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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 30th January, 1926.

"Father and Mother God, we Thy little children bless Thy Name and we thank Thee once more for Thy tender care, for all the provision which Thou hast-made for each event which takes place in physical life. Grant that the remembrance of Thy unfailing protection may be as a beacon of Light held up before Thy children so that they may go forward without weariness of heart and mind, confident and strengthened by the certainty which lies in front...

"O God, teach us to be more discerning, help us to loosen the chains which still bind, and grant that each day, each hour, we may feel our bonds falling from us, and that in our newfound freedom and happiness we can demonstrate the power of the Spirit in our lives...

"O Christ, hear us, and let some consciousness of Thy infinite understanding penetrate into the physical minds of Thy children, so that they may not only regard Thee as their God but as their closest and tenderest Companion.

"In gratitude for all the blessings we have received, for the revelation which has come, we continue the work which Thou hast laid upon us - continue it in faith and with renewed confidence in the mission which lies before us. Grant that we may be used in the way that Thou hast thought out, to bring light to those who linger under the darkness of physical death, to comfort the bereaved, to restore the so-called lost, and in so doing to show to all the infinite Love, care, and compassion of our Father and Mother God... Amen...

"...My little children, it seems a long time to you since we met together in this sweet way, and may I add that we too have felt the separation. 'Ah' you will say: 'We knew that those in the Spirit were closer than ever to us'. But, my children, looking at things from your narrow viewpoint, I felt for you that loss - the absence of personal speech and the guiding hand which you have looked for consistently over the years we have been linked together by God.

"You see, dear children, that though there are no barriers between us and you, yet because you are undergoing the physical stage, so it is hard for you to banish that sense of separation when you do not hear us and feel us in this same intimate way...

"My children, it is indeed a joyous occasion. I speak not of sorrow, I speak not of the past and the many sadnesses which it has held; tonight I concentrate on the glorious dawn of real life for the one (Mr. Moyes) linked to you by physical ties. And, again, to those who are thus bound to him, I say that this is indeed the dawn of a new day, the day of revelation, the day which shall show God's gifts showered upon them, the day which shall bring sunshine hour by hour...

(At this point Mrs. Moyes arrived, having been detained. Zodiac instructed Dorrie to tell her to come in, bidding everyone else to remain perfectly still. This is the first time the circle has been broken to admit another)...

"...Father, I thank Thee for Thy Protection...

"Children, it may seem strange to you that I talk of sunshine and gladness and new days, but indeed when spiritual sight is our own, so we look above the clouds and so we see God's almighty Love. Yes, and tonight, instructed by my Holy Master, I say that Will (Mr. Moyes) has entered into that condition which indeed shall take him in the Light which never more shall fade. Therefore, put aside all thoughts of sadness, and thank God that His protecting care so surrounds him and you, that the way lies open into the illimitable Spirit, into the work - the work which Christ has blessed.

"And then, dear children, I would not pass this subject by, without deepening the impression you yourselves gained of how lovely human nature can be. From stranger and from friend, you have received those priceless gifts of spiritual sympathy and love, aye, and service too. Those who lent themselves to do the Master's work are blessed indeed, and if a shadowy day comes to them, so in turn shall the brightness of the kindness of others shed its rays upon them and heal their hearts and minds.

"These gifts of the Spirit money cannot buy; those acts, inspired by God Himself, have no price upon this little earth of yours, but they are priced by the Father in the realms of the Spirit, and in the measure that each one demonstrated Christ in your time of need, so in the by and by they shall be seen to bear the mark of Christ, and this will remain for ever and for ever...

"Tonight, dear children, I would discuss with you a subject which has several aspects, and as you grow spiritually you will find that the number of those aspects increases, and when you come here you will see that in spite of the diligence of your study, you had only grasped the outer fringe of a subject which is unlimited because it is of God. I speak of that which you name: 'Clear Vision', and I want tonight to deal in brief with clear vision as it is represented to you and to those who know this truth.

"Children, this clear vision seems to you a very precious gift, a gift which has been reserved for the few, something which you long to make your own, something which in others you envy in the spiritual sense of the word. Physically, you understand that to see with the eyes of the spirit is, with some, a natural gift - and with others, one which can be developed by work and dedication.

"Now, dear children, I take you away from the present, right back over the past, and I say that man - as God meant him to be - had that gift in a measure which is absolutely beyond human comprehension now. It was the Father's wish that His children should be able to look into what you call the Heavens; it was the Father's desire that no barriers of space or of physical limitations should ever arise between Himself and those He loves so well.

"Yet, because this is a gift of the Spirit - and tonight I am speaking of it in its spiritual sense alone - because it is a gift of the Spirit, so the things of the earth in their earthly sense have, as it were, veiled and veiled again those eyes - that sight which belongs to the real free self, the self which responds to its God, the self which is conscious of its affinity with the Father...

"Children, never wish to be numbered amongst those who have this power to 'see' yet misuse and desecrate that gift, providing a most dangerous weapon for the evil forces; for that gift of sight - when misused - brings consequences most terrible to the owner. Yet, at the same time, I remind you that within you, made up in you, is that free gift from God, and it is His will that the children of the earth should have the capacity to look beyond the shadows of this little plane and to gaze upon something of the beauty and the splendour of the Mind of God.

"Children, in order to develop it in the Christ way - and it should not be necessary for me to remind you that Christ used this gift during His earthly life - in order to develop this gift, to have the wonderful privilege of seeing not only your dear ones but indeed to see what you can bear of the Holy Master Himself, three things are needed: First, the will to work; second, the will to climb; and third the will to live the Christ life in spite of the world and its many distractions.

"You see, dear children, it is difficult - it is difficult because you are paying for the alienation of mankind from its Father and Mother God. Yet, can you not see that each one who will fight and struggle and in spite of defeat fight on again, that each one who by effort can fell the obstructions between them and the Spirit World, so not only are they bringing to themselves infinite gain, but indeed humanity as a whole is that one point nearer to the retrievement of its lost possessions...

"That, dear children, is one aspect. Those who have this gift are struck by a fact which is indisputable, and that is the capacity of the greater sight to take in, in a second of time, details, atmosphere, temperament, and a host of other things which would be utterly beyond the range of the eyes of the body. I refer to that for one reason only: Because it is symbolical of that spiritual instinct which is quite independent of this same spiritual sight. Yes, that is another stage farther on...

"I want you all to bear with me while I explain as well as I can what I mean by 'spiritual instinct'. It is something far more subtle than spiritual sight; it is independent - and yet the two can and do work together in perfect harmony; and to those who despair of developing clear vision, to these I say: Have confidence in God, for within your own reach is a gift greater far than that which seems to you so desirable.

"Children, as you go through your daily life, not only in regard to people but still more so in regard to things, in regard to the next step, in regard to your duty to your neighbour, and in regard to that duty - so often overlooked - your duty to your greater self - all these things need, as it were, a guiding-point, and that is the training and the development of spiritual instinct. It should be possible, and it is possible with some, on the instant, to see what is right, to see what God means you to do and what God means others to do, over those plans for the future which He is revealing day by day.

"Ah, my children, these more subtle gifts are rarely as attractive as those which bring, it seems to you, so great an advantage. 'If only I could see them!' - so the longing grows and grows; and yet, dear children, the fact of seeing one you love who has passed out of physical life, in itself does not take you one step nearer to God. It is an asset, it is a privilege - you are taking but you are giving nothing in return, if the sight and the sight alone is that which you wish to make your own possession...

"It is on the finer things I want to concentrate more and more. I say tonight that, from the spiritual point of view, it is a thousand times more valuable to have that consciousness within, not only of what God means you to do, but also - and this makes all the difference - the capacity to see God's Love over whatever the Spirit has ordained as the next step and the next.

"Clear vision - can you grasp just a fragment of what this implies? That clear vision which, in lifting the cross, can see the crown. That clear vision which, as the 'blow' falls upon you, enables you to stand erect, healed on the instant.

"That is the clear vision which all those who love the Master seek to make their own. That which you name clear vision is as a toy in comparison with this bright and useful tool, which not only will you retain for ever but, as you progress, will grow more perfect until it enables you to step into Spirit consciousness - consciousness of the mighty Spirit of God...

"You see, dear children, that when I explain a little, you realise that we have been discussing something which has no limitations, something which covers so vast an area of thought and aspiration and achievement that already the little gift which seemed so attractive to you appears puny in comparison, and so it is, so it is...

"Yet, I take you back to my first words, and I say that God meant His children to have this capacity for ignoring space, conditions, atmosphere - call it what you will. God meant that death should represent only brightness, only clearer vision, and that the separation from the body of one you love should enable you to follow them not only in thought, not only in love, but even to watch them as they work for God - yes, work for Him in conditions similar, sometimes, to your own, and, again, in those so rarefied that you would stand amazed at the beauty unfolded before you...

"Children, I have touched upon one or two aspects of this same clear vision, but can you not see for yourselves that in your daily life, in regard to those for whom you work - your friends, your acquaintances, that this clear vision is indispensable if you are to understand the point of view of others?

"That aspect of clear vision has been overlooked by the vast majority, yet think you like this: Sometimes, on hearing the experiences of another, you find yourselves going over the details, sending out to them compassion, and, sometimes, criticism as well; and as you think, for the time being you have stepped out of your own vibrations and in a measure have penetrated into those of the one under consideration.

"Now here that gift of clear vision makes all the difference, and until clear vision - in a degree - is your own, so you stand stranger to stranger, and so this experience must be repeated either during the physical stage or when the body is laid aside...

"Children, in regard to your own lives, do you think it would be possible for those in the Spirit to come and minister unto you, to guide you, to strengthen you when the hill seems over steep - would it be possible if we were without that same clear vision?

"Yet mark you this: We did not step into that as our possession because we were free from the body, but by work and effort, so from small beginnings it was built up until at last the Master saw that the vision was sufficiently clear, sufficiently of the Spirit to enable us to undertake that most precious work for Him - the guidance of those bound by physical restrictions, blinded by earth values, imprisoned in the flesh, so helpless it seems to you, so protected as it appears to us.

"And then, my children, I want to say just a word in regard to clear vision over the opinions of others. It is difficult for even those who love God, those who have studied His Word, to show on all occasions charity - that understanding which they know is the highest and the best. Well, to such as these I have words of cheer. I tell them that in the measure that they strive to understand the other's point of view, so in that measure clear vision will be their own when they are free, and it will then appear to them that they step into unlimited comprehension of the thoughts of God and the working out of His mighty plan.

"To you, dear children, it seems perhaps that I speak rather dishearteningly on this subject; that, as it were, I push aside that which you long to make your own, and I bid you once more fix your eyes on the far horizon. Yet, in so doing, I am at once endeavouring to put into your hands not only the second-best but the very best of all. Think you back over the past. I have told you ever not to fix your mind on your loved ones in the Spirit, but always and for ever upon God your Father and your Creator. By concentrating on the Great Spirit who over-rules all things, so you pave the way for those who are His children - free it seems to you, yet in varying degree bound by their remembrance of the earth life, bound by their desires, bound by the memory of their restrictions in regard to understanding God.

"Never forget that. Over and over again, my children exclaim how they long to be free - but freedom from the body in no way brings freedom from the desires and the habits of the body. Yet, here and now, in your possession, is a wonderful tool - that of loosening your chains, of extricating yourselves from the weaker self, and of building up around you that purity, that holiness, which indeed when you are free from the physical, will show you free also from the conditions which the physical represents to so many...

"My children, I have had a little difficulty tonight, but we have worked through by God's grace. We endeavoured to make our little gathering complete; see to it that each one gives out the necessary power to replenish that which was taken away (by breaking the circle).

"Yet, ere we part, I entreat you all to try and develop that same clear vision in regard to your real selves, to get away from the earth view and the attitude of those bound to material things, to examine yourselves with that clear vision which even now is being developed within you.

" - 'Am I doing my best, could I be stronger, could I be wiser spiritually, could I get nearer to that which Christ has held up as the ideal for all?'. Children, when you come here, that is the only clear vision you will wish to have - the capacity for facing facts, of developing within you that Spirit consciousness - the consciousness of what you can do, of what you can rise to, and of how Christ can use you if the way is prepared...

"And now, my children, I will go, yet I remind you that you must do your part in greater degree tonight than is usually expected, but as you give, so the joy shall cling to you in the days to come..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, you have seen how good God has been to us all. I want you, as you go your way, to proclaim to others the protection of the Father over His children when they are powerless to protect themselves... Yes, though the storms beat down upon you, though the enemies of physical life may be numerous, God's protection is complete, and all you are asked to do is to contribute your part in effort and to withhold not your part in faith...

"Faith and effort, effort and faith - with these tools you shall climb the steepest hill, and with that wish within to rise, so, like a purifying rain, the power of the Spirit shall be poured down upon you; and stepping from your weaknesses and your frailties as from a worn-out garment, so reclothed in earnest desire you will go forward into the promised land of revelation, into the city beautiful where God's Love is seen on every side...

"Oh, my children, each one, hold close to the thought of Christ as your personal Companion; hold close to the thought that although you may misunderstand God, God never misunderstands you; that although you may fail the Father it is impossible for the Father to fail His children; that although you turn aside from His good gifts, even as you move so those good gifts are placed in front of you - for the Mind of God is generous, the Mind of God is Love...

"In Christ's Name I bless you... Be firm, be hopeful, be happy and, above all, show your faith in God as your protecting Guide.

"And now I go. Love is everywhere around you, in this room and beyond - the Love which never weakens, the Love which never fails... Goodnight."

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