shall enable us not only to grasp the burden of life, but to show others that in the burden lies our greatest privilege, our greatest protection. Oh, teach us, as the children we are, that our Father God has gathered up all that which represents the loose ends of our lives and is binding them together for His Holy purpose, as a contribution towards the mighty plan.

"We ask Thee, O God, to shed upon us this night the light of Thy presence, to give us of the gift of the Holy Spirit, and to lead us one point nearer to Thee our Father and Mother God. Amen...

"...My little children, we come together this night under the protecting care of the One who loves us best, and I want you, each one, in thinking of your lives, to be certain that what has taken place, that what the present holds, aye, that which lies in the future - that all this is under the guidance of the great and mighty Spirit, the Controller of all life.

"Perchance it seems to you, at times, that things go wrong. So oft, I know, there is that in the conditions which is contrary to the heart's desire, but never forget that the spirit's desire comes first; and in going back over your seeming losses, over the tests on patience, over that which approaches deep despair - oh, think to yourselves: 'This was the stronger self taking command and leading the lesser self through the valley of experience, so that, in time, the sweetness of the mountain side might be made my own'.

"Oh, children, there are those in your conditions, those who walk the earth way with you, who in time long past or in the little yesterday, had sorrows like unto your own; if they had not these so then they could not claim themselves as the servants of the Most High, for the servant of God - because he is allied to the Master by love and love alone - the servant seeks to imitate, in part, that which is the Master's lot.

"And I want you to recollect ever and again, that God, from the beginning of creation, has suffered for and through His children. Many shrink from such a statement, but indeed, in turning from it, they are denying the Fatherhood of God.

"You are His children; we are that which represents something of Himself, and how could Love disassociate Himself from those so fettered, so at the mercy of conditions, so inexperienced in comparison with Himself?

"I want you to keep that thought in mind in thinking of all those peoples who are upon this little plane, and, again, to extend your thought and to try and conjure up innumerable souls in other conditions, planets, spheres, all bent - whether they know it or whether at that stage or this it is hidden from them - all bent on gaining the gift of experience which shall, in time, bring them back into their mighty inheritance as children of the Most High.

"Yes, keep your thoughts ever on the wider aspect; yet this is not easy because you are bound by physical restrictions, you are held by that which is the limitation of the mind of the body through which the spirit is endeavouring to function.

"My children, you are limited yet you are unlimited, you are physical but a thousand, thousand times more are you spiritual. The garment, that which you wear at this stage, represents a density and encumbrance which will seem to you almost unbearable when you go your way in the next garment which you have won for yourself by the pangs which you have endured.

"Keep your thoughts on the wider aspect, on the implication of the earth life; ever look at things under the light which shines from the love of God and take comfort; for each event, each incident of your life, that is a symbol, a crude symbol of the real life that is going on all the time hidden from your consciousness, but vital, lasting, something that remains when the earth stage is forgotten - aye, when it has been gathered into the folds of the long past.

"Tonight, dear children, we have work to do, and I would assure you that your Father God has laid upon each one that which is: 'The Cloak of Service'. You are instruments, and, again, you form important links in the long chain which represents not only humanity but creation as a whole, in the measure that you seek to soar, in the degree that you try to raise others, so then you can claim that cloak of service as won - if not in whole, then in part.

"And forget not that the time must come when you will stand, as it were, destitute of all else but the cloak of service - aye, that will represent your greatest gift, for without it you will be less man, less woman, than you are at this stage or were in the stage before.

"The Cloak of Service: That is my subject tonight.

"And I speak, as always, under the Christ-ray, under the direction of the Holy Master who understands all hearts, who knows so well the difficulties which surround you, the chill, the aching heart, the obstacles, the difficulties erected by others - yet still the Master bids me underline that you wear the cloak of service, and one day it will mean all in all to you, it will mean your greatest gift. And if you have allowed it to slip from you, ah, the cold wind of sorrow will blow upon you, and though others will seek to comfort, comfort will be far from you, for it was an act of free-will; you could have held the cloak but you forgot...

"Children, I would take you back into the far past once again, for there you find narratives concerning this one and that, which brings to you not only illumination but illustration of how God dominates the conditions of life, and how, when the humble heart was there, when the will was offered up, so though the child might be blind, yet he was used by God to give sight to others who, indeed, were imprisoned in the darkness of self.

"I speak of the holy prophets, not of one country or another, not of one world but of all worlds. I tell you that throughout the mighty scheme, the universe, so in every condition, every sphere, there are those who have strength in greater or lesser measure, and they are the prophets, the teachers of others. Whatever the form of their teaching, however they may frame their words, one thing judges them and one alone: How far did that which they gave forth raise another, comfort another, strengthen the weak, release the bound...

"Little ones, God is the creator of all, and this little world represents but a handful of those to whom He has given the precious gift of everlasting life. Oh, think of it, and, again, ponder upon the attitude of the many, the barriers that are set up, the divisions that are made. This has been the case with this little earth right from the far past. There were the so-called chosen, there were the outcasts, there were those who were honoured and those who were spurned, but in God's sight each one is equal, each one is loved in the same degree.

"Aye, and when we pass into the Light and look back upon that built up by the enmity in man's heart, by the bondage of the mind, we see how God has over-ruled even that, and those who were spurned, those who were treated even as the dust upon the earth, they find that God walked with them, shared in their burdens; and when the physical garment is cast from them, beautiful they stand before their Creator out of the anguish which they endured.

"Oh, my children, I speak not of one people, of one country more than another, but in the Sacred Narrative and in the records of the history of the past concerning all parts of this little world, the same sad fact is revealed. The cloak of service was laid upon the shoulders of countless millions, but only here a few and there a few, clasped it to them and sought to make it their own.

"The suffering so caused is inconceivable to your minds, for life to you is so different, that which surrounds you is governed by an element of justice even from the earth point of view; but I stand in the past, and my thoughts go to those who lived in my little day - and things were infinitely better then than they were in the time of my father Abraham and those who followed him - and I am conscious that the destroyers were all around, that the teaching of the Lord God was ignored, that that passed on by His prophets who were under His protecting care and inspired by that which is the Holy Spirit, that what these taught was ignored except by the few, and many lived lives upon the earth plane which represented a martyrdom almost from the cradle to the grave.

"Yet, God is not mocked, and when the so-called darkness of death fell upon them, with powers, with gifts - aye, as radiant beings - they demonstrated once more that not only is God Love, but also that His Love predominates and over-rules that which His bonded children set into being.

"Little ones, the masters of wisdom of many countries have gathered close around me, and, in speaking thus, I speak for them all. Those familiar to you by name - and many, many unknown, yet equally servants of God, contributing to His Holy purpose - they stand in this little room tonight, and I speak for them under the direction of the Lord God of all, the One who created all life, the One who has watched over all worlds, all creations.

"My children, the only way - the only way - to show that indeed you are Spirit, is to help another along the pathway of life, to turn not from those who seem distasteful to you, but to remember ever that when sleep claims you, as Spirit you work in conditions which indeed would seem terrible to you, but love of God and love of your fellow creatures controls you. So gladly you lend yourselves to those who are strong in the strength of God, and each one passes into that which represents twilight and darkness, horror and imprisonment - aye, as missionaries you go amongst these and seek to raise them.

"My children, you realise something of the honour of the cloak of service that has been put around you under the direction of Love, so flinch not from the road in front; remember that if you are a child of God in the sense that you wish to claim your mighty inheritance, human distinctions - that which you name social distinctions - these things are alien to the Father. His children, wherever they may be, whatever their home, their environment, they are His little ones, cherished by Him, fought for, suffered for, and you show your sincerity of love to the great Father and Mother God only in the measure that you free yourselves from that built up by those with minds which are under the influence of the destroyers.

"Would that I could find words to portray to you how those of my people suffered in the past, how those of other races were crucified again and again by those who were their brothers and sisters, their protectors - aye, the ones who should have lent of themselves to give them that which they were without.

"Had this been so, had man followed the direction of his God, today wars would be unknown, dissensions would have been stamped out, jealousy, and that most destructive desire for earthly power would be absent, and this little sphere would indeed represent a reflection of your true home, where love, harmony and joy are everywhere.

"Cannot you see the responsibility laid upon the individual? For, my children, you cannot inflict suffering on another without piling up suffering for yourself; you cannot give one gleam of light to another without immediately drawing to you greater freedom, fuller light, which can never be taken from you. You cannot stand amongst those who leave out this one, that race, that people, and honourably call yourself a child of God by desire.

"The children of God seek to imitate their great Father and Mother, and He lavishes love upon each one, even though He receives hate in return. One of the most awful aspects of self-revelation, when the physical garment is cast from us, is represented by that which you name the conservative mind, the insular aspect, the division of the sheep and the goats, of the chosen and the strangers. We stand appalled.

"And forget not that you cannot make your brother and sister sad without bringing sorrow to the Father Heart, for in them is that of Himself, in you there is that of Himself, so the two-fold suffering is God's. Alas, that which we do in blindness must be worked out in time to come...

"Yet tonight, dear children, I speak on the gladdest note you could imagine, for I am looking back over the long past, and I see prophets and teachers, aye, many a maid and many a matron who was used directly by the Lord God of all, who indeed illustrated, in miniature, the Christ, although they had never heard of such a one. For you cannot give succour to the hungry, you cannot give healing to the sick, without demonstrating the Christ, Perfection, the One who donned the earthly garment to show humanity what God is like. Yet forget not that all the prophets of old, and the maid and the matron, by that which they sought to do, were illustrating again something of what God was like.

"Oh, these truths have been so covered up, the rubbish of the physical mind has been piled upon them; but each one of old who inspired another to courage, who instilled in another the spirit of sacrifice, who taught another something of love, something of service - these are the ones who were instruments of the great Controlling Spirit, and, in the measure that they did His work, so the blessing was piled upon them, for God is the God of all, and you can only measure the spirituality of any of His children by that which they influenced others to do for the sake of the God within.

"Let the barriers go down, let the mind of the real self assert itself. Religion, what is religion? The only religion recognised by God is that which can be done by the child as well as by the aged prophet, can be done by the ignorant equally well as that done by those skilled in the knowledge of the world.

"The child can bring joy to its parents, can show mercy to its doll or the animal under its hand, and out of the sweetness of the pity of the little one for the tears of another, so the greatest One of all is illustrated once again. When we are free we find that the only religion that bears any likeness to the meaning you attach to that word, is service to others; and that - forget it not - is direct service to the Divine within, and, again, to God Himself.

"This is the way, my children, for the mountain journey. It is not mine to say to you take the steep hill, but indeed I am constrained by Truth to emphasise that if you take not the hard path now, when the physical garment is cast from you it will remain to be taken; and if still you turn from the roughness and the steepness, then, little ones, the next stage beyond will find you more fettered, more bound than you are today.

"God's laws work with a precision impossible for the physical mind to grasp. The earth life to us is but a fleeting day. Oh, think of the future and lose not that which you have gained by the lessons learnt in the past. For you are Spirit, only a little while you function in the physical; it is but a cage and henceforth you can be free. The spirit within, as a sweet bird, sings its song; many never hear it, for the individual himself has, as it were, padded the cage which holds it and the silence is complete. Yet, within you, there is loveliness, there are gifts and powers and unlimited wisdom, and if you will, those around can catch sweet notes from that which is your real self.

"Forget not that in the quietness, in the silence, God is able to express Himself more clearly than in the noise, for noise distracts that which is your lesser self. In the quietness, so we meet together in this sweet way. Oh, would that your eyes could witness the beauty you express as from you melody comes in unceasing flow; for remember that Spirit represents the highest in sound, the highest in feeling, the highest in a loveliness that you cannot understand.

"You have been told that there are those free from the body who have found they set into action that which is as a choir of melody, aye, their very steps give out a harmony of sweet sounds, and the light from them lights up all those who pass by. What is this? Something of God, a gift from the Most High.

"And you, my little ones, can be like them - and one day must be like them - for you are Spirit, and God's beauty, God's harmony, God's love, has been given to you and only waits to be released by effort, by taking the road out of the valley on to the mountain top...

"So, dear children, I bring you back to the theme under discussion, for indeed I must emphasise that those you name the bright ones, the holy ones, they are bright and holy only by that which they did for others in the past. Oh, think not that God could be perfection were it not for His unceasing labour for others. It is the only way to purchase perfection, the only way to hold perfection, when it has been made your own - the giving out of yourself to others.

"So you see, my little ones, why I entreat you to hold fast to the cloak of protection, to forget the earth way, the earth methods, the earth judgements, the earth foolishness regarding others - and try to do the Master's work, so that in time to come not only may you have the joy of being a bright one yourself, but the greater joy will be your own of seeing one who was in bondage a bright one as well. No peace, no happiness can be ours, unless we fight for others, and indeed, as I have told you oft before, only the battles fought and won for another can bring that victory over the lesser self which means all in all to us.

"And now, my children, I leave you for a space, but I ask you to pass on to others that which I have sought to unfold to you; to warn them, for indeed the vast majority are fastening to themselves what it will take anguish to sever; to remind them that there is but one Father and Mother God, and each one is His child, and those who seek to do His work are manifesting to others something of their Divine inheritance.

"Pass this on to others for, if not, the time must come when, free from the body, you will have to face that another fell because you failed to speak, that another was hindered in his evolution, yet you knew but you allowed the obstacles of physical life to intercept the message.

"These things must be faced. We are one; the great God has given us all His own gifts, and when we are fit to use them and not abuse them, so then we shall find them ready for our use. What a glorious prospect, what a mighty inheritance - oh, how indicative of the love of God, who never condemns, never turns from us, but always, as a Parent, seeks to draw us back into the shelter of His most protecting care...

"Before I pass from you, there are those in the Spirit who desire me to speak to the child who has been gathered in this night (Miss Coomee Dantra): Little one, how can I portray to you something of real love? But your Father bids me try, for He has built up around you that which represents power and opportunity, yet He says not to you: 'Do this, do that', but He seeks to draw you closer and closer into the cloak of service which, once wrapped around you, will send far, far away sadness and doubt; for with the cloak of service the comfort of mind and heart is complete.

"There lies ahead a great, great work, yet free-will must not be influenced except by love. You have been prepared over the long past to bring light to those who have half light, the light which is the expression of the love of your Father and Mother God. There may be obstacles at the beginning, these are there to test you; but from the beginning there will be those around not only with the courage, with the strength, with the determination, but with the gift of protection passed on from God Himself.

"It is a big thing that I am holding out to you, yet, if I let you pass in this same way, so, when the brief earth life was o'er, you could turn to me and justly say: 'No friend of mine, for you spoke not, although you knew'...

"Thus I speak. Little one, fear not nor let apprehension cast a shade over that which is thy experience in time to come; rather, lay upon thy heart the thought that the great Spirit of all desires to use you, and that He has prepared you for something so expressive of Himself that it will be worth the weariness, worth the effort, aye, worth everything that physical life can hold.

"Time is slipping by, there are great things pending, one section of God's children will arise to strike another section, there will be anguish of body, anguish of heart, anguish of mind, yet, again, the few will be strong, the few will stand forth and demonstrate to those around that within, the spirit is in control. Thus I go..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...I have only a word in closing. You have been told that each one who has been drawn into this little circle of effort, has not only been helped but, again and again, has helped others, and they in turn have passed on of their gift to those far beyond your ken.

"This law I emphasise tonight, to indicate to you that one act of service, as it were, is like the trunk of a tree with innumerable branches. You do that which seems a little thing, you deny yourself for the benefit of someone else, you send out a kind thought, a brave thought, a pure thought, you voice a prayer that this one and that may feel the comforters around.

"What have you done? Oh, my children, the physical aspect is so trivial in comparison with the spiritual. You may sow many seeds in the earth and sigh over the lack of results; but each seed, however tiny it may be, sown in that manner, one day in all its beauty shall be shown to you, and you will marvel at its power and the influence that it has had.

"This is another illustration of Love in action. Therefore, despise not little things, but pursue your way keeping in mind the miraculous power of the love of God. Oh, hold fast the thought that when the earth life is o'er, its failures, its successes, so oft are reversed, and around you - strong, with a life that has no end - are those things you tried to do for God, and, perchance, saw nothing of gain while your eyes were bound.

"Therefore, I bless you with the will to go on, with the determination to hold fast the cloak of service, aye, and the consciousness that God is supplying to you all that which you seem to lack. God is giving to you, for your use, that which is essential for His missionary work. By striving, by hoping, by praying, and, above all, by acting, so you draw to you that which is of God Himself.

"Thus the blessing is yours this night. Let it not pass from you but indeed allow God's will to be done so that the blessing given may be added to as the days go on, for you are His little ones and He is your Father and Mother God, the One who loves you best, the One who could not fail you, the One who understands you through and through.

"Farewell, my children, but we have much to do together in time to come. Farewell."

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